iPhone 7 AT&T How to SIM Unlock

Does Apple Unlock iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Models? How to Become Factory Unlocked

When we speak about how to unlock iPhone 7 / 7 Plus you could think about two different procedures. You can unlock iPhone AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint to support other networks or unlock the handset locked screen which doesn’t allow you inserting unsupported SIM cards and getting the signal.

Does Apple unlock iPhone 7? Can you unlock iPhone AT&T without Apple’s help? Is it legit to do? These are main questions users ask when they search for unlocked iPhones for sale and find no unlocked iPhone 7 or 7 Plus at an affordable cost. We’ll explain what you should do and how two unlockings are different from each other.

iPhone 7 Unloked Model

How to Unlock iPhone 7 Without Passcode

You know that there are methods for bypassing the passcode lock screen and the most popular solution might work with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. At least, it is reported to support iPhone 6s and 6 as well as iPhone 5s and 5. Since the newest iPhone 7 lineup reminds of the iPhone 6s generation smartphones it could be possible to use the same guide for reaching your goal.

Here is how to unlock iPhone 7 passcode by simply bypassing it if the iPhone 6s method works on the latest handset mode:

Step 1. Click twice on the Home button which is integrated into the smartphone. This way you can get to slide preview [you might prefer pressing on Update and launch the last app instead].

Step 2. You should swipe over to the front screen.

Step 3. Now you should successfully bypass the passcode lock screen.

Still remember that this bypass will not SIM unlock the smartphone.

How to Unlock iPhone ATT TMobile

How to Unlock iPhone 7 Plus and 7 from T-Mobile, AT&T, Other Networks

In most cases the unlock iPhone 7 plus price is similar to the cost of iPhone 7 unlocking. Becoming SIM free is the main reason why a lot of users choose to become unlocked. This service has nothing to do with the bypassing lock screen so there is huge difference between the two processes.

Unlocked smartphones always cost more than the locked models. Still there are tons of amazing deals and discounts offered by carriers who sell models locked to their networks only. It often becomes cheaper to buy SIM lock handset and order factory unlock directly from the carrier or third-party company.

When you are planning to follow how to unlock iPhone 7 TMobile or other U.S. network guide you should decide what firm to select.

Slide to Unlock iPhone 7

*Advantages of Direct Carrier Unlocking

You have nothing to worry about when your unlocked GSM iphone has become SIM free thanks to the network’s efforts. There are many things you have to know about and a list of requirements is pretty long.

For example, you have to use that network and have an active account in good standing. Your iPhohe should be whitelisted. The service could cost you something and there are chances your request to unlock would be rejected.

*Pluses of Factory Unlocked Cell Phones

So does Apple unlock iPhones or not? No, the company itself offers no such services. It does sell already unlocked devices at the full price however you should search for third-party firm that will provide the service distantly.

The value of a handset that can connect to multiple networks with ease is higher. There are many customers who are looking for used unlocked iPhones for sale. You will be able to resell your gadget at a higher price and upgrade to the next iPhone 8, for example, as this handset should be a big improvement.

iPhone 7 How to Unlock Guide

GSM Unlocked iPhone 7 Instruction for Locked Model

Step 1. Find a company that is eager to unlock iPhone AT&T for you and read the requirements. Some firms are not working with blacklisted and blocked devices, others do.

Step 2. Provide your IMEI code if you are sure you are eligible for the service. It is best to first use IMEI network checker and all other possible checking service to get all the details about your carrier and phone.

Step 3. Request the service, pay for it and wait.

Step 4. The company will let you know as soon as your IMEI number is added to the official Apple unlocked whitelisted iPhones.

Step 5. You just need to activate your unlocked iPhone 7 status using iTunes.This is simple. Just insert a non-supported SIM and connect to this desktop program.

iPhone 7 AT&T How to SIM Unlock

How to SIM Unlock iPhone 7 from AT&T

If you purchased your handset at the full price you can try a different GSM unlocked phones guide.

Step 1. Firstly set up your brand new iPhone 7 account using iTunes.

Step 2. You will see the set up display so enter your zip code and SSN number [the last 4 digits].

Step 3. You’ll have to agree to terms of services for Apple and AT&T network.

Step 4. When you see the message about AT&T iPhone activation you should press on Continue.

Step 5. Now you should see the new message that congratulates you with ‘iPhone being successfully unlocked.’

Step 6. Now you can use any GSM SIM card to connect to different GSM carriers and not be locked to AT&T only.

Only remember to turn off the handset before you switch the SIM cards. Enjoy!

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