Create iPhone Invisible Folder to Hide Apps and Shortcut [Guide]

It is possible to create iPhone invisible folder and hide your shortcuts and applications in this folder [do you already think about the possible iPhone 7 features?]. This is pretty easy and fast if you follow our trick guide. It is not required to be jailbroken as everything can be done on any iOS 9 smartphone.

The instruction explains how to use hide shortcut iPhone option though you’ll have to install some additional tools to make this happen as Apple doesn’t allow anything like this by default. What will you be using? You won’t believe it but you need the wallpaper as the trick is related to the wallpaper shadow.

iOS 9 iPhone Invisible Folder Hide Apps Shortcut Guide

How to Hide Apps on iPhone / Shortcuts on iOS 9

Step 1. You need to download gray wallpaper or get white wallpaper because our folder will blend into your new background and these two colors are just perfect for what we are planning to do. Since the solid color is required on the lock screen you can continue using other images for your home screen background.

Step 2. Go to Settings and select General – Accessibility menu. We should now Increase Contrast. Disable Reduce Transparency for white background or use Reduce Transparency for gray background.

Step 3. You need to return to Settings again and select Wallpaper – Choose a New Wallpaper. Select the gray or white image you have downloaded from All Photos option. Remember to choose Use as Wallpaper feature and Set Home Screen.

Step 4. Now return to iPhone Home Screen. You see not folders? They are there but they blend into your new background.

Step 5. Get the App Icons Free which is free on the App Store. Install it and launch. Click on Create Icon option and select Go to Link. You need to choose Photo – solid wallpaper you have downloaded – Choose and press the space bar when you are asked to enter the URL. Choose Install. You will see shortcut icon in Safari browser now so Share it – Add to your Home Screen.

Step 6. You’ll have to replace the shortcut label with a period before you Add it. There will be a new blank app icon on the iPhone. Look for the period label – it could be the last icon on your Home Screen.

Step 7. Drag any app you are planning to hide on the ‘period’ app and this way you’ll create an invisible folder. Just move these apps on the second page within your new invisible folder so that they are not present on your Home screen [you can also learn how to make Siri silent on iOS 9 device].

Step 8. You can now remove your folder’s label. Create a blank space (about 7 spaces) and copy – paste it as your folder’s label through edit option. Save the changes by clicking on your Home button.

You can now enjoy the invisible folder with the blank name.

Get Free Gift for Using Apple Pay London Service

You know that Apple Pay is a service available in a number of countries. It was originally launched by Apple in the U.S. Then it was introduced in the UK and is now also offered in Australia and Canada. If you are using Apple Pay London service along with the MasterCard credit card – you can get the free gift for this holiday season.

It is easier to checkout with Apple Pay because you don’t have to enter your credit card details every time. Use your iPhone and fingerprint recognition to pay for goods. This is fast and secured, according to Apple.

Apple Pay London Free Rides Gift

If you are using public transport in London – we have good news for you. The just announced Apple Pay deals promise free rides for you if you live in the United Kingdom and travel on buses, train or in tube in London. Besides you can use the DLR for free as well. The deal will continue for four Mondays in a row.

This is the deal offered by MasterCard. It is called ‘Fare Free Mondays’ and has already begun this week. Unfortunately it will be over after December 14th. Besides, the free rides are only offered on Mondays and you’ll have to pay on Tuesdays and other days of the week. By the way, some iPhone 6 users are not able to add their cards to Apple Pay.

If you are planning to use the promotion you will have to pay for the tickets via MasterCard Apple Pay. All the money should be refunded back to your account. This could take up to 28 days. It is possible to return this way up to £27.90 per credit card holder.

Free London Tube Rides Apple Pay

Please note that you will still be charged. Just the money will be returned later on. This is just the way to popularize the new payment method in London. What do you think about it?

Verizon Gives Data to Users to Share with Friends and Family

It is possible to now share your gigabyte as Verizon data free gift with your family and friends. The U.S. carrier makes it possible to some of its subscribers to give sweet Christmas gifts to people you love and care for. This is an interesting feature that could be used by a lot of people.

You can get this spirit of giving and participate in the program Verizon gives data to users. The company allows you sending 1GB of your data to your family and friends. This would be a gift from you.

Verizon Share Gigabyte Gift with Family Friends

Is it possible for iPhone users to share the GB of data? Right now we only know that there is a new Android app called Verizon Messages which provides the new way of sending your data to others. Will there be similar program for iOS 9 users this holiday’s season [you can fix the issues with iOS 9 increasing data usage on iPhone]? It might be also released as sharing can be so much fun.

1GB of data is a good gift. It’s virtual but it offers you an opportunity to read about 13 thousand emails, visit 3 thousand web pages or steam video for three hours. It’s not free to send a gigabyte of free data. Your friend will receive it for free but you’ll have to pay $10 for this gift.

Verizon Give a Gig Option

iPhone users could be able to buy such data using Verizon site. It is also possible to personalize your gigabyte of Christmas data.

