How to Check Your iPhone 7 WiFi Assist Data Usage on iOS 10

Learn how to check data usage on iPhone 7. It is easy and must-do when you have no idea how much data is consumed by your WiFi Assist. This feature was introduced by Apple to let you never lose connection when WiFi is poor or lost. Your smartphone can automatically switch to cellular data and your AT&T iPhone bill can quickly grow. This is one of the reasons why you should control WiFi Assist iOS 10 feature once in a while.

iPhone data consumption can get ridiculous with WiFi Assist being turned on. A lot of users prefer turning it off just in case but you might still take advantage of this option if you need to browse web and experience no problems or are waiting for an important phone call and can’t miss it because of poor WiFi.

iOS 10 Wi-Fi Assist Feature iPhone 7

How to Turn Off WiFi Assist on iOS 10

Step 1. Launch Settings on your mobile device.

Step 2. Choose Cellular menu.

Step 3. Get down till you see WiFi Assist. Disable the switch next to it.

You can find a lot of guides on how to reduce data usage on iPhone 7 AT&T model or handsets locked to different carriers. Below we’ll explain how you can check WiFi Assists iOS 10 data consumption to control your bill.

You can also fix iOS 10 battery problems with battery widget missing on iPhone lock screen after firmware update.

Check Cellular data Usage iOS 10

How to Check Your Data Usage on iPhone 7 with WiFi Assistant

Step 1. Go to Settings on the AT&T iPhone 7.

Step 2. Choose Cellular or Mobile Data option.

Step 3. Look for WiFi Assist option (you’ll have to scroll down).

Step 4. Now you can see how much data you have consumed via WiFi Assist.

iPhone WiFi Assist Data Usage Settings for Statistics

It is easier to check your monthly data consumption by resetting your statistics. Here is what you should do:

Step 1. Launch Settings application on your smartphone.

Step 2. Click on Cellular or Mobile Data section.

How to Reset Wi-Fi Assist Statistics

Step 3. You’ll find Reset Statistics option at the bottom of the screen.

By the way, this section also show the last time you applied changes.

Step 4. Click on Reset Statistics and confirm your decision.

You can see how simple iPhone data usage check instructions are. Follow them once in a while and you’ll take care of your bill and avoid possible extra charges.

By the way, you can easily reduce your cellular data usage after you upate to iOS 10 or newer iOS 10.2. There are some useful tips that can make it possible. It is surely nice when you can avoid any unusual and unexpected data overuse.

Reduce Cellular Data Usage on iOS 10 iPhone 7

How to Reduce iPhone Data Consumption

Tip #1: Disable Cellular Data

Sometimes you don’t really need your mobile data at the moment. It is easy to let only some applications use cellular data and turn it off when it is not in use.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2. Choose Cellular option.

Step 3. Turn off the switches next to iOS 10 apps that should not consume your mobile data.

How to Disable Background App Refresh iOS 10

Tip #2: No Background Application Refresh

By the way, this same method can also save you some battery life.

Step 1. Launch Settings and choose General section on the handset.

Step 2. Choose Background App Refresh feature.

Step 3. Disable the option.

Tip #3: Use iPhone Data Usage App

Control your data consumption. Use the method described above or find data usage program that will help you keep an eye on how much money you spend monthly on your mobile data.

Disable Auto-Downloads Updates iOS 10

Tip #4: No Auto-Downloads

Save mobile data by turning off your automatic downloads and updates.

Step 1. Launch Settings program on iPhone AT&T.

Step 2. Choose iTunes & App Store section.

Step 3. Disable Use Cellular Data option.

Step 4. Now get back to Settings and choose iCloud.

Step 5. Click on iCloud Drive and disable Use Cellular Data option here.

Disable Cellular Data for Apple Music

Tip #5: No Cellular Data for Apple Music App

Step 1. Go to Settings and select Music section.

Step 2. Click on Cellular Data menu.

Step 4. Disable Cellular Data.

Hopefully these iOS 10 tips will help you save some mobile data.

Users Troubled with AirPods Randomly Disconnecting Problems

Do your AirPod disconnect on calls? This could be so annoying! Users who purchased the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus along with the new Apple accessories known as AirPods wish to experience no problems. Still issues exist and you should learn how to fix AirPods problems to enjoy mobile communication.

Mostly the AirpPods disconnecting randomly bug is noticed by iOS 10.2 users who have the iPhone 6s Plus model. However your iPhone 7 might also suffer from this unpleasant issue and this is why it’s nice to explore the solutions you can try.

