How to Set Up Your iPhone 7 Equalizer for Best Sound

What are the best iOS 10 eq settings for your iPhone music app? It’s great when you can improve your mobile music experience with a couple of clicks. We know how you can even make your favorite songs sound terrific! Just follow the quick instruction on how to set everything up and you’ll love the new sound.

Setting Equalizer for Best Sound

There are so many wonderful tunes and amazing songs. Listening to music helps you to relax, organize your thoughts and get some mind rest. You might have so many wonderful tracks on your iPhone 7 or other smartphone updated to iOS 10 or latest iOS 10.3 firmware version.

There is a way how you can get the best iPhone eq setting for particular songs. The idea is neat and you’ll enjoy the simplicity of the setting procedure. Let’s get some interesting tips for your iPhone 7 equalizer and make specific tracks sound even better than they are used to.

Set up iPhone Music Equalizer

How to Set Up iOS 10 Music Equalizer

Step 1. iPhone 7 or other model with the latest firmware version is not enough to correctly set up your iOS 10 equalizer. You also need either speakers or headphones. This is the best way to control how your songs sound.

Step 2. Think of a track that you are planning to equalize right now.

Step 3. Go to Settings on the handset.

Settings - Music on iOS 10 iPhone 7

Step 4. Click on your Music app.

Step 5. Look at your Playback feature and you’ll see the EQ which you have to click.

Music equalizer on iPhone

Step 6. You’ll find 23 settings which you can play around with. Change the options for whatever EQ you need and check the results by listening to your song.

iPhone iOS EQ Settings

It could take some time to find the right setting for Equalizer for the best possible sound. You have your iPhone Music player to test all the changes and find the most wonderful sound you can create.

How to Disable iPhone Music Equalizer Settings

You have learned how you can master your mobile sound through Apple Music equalizer app. Now let’s figure out how to turn of this setting on iOS 10 devices.

Step 1. Go to your iPhone settings.

Step 2. Get down to your iPhone Music equalizer via Music application.

Step 3. Press on EQ option right under Playback feature.

How to Disable iPhone Equalizer for Music

Step 4. Turn off the eq.

This is how you can adjust your music equalizer settings on iPhone or iPad. Yay, the same options work on your tablet computer.

You can now easily liven up the songs time on iDevices. Since the list of possible changes is pretty long (over 20 EQs) you need to think about the tune you are about to listen to. Play with the bass, high frequencies and make the song sound just perfect. You might be able to even reach the illusion of being at the live concert if you adjust the settings based on the type of music you love.

Master the settings and enjoy your favorite artists day and night.

Fix iMessage Activation Error That Occurred During Activation on iOS 10

Do you also experience the issue with your iMessage waiting for activation on iPhone with iOS 10 or 9 even after you learned how to improve iPhone 7 performance? There is a number of users who have this problem once in a while. Let’s learn how you can fix this activation bug using the simple and easy-to-follow workarounds.

iMessage Activation Unsuccessful

There is more than one solution for iMessage activation problem. You might need to test a couple of methods before you succeed. Don’t give in because one of the solutions could hopefully solve the issue.

It’s curious why iMessage can be such a pain. Sometimes it is so easy to activate it, and sometimes the situation becomes horrific. You are doing your best, follow the step by step guides, and watch multiple videos on how to fix iMessage activation, but nothing works.

Unfortunately there is a big number of fixes that are no luck to Apple users. If you notice that no matter what you are doing your iMessage won’t activate you’ll have to probably try to upgrade to the most recent iOS 10.3 firmware [here is how to factory unlock iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus] or wait for iOS 11 launch in the fall.

iMessage won't activate

How to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Problem on iOS 10

Method 1. Internet Connection Failed

How long does it take to activate iMessage? Are you waiting way too long? This feature requires fast and good connection so you need to double check on this. How can you do this?

Step 1. We recommend you go to Settings on your iPhone 7 or other model.

Step 2. Select WiFi / Cellular section.

Step 3. Disable this option.

Step 4. Reboot the phone.

Step 5. Enable your WiFi / Cellular connection.

Step 6. Try to activate iMessage and see if it works.

There is another thing you can try. However it will remove all the network settings you have. You’ll need to set up everything manually after this procedure.

Step 1. Open Settings on the iDevice.

Step 2. Go to General section.

Step 3. Select Reset option.

Step 4. Click on Reset Network Settings.

Waiting to Activate iMessage Problem Fix iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8

Method 2. Apple ID Issues

You might have to try log out of Apple ID and sign back in. Sometimes you can solve activation failed iMessage problem this way.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your handset.

Step 2. Choose Message option and find Send & Receive feature. Click on it to proceed.

Step 3. Choose Apple ID and Sign Out of your account.

Step 4. Disable iMessage app.

Step 5. You should be patient. Play with WiFi by enabling and disabling it and wait for 5-10 minutes because you enable iMessage back.

Step 6. Now you can use your Apple ID to try reactivate the program.

How to Turn Off Airplane mode on iPhone

Method 3. Disable Airplane Mode

If nothing helps when your iMessage activation error occurred this fix idea could work. Also learn how to check your iPhone Activation status.

Step 1. Open Settings on iPhone 7 or 6s, 6 with iOS 10 or 9, or 8 platform.

Step 2. Go done to Messages app and disable it.

Step 3. Enable Airplane mode which disables WiFi for you.

Step 4. Now turn on WiFi connection.

Step 5. Return to Messages app and enable iMessage.

Step 6. Add your Apple ID if it hasn’t been added earlier and return to Settings menu.

Step 7. Disable Airplane mode now.

Step 8. Press on OK when you get a warning that you might be charged for SMS by mobile operator.

Step 9. Your iMessage should now activate itself.

These are main methods you can try when you see iMessage Waiting for Activation iOS 10 problem. You can also give a call to your iPhone carrier for support and explain that iMessage activation error occurred during activation. Maybe your network will ask you to update your settings through Settings – General – About section.

If this also doesn’t help to deal with iMessage Activation failed bug you can either upgrade to newer iOS version or contact Apple Support to get ideas how to solve the problem.

5 Methods to Speed Up iPhone 7 and Improve Your Performance

Would you like to improve performance on your iPhone 7 or older phone? Sometimes you just need to use a couple of tricks and your mobile device will run much faster. Of course, this is important to do on old models and still even newest 7 and 7 Plus gadgets can require some additional work if you notice that your smartphone has suddenly slowed down.

Improve iPhone Performance

The age of the gadget directly influences how it performs. Firstly, the issues can appear after you update your firmware to the newest available. Some of the features might not support your device or be not compatible with it.

Why should you run an iPhone performance test once in a while? It will tell you if anything is wrong with your productivity and whether it is time to think about the speed-up methods described below or you are good to continue using your phone the way it is now.

If you notice the you have unexpected problems with phone battery, have little storage left or notice that your apps are loading much slower then it used to be it is time to follow the nice 5 secrets and tips to magically improve your smartphone experience.

How to speed up iPhone 7

How to Improve iPhone 7 Performance

There are several tips on how to improve performance on iPhone 6, 7 and other models.

Disable App Updates

Method 1: No App Updates on iPhone

A lot of applications and games on your iOS 10 device are being updated automatically. This can however slow down your handset. Thus it is better to disable this popular feature if it causes problems and issues. So open Settings on your iDevice and choose iTunes & App Stores option where you can find Automatic Downloads – Updates menu. Just turn it off.

Reduce Motion how to guide

Method 2: Reduce Motion on iOS 10

This is the most recent firmware version introduced by Apple in September 2016. The next iOS 11 will only be released in the fall 2017. The system comes with a lot of interesting additions such as parallax affect, animation support however all these options do not support iPhone 5s and earlier devices. Turn them off through Settings on your phone. Go to General menu and select Accessibility section where you can choose Reduce Motion feature.

Method 3: Close Background Apps on iPhone

Another way to speed up your iPhone 6 or 7 is to close all the apps that are running in the background. They all can significantly slow you down. Double click on your Home button to see the full list of such programs and swipe up on each application so that it closes.

Method 4: Remove iPhone Apps that Eat Memory

There is always a number of applications that take too much space. It is best to clear such memory-eating tools through Settings – General menu. Select your Storage & iCloud Usage and go to Manage Storage. You’ll see how much space is taking by this or that app. Don’t keep the titles that take up the most space on your phone.

Turn Off Apps that Use Location

Method 5: iPhone Location Apps Limitation

There are a lot of programs that can track user’s location. Disable the ones you don’t really want to use location tracking via Settings where you can select Privacy option and go to Location Services to stop some applications from accessing this feature.

Other Methods to Speed Up your iPhone

You can also try other tips and tricks on iOS 10. For example, it is possible to reset the phone to remove memory data that you don’t really need. Just always backup your iPhone before you add any changes like it. Or you can reboot the lagging handset to help you gain some speed while loading files and apps.

How to Clear Your Dropbox Cache Files on iPhone 7

You noticed that your dropbox is taking up space on your iPhone 7 or previous model? Just like it happens on your computer you need to clear your cache once in a while. Let’s explore how to clear Dropbox cache on your iPhone.

Simple Dropbox Cache Cleaner

Different files you save and exchange with your friends do not disappear on their own even if you are using your smartphone or tablet. It’s important to manage your storage and remove old data such as cache.

iPhone Dropbox Cache Cleaner How to Guide

It’s best when you can delete your Dropbox cache on iPhone once in a while. Don’t wait until you have no free storage left. Perform this easy and quick procedure from time to time and you’ll experience no issues with no valuable space at all.

Do you have to search for additional Dropbox clear cache apps to make it happen? Great news! This program has a hidden option on your iOS 10 gadget. You can delete all the cache on-the-go using the built-in feature. You only need to follow the walkthrough once and you’ll remember how to deal with the problem with your Dropbox taking up space on iPhone 7 or 6s. Isn’t it great?

How to delete Dropbox cache on iPhone 7

How to Remove Cache on Dropbox

Here come a step-by-step instruction. In case you deleted files from Dropbox but it is still full you should simply clean up your cache. This will not remove any offline files you store. The feature only deals with the junk you have on the smartphone.

Step 1. Take your handset.

Step 2. Launch Dropbox application on iOS 10 platform if you have updated to this firmware version.

Settings to clear cache for Dropbox

Step 3. There is the setting option at the upper left part of the screen. Click on this icon.

Dropbox cache cleaner option

Step 4. Get down the page until you see Clear Cache feature. You need to click on it to proceed.

Step 5. You should confirm you decision so click the Clear Cache option again to let Dropbox free up your iPhone space.

Step 6. That’s it. You will remove the junk files and your iPhone files should load quicker.

Delete search history on iPhone

Step 7. If you want you can also click on Clear Search History feature that is located above your Clear Cache button. This way you can free up even more space in case it is full.

Does Dropbox free up space on your iPhone? You see that it does once you master the settings and learn to fix full issue with cluttered space.

There are many ways how you can get more useful storage on the iDevices updated to iOS 10, for example, just remove your Snapchat history. It is necessary to clear your cache for Dropbox and other tools you are using, clean your web browser history, delete old files such as images and videos (that you no longer need), get rid of old text messages etc.

It’s always nice to have more space for your new projects, ideas and desires. If you delete applications and games you are not playing you will be able to download new and trendy programs instead. Once you remove old photos you can take new pictures, create short videos and have plenty of storage for all your dreams. Isn’t it wonderful?

How to Delete iCloud Backup on Your iPhone to Free Up Space

A lot of iPhone and iPad users periodically back up their devices using iCloud or iTunes. Such backup files take space so once in a while you might wish to remove backups from iCloud and free up some of your valuable storage. You can actually get a lot of space if you have a lot of old files saved but unnecessary.

Delete Your Old iCloud Backups

There are several methods of how to clean your iCloud space [you can also use the free iCloud checker to learn more about your iPhone blacklist status]. You can delete some old files, documents, photos and some applications. You can also disable backing up your games and apps or some of them. However all these steps will not free up as much storage as simple removal of your old iCloud backups.

Think about this. Do you have more than one iDevice? Have you been using your iPhone, iPad, maybe even different models of the same gadget? If your answer is ‘yes’ it means that your old iPhone backup on iCloud must be deleted.

You probably wonder what happens when you delete iCloud backup. Well, if you remove information that was used for devices you have linked but no longer use, you will only free up some storage. Just make sure you have recent backup saved. All previous versions can be easily deleted for good.

Old Backup Removing Guide for iPhone

How to Delete iCloud Backup on iPhone

Let’s figure out how exactly you can delete data from iCloud. Remember that this time we are only talking about removing your backups. This is not a guide how to delete photos from iCloud. It is completely focused on back up of your iPhone 7, 6s, 6, 5s, iPad and other iDevices.

