iPad Air 3 Specs and Rumors: Similar to iPad Pro

iPad Pro was launched a while ago by Apple. Customers are already looking for other new products by the famous Cupertino-based company. iPad Air 3 is one of the models that should arrive in 2016 along with new iOS 9.3. It should reportedly get some features similar to iPad Pro.

The iPad Air 3 rumors mention this device would get 4 speakers just like the new iPad Pro model. It should also get rear-facing camer with LED flash and other interesting options. There are images found on the web that are believed to show the next iPad Air 3 specs. These are just rumors and no one guarantees that this is exactly what the iOS giant is planning to present later this year.

iPad Air 3 Leaked Image

There would be many more rumors about the future ‘fruit’ gadgets and iPad Air 3 features so we’ll learn details about this device pretty soon. Of course, not all rumors would be real. Still there are enough sources that guess the real plans of Apple and share the leaks that turn out to be true.

If the leaked image is real, the next iPad Air 3 that should be unveiled in 2016 [along with the next iPhone 7 model] would come with two speakers at the bottom and two speakers on top. The tablet would remind of iPad Pro and unexpectedly get the rear-facing camera. Could it be smaller than the current model to help users take advantage of the front camer or would it be presented without one?

The Cupertino-based giant could make iPad look more interesting to keep customer’s interest and the ability to take high quality photos with this tablet device could be an interesting feature preferred by many users.

Safari Crashes at Launch: Apple Knows about This Bug, Working on a Fix

Some users experience crash Safari iPhone and Mac OS X bug. The browser either crashes at launch or causes the device to reboot. Apple reports that it is aware about the problem and working on the fix [it already tried to fix the Gatekeeper vulnerability].

There is the site called Crash Safari that makes Safari browser to self-generate test string and reboot / heat up the device that causes crash Safari Mac OSX issue and is the reason why Safari crashes at launch. This is the crash safari code request that makes the problem and the Cupertino-based company assures it is trying to find a working fix to the issue.

Safari Crash Issue on iPhone iOS 9 and Mac OS X

It seems that users with Google Chrome browser won’t crash or reboot and only get slowdown or overheated. Still iDevices and Macs get the bug fixed. This website is a gag site, as it looks like. Users who own Apple gadgets are advised to avoid it and prevent iPhone or Mac from crashing / rebooting / overheating [there is another issue you can face: iPhone 6s battery percentage doesn’t change for many users]. It’s not malicious or anything, but users who end up visiting it get the problems and have to recover from the unpleasant state.

If you happen to visit the site and reboot / crash you should be ok once you recover. There should be no issues with your iPhone or Mac afterwards, still you are highly advised to make no jokes and avoid the problem.

Apple is looking into the fix. Maybe the company would come up with some ideas soon. Meanwhile you should scout the sources and URLs before you click on the link.

Samsung Wants to Offer Apps for iOS iPhone and iPad

Samsung Apple apps are coming soon. The company wants to bring its applications to iOS devices in the future. It is interesting since Apple and Samsung are two rival companies. They have many lawsuits against each other regarding patent and design infringement. At the same time they continue offering similar features, options and even apps.

iPhone apps Samsung is about to offer should become available in 2016. The company is planning to release its most popular applications for iOS 9 or iOS 10 platform. This way it wants to increase the cross-platform appeal of Android gadgets and other devices it produces. This includes tablets, speakers etc.

Samsung iOS Apps for Apple iPhone Coming

Experts think that Samsung wants to bring only those applications to iOS devices that allow Samsung accessories to work with the iPhone and iPad. For example, the company could release the port for S Health along with Gear Fit Manager and similar tools. This way iPhone owner could log his or her food, activity and sleep. This is just like popular Health iOS 9 application.

How would Apple react to such efforts [you know that some ‘fruit’ projects are used by Samsung]? The famous ‘fruit’ giant won’t be too happy if millions of its customers suddenly choose Samsung ‘health’ app over Apple’s own tool, right?

Apple, on its hand, currently offers two applications for Samsung gadgets. It released Apple Music and Move to iOS for Android platform. It is also trying to persuade users to move from Samsung to Apple devices, and it looks that Samsung wants to take a similar step.

Apple is expected to present many interesting gadgets in 2016, offer different updates and upgrades for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch and iPod touch users.

How Popular Is iPhone 6S Today

There were some predictions about iPhone 6s orders demand. Were expectations accurate or not? It seems that Apple was planning to sell more iPhone 6s in the first quarter than it will. The previous Q4 2015 was a better success for the Cupertino-based giant than the beginning of 2016.

How popular is iPhone 6s today [you can still SIM unlock AT&T iPhone 6s these days]? According to reports, Apple less smartphones in Q 1 2016 than in the same period in 2015. The figures mentioned say the orders are about 30% lower than it was anticipated. The famous iPhone creator is believed to order up to 54 million less devices than in the same quarter a year ago.

iPhone 6s Popularity 2016

The slow down in sales makes the famous company adjust its inventory levels to meet customer demand. Users were more willing to buy the iPhone 6 a year ago because this was a major change compared to earlier iPhone 5 and 5S. The iPhone 6s bring new features but many customers who already upgraded to iPhone 6 decided to wait for future Apple handset lineup.

