Service to Remove iOS 7 Activation Lock / Find my iPhone Feature

Service to Remove iOS 7 Activation Lock / Find my iPhone Feature

The most recent iOS 7 was presented in September 2013. It comes with Activation lock feature that is turned on automatically if Find My iPhone feature is on. It is impossible to turn off this option manually or via some hacking programs. Only the original device owner can turn it off by entering Apple ID and passcode.

Some users first order iPhone unlock and then start thinking about iOS 7 option once they come up with Activation lock problem that doesn’t allow accessing their Home screen. If you haven’t run Find My iPhone disabled or enabled checker to figure out whether you will face the activation issues or not and now you can’t pass it, we will help you to bypass Activation lock offered by iOS firmware.


Important Notes

  • This package DOES NOT UNLOCK or UNBLOCK iPhone.
  • Make sure your issue fits the screenshot above.
  • This package doesn’t work for blacklisted iPhones. Only clean IMEI. No refund if iPhone is blacklisted.
  • This package supports iPhone and iPad
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  • Please read Terms and Services before clicking the Buy Now button.
  • Delivery times only apply during business hours, not guaranteed turnaround time. (Business time is 9 am – 6 pm PST, Monday-Friday).

Order our service and you will be able to use the iPhone after upgrading to iOS 7 or restoring via iTunes as usual!

How to Check Find my iPhone by IMEI On Any Apple Devices Before Unlock

Use iPhone IMEI Check if Find My Phone Disabled

Users who are thinking about purchasing, restoring, unlocking or reselling their iPhone should be very attentive. Now, as Apple launched its iOS 7, 8, 9 with Activation lock option, it is important to check Find My iPhone with IMEI using special checker before you get your smartphone from someone or plan on giving your handset away.

However if you stuck on activation screen that asks you to enter Apple ID and passcode use our new package to remove iOS 7 activation lock and turn off Find My iPhone feature remotely.

Use this checker to check IMEI for Find My iPhone feature if it is turned off or on before buying, selling or factory unlocking / restoring iPhone. But first read important notes below.


  • Please read Terms and Services before clicking the Buy Now button.
  • This service doesn’t work for blacklisted iPhones.
  • This package DOES NOT UNLOCK or UNBLOCK iPhone.
  • Due to the fact that services sometimes are overloaded results may come longer that usual. Also there can be delays during the weekends.
  • Add to your mail contacts to be sure our emails get delivered.


Find My iPhone: On


Find my iPhone: Off

The ID and passcode chosen for iCloud account are stored on “Albert” activation server run by the Cupertino-based company. Your device is connected to this server and you must enter the original Apple ID and password each time you wish to erase information on the iOS handset, reactivate it or turn Find My iPhone off. If this application is on, Activation lock is turned on automatically on iOS 7 requesting the passcode even if you have just upgraded to the version 7 from previous iOS 6.

AT&T iPhone Unlocking Orders Are Delayed

Dear Consumers, every unlocking service worldwide faced with AT&T iPhone unlock problem. AT&T US service provider is now changing its unlocking policy and many orders are postponed indefinitely.

We are very sorry for such inconveniences but we depend on the carrier’s respond after sending unlocking requests. But don’t worry because there are only two ways: or your iPhone will be unlocked or you will receive full refund.

Also we have to remove overnight package and left only fast and expensive unlocking packaged for AT&T iPhones. However the delay in delivery can be with expensive package as well.

You can always contact us if any questions regarding unlock:

Sorry for inconveniences and thank you for understanding.


ATT iPhone Unlock support team

How to Disable iOS 7, iOS 8 Activation Lock Distantly

Users who have updated their Apple devices to the newest iOS 8 firmware (or iOS 7 in the past) can come up with one big problem called Activation lock. They are not able to unlock their smartphones bought from third-party resellers who activated Find My iPhone.

NOTE: Don’t forget to check if Find My iPhone turned on or off before purchasing or restoring iPhone.

