Will My Cricket iPhone 6 Work on AT&T without Unlock?

Some users who purchase their iPhone 6 directly from Cricket carrier or buy used smartphone online and happen to be locked to this U.S. network have the same question: “Will Cricket iPhone work on AT&T or not?” Do you have to SIM unlock your smartphone before it can be used with ‘parent’ carrier or does everything work by default?

Why is Cricket associated with AT&T in the first place? How can you make your popular Apple device SIM free to use on any mobile operator of your choice? We’ll answer all these questions below and hope to solve your problem.

AT&T Cricket Purchase U.S. Networks News

About ATT and Cricket Wireless U.S. Networks

Not all users who are locked to AT&T and order unlock AT T iPhone service know that Cricket Wireless used to be a small American network that was originally founded in 1999. The company was created by Leap Wireless International, Inc. and had about 5 million subscribers by 2011. One day AT&T thought it would be a good idea to absorb this smaller network so it acted, according to Wikipedia.

The Big Blue network purchased Cricket in 2014. It spent over a year on shutting down the original CDMA and rolling subscribers to GSM network. Cricket has officially become the prepaid brand used by AT&T.

So here comes the question. Do you have to unlock Cricket iPhone for AT&T or does this smartphone support the same GSM network by default?

Cricket iPhone 6 iPhone 5s iPhone 4 SIM Card USA Network

Some Facts About Cricket iPhone 6, 6s, 5s

There is a number of users who got a used or even new iPhone with Cricket Wireless subscription and believe that their device would work on a different carrier, particularly on AT&T since it’s the ‘parent’ company of Cricket network. Still this isn’t going to work.

Just like any other locked gadget your phone will only work with Cricket SIM card. You can give it a try and insert AT&T SIM [it is easy to find out if you have contract or off contract AT&T phone] or any other card into your model in hopes to get the signal. But you won’t.

Most smartphones you buy from network arrive SIM locked. You have to unlock Cricket phone in order to connect to other operators. Only those who get the phone at the full price from Apple can be sure that they can switch SIMs without problems. Still even in such situation customers are advised to make sure they are free to connect to different networks.

How to Unlock Cricket iPhone 6 SIM IMEI Unlocking Service Free

How to Get Cricket iPhone Unlocking Code for Free

Before you search for paid solutions on how to get rid of network limitations you should try the free method. Since you have Cricket device you need to contact this network and ask if you are eligible to use their service at no cost. Here is how to request your unlock code:

Step 1. Use best IMEI checker to make sure you are locked to Cricket Wireless [dial *#06# and your IMEI number will appear on the screen]. Run other checking services to double check that your used handset is not reported as stolen or lost, not blacklisted and not associated with any fraudulent accounts.

Stesp 2. Call 611 from your iPhone to make sure this handset is active with carrier and was used for at least half a year with services being paid. If you are not a fan of phone calls use the chat.

Step 3. If you have an account in good standing you will easily have Cricket unlock your iPhone for free. Isn’t it great?

You should understand that sometimes carriers could deny your request for unlock. This mostly happens when your iPhone is blacklisted or there are any other problems with your account or smartphone.

iPhone 4 Model vs iPhone 4s Cricket Carrier Network Unlock for AT T

Cricket iPhone 4 Users

If you have an old iPhone 4 still tied to Cricket you should contact AT&T and try to exchange your device to the newer model locked to the Big Blue network. If you wish to be able to use your iPhone with just any network in and outside the U.S. you might want to wait for iPhone 7 release and purchase it with never-locked status at the full price directly from the Cupertino-based giant. This way you will be free to connect to prepaid and contract operators whenever you want. No limits. No locks. Never.

P.S. Some users assure that their AT&T locked iPhone works just well with Cricket network. However this doesn’t happen vice versa.

Is Your iPad Getting Calls? Learn How to Stop It from Ringing

Why does my iPhone ring on my iPad? Why all of a sudden the entire room begins to noise with the smartphone, tablet and even computer announcing the phone call? Apple continues to improve the options and wants users be able to answer the calls on any of the ‘fruit’ gadgets. Still this ‘symphony’ doesn’t sound pleasing to all.

Have you noticed that your iPad rings when iPhone does? Apple tablet has a nice big screen that is fun for web surfing and searching however it is easier to answer the calls on your smartphone. Thus it could drive you crazy if the iPad is getting your iPhone cal. Right?