AirPods Disconnect during iPhone Calls

iOS 10 Problems with AirPods

Here is what affected users have to say. Suddenly after iOS 10.2 update they notice how often AirPods that were correctly paired with the ‘fruit’ smartphone disconnect. The connection simply gets lost.
Even if you try to connect your accessories manually they still keep disconnecting during long calls (mostly). Those who experience the bug assure that their AirPods were fully charged and still stopped working during iPhone calls.

At the same time, the problem isn’t present when you listen to music for hours and hours in a row. You can read more reports about the AirPods disconnect bug on Apple Support Forum.

AirPods Disconnecting Issues iOS 10

How to Fix AirPods Disconnecting During Calls

You can try to use only one AirPod as a microphone and this could fix AirPods randomly disconnect problem.

Step 1. Firstly make sure your AirPods are fully charged.

Step 2. Open Settings on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 7.

iPhone Settings Bluetooth

Step 3. Choose Bluetooth section.

Step 4. Click on ‘i’ option near AirPods.

Step 5. Click on Microphone option.

Step 6. Now choose Always Right AirPod. It will be used as your microphone.

Use Only Left Airpod on iPhone

Step 7. The next day you can select Always Left AirPod. Change only one AirPod to work as your earphone microphone and your AirPods issues will be gone.

Remember that both AirPods are microphones by default.

Auto Ear Detection iPhone 7

iOS 10 Tips and Tricks: Fix Automatic Ear Detection

Sometimes you can fix AirPods problems by disabling Automatic Ear Detection option. This option allows turning off your earpodes when they are taken out of the ear. Still if you turn off the technology you could avoid AirPods disconnect on calls bug.

Step 1. Launch Settings option on your iPhone.

Step 2. Select Bluetooth feature.

Step 3. Click on the ‘i’ option near AirPods and you’ll see Automatic Ear Detection.

Step 4. Disable the option called Automatic Ear Detection.

How to Unpair AirPods iOS 10 iPhone 7

Re-Pair AirPods Fix Guide

Step 1. You can try to forget your earphones. Open Settings on your mobile device and choose Bluetooth option.

Step 2. Click on the ‘i’ option – select Forget this Device.

Step 3. It’s time to reboot the phone and then pair your AirPods again.

This simple method can fix your problem. If it doesn’t work you can also try to reset your settings:

Step 1. Launch Settings app on iPhone.

Step 2. Choose General section.

Step 3. Click on Reset option.

Step 4. Press on Reset Network Settings.

Step 5. Once you confirm the decision your settings will be reset.

Step 6. Sometimes you might need to Reset All Settings to solve the problem.

Is there anything else you can try performing before contacting Apple?

Mac users can play with their inputs and outputs:

Step 1. On your computer you should choose System Preferences.

Step 2. Choose Sound option.

Step 3. Choose Output option. Select AirPods.

Step 4. Now press on Input option and choose AirPods.

By the way, since users report problems with their new earphones Apple is investigating the issue. Maybe the fix will arrive in the upcoming iOS 10.3 release.

How to Solve iPhone 7 Messages Not Sending / Received Issues

Have you come across Message problems iOS 10 on your iPhone 7 or other handset model? Sometimes your smartphone suddenly not receiving SMS and you can’t send regular text on iPhone. What should you do? How can you deal with this bug? Is it something you are able to fix on your own or should you contact Apple?

There are many different iOS 10 tips and tricks. When you can’t send messages on iPhone 7 you need to read about firmware secrets and follow the guide on how to fix iPhone not sending SMS problem. You can also fix Touch Bar problems on new MacBook Pro if you have this computer model.

Firstly, remember that you are not alone with the problem. Secondly, other users have successfully fixed iPhone not sending texts issue and thus you can do the same and enjoy iOS communication with your friends and family. Thirdly, get prepared for different problems and bugs with iOS platform. Apple is constantly updating its mobile operating system, fixing known bugs and creating new problems. Everything can be solved, sooner or later.

iOS 10 Messages Not Sending Issue Fix

iOS 10 Tips and Tricks for iPhone Messages Not Received / Sent

Can you troubleshoot the issue? What should you pay attention to? There could be so many things that cause iPhone messages not sending and not received bug. It’s great if you know what exactly causes the problem since it makes it so much easily to find a working solution.

This could be your network connection issues, carrier updates, hardware problems, old firmware version etc. Thus users report iTunes sidebar missing issue and other problems. Let’s see what you can try to do right now.