Step 1. Launch Settings on your smartphone or tablet device.

Step 2. Go to General section.

Step 3. Select Storage & iCloud Usage menu as this is where you can delete iPhone backup from iCloud.

Step 4. Look at your iCloud section. Do you see Manage Storage option? Click on it to proceed. If you don’t want to take four steps you can choose Settings – iCloud menu – Storage and select the same Manage option.

Manage storage on iPhone

Step 5. You should now see all your backup files for one Apple ID. If there is only one file available it means that you have one backup for your Apple ID on the smartphone or tablet you are currently using.
If the list is pretty long let’s see how to delete backup from iPhone or iPad [learn how to manage your iPhone 7 files].

Step 6. Choose the backups for your old gadgets that you don’t need any more. Maybe it’s your old iPhone that was exchanged or replaced with a newer version. Anyways, these should be those files that you can remove and forget about.

Step 7. Look under Backup menu. Click on the gadget’s name.

Step 8. Click on Delete Backup.

Delete old iCloud backup files on iPhone or iPad

Step 9. You’ll be asked to confirm that you are planning to get rid of your older phone or tablet backups. Do so via Turn Off & Delete feature.

Step 10. Hooray. You have successfully removed old backup files and you should have more storage space available for new backups, photos, apps etc.

Maybe you think that once you transfer your older backup to a newer device it will be automatically removed from your Apple ID. However this doesn’t happen. The copy stays and unless you manually remove it you’ll have to share your storage space with the data you no longer use and need.

How to Turn On Night Shift Option on Your Mac

The list of Mac OS features and benefits is so long you can discover all the advantages step by step. Since you are probably working on your computer day and night it’s nice to take care of your eyes in the first place. So let’s talk about Night Shift mode on your Mac and learn how to enable and disable it. Don’t let your eyes burning. Fix the problem on-the-go and you’ll be able to move forward with other secrets.

MacOS Sierra Night Shift

This option is a great one. It works once you update to Sierra system. How exactly can it save your eyes?

The new Night Shift mode on your Mac can transfer your display colors. Depending on the time of the day and darkness these colors can become warmer and this way your eyes won’t hurt when you read at night or stay in the dark room and enjoy a book or turn your live photos into still images and view them.

Let’s figure out how to use this Night Shift mode on Mac. It is possible to activate it automatically or ever create your personal schedule using customization option. Everything is pretty simple and you can quickly master this interesting feature that is supported on most devices, including Mac mini, MacBook versions, iMac, Mac Pro. It also works on some well-known displays such as LG UltraFine and Apple Thunderbold / LED Cinema.

Not all Mac OS features and functions work well when you connect a projector or TV to your computer. For example, the cool Night Shift option stops working in such conditions. It is necessary to keep this in mind to avoid being upset.

How to Enable Nigth Shift on Mac

How to Turn on Night Shift on Mac

Step 1. Double check your operating system version since you have to install macOS Sierra 10.12.4 to get the awesome tips and tricks.

Step 2. Look at the upper left part of your computer screen and launch Apple menu to discover one of the most interesting MacOS Sierra secrets.

Step 3. Choose System Preferences section.

Step 4. Select Displays.

How to Turn On Night Shift option on your Mac

Step 5. Enable Night Shift on Mac. You can either choose an existing schedule, create a custom one or choose the option to be activated automatically (in this case it will depend on sunset and sunrise).

For custom schedules you need to choose the time periods when you want to enjoy this feature and when it should stay disabled.

How to Turn Off Night Shift on Mac

Step 1. Launch Apple menu.

Step 2. Select your System Preferences on computer.

Step 3. Choose Displays.

Step 4. Select Night Shift option.

How to disable Night Shift mode on Mac OS Sierra

Step 5. There is a box near Manual. You have to uncheck it however this won’t completely disable the feature in case you set it up manually. Choose ‘Off’ through drop-down menu near Schedule to fully turn it off.

Other MacOS Sierra Tips for Night Shift Mode

You can play with the nice eyes-friendly option and adjust the warmness of the colors you see. Here is a short guide for this:

Step 1. Choose your Apple menu.

Step 2. Go to System Preferences just like you did when you enabled and disabled the feature.

Step 3. Select Displays section.

Step 4. Choose Night Shift.