What do you think about such deal? Is it interesting to buy virtual gifts and send them to friends who are using Verizon as their network?

Free LTE Data for iPhone Offered as T-Mobile Holiday Gift

Are you ready for Christmas gifts? Would you like to get free LTE data for iPhone? It has become possible for some users. If you are subscribed to T-Mobile Simple Choice plan you will get the free gift. The U.S. network is willing to offer unlimited LTE data at no additional cost and this will last for the next three months. Isn’t it cool?

T Mobile free unlimited data for iPhone Simple Choice users was officially announced as Cyber Monday deal. Besides, the company is planning to offer new holiday gifts for the each week of December.

T Mobile iPhone 6s Free LTE Unlimited Data How to Get

You might want to unlock T-Mobile iPhone now as this network is planning to give gifts to subscribers who switch from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon [here are some top iPhone 6s Black Friday 2015 deals]. Similar options are already offered by some other networks.

Unfortunately not all users can enjoy the three month free LTE data. Only users who subscribed to Simple Choice plan before November 23rd are eligible for this gift. It will become available on December 1st. Getting high speed data for free is nice but you will not get this plan if you decide to subscribe now.

The company didn’t announce the gifts planned for subscribers of rival networks. As for the free data plan offered to Simple Choice users – it will be added automatically to all the active accounts. The deal will end on March 1, 2016.

Cyber Monday is traditionally the best shopping day for gadget fans. This is the time to buy tablets, smartphones, computers and TVs with even bigger discounts on the Black Friday 2015.

T Mobile Christmas Deals 2015 Offer $200 For Switching from Sprint

iPhone Sprint users who decide not to unlock Sprint iPhone SIM but still wish to switch to T-Mobile have another option. T-Mobile Christmas promotions include one interesting deal to customers who decide to change their network. You are able to get $200 per each line you can port over to T Mobile this holiday season.

How curious are you to learn more about T Mobile Christmas deals 2015? All U.S. carriers are more than willing to get subscribers from their rivals. They are coming up with new ideas [Sprint announced data plans for users who switch from AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile], offer free data, are eager to pay off your early termination fee and even provide credits per line.

T Mobile Christmas Deals 200 dollars for Sprint iPhone Subscribers who Switch

Thus the just announced T Mobile credit for iPhone is $200 and this money can be yours. This is the second Christmas gift from T-Mobile. The company already promised its Simple Choice users free unlimited LTE data for the three winter months. Now it is trying to attract Sprint users who are tired of their network and are looking for a different mobile operator in the U.S.

Every customer who switches Sprint to T-Mobile this year will get extra $200 for each line that is ported to the network. Besides you’ll get $650 to pay early termination fee along with phone balance.

The iPhone T Mobile holiday cheer is an interesting promotion. Sprint is also trying to convince other users leave their original network and switch to Sprint still the offer made by T-Mobile sounds even more wonderful.

You can be either prepaid or postpaid subscriber to Sprint network to be eligible for the T Mobile offer. You can be also using Virgin or Boost network. The $200 bonus will be applied to each switch you make. Thus if you can convince all your family members to switch right now you might be able to get $400, $600, $800 and even more.

Verizon and AT&T Black Friday Specials 2015 Revealed

Black Friday is here. Different U.S. carriers joined other retail stores and offer their deals to new customers and current subscribers and users dream about iPhone 7 features. Everyone knows how popular this shopping date and week in the world. It’s time to get your Verizon Black Friday specials and deals offered by other networks for iPhone and other smartphone users.

Some deals are already available. You can check with your particular network today if you are eligible for any deals or specials this or next week. Most iPhone mobile operators offer options that last for a couple of months.

Verizon ATT iPhone Black Friday Deals

AT&T Black Friday deals 2015 are also available both online and in-store. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just the beginning of the holiday season. With Christmas coming soon more and more stores will bring something to remember and offer discounts and free data for their subscribers.

Is is good time to find your carrier right now? If you are planning to buy the new iPhone, iPad Pro or other Apple gadget before Christmas – you should find the network that offers the lowest price for data and best terms for purchase. You’ll be always able to SIM unlock AT&T iPhone 6s or any other smartphone / network without problems so better choose the 2-year contract option which saves you some money at the start.

Some companies are giving out different little gifts to their consumers. For example, with Verizon you can get 1GB of free data for this billing cycle. Some networks also offer free data for the next cycle as well which is pretty nice.

Top iPhone Black Friday Deals 2015

This is Black Friday week and there are a lot of interesting iPhone Black Friday deals 2015 you might want to pay attention to [Apple is believed to present iPhone 6c pretty soon]. This is the perfect time to get Christmas gifts and purchase gadgets you dreamt about as the prices can really wow and make you happy.

iPhone Black Friday 2015 deals are must-considered when you are thinking about your shopping strategy. Save your money and get the device you really want to own. Carriers and stores offer discounted prices, offers, deals that you can get full advantage of.

iPhone 6s Black Friday Deals

Best Black Friday Deals 2015 on iPhone

• Visit Target if you wish to get the new iPhone 6s / 6s Plus with the $250 gift card. This store is offering you Target gift card if you buy the 2015 Apple smartphone model through installment plan offered by U.S. carriers. You can get the smartphone locked to Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile.