Can't Send Texts iPhone 7 iOS 10

Don’t Receive Messages on iPhone 7 Due to Old Firmware or Carrier Update

Both reasons can cause the problem. Are you sure you are running iOS 10? If you do own iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus that were released in the fall 2016 you can try to update to iOS 10.2. If you have an older phone model you might be still using iOS 9. It’s better to install iOS 10 firmware version in this case.

It could be possible that your mobile operator presented carrier settings update but you haven’t installed it yet. Check it out:

Step 1. Launch Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2. Go to General menu.

Step 3. Select About section.

Step 4. If you see any carrier updates available you are advised to install it.

Poor Network Connection Issue

Sometimes you can’t send messages on iPhone 7 due to poor network. Make sure there are no problems with your network connection. Maybe your WiFi network has a poor signal.

Here is what you can try to do:

Step 1. Launch settings on your iPhone.

Step 2. Turn off WiFi or Cellular connection.

Step 3. Force reboot your smartphone.

Step 4. When the handset is back on you should enable WiFi or your Cellular connection.

Step 5. Launch Messages app on iOS 10 and try to send your text message again. Maybe the problem will be fixed with these cool iOS 10 tips.

Message Problems iOS 10

Sometimes the problem is with your network. There are carriers that don’t support MMS (for example). If you are not able to send SMS or MMS message you can contact your provider and double check if this format is supported or not.

There are situations when your MMS Messaging is turned off by default. You can enable it and enjoy sending this type of messages to your friends.

Can't Send Messages iPhone iOS 10

Activation Error

There is a guide for users who find ‘Waiting for Activation error’ message while sending the message. Try following this instruction:

Step 1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Choose General menu.

Step 3. Select Data & Time menu.

Step 4. Set up the correct time and date.

Step 5. Restart your gadget.

Step 6. The error should be fixed. P.S. Always back up your iPhone no matter what you are trying to fix.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone 7

Reset Settings to Fix Can’t Send Regular Text iPhone

These are some things you can complete in hopes to solve the bug:

Step 1. Go to Settings and select General menu.

Step 2. Tap on Reset – Reset Network Settings.

Step 3. Now restart your iPhone and launch Settings once again [you can also stop social network Facebook from accessing data on your smartphone].

Step 4. Scroll down to Messages app and click on Send & Receive section.

Send Receive iOS 10 messages App iPhone

Step 5. Sign out from your Apple ID.

Step 6. Close Settings app.

Step 7. Launch Settings again and choose Messages – Send & Receive – Apple ID for iMessage.

Step 8. Sign in to your account.

You should be sure that your Apple ID along with your iPhone phone number are added to ‘You can be reached by iMessage at…’ section.

Step 9. Reboot the phone and you’ll receive and be able to send text messages on iOS 10.

If you still experience the problem you need to contact Apple Support and get professional help.

How to Fix iOS 10 Issues with Battery Widget Missing on iPhone 7

Is your battery widget missing? It often happens to iPhone 7 / 7 Plus users after iOS 10 upgrade to newer version (iOS 10.1 or 10.2). It can also occur on previous smartphone models that come across iOS 10 problems. Is it possible to bring the widget back? How can you fix the bug and find your battery on iPhone lock screen?

There are iOS 10 tricks [for example, you can turn words into emojis] you can follow to fix iOS 10 issues that are experienced by many users. It’s one of the common problems you can face. Luckily, there is simple fix you should keep in mind. It can save you time and nerves since you can get your battery widget back as quickly as possible.

iOS 10 Battery Widget Missing Bug

iOS 10 Bugs

Different things can happen to your new or older iPhone model. It’s not a secret that all mobile operating systems are buggy. Some issues can be fixed by users and some can be only solved by the company. When you suddenly notice no battery widget on your iDevice you can bring it back.

You can surely try to turn this widget on (in case you have disabled it) however this doesn’t mean that your widget will appear on the Lock screen. Even being enabled doesn’t promise it will be shown up.

Batteries Widget iPhone

iOS 10 Battery Widget

Why would you need to see the iOS 10 battery widget on the lock screen? This option makes it easier to check some statuses. For example, you can take a look as know how your AirPods are charging. So if you wish to enjoy this feature just return your widget back and solve the problem.

iPhone Battery Widget Not Showing Fix

Step 1. You should do the following thing while your screen is locked. Just swipe from left to right on the iPhone display.

Step 2. You should scroll down. There will be ‘Edit’ option you need to tap.