Step 5. Play with the slider adjusting the temperature of the colors. You can make them warmer or colder.

P.S. Keep in mind that sometimes when you make colors much warmer this could possibly affect your onscreen motion. Still the nice Night Shift Sierra feature is must-use. It truly protects your eyes at night and improves the usages of Macs in the darkness.

How to Send Your Location from Google Maps to Someone with iPhone

Is it difficult to send location in Google Maps on your iPhone 7 or previous model that has iOS 10 firmware installed? You can tell your friends and sweethearts about your whereabouts using the nice trick. It’s simple and quick to use so you can share real-time locations within moments.

iOS 10 Google Maps Tips

You know that Apple introduced its own Maps application for smartphones. Still you are able to use Google Maps location share feature on your device if you install the tool. It is available on the App Store for your operating system. You can also learn how to remove your Snapchat history on iDevice.

It’s up to you who to share your current location with and for how long. Everything can be adjusted via settings. For example, if you are planning to go on a trip your friends and family members can follow your locations until you get to your final destination. It’s a good idea to share real-time location with people you love. They won’t worry about you if they can follow your every move, will they?

How to Send Locations on Google Maps iPhone

How to Share Location via Google Maps iPhone App

Step 1. Before you find details on how to use Google Maps on iPhone you should update this application. Just find the most recent version through App Store – Updates menu where you can choose your Google Maps program and click on Update if it is available.

Step 2. Now launch your updated iOS 10 application on the smartphone [fix iOS 10 bug with messages not being received or sent].

Step 3. Click on the menu option you’ll find at the upper left part of the display.

Step 4. There will be people icon at the upper right part which you have to click on to proceed.

Step 5. Choose the time period for how long you wish to share the location.

Step 6. Now click on Select people option.

Share Current Locations with iPhone Users

Step 7. You should choose with whom to share your current location.

Step 8. Once you made your choices you can click on Share feature.

Step 9. Once your friend gets a notification about your most recent location he or she can click on it and find where you are. The program will show your profile image along with your real-time location. Isn’t it great?

Now those people who care about you will follow your real time traffic through Google Maps on iPhone.

Send your Trip Real-Time Locations via Google Maps on iPhone 7

How to Send Trip Progress Locations

Step 1. You need to open Google Maps tool on iDevice. You can also back up your iPhone just in case.

Step 2. Select menu and click the option called Share trip progress.

Step 3. Choose contacts who will see your locations during the trip and they will be notified.

You have learned how to send Google Maps directions to someone with the iPhone. Now you can visit parties and take interesting trips without your friends worrying about you being late. They will know if you are stuck in the traffic or still travelling to your final spot. It’s a great control method that shows real-time locations using your mobile app.

There are other tips and tricks for iPhone 7 you can use in your everyday life. Even the new sharing option brought by Google on iOS Maps should soon arrive to worldwide users.

How to Fix iOS 10 Contacts Disappeared Problem on iPhone 7

Some of us remember the problem with contacts disappeared from iPhone 6. It looks like a similar issue can occur on newest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models as well. You can easily bring up your contact list and experience no unpleasant moments. Just follow the instruction below and you’ll learn how to deal with iOS 10 contacts disappeared bugs on any Apple handset model.

Missing Contacts on iPhone

Just imagine the situation. You wake up, decide to make an important phone call and suddenly realize that your iPhone contacts are not showing up in your address book. What should you do? Will you be upset? Different bugs can happen on any Apple mobile firmware version so it shouldn’t make you wonder why you could experience this issue on iOS 10.

Remember that you can follow the tips and tricks to deal with your phone contacts disappearing randomly. The solution is often so simple you’ll love how easily everything can be fixed right away.

iPhone 7 Cannot Find Contacts How to Fix

How to Fix Contacts Disappeared from iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 Problem

Method 1: iPhone Contacts Are Not Showing Due to iCloud Bug

Here is what you can try to do:

Step 1. Launch Settings on your mobile device.

iPhone iCloud Settings menu

Step 2. Select iCloud menu [by the way you can use free iCloud blacklist checker just in case you need it].

Step 3. Use Sign Out option to get out from your account.

Step 4. Return to Settings and Sign In back to your iCloud account. This could fix the bug.

Method 2: Resync iCloud Contacts Missing – No Names Only Numbers Solution

Step 1. Open Settings tool on your phone.