Experts were sure that the 3D Touch technology couldn’t make the iPhone 6s more popular than iPhone 6. Consumers prove this now as the iPhone sales are lowed down compared with what happened a year ago.

This however doesn’t mean that iPhone 6s is not popular. The smartphone is extremely popular in the U.S. and other countries. A lot of users dream about the iDevice and they are impressed with the 3D Touch feature, Taptic Engine and other options delivered by this model.

Apple could improve its iPhone 7 lineup to bring the demand to extreme levels.

The company follows all the reports and understands that it needs to offer something innovative and exclusive to keep customers interested in upgrading to newer model.

iOS 9.3 What’s New: Specs, Features, Options

Public beta testers are exploring new iOS 9.3 specs [here are best iOS 9 tips and tricks]. Developers who are registered in the official Apple Dev program are also testing the most recent mobile platform for iPhone and iPad that would soon become official.

Let’s see what new iOS 9.3 features Apple has prepared for millions of iDevice owners from all over the world. The company is believed to offer only minor update still there are some interesting additions discovered by testers already.

iOS 9.3 What's New

iOS 9.3 What’s New

The ‘fruit’ giant brings Night Shift model to the newest platform. This allows your iPhone and iPad to shift the color tones and match the time of the day. This happens automatically. The gadget simply adjusts your geolocation and smartphone’s clock. Thanks to the shifted color tones you should enjoy looking at your screen at any time. By the way, if you are using AT&T iPhone and wish to reduce mobile data usage on iOS 9 – it is possible to do.

Apple improved News tool an added Editors’ Picks to For You menu. Users will get a list of trending topis right on the smartphone and keep an eye on the most important events that take place all over the globe.

The list of iOS 9.3 options includes changes to Notes program. You can now sort your notes by alphabet, time of creation and last modification. Besides, Apple allows using Touch ID to protect your Notes with fingerprint or password on the upcoming mobile firmware version. This way you can keep your personal information and financial details without worrying about anyone getting access to this data.

Some changes are brought to Health application. It should show you exercise, move and stand data, some new categories and other simple changes. AT&T is bringing unlimited data plans for some iPhone users this year, and this change is also great.

Apple enhanced CarPlay tool and focused on education. The upcoming iOS 9.3 should be a nice upgrade before the company seeds the future iOS 10 in early June 2016.

How Apple Chose to Fix Apple Gatekeeper Vulnerability [Blacklist Apps]

It seems that Apple Gatekeeper vulnerability isn’t fix yet even it was originally reported on in the end of September 2015. It’s curious that this vulnerability was discovered in the summer by security researchers Patrick Wardle. It took a few months to get the reports about it being real.

Well, the Gatekeeper software that affected OS X platform can be installed through the internet and get to the Mac computer to run unsigned apps and tools causing wreak havoc on machines. At first users thought these were just rumors. There are many rumors around Apple products. For example, it was even believed that Apple was helping users to switch from iPhone to Android.

There is no Apple Gatekeeper bypass for developers because the company simply added the affected applications to the blacklist.

Mac Vulnerability Not Fixed by Apple

The iOS giant surely presented a security fix for the problem however Wardle researched this situation and assured the company didn’t fix anything. The iPhone maker didn’t address the problem, he believes. Instead the Mac creator the Apple Gatekeeper blacklist and placed there the binaries used by researcher to show the real problem.

Then Apple create a blacklist of applications the researcher was using. This is however not the fix he was hoped for. Are Mac users still at danger? Probably this is the question that could worry most users just like many iPhone owners are worried about SIM factory unlock.

There are no official comments regarding the doubts voiced by Wardle. It’s hard to say if there are any more issues that could worry Mac users because eve the researcher believes that Apple would offer the proper fix sometime in the future.

You are advised to avoid download Mac applications outside the mac App Store to avoid getting the vulnerability and problems with your computer.

Apple Brings Some iOS 9.3 Changes to iPhone and iPad

Developers and public testers saw the new iOS 9.3 beta release and discovered some curious iOS 9.3 changes that would soon arrive to all iPhone and iPad devices [here are rumors about upcoming iPhone 7]. While ordinary users cannot download iOS 9.3 beta using Apple’s direct ipsw links they can either search for alternative direct links or learn more about the upcoming changes.

There is a minor iOS 9 redesign you can pay attention to. Apple decided to bring a new popup alert and it resembles Android’s feature. You can notice it inside Safari app. The new box gets a simple and cleaner design and this is what reminds of Android popup alert to some experts.

iOS 9.3 Changes Popup Alert iPhone

The new iOS 9.3 popup alert can be only noticed in the most recent iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 that was seeded to developers. Public testers would yet get this upgrade from the famous Cupertino-based company. Some devs believe this could be the teaser for the future iOS 10 that would be actively tested in the summer. Apple would traditionally introduce this update during WWDC event that gathers experts and developers from all over the world.

You’ll see the UIAlert interface in iOS 9.3 public update or iOS 10 beta for public testers [here are some curious iOS 9 iPhone tips]. Since Apple introduced the public beta testing program all users with iPhone and iPad are able to register for free and take part in it. This way you can test the future mobile firmwares from the ‘fruit’ giant and report on bugs you discover to help Apple improve it by the time of official release.

The new popup option gets buttons aligned to the right while Apple users to center them. These are just suggestions about Android-similar style. Apple also likes to bring cleaner design to the iOS platform so the changes could be unique.

iPhone 6s Battery Percentage Incorrect Data Issue

A lot of users noticed that their iPhone 6s battery percentage doesn’t change on different carriers [there are no more Sprint 2 year contracts for iPhone customers]. This is a new issue that happens to the most recent generation ‘fruit’ smartphones created by Apple and officially launched in the fall 2015. It is reported that the company is already investigating this new 2016 problem.

Is your iPhone 6s battery percentage incorrect as well? It seems that the same bug occurs on iPhone 6s Plus. Did this happen after iOS 9.2 update? You can download the most recent iOS 9.2 ipsw file using direct links still if this upgrade is the issue you might also come across the unusual behavior of your handset battery.

iPhone 6s Battery Percentage Not Changing

The official report is published by Apple and the company also has recommendations for users who experience iPhone 6s battery percentage wrong problem [if you are planning to SIM unlock your iPhone you should use the IMEI checker]. You can also try to use this short instruction to fix the issues with your battery percentage still note that this could be only temporary solution.

Launch Settings app and go to General menu where you can select Date & Time option. Choose Set Automatically to be enabled. Once it is turned on you should have no problem but since too many users are already affected the issue can easily return to your smartphone running iOS 9.2.

The company is now testing iOS 9.3 and 9.3.1 firmware version. This would be another minor update in 2016 before the company presents its next big iOS 10 platform for mobile devices. The next upgrade could fix the issues with battery percentage.

Reduce Data Usage iPhone 6 / 6s Guide for Different Mobile Carriers

Do you own iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s? Are you using AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon? Have you noticed that your bill is getting too high at the end of the month? Is there anything you can do to change this situation? Try to reduce data usage iPhone 6 instruction [you can also SIM unlock iPhone 6s AT&T] and you will learn how to avoid shock bills and use less mobile data on your smartphone.

Follow these iOS 9 tips and tricks to use less mobile data while still checking your Facebook page and other social networks.

Reduce iPhone 6s AT&T Mobile Data Usage

How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on iPhone

Step 1. Turn off auto-play video option when you are using your cellular connection. This helps to use less data when you are on Facebook, Twitter and similar sites and there is no Wi-Fi network anywhere near you at the moment.

If you wish to check on how much data you have used you should launch Settings app and go to Cellular – Use Cellular Data For and choose apps you want to check for data usage.

Step 2. To turn off the autoplay video feature on Facebook you should launch this program on iPhone [learn some of the best iOS 9 iPhone tricks] and choose More – Settings – Videos and Photos – Autoplay. It is possible to select On Wi-Fi Connections Only to assure this option is enabled only when you are connected to WiFi network.

Step 3. For Twitter program you can to launch the app, select Me – gear icon near your profile image – Settings – Video autoplay. You can also select the Use WiFi only option and make sure you don’t use too much mobile data any more when you are on social networks.

This guide is simple and it offers some nice data savings to iPhone owners.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors with Apple-Inspired Options

Apple and Samsung are two rivals. They claim that each of them borrows design and feature ideas from each other and there are lawsuits regarding iPhone design in the courts. Still the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors assure that the next gen Android smartphone would get some Apple inspired features. Not surprising?

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 edge hasn’t been officially announced or presented yet. Still there are many rumors about this gadget and we have heard that it would get similar to Live Photos option. Of course, Samsung will name Apple’s specs differently. It could be known as Vivid Photo feature.

Live Photos Feature

As noted on the web, Vivid Photo feature could debut on the next Galaxy handset. This is a brand new option for Samsung devices still it sounds so similar to what is available on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as both these models offer Live Photos option to their owners.

This is not confirmed so there could be a different option on Galaxy S7. The sources are anonymous that is why we can only wait to see what is coming in 2016 and how it could remind on the iPhone or be completely different from what Apple already offers to millions of users from all over the world.

There are rumors about Samsung testing the Live Photos [not paying attention to current patent war between Apple and Samsung] inspired option right now to bring it to the next Galaxy S7 model later in 2016. It is also believed that unlike with Apple, the new Samsung spec will not record sound. It would only capture images that could be shared like regular GIF images via social networks.

Would Samsung borrow 3D Touch multitasking as well?