Users who are running iOS 9 experience the problem just like it happened on iOS 8. If you are new to ‘fruit’ devices you need to know the simple trick that will let you solve this ‘issue’ which is not really a big deal.

iPad Rings as iPhone How to Stop on iOS 8 iOS 9

When My iPad Rings

Apple made its tablets ring with the release of iOS 8 back in 2014 and OS X Yosemite. This was a new and unexpected feature that surprised many users. The iOS 9 got the same option [the future iOS 10 is expected to arrive in September or October 2016].

The tool responsible for tablet rings is called Continuity. It allows you making and receiving phone calls not only on the iPhone [as you would normally do] but also on the iPad. It sounds fun but not everyone is happy to experience this option over and over again.

Both iOS 8  and iOS 9 [here is how to remove activation lock on iPhone for both operating systems] make sure your smartphone call is automatically transferred to the iPad. This only happens when the handset is nearby [you hear your tablet ringing and wonder how to stop it].

The option is enabled by default when you install iOS 8 or newer firmware. It turns on only if you are using the same Apple ID and phone number on both devices. By the way, you can actually answer the call right on the tablet as it will turn into your speakerphone.

iPad rings when iPhone does

How Do I Stop My iPad from Ringing When My iPhone Rings

You’ll laugh at how simple everything is. The guides for different operating system versions are a bit different. So here is what you should do.

iOS 8 Instruction

Here is how to stop getting calls on iPad with older iOS 8 platform:

Step 1. Take your iOS 8 iPhone and select Settings.

Step 2. Make sure both iPhone and iPad are using the same iOS 8 firmware and connected to the same WiFi network.

Step 3. Go to FaceTime menu.

iPhone iOS 8 Settings FaceTime iPhone Cellular Calls Feature On Off

Step 4. Do you see iPhone Cellular Calls?

Step 5. Disable those calls. Repeat the same guide on your iPad.

iOS 9 Instruction

Guide on how to stop my iPad from receiving calls for the newer iOS 9 which is actually the most recet version of Apple mobile software. The next iOS 10 designs for new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus hasn’t been officially released yet. Developers and public beta testers are currently testing it and learning all the new features that would be available to public in the fall.

Step 1. Take your iPhone running iOS 9.

Step 2. Both iPad and iPhone have to run the same firmware and connected to WiFi network.

Step 3. Select Settings menu.

Step 4. Choose Phone.

iOS 9 iPhone Settings Phone Allow Calls on Other Devices

Step 5. Turn off Allow Calls on Other Devices and you should be ok. Repeat the same steps on your iPad.

Some users wonder ‘why does my iPad ring like a phone’ even though the feature ‘Calls from iPhones’ is turned off? It’s curious that your iPad will truly continue to ring when you get incoming phone call with this feature disabled [use best iPhone network checker if you need]. In such situations all you can do is shut down the whole iOS 8 or iOS 9 option for good which is possible via the instructions above.

For Macs, you should launch FaceTime application on the computer and choose Preferences fro the top left menu. There will be iPhone Cellular Calls option with check box. Uncheck and you’ll disable the ringing option on your Mac.

It’s nice that the fix to the issue is so simple and quick. There is no need to hate it when everything rings at the same moment. If you ever decide to give it a try you can enable Continuity option on all your devices and make sure you don’t miss another call.

Solve AT&T Data Overage Problem and Find Cheapest iPhone Data Plan

The on-going AT&T data overage problem makes some iPhone users upset. This is why you should learn how to deal with extra fee issues and switch to the most affordable data plan based on your needs and desires. We’ll explain how to check data usage on iPhone 6, 6s, SE and other models and share some interesting tips you can take advantage of.

What is the cheapest data plan for iPhone 6s / 6 / 5S / SE? Can you choose the best option from AT&T or is there a way to switch to a different network if you are not happy with AT&T overcharging data usage 2016 or price you have to pay each month? Let’s see what we know about the current affordable data packages and ways to save on your monthly bill.

Avoid Overage Data AT&T iPhone 6s SE 6 Overchage Extra Cellular Data Costs

How to Check Your iPhone 6 Data Usage

This is so simple to do. Just take your iPhone SE or any other model you own and launch Settings. Here you should select Cellular option and find Cellular Data Usage. Your device will show all the data you send and receive via AT&T cellular network for the current period.

AT&T iPhone 6s SE Cellular Data Usage Settings

How to Check WiFi Data Usage on iPhone

Maybe iOS 10 will improve this feature however iOS 9.3 update already brought the improvements to Wi-Fi Assist. So now you can go to Settings – Cellular and select Wi-Fi Assist. You should see the data usage number right next to the on / off switch. This is where you can see how much data you have consumed.
By the way, many users blame this option for AT T data overage charges. Wi-Fi Assist automatically switches from WiFi to mobile network when you have no connection, weak connection or problems with WiFi connection.

In other words, this feature is not that popular among users as some of them got huge bills [there were reports about $2,000 and less] because they didn’t control when they started to unexpectedly consume mobile data instead of WiFi. Don’t like to risk? Just disable the app and you won’t pay anything extra to your carrier.

How to Reduce Data Usage on iPhone 6, 6s, SE

There are some simple things you can follow when you really wish to minimize data usage on iPhone. It works for AT&T and all other networks as well.

1. You should track your data usage

This is must do. You can follow the guide above and access information about used data through Settings – Cellular menu. Just remember to reset it when you start a new billing cycle. Use Reset Statistics option available at the bottom.

How to Reset Cellular Data Usage Statistics AT&T iPhone 6s 6 SE Guide

This is how you’ll know much data you consume each month.

ATT iPhone Check Cellular Data Usage Dial 3282

AT&T subscribers can also dial *3282# and get this information on-the-go.

iPhone AT&T Cellular Data Settings Use Cellular Data For Option

2. Don’t use mobile data for all applications

There is no need to use cellular data for iOS programs. It is best to disable cellular data for Netflix and similar tools that can work great when you are connected to WiFi. You can see all the programs that use cellular at the moment under Settings – Cellular – Use Cellular Data For. Just turn off the switches for the applications that rely on mobile data when it’s not necessary.

Turn Off WiFi Assist iPhone AT&T How to Guide Settings

3. Disable WiFi Assist to avoid overage charges from AT&T

We’ve discussed this but let’s recollect. Disable WiFi Assist if you don’t want your iPhone to use cellular when WiFi is off or weak. Believe many users who suffered from being overcharged and don’t repeat their mistakes.

iPhone Settings Background App Refresh Option

4. Stop background app refresh and updates

The best way to save your data and not get excess charges from mobile operator is to prevent programs from consuming data aimlessly. Open Settings and select General – Background App Refresh option to turn of the tools from updating throughout the day. Do this for your social network applications and other programs. This way you’ll save both data and battery life. How cool is that?

These are must-known iPhone settings to save data usage on any carrier in and outside the U.S. Another thing you can do when you are completely not happy with your operator – get factory iPhone AT&T unlock and you’ll be permanently free to choose which carrier to connect to today or tomorrow. Switch SIMs as often as you wish and select the cheapest data options in your region.

Avoid AT&T iPhone Overage Data Charges Extra Cellular Data Use

Best AT&T Family Plans / One Person Plans

When you choose your plan you should answer some questions. Do you need the best AT&T plan for one person? Do you have other family members who will use the same plan? Are you more interested in best AT&T family plan to divide between several gadgets? How much data do you need per month?

Remember that you always have to pay for each extra line you add to your data plan. With AT&T it costs $25 a month on top of the plan costs which start at $20 a month for 300MB and go up to $375 a month for 50GB. All the plans include unlimited text and talk. Remember about the new AT&T upgrading fee introduced for users this year.

Choosing the cheapest option could be a solution if you don’t need more than 300MB per month. If you do get over this limit you will have to pay $20 for additional 300MB [$40 for 600MB etc.] but the company promises to roll over all unused data to the next billing cycle.

Your personal cheapest data plan for iPhone AT&T would be the one that doesn’t overcharge you and offers enough data for your personal needs per month. Remember all the simple steps that help you preserve your mobile data and think of AT & T family plans for iPhone that help share data between several users if this costs less than individual packages.

You can always switch your plan or carrier thanks to distant unlocking service and numerous deals offered by different networks throughout the year.

Help! I Get No SIM Card Installed iPhone 6s Message!

The soon iPhone 7 release doesn’t worry some iPhone 6s users who are not planning to upgrade this year in hopes to see major changes in 2017. Still there is one unpleasant iPhone 6s no SIM problem worth discussions. It happens to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and other carrier subscribers. If you ever see an error with your SIM you should understand why it happens and learn how to fix it.

While some of us might be used to seeing ‘No SIM card installed iPhone 6s’ messages, for others it could be quite a surprise. You can try to turn off / on your gadget for several times or reset / restore it hoping the problem would be gone but sometimes this is not a permanent solution. Let’s try to understand what happens, why it happens and how to deal with this bug.

iPhone 6s Says No SIM Card Installed

You are sure that your SIM is inside the card tray but there is no signal [and you haven’t used factory unlock service that caused activation fail?]. Right? The mobile network’s name is absent in the top left corner of your handset and you are curious to know what’s going on. With the SIM still being inside you are not able to call your friends, send messages and use your mobile data.

iPhone 6s Plus Sim Card Tray

Do you know how to explain SIM abbreviation? It is Subscriber Identity Module. It is unique and it helps your mobile operator to differentiate your smartphone from many others connected to the same network. The little card is capable of storing data including authorization keys that let your device use all mobile services. Since the release of 4G LTE technology your SIM card is now linked to your phone number and not your handset [as it used to be with CDMA networks before the launch of iPhone 5]. So your phone number is also stored in your SIM’s memory.

When you insert your SIM card into a different phone – your original phone number is also transferred to another device. This is so easy and awesome, isn’t it? It’s also easy to switch networks thanks to this but still getting iPhone no SIM card error is horrible.

iPhone 6 No SIM Problem Issue Bug

Reasons for SIM Failure on iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

When the error or ‘No SIM’ message appears on your screen it means that your handset cannot identify this card even though it is located inside the tray. This could be either software or hardware problem.
Try to recollect what happened before you noticed this error:

  • Have you dropped your iPhone?
  • Are you using hard plastic case?
  • Do you place your phone in a tight pocket?

The SIM card tray used in iPhones is extremely small compared to many other phone brands. It holds the card securely in place. Unlike with different other companies, Apple users have to use a paper clip or special adapter kit to eject the tray and you need to always be extremely carefully how you insert the clip into the miniature hole in the SIM tray in order not to break it.

How can invalid SIM iPhone 6s Plus and 6s message be related to all these situations? Drops, hardshell cases and tight pockets can make the SIM card lose its contact with the board’s pins.

How to Remove SIM Card iPhone 6s Instruction

Here comes first iPhone 6s no SIM solution:

Step 1. Carefully remove the SIM out of your device.

Step 2. Get thin packing tape in the dollar store.

Step 3. You need to cut a small square piece that would be similar in size to your SIM card.

Step 4. Apply the tape on the back of your SIM (not where it connects with the pins).

Step 5. Insert the card back and hopefully you will get the signal.

iPhone 6s Plus Fix No SIM Card Message Problem

If this doesn’t help you can try the more complicated iPhone 6s no SIM card bypass which is risky. Think twice before giving this a try since you might want to simply bring your handset to your carrier or Apple Service center instead:

Step 1. Turn off your iPhone.

Step 2. Put your handset on the flat surface with glass side up (for example, use a table).

Step 3. Find two Popsicle sticks and carefully place them underneath the device: one at the top, another at the bottom part.

Step 4. Now be very gentle and extremely careful. Right above your SIM card tray you need to watchfully push down on the phone. Don’t bend it too much.

Step 5. Turn on the device. Hopefully you’ll see your carrier’s name now.

iPhone 6s SIM Not Valid Issue How to Solve

How to Fix No SIM Card Error on Apple iPhone [More Guides]

Check 1. Apple always updates mobile firmware for its gadgets to make sure you are running the most recent iOS version. The older platform you could be using might be buggy. In such situation a simple upgrade will fix the bug.

Check 2. Take the SIM card out and make sure it has no dirt or dust on it. You can clean it and unblock connectors this way. After being inserted, the card should get the signal again.

Check 3. Networks can also present updates. It doesn’t matter if you are using AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or other carrier [learn how to unlock your phone from U.S. carriers], take your iPhone and launch Settings. Go to General menu and visit About section. If there is an update from your network you can download it from here.

Check 4. Figure out if the SIM card or your iPhone causes the problem. Just insert a different working SIM into your device and you’ll know where the issue comes from.

Check 5. Turn off and back on your Air Plane mode. Maybe this is what makes the handset believe you have no SIM inside.

If you are still getting ‘No SIM’ message you might want to take the device to Apple Store and have it fixed by professionals. The company also devotes a webpage to invalid iPhone SIM error and you can find some advice there.

My iPhone Password Not Working: How Do I Unlock Handset without Erasing Data?

My iPhone password not working… I think I forgot it. Has it ever happened to you? Personally I keep in mind all my passwords but I swear there are situations when I just can’t remember the right one. It is simple with different online services, social networks and websites because you can recover your passcode through email which is so fast. With smartphones everything is so different. You need to remember how many tries to unlock iPhone you have and stay attentive to not lose your data.

Let’s learn more about the password on iPhone and how the gadget acts when you forget the important numbers.

AT&T iPhone Enter Password

About iPhone Passcode: Details

Most modern handsets are protected by passwords. This way you can be sure no one accesses your personal information etc. The behavior of a smartphone truly depends on configuration so when you come across iPhone password forgot problem you should be wise.

According to Apple, there are no passwords by default. Still users choose to protect their privacy with a passcode and sometimes face an unpleasant situation when you can’t remember the password you were using day after day and it is not written down somewhere you can look it up.iPhone Forgot Password How to Unlock Without Erasing Data

How Many Tries Do You Get to Unlock an iPhone

Everyone understands that you have limited attempts to enter the corrent numbers [here is what to do if you have Activation Lock problem]. As noted by the Cupertino-based company, the more wrong passwords you enter, the longer become the intervals before your next try. Several unsuccessful attempts make you not being able to re-try again.

So how many failed passcode attempts iPhone 6 users have? The setting with the number of unsuccessful password entry is disabled by default. Still some users choose to turn it on before they forget their precious numbers. The configurations are located under Settings – General menu – Passcode Lock and if you enable this feature you will only have 10 attempts after which your iPhone will completely erase itself.

iPhone Enter Passcode Forgot Unlock Attempts

How to Unlock Your iPhone if You Forgot the Password

What should you do? You should connect the device to the computer with which it was synced for the last time. It doesn’t matter if you used iCloud or iTunes for this purpose. You can backup without password and save your information. Now restore the locked handset from a backup copy by selecting ‘Restore from iTunes backup’ option when you are asked to. Afterwards you can reset the code or leave this option disabled.

If your computer was never synced with the handset you can restore and unlock it however this method of how to unlock iphone 6 erases everything you have. Besides, if you choose to take your gadget to Apple service center and have it unlocked by their representatives – the smartphone will be erased just the same.

Connect iPhone to Computer to Unlock Erase Restore

Now you know answer to your question ‘How to unlock iphone 6 without erasing data:’

Method 1. Recollect the original password. It’s the best thing to do.

Method 2. Connect to your computer, restore from a backup [to save your personal information and important data], unlock and reset the password. This time you need to write down the numbers and remember where figures are written. This way you won’t have to restore if you ever happen to forget the code ever again.

The worst thing to happen after iPhone failed passcode attempts is erasing your data. Users who still remember their code are highly advised to create a backup copy just in case. This way you will restore from a backup in case anything bad happens and have all your data back. Deal?

We really hope that this detailed ‘how do i unlock my iphone if i forgot the password’ guide was useful to you. We also hope that you never have to restore the handset this way and lose contacts, apps and other content you really need.

iPhone Lost Data After Restore

What Data Might Be Lost After Restore

iPhone users should note that restore erases your videos, programs, images, all music, contacts unless you have a backup copy to use [the one that was created before you can’t remember password and unlock device without restore].

Only users who don’t enable password protection will never forget their code.

How to Erase iPhone through iCloud

There is another method we would like to mention. If you don’t remember where you left your iPhone but can log into your iCloud account using Apple ID and passcode, you should:

Step 1. Sign in to your iCloud via www.icloud.com site.

Step 2. Select Find My iPhone menu.

Step 3. Choose All Devices and select the handset you wish to erase [the one that you can’t unlock because you don’t remember passcode].

Step 4. Use this guide only if you lost your device and don’t want anyone to access your personal information. Don’t use it if you simply forgot password.