Step 2. Select iCloud option.

Step 3. You’ll see the switch near your Contacts. Disable it.

Delete from My iPhone option

Step 4. Click on Delete from My iPhone to remove all the synced contacts right away.

Step 5. Close your Settings app.

Step 6. Restart your smartphone.

Step 7. Launch Settings again and select iCloud menu.

Step 8. Enable the switch near Contacts and your problem with iPhone contacts disappeared on iOS 10 should be gone.

You can also try to disable Contacts again, choose Keep in My iPhone, wait for a while and turn on your Contacts switch back on. If you are asked to merge your contacts just do so.

Method 3: Full iPhone Restore

Do you still notice that some of your iPhone contacts disappeared and are not returned using the methods described above? Here is another fix you might like.

Step 1. Back up your iPhone or user your previous backup copy.

Step 2. Use the cable to connect your phone to your computer and open iTunes program.

Step 3. Choose your device from iTunes menu.

How to Restore Backup iPhone

Step 4. Select Restore Backup option.

Step 5. You need to use the most recent backup file.

Step 6. Click on Restore and wait till the process is complete.

Step 7. Try any program that helps you restore lost information you haven’t backed up. You can look for any good tool in case you need to recover some of your data.

Step 8. Now you should have no issues with your contact list missing.

You can see that there are several working solutions that deal with contact names not showing up or contacts completely or partly missing on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 [even though there are many more iOS 10 problems you can come across]. You can always try a different method if one of them is not helping you out.

How to Use Read Later On Mode on iPad and iPhone in Chrome

There are several great apps that let you read your web pages offline. You can also save your favorite page to read later on directly on iPhone or iPad. This task is as simple as sharing analytics data on your mobile device. You’ll quickly master everything and become an expert in saving amazing stories, news and blogs through Google Chrome right on your Apple device.

Save Chrome Pages to Read Offline on iDevice

iPhone Read Later Offline

There are a lot of users who prefer Chrome browser to Safari. Still you’ll be happy to learn that both browsers have a similar option to read later offline. It is called ‘Read Later’ in Chrome and is known as ‘Add to Reading List’ in Safari.

We all enjoy browsing. Sometimes you find a very interesting article you wish to read however you are busy, hurrying somewhere or cannot devote 5 minutes right here right now. You can tell yourself you’ll read it later and forget about it. If you don’t save your article for quick access later on you will most likely never get a chance to read it.

It’s incredible when you can save pages to read later on and it doesn’t matter much if you are using a mobile phone or tablet computer. Both iPhone and iPad support this feature so let’s learn what exactly you need to do to activate and use it.

P.S. Remember to check your activation lock status on iPhone 7 since this option is available at no cost.

Update Chrome App on iPhone iOS 10

How to Use Read Later On iPhone and iPad

Step 1. You can enjoy the awesome Read Later Chrome feature on iPad and iPhone. There is no need to find the Getpocket Chrome application since you can do everything using the native mobile option offered in the latest browser edition. Just make sure you have upgraded your mobile Chrome version to the most recent release.

Step 2. Open the update browser on your mobile gadget.

Step 3. Find the article or articles if you want to save several web pages to read later.

Step 4. Look at the upper right part of the display. There you’ll see Chrome menu. Click on it.

Step 5. Select the Share option on the left.

Read Later Chrome Option

Step 6. Choose ‘Read Later’ feature that replaces apps that let you read web pages later on.

Step 7. Your story is now saved.

Fans of Chrome can also install Google Voice on their ‘fruit’ gadget.

How to Read Web Pages Later on iPad or iPhone

Once you master how to save web pages to read later on iPad or your phone you should learn how exactly you can access your saved articles to enjoy them offline.

Step 1. Launch browser on iDevice. Remember that we are using Chrome.

Step 2. Click on the menu option.

Step 3. Choose Reading List which displays all the articles you didn’t read.

Step 4. Click on the story you wish to read right now.

Step 5. Read your saved page offline.

How to Remove Pages Saved to Read Later on iPhone Chrome

How to Delete Saved Stories for Offline Reading

Step 1. Launch your Chrome mobile browser.

Step 2. Choose your menu.

Step 3. Select Reading List option.

Step 4. Choose Edit from the lower right part of the screen.

Step 5. Choose an article you plan to remove.

Step 6. Click on Delete option.

Step 7. The saved page will be successfully removed from your Read Later list on iDevice.

How to Mark Saved Pages as Read or Unread in Chrome on iOS 10

Step 1. Launch Chrome browser on iOS 10 iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Choose menu.

Step 3. Click on your Reading List.

Step 4. Click on Edit option which is located at the lower part of your screen.

Step 5. Choose Mark All feature.

Step 6. Now you have to either click on Mark (All) Read or Unread depending on how you wish to mark articles that you saved for reading offline.

Step 7. Click on Done.

You see that there is no need to download apps to read articles offline because Chrome browser has this feature built-in its latest iOS 10 updates.

How to Fix Bluetooth Device Disconnect Issues on Mac

Some Mac owners get various Bluetooth issues once in a while. For example, you suddenly notice that your Bluetooth keyboard keeps disconnection on Mac. Similar problem can happen to your Trackpad and Magic Mouse. Is there a way how to quickly fix such troubles? We already explain how you can turn live images into still photos on Mac, so now let’s follow the instructions on how you can deal with Mac Bluetooth bugs.

Bluetooth Disconnects on Mac

There are a lot of wonderful tricks that work on Apple gadgets. Some of the tips will help you with your MacBook and MacBook Pro Bluetooth not connecting or suddenly disconnecting problems.

This guide works for Magic Trackpad, Mouse and wireless Keyboard. Many users came across such unpleasant moments so the solutions exist and all you have to do is use them to fix your particular issue. If you are using Apple iPhone and its camera is freezing learn how to fix iPhone 7 frozen camera problems.

Bluetooth Disconnect Issues Fix for Mac Users

Reasons Why Mac Bluetooth Devices Disconnect

What can happen to your computer and Bluetooth device to cause random disconnections? The list of possible reasons is pretty long so it might take some time to figure out what exactly happens and makes you upset.

Firstly, there could be issues with your signal strength. If it’s too poor your Bluetooth gadgets can easily disconnect when you need them the most. Secondly, it could the batteries that cause the bug. Thirdly, the issue can be related to some technical hiccups.

Anyways, no matter what makes your Mac keyboard disconnect Bluetooth connection we can try to solve the issue right away.

Mac Bluetooth Issues

How to Fix Bluetooth Connection Fails on Mac

Method 1: Charge Up Your Bluetooth Gadgets

Sometimes when your Apple mouse loses connection a lot or similar problem occurs to your keyboard or trackpad you have to charge them. If the devices are low on power they can easily disconnect. Once you fix this problem everything will function great again.

You can double check on your battery level through Bluetooth option where you can choose your gadget and find out this information.

How to find out your Bluetooth Device battery level on Mac

Method 2: Enable / Disable Bluetooth Devices

Try to either turn off and enable again your Bluetooth devices or learn how to reset Bluetooth on Mac [you can also easily hide – unhide photos on your Apple computer]. Sometimes both methods easily fix the problem.

Method 3: Reset Device Profile

You can remove your profile and add it back. Just choose your Menu and go to System Preferences where you can select Bluetooth option. You’ll see the X option which you have to click in order to delete your device profile. Confirm your decision by choosing Remove option and add this same gadget back again.

Bluetooth Mouse Disconnecting Fix: Change Batteries

Method 4: Fix Signal Strength

If your Mac mouse disconnects all the time there could be a problem with your signal strength. You should press on Bluetooth option along with Option Key and choose your gadget (mouse or keyboard). You can see how stroung your signal is through RSSI. If the number is low it means your signal is stronger. If you see numbers above 50 you have to understand that you have problems. If the number is -10, -20 it means everything is great.

Deal with bad signal by replacing the battery.

Method 5: Mac Update

Some issues can be quickly fixed with a simple computer update. Launch your App Store and check the Updates menu. Maybe there is a new upgrade you can install which solves all the bugs with Bluetooth Connection.

Mac Mouse Disconnecting Problem Fix Guide

Method 6: Fix the Battery Using Aluminum Foil

Here is what you can do to help your device stop disconnecting. Remove the battery and use a small piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around your battery’s negative terminal. The piece can be as small as 0.5” x 0.5”. Place the battery back into the device and test it. You can also repeat the same trick using a piece of paper to place on top of your batteries.

Hopefully some of these Mac tips can deal with your issues and stop Bluetooth devices from randomly disconnecting.