Step 3. Click on the red button. You’ll see it next to battery widget.

Remove Batteries Widget iOS 10

Step 4. You should press on ‘Remove’ option.

P.S. Some users haven’t turned on this widget and thus they will only see the plus “+” instead of a read button. So click on this Plus under More Widgets feature.

Step 5. Now click on ‘Done’ option that is located at the upper right part of the screen.

Step 6. To fix your battery widget missing problem you should now repeat the same guide until you get to the ‘+’ option near iOS 10 battery widget.

Step 7. You should click-hold the rearrange widget button which should be dragged to the top. Now you need to press on ‘Done’ option.

Step 8. You should now make sure you have turned on Battery Percentage after iOS 10 upgrade. So open Settings on your iPhone and choose Battery option where you can click on Battery Percentage. Double check that it is enabled.

Step 9. Reboot the iDevice. This is must do. If you have the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus which are the most recent Apple phone releases you have to click – hold that On / Off and volume buttons at the same time. For older models you should click – hold your Power and Home buttons at once and count till ten.

Step 10. Your iPhone will restart. Stay patient.

Step 11. Now you can unlock iPhone 7.

Step 12. Go to your Lock screen mode.

Step 13. The battery widget should be available again.

Sometimes the simple trick described above doesn’t help you return your missing widget. You can try to reset your iOS 10 iPhone as this might solve the bug. You can do this pretty quickly:

Reset All Settings iPhone

Step 1. Launch Settings.

Step 2. Select General menu.

Step 3. Click on Reset option.

Step 4. Press on Reset All Settings.

Step 5. Confirm your decision.

Step 6. The problem should be fixed.

How to Block Text Messages and FaceTime Calls on iPhone 7

When you wish to stop receiving messages and calls from a particular person you should learn how to block caller ID on iPhone. There are several methods how to unblock a number on iPhone 7 and block it. We’ll share a couple of ways to help you avoid any unwanted phone calls. Don’t worry about any pestering iPhone calls as the instructions below will explain how to block FaceTime calls, regular phone calls and SMS.

You need to run iOS 10, 10.1 or 10.2 firmware version on your iDevice. Let’s learn what happens when you block a number on iPhone and how exactly you can block and unblock callers from annoying you. It’s great that you are able to easily change your settings, block wrong numbers, scammers and unblock them on-the-go.

Block Phone Number on iPhone 7 iOS 10

Block Messages iPhone Consequences: What to Expect

So what happens when a number is finally blocked? The person whose caller ID is blocked by you won’t be able to reach you. Your iOS 10 smartphone will get no phone calls and text messages from a blocked number. At the same time, the caller will not know he or she is blocked by you.

Once again, you should update to iOS 10 to block FaceTime calls easily. Once you are updated you won’t be able to downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 9 because Apple stopped signing previous version of its mobile operating system.

How to Block Contact iOS 10 iPhone 7 Instruction

How to Block Text Messages on iPhone 7 Along with Phone Calls

Step 1. Update to iOS 10 platform.

Step 2. Open Settings program on the handset.

Step 3. Click on Call Blocking & Identification option.

Step 4. Choose Block Contact feature.

Step 5. You’ll see All Contacts screen where you are able to choose a particular name (use the Search bar).

Step 6. This is how to how to block a text (calls) on iPhone since the name will be added to the list of your Blocked numbers.

Once you are running iOS 10 you can easily manage your files on iPhone 7.

Block a Caller iOS 10 iPhone 7 Guide

How to Block FaceTime and Messages Contact

Step 1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone 7 [learn how you can customize iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus].

Step 2. Choose Messages / FaceTime.

Step 3. Select Blocked option.

Step 4. Click on Add New.

Step 5. Choose a contact that should be blocked.

Step 6. This person won’t reach you through Message or FaceTime app on iOS 10.

How to Block Calls on iPhone While Phone Is Ringing

Step 1. Disconnect your device. If you don’t want to disconnect proceed with the next step.

Step 2. Allow the phone ring to get silenced. Now launch Recent Calls on your iOS 10 device and add the number to the blocked list.

Step 3. Just find the phone number you wish to block in Recent.

How to Block FaceTime Calls iOS 10 iPhone 7

Step 4. Click on the “i” option next to the number.

Step 5. Scroll down through various options you see (for example, FaceTime, Call) and get to Block the Caller iOS 10 block calls feature.

Step 6. Click on Block the Caller.

Step 7. Now click on Block Contact.

Step 8. That’s it. You have learned how to block caller ID on iPhone. This means that you will receive no text messages, no calls and no FaceTime calls from this number.

Remember that a blocked phone number is not what blacklisted iPhone means.

Unblock Contact FaceTime Calls iOS 10 iPhone 7

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone 7

Sometimes you change your mind and wish to unblock a blocked contact on your iPhone. There are several ways how to do this.

Method 1

Step 1. Launch the Recent list of your contacts.

Step 2. Click on the “i” option.

Step 3. Choose to Unblock this Caller.

Method 2

Step 1. Once you open Recent – “i” icon from the method 1 you can click on Edit option in the upper right part of the screen.

Step 2. Click on the red circle you’ll see before contact.

Step 3. You’ll see the option called Unblock contact on the right side.

Step 4. Click on ‘Unblock’ feature and the contact will be no longer locked.

You can unblock both phone numers and blocked gadgets. It is even possible to unlock a blocked iPhone officially.

What to Do When Touch Bar Gets Stuck on MacBook Pro?

Some users already come across common problems with MacBook Pro. If you notice that your MacBook Pro Touch Bar isn’t responding, gets stuck or not working for various reasons you should fix this issue right away. Follow the detailed guide below and you’ll solve the Touch Bar stuck problem.

It’s sad when the feature that simplifies your computer experience suddenly stops working. You wish to use your MacBook Pro Touch Bar just as always but it doesn’t respond. This should be so frustrating!

You probably expect the new device to work like a clock. No problems, no issues, no worries. Thus when you face the Touch Bar not working bug (for example, it displays a blank button or incorrect button) you wish to solve it as soon as possible.

Touch Bar not Working MacBook Pro Issues

Fix #1: Touch Bar Not Working MacBook Pro Quick Solution

This is the quickest method. The trick is simple and hopefully you’ll experience no more Touch Bar problems once you learn how to deal with possible problems on-the-go. You can try using the Force Quit option [fix iOS 10 problems if you are also using iPhone and iPad].

Step 1. On your computer you should get to Apple menu. It is located at the upper right part of the display.

Step 2. Press on Force Quit option.

Step 3. Now select the program.

Step 4. You should once again press on Force Quit option to confirm your decision.

Step 5. You are good to go and use your computer with the Touch Bar feature if this simple guide fixes your MacBook Pro issues.

Touch Bar Not Responding Fix

Fix #2: Common Problems with MacBook Pro Manual Fix

You can solve issues with MacBook Pro Touch Bar by relaunching this option. Force restart can be achieved via command line or through Activity Monitor program.

Solve Touch Bar Not Responding MacBook Pro via Activity Monitor

Step 1. Visi Applications – Utilities on your computer.

Step 2. Open Activity Monitor application.

Step 3. Find the Touch Bar agent process. You need to delete it.

Step 4. Now you can restart and try to use the feature again.

Touch Bar Issues Fix through Command Line

Step 1. Open Terminal on your computer. It is better to launch it via Utilities app or Spotlight search.

Step 2. Type in this command:

pkill “Touch Bar agent”

Step 3. Click on the return key and you will force restart Touch Bar that should work fine after this refresh.

All Apple fans hope to never experience Touch Bar stuck problems. Still if the issue is still present you should work on it.

Fix Touch Bar Not Working Problem

Fix #3: Touch Bar Not Working Refresh Option

Step 1. On your computer you should go to Applications – Utilities and open Terminal program.

Step 2. If you are not a fan of the first step you can open Terminal from Spotlight search. Any method is good.

Step 3. Type in this command now:

killall ControlStrip

Step 4. Click on return key. You’ll relaunch the Control Strip.

Step 5. Now Touch Bar should respond again.

Did you know that you could do various tricks [it is easy to unlink an iPhone number from iMessage] with its help? It’s interesting that Apple makes it possible to customize Touch Bar on your Mac computer. This option makes control over apps and other features so easy. Use your fingertips and you’ll enjoy dynamic control over different Mac programs.

Touch Bar is a little revolution that brings changes even though you can still use computers without this special controlling feature. It just makes your life more productive in some ways. Anyway, it is always sad when something doesn’t work right. If nothing helps to fix issues with your MacBook Pro Touch Bar you should contact Apple. Maybe the company can provide a simple solution.

How to Transfer Movies to iPad [PC and Mac Instruction]

Would you like to transfer movies to iPad and watch offline? Sometimes you have so many interesting videos saved on Mac, PC or laptop that you think about ways how to add videos to iPad from PC or other computer and enjoy them anywhere you are right from the tablet screen. If you have the newest Mac you might want to explore Touch Bar tricks on MacBook Pro.

It is possible to find iPad movie format and convert your films and videos to watch on this mobile computer. It is also possible to download movies to iPad to watch offline or simply transfer the files you already have on your PC or Mac right to your tablet device.

Let’s discover how you can copy videos to watch on iPad. This could be useful when you are travelling or waiting in a long line. There is no need to sync your gadgets. The copying procedure is quick and simple. You just need iTunes [learn how to fix iTunes 12.4 problems if you face any], computer and your iPad. You also need some videos or movies to copy. While sometimes the copying process can take as long as syncing you still can enjoy it since movies can be transferred from one device to another one via drag-and-drop method. Are you curious to learn more?

Transfer Movies to iPad from Computer

iPad Compatible Video Formats

The Apple iDevice supports only a number of video formats at the moment. Its Video application can play MP4, MOV, MPEG-4, M4V, H.264 and M-JPEG files. Besides, even these formats are limited. Thus, if you wish to watch H.264 movies you’ll have to enjoy videos that are only 30 frames per second and 1080 pixels.

You can to keep in mind the supported video format for iPad when you plan to sync, add or copy movies to this gadget. P.S. iPhone users can send disappearing videos via Instagram app.

Copy Movies to iPad from iTunes

How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPad Manually

You don’t have to use iPad video converter if you have the right (supported) file format already.

Step 1. To transfer movies to iPad you should connect your device to your computer or laptop.

Step 2. Open iTunes desktop program.

Step 3. Choose the movie or video file you wish to copy to the tablet. You should find it in your iTunes library since this is the instruction ‘how to transfer movies from PC to iPad using iTunes’ program.

Step 4. Choose your iPad from the left menu.

Step 5. Drag and drop the video file to copy it. Just remember to open the folder with the file beforehand and run iTunes in the background. The video will be copied into iTunes library.

Step 6. Wait for the copying to complete. All the correct file formats should be added without issues. The problems can be with the movies and videos that are not supported by iPad.

You should know that it is possible to add videos to iPad from a single iTunes library only. If you are a fan of social networks you can stop Facebook app from accessing your data on iPhone.

Add Movies from PC or Mac to iPad

How to Transfer Movies from Laptop to iPad: Method 2

You can also do the following thing. Update your iTunes version to the latest release and use the feature called ‘Manually manage music and videos:’

Step 1. Connect iPad to your laptop, Mac or PC.

Step 2. Run iTunes.

Step 3. Choose your device in iTunes.

Step 4. Select Summary option.

Step 5. Scroll to ‘Options’ where you can enable Manually manage music and videos option.

Step 6. Press on Apply option.

Always remember to backup iPhone or iPad before adding any changes.

There are also additional programs that can help you add files from computer to iPad without iTunes. AnyTrans is one of them. You can also search for similar apps that support AVI, WMV and MKV video formats and can automatically convert your files to the format supported by your ‘fruit’ tablet device.

Hopefully the simple guide on how to add movies to iPad from computer was useful to you. Enjoy!

iOS 10 Emoji Replacement Feature: Convert Words to Emojis on iPhone 7

You can enjoy your iOS 10 emojis once you learn how to convert text into emoji while typing on iPhone 7 or iPad. The cool iOS 10 tips and tricks work on different iPhone models, not just the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus so you can take full advantage once you install the newest operating system on your iDevice and learn more about predictive emoji iOS 10 option.

There are different iOS 10 hidden features you can explore after you update your iDevice to this firmware version. Apple currently offers iOS 10.2 as the latest release of this mobile OS for its smartphones and tablet computers. iOS 10 Message features are also worth to explore so let’s learn how to replace text to emoji using this application.

By the way, users who experience problems with music download (when purchased songs are not re-downloaded on iTunes) can fix the issue.

iOS 10 Emoji Replacement Guide

iOS 10 Emoji Update

The list of available funny, hilarious and cute emojis is long. You can add animated smiley faces to your text messages on iOS 10 and make your SMS cuter and prettier. iPhone and iPad users can add emojis on-the-go by converting text into the images.

How is it possible? Let’s figure it out.

Word into Emoji iOS 10 Features

How to Convert Text Into Emoji on iPhone, iPad

Step 1. To turn words into emoji you should make sure you are running at least iOS 10.

Step 2. Open Messages program on the iPhone or iPad.

Step 3. Select the contact you are planning to text.

Step 4. Click on the text fields and start typing your message. Don’t worry as not all the words will emojify. Only a number of compatible emoji-words can be used for automatic action.

Step 5. You can see the iOS 10 emoji replacement list by clicking on the emoji button at the lower part of the screen and seeing the eligible words (they should be highlighted with orange for you). What words could these be? Simple words like love, car and similar can be turned into an image.

Turn Words into Emoji iOS 10 Tips and Tricks

Step 6. To turn text to emoji on iOS 10 you should touch the highlighted word.

Step 7. Replace the words using emoji prediction iOS 10 feature and send your message.

We hope you liked the awesome emoji prediction iPhone tips. Your iMessage can be magical. Remember that you should enable Predictive option when you wish to turn words into emojis by prediction [learn how to transfer files on iPhone]:

Step 1. On your iPhone select Settings app.

Step 2. Choose General menu.

Step 3. Click on your Keyboard.

Step 4. Enable Predictive feature.

Luckily the iOS 10 Messages upate offers even more emoji tricks. For example, you can enjoy 3x emoji feature which is a great way to make the ordinary image 3x bigger. Would you like to learn more?

If you are tired of ordinary emojis you can use iOS 10 hidden features and make emojis much bigger.

Make Big Emojis iOS 10 Tricks iPhone 7

How to Send Big Emojis on iPhone: iOS 10 Secrets

Step 1. You should launch Messages program on the handset.

Step 2. Click on the contact you are planning to surprise with 3x bigger emoji.

Step 3. Bring your keyboard by tappin on the text field and choose Emoji Keyboard.

Step 4. You should select up to 3 emojis at a time.

Step 5. Click on ‘Send’ option and your message with bigger images will be sent.

Remember that iOS 10 Message features with 3x bigger emojis are only available on iPhones [learn how to set up iPhone 7 models] when you add no more than 3 emojis to your text message. If you add 4 or more emojis at once their size will become default (small again).

Substitute words with emojis, make smiley images bigger and send incredible messages to your family and friends. Everything is possible once you update from iOS 9 to iOS 10.

Purchased Song Isn’t Downloaded on iTunes. How to Fix Problems

Do you experience new iTunes download problems? There are users who report weird issues with this program. For example, a purchased song is not download on iPhone or your computer. Is there a fix to such bugs?

Most Apple issues can be fixed without new program updates [learn how to transfer files on iPhone]. There is no need to wait for the company to present next iTunes version since you can deal with downloading iTunes problems 2017 right on your Mac or Windows PC. You don’t even need to use your iPhone since the issue can be solved on computers.

You can surely try to download iTunes later version (if you have an old one) and see how it works. Still try the guide below before searching for other methods. By the way, AT&T iPhone users can check their data usage and save money.

iTunes Download Problems Songs Redownload iPhone 7

How to Fix Can’t Redownload Purchased Songs from iTunes

Step 1. Try to purchase something via iTunes from your computer (either Mac or Windows PC). Of course, you should buy only the song you were planning to get. If your purchased song not downloading on iPhone 7 or other model you should try from your computer [if you just got a new Apple phone learn how to set up iPhone 7 without issues]. If you have succeeded without this guide you are lucky. In not (you downloaded the tunes but don’t see your purchase, it’s better to continue.

Step 2. It could be that you caused your iTunes download problems by hiding your purchase. To unhide it, you should first open iTunes (desktop version).

Step 3. Visit iTunes Store.

Step 4. Click on Music Quick Links that appear on the right part of your display.

Step 5. Now press on Account and sign in with your Apple credentials.

Step 6. Once you see your account page you should find Manage option under iTunes in the Cloud title. Click on Manage to see your Hidden Purchases.

Hide Unhide iTunes Purchase

Step 7. Press on Unhide under the song title you bought and wish to see as downloaded.

Step 8. Press on My Music you’ll see at the top. Now there will be a Cloud icon near this song and once you press on it – the song will be downloaded.

Users who are not happy with their AT&T network can factory unlock iPhone 7 and connect to all U.S. and foreign carriers.

Method 2 to Download Purchased Songs iTunes

Sometimes you might be using your friend’s or parents’ computer to re-download your songs. This means that the device could remember a different Apple ID and this could be the reason why you are facing iTunes problems 2017.

When you or your friends enable some options (for example, Family Sharing feature or Automatic downloads) their computer or iPhone is automatically associated with their Apple ID. When you wish to use your ID you’ll have to do the following:

Step 1. Launch iTunes and sing in using the original account.

Step 2. Choose Account Menu and go to View My Account.

Step 3. You should enter the password once again before pressing on View Account.

Step 4. Scroll to get to Manage option.

Step 5. Now you can remove the associated device.

The problem should be fixed. Have you explored all great iOS 10 features or not?

iTunes Download Issues Redownload Purchased Content

Method 3 to Fix Purchased Song not Downloaded iTunes Problem

There are several reasons why you might get download iTunes issues and are not able to redownload your purchase:

  • The song you have bought earlier is not longer available on iTunes and thus you cannot redownload it
  • Some content is available for download for particular countries only and if you change the country for your Apple ID you won’t be able to redownload it
  • It is impossible to redownload the song or app you have got a refund for

Sometimes you can fix the bug by simply signing out and signing back in. You can try this trick with your desktop or iPhone iTunes app to remove any possible bugs.

By the way, you can restart your computer or phone to fix the iOS problem.

If nothing helps and you still have issues with downloading content from iTunes you can contact Apple or simply report the problem to iTunes (do this only if you are sure that you purchased an item but cannot find it on your devices).

I Lost My AirPods. Can I Find Misplaced AirPods with iPhone?

Have you heard that it is possible to find AirPods with iPhone? This is a great option for users who have quickly become fans of Airpods Apple accessories and can’t imagine their life without them. Follow the instruction below if you mistplaced your AirPods and don’t remember where they are [remember that you can customize your iPhone 7 without jailbreak].

Don’t mistake AirPods Apple with Earpods iPhone 7 accessory. The cool iOS tips presented in this post will work only with your smartphone or tablet and lost AirPods accessory. You should double check your mobile firmware version because older ‘fruit’ platforms might not support this option at all.

The company released iOS 10 firmware in the fall 2016. The next iOS 11 is expected to be officially introduced during WWDC 2017 event and tested throughout summer. Right now you can install iOS 10.2 however a lot of users note that this is not the best update. It can make things worth thus it could be better to stay on iOS 10.1 but not the original iOS 10 version (it is not supported).

iPhone AirPods Apple How to Find Lost Accessory

Before I Lost My AirPods

Anyone who is planning to spend $70 for the Airpod should prepare for such purchase. It’s not the cheapest accessory for iPhone and iPad thus you need to know how easily the small pieces can get lost in the house. Save another $70 on future AirPod replacement by simply using one mobile application that can find mistplace and lost AirPods with the iDevice. It works on both smartphones and tablets.

What is the app’s name? How to find AirPods with iPhone? You need to follow the simple iPhone 7 tips and you will hopefully avoid future problems with lost AirPods.

Apple AirPods 2017 Find Lost

How to Find Lost AirPods

Here is what you need to easily locate your misplaced AirPods Apple accessories for iPhone:

*Newest iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or older models with iOS 10.1 / 10.2 firmware


*Cool app that is called Finder for AirPods (if you were lucky to download it when it was available). Unfortunately soon after iOS 10.1 / 10.2 users noticed a useful App Store application the company removed it. The app was available at $3.99 but you can no longer download it. Users who had a chance to get it when it was released are lucky and can explore its possibilities.

iPhone 7 AirPods How to Find if Lost or Misplaced

Let’s find the lost wireless earphones right now.

Step 1. Launch iPhone AirPods finder app on your device.

Step 2. Choose your AirPod. The program has several options you can select from. Point to the right one and click on Next to proceed.

Step 3. Users who wish to find both AirPods need to now close the lid of their charging case. Those who need to locate only one missing accessory can skip steps 3 and 4.

Step 4. Put your one AirPod into your charging case. Now close the lid.

Step 5. You will now see the option called Get It, Start Finding. Click on it to let the application work.

Step 6. You should now try to locate the device. Move around the house and the program will tell if you are getting closer. Once you are really close to the lost product the tool will assure that it’s around here. Keep searching until you find your missing AirPod or both AirPods.

In case you own the new accessory but didn’t install the program when it was released, you can learn how to pair AirPods with your iPhone or iPad.

Unfortunately this app has been removed from the App Store a week after its launch. It is using your smartphone to track the Bluetooth wireless signal that AirPods emit and this is how you get help in locating your accessories. User who were lucky to download the program when it was available found it useful. It is easy to lose your wireless earphones since they are not connected to your iPhone. It’s hard to find them. If you cannot locate a missing piece you’ll be forced to purchase a new one and spend more money than you eventually planned.