• Best Buy is another place to shot. This store is eager to give you the $200 gift card with any purchase of Sprint, Verizon or AT&T iPhone 6s Plus or 6s. You can either buy or lease your new handset. It is also possible to trade in an older gadget [the iPhone 5] if you have it in working condition.

• Each year Walmart is also willing to offer iPhone deals. This week you can buy either AT&T or Verizon iPhone 6s and get the $200 discount. The offer is valid on AT&T Next plan and Verizon Device Payment option. You’ll have to schedule the activation appointment this Thanksgiving.

Are you planning to get the iPhone 6s this week? Do you think stores could offer even better deals in early December?

Sprint iPad Pro Deal Announced for Holiday Season

The holiday season is the best time to get interesting deals on the gadgets and other things you were planning to buy anyway. There will be different iPad Pro deals on Black Friday 2015 and if you don’t want to shop on this day or planning to spend Thanksgiving in a family circle – you might want to check current offers by Sprint.

This U.S. carrier has an interesting Sprint iPad Pro deal. It is offering the gadget for just $36.67 a month. Of course, you’ll have to subscribe to Now Network to get this deal. By the way, other networks is also carrying or planning to carry the most recent Apple tablet which is the biggest iPad ever created by the Cupertino-based giant. Such plans have been officially confirmed by AT&T and T-Mobile, to name a few.

Sprint iPad Pro Deals 2015

It is curious that you cannot buy iPad Pro from Sprint online. The carrier has not ad. It only offers the tablet in its retail stores so it is possible to order it through the carrier store and have it shipped to your home address. You have to agree to subscribe to Now Network if you are not using it yet. By the way, iPhone 6s Black Friday 2015 deals have been already revealed.

If you are interesting in getting the device for less than $37 a month with 24-months installment plan and $200 down. However you are only able to purchase the 128GB WiFi and Cellular version.

The off contract model will cost you $1,079.99. The 2-year contract deal is often $100 less. The 100MB plan signing up is $10 a month. The 1GB plan costs $15 per month and 30GB plan is offered at $110 per month.

Apple Explains How to Set Up Apple Pay Service

Apple Pay has become a popular payment method that is used in the U.S. and some other countries across the world [for example, there were issues with launching Apple Pay in the UK]. You can find the detailed Apple Pay setup instructions in the new video guide created by the well-known ‘fruit’ giant.

This year Apple introduced several new gadgets. The company updated its smartphones lineup and now sells the bigger iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. It also released the biggest tablet device it ever created – the iPad Pro. Both gadgets are among the top Christmas gifts this year.

iPhone Apple Pay Guide Video

If you are looking for how to set up Apple Pay you might want to watch the new video presented by Apple. The company introduced it right after it launched its payment service in two new countries, Canada and Apple Pay in Australia. This is a short tour that has details about the transactions made with Apple Pay that users your fingerprint to keep information secure since you don’t need to provide your card number details or share them with third-party companies.

There are many other visual guides offered by the ‘fruit’ giant. However this is the first time in its history that it adds the detailed video involving the iPhone since Apple Pay is a popular method among smartphone users in the first place.

You can watch the full vide on YouTube:

Do you use the ‘fruit’ Pay system while shopping?

How to Fix Error the Last Backup Could Not Be Completed on iOS 9

iPhone and iPad users who are running iOS 9 experience problems with iCloud backup creation. It is necessary to back up your iDevice when you are planning to restore, jailbreak, upgrade and in other situations. This way you can preserve your personal data and information you really need. Sometimes you come across iCloud error iOS 9 and we know how to solve it.

What should you do when you receive ‘the last backup could not be completed’ iOS 9 error? There are several things you can do so please follow our fix iCloud error guide and you should be safe and fine.

Fix Last Backup Could Not Be Completed iPhone iOS 9

How to Fix Error The Last Backup Could not Be Completed

Step 1. Firstly, backup using iTunes just to be safe. This should work.

Step 2. When something is wrong with the gadget you should reboot it. Turning off and on will not help. You should force the reboot by pressing Sleep / Wake + Home button. Wait for a few seconds and Apple boot logo will appear. When the iPhone is back on you should launch Settings and choose iCloud to backup. Hopefully this would work.

Step 3. If this doesn’t happen you can log out of iCloud account and log backin. Maybe this way you’ll be able to successfully backup without ‘the last backup couldn’t be completed’ iCloud error.

Step 4. Try to update to the most recent firmware version. The most recent one available today is iOS 9.1 [learn about possible iOS 9.1 update issues prior to installing this version]. You can either download iOS 9.1 ipsw file or go to Settings and select General – Software Update option.

Step 5. It isalso possible to reset network settings and try to backup afterwards.

Step 6. There is one more option you can use. Just go to Settings, choose iCloud and go to Storage – Manage Storage where it is