It is important to understand that the new option has both cons and pros. The good side about it is the inability of strangers accessing your info without your Apple ID and passcode. The bad side is you can’t unlock the device if its previous owner didn’t turn the feature off before selling the handset to you.

find my iphone activation lock disable remote

Important Steps Before Placing iPhone Unlock Order

Find My iPhone activation lock disable remote is must-done before you order your gadget’s factory unlock by IMEI code otherwise you won’t be able to access the iPhone if you don’t know the original owner’s ID and passcode.

The feature is turned on automatically once the user turns Find My iPhone app on. You should contact the original user and ask to disable this application on iOS 8, 7 firmware. If you have got your iPhone from Apple or its official retailer you should turn Find My iPhone off yourself before you unlock your device.

Find My iPhone Activation Lock Disable Remote

Attention: Make these steps before completing unlock in iTunes after purchasing unlocking service. If you have already performed restore and stuck on activation screen asking for Apple ID and password here is a service that remotely disable Find My iPhone iOS 8 activation lock. In this case start from Step 5.

Step 1. Launch Settings on your fruit gadget.

Step 2. Go to iCloud.

Step 3. User your ID to sign in or the original owner’s Apple ID to do so.

Step 4. Search for Find My iPhone to turn it off.

Step 5. Insert the SIM card [not from the original carrier you have been locked to]. Turn the handset off and back on.

Step 6. Connect to iTunes after the device is back on.

Step 7. You can restore if you wish to. If not, skip this step.

Congratulation! You are the lucky owner of an unlocked iPhone on iOS 8.

NOTE: If you are not the original owner you should contact him or her and ask to sign in to their iCloud account and delete your handset from their Find My iPhone account. You should also ask them to erase all content / settings distantly via iCloud.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4


Tips Before Purchase:

  • Unlock Success Rate: 90-100%

*Unlock success rate depends on account lock status of each device.



Recently many iPhone and iPad users stuck on iOS 8.x.x and iOS 7.x.x activation lock when device asks you to enter Apple ID on which device is registered. If you are original owner – great, put your details and bypass iCloud activation. But what should you do if you are not the original owner, don’t have Apple ID password and need to remove iCloud? Here is a package that you can use to remove Find My iPhone iOS 8, 7 activation lock even without iCloud account info.

This issue was caused by enabled Find My iPhone feature in iCloud. If it is turn on you will get activation error when upgrading to iOS 8. And if this feature is disabled and Apple ID is removed from the device, you don’t need to be worry.

Send a screenshot of the iPhone screen as shown on the picture in the Details tab.

Try to do not make mistakes and mistypes when placing an order. Check twice all info you provide to get successful results. No cancellation can be proceeded when your order was accepted for the unlock.

Delivery occasions apply throughout business days and hrs, not guaranteed turnaround time. (Business time is 9 am – 6 pm PST).

Please add to your contacts to make sure our email gets delivered.

This is not hacking service and it won’t harm your device. After iCloud lock removing you will need to restore iPhone in iTunes and activate it bypassing such step.



This feature was firstly used in iOS 8 version. So when you plan to buy or unlock iPhone first check if Find My iPhone is On/Off to secure yourself from such activation issue.

icloud activation remove
Unfortunately there isn’t some special iCloud remover or other software/hardware hack and iPhone becomes useless when you don’t know Apple ID and password.

In this case if you need now to bypass Activation Lock after updating you can use this iCloud activation removal service. Get rid of this lock and start using iPhone or iPad as usual.


  • This service will NOT UNLOCK or UNBLOCK your iPhone.
  • Send a screenshot of the iPhone screen as shown on the picture above.
  • Read Carefully Terms and Conditions before buying this service.
  • This package supports all iPhone and iPad models.

How To Place Order

1. Enter IMEI
2. Enter email
3. Read and Agree with the Terms
4. Click Buy Now
5. After buying iCloud remove send a screenshot of this issue here:

This Find My iPhone lock became a big problem after iOS 7.0 releasing. Many happy new users of the used iPhone are facing with such problem and looking for iCloud activation remove service. Here you found it and could make an order right now!


Check If Find My iPhone and iCloud Password is Active or Disabled


Tips Before Purchase:

  • Unlock Success Rate: 99-100%

*Unlock success rate depends on network account status of each device.



If you planing to buy, sell or even restore iPhone after factory unlock it is strongly recommended to check if Find My iPhone is turn off or ON . This will help you to activate iPhone after upgrading to iOS 7.x.x, iOS 8.x.x and avoid Activation Lock Issues after device restore. Otherwise you will not be able to activate iPhone even with original SIM card.

This service will NOT UNLOCK or UNBLOCK your iPhone. This service will not activate or remove iCloud lock.

The results you will get after placing an order will be:


Find My iPhone: On


Find my iPhone: Off

IMEI has to be correct and working email address to get successful results.

Is there no email from us in your mailbox? Search in SPAM or, please, add to your contacts.



Important Notes:


Please add to your contacts to make sure our email gets delivered.

In case Find My iPhone will be active follow this link to remove activation lock.

Read Carefully Terms and Conditions before clicking the Buy Now button.

Due to the fact that servers sometimes are overloaded, results may come longer that usual. Also delays can be during a weekend.

What is iOS 7 Activation Lock and Why You Need to Disable Find My iPhone and iCloud Password

Once you turn on Find My iPhone on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 7, the Apple ID and password you have for iCloud is safely kept on Apple’s activation server called ‘Albert’ and connected to the gadget. In the future, your own security password will undoubtedly be requested prior to anybody can disable Find My iPhone on the iPhone, erase the device, or reactivate.

Activation Lock is active immediately after you turn on Find My iPhone in iOS 7.x.x or iOS 8.x.x, or after you update to iOS 7 from the earlier version of iOS having Find My iPhone already turned on.

If Find my iPhone is activated that means that you can’t activate iPhone if you don’t have original owner’s iCloud password. When this feature is turned off (iPhone doesn’t password protected and iCloud password is disabled), you will not encountered with Activation Lock feature in iOS 7 / iOS 8.

How to Fix Activation Lock on iPhone Running iOS 7

Apple introduced Activation Lock feature when it released iOS 7 version for iPhone users this fall. The new option is tricky. From one hand, it is designed to protect unknown people from accessing your personal information. From the other hand, it gives headache to users who wish to unlock the device they purchased from other people.

Turn Find My iPhone Off Beforehand

The introduction of iOS 7 has changed the rules for iPhone users. Now if the Find My iPhone app is turned on, you are not able to update to new iOS version or unlock your handset without knowing the Apple ID and password of iPhone’s original owner.

ios 7 activation error

This ID and passcode are stored on the Cupertino-based company’s servers. It is impossible to turn off Find My iPhone, reactivate the gadget and erase information on it without entering them. This happens because of the Activation Lock feature presented in iOS version 7 and up. You turn it automatically when you enable Find My iPhone program or when you decide to install the latest firmware [updating from iOS 6 or earlier operating system].

What You Must Do Before Ordering iPhone Unlock

If this is your device purchased from Apple or official carriers you should simply turn off the application. Users who purchased their smartphone from someone on eBay or other platforms should make sure the previous owner erased all his information, settings and disabled Find My iPhone for you.

ios 7 activation lock

Only after you make everything to fix iOS 7 activation error, you can place iPhone unlock order online and have it successfully unlocked by IMEI number.

What You Must Do After Your iPhone Unlocked

Note: We make no refunds if we unlock your handset on iOS 7 and you are stuck with the Activation lock issue. Solve this problem before you order factory unlock or following this guide below if you have just unlock it and got this issue.

Fortunately there is a fix and you can use it just following steps below:

1. Go to Settings on iPhone.
2. Tap iCloud.
3. Sign in with the Owner’s Apple ID.
4. Turn OFF Find My iPhone.
5. Insert a NON accepted SIM card and RESTART the iPhone.
6. When phone turns on plug iPhone into iTunes.
7. (Optional) If iTunes prompts for you to RESTORE, follow the steps on screen.
8. The phone will then be unlocked!

Also you can follow this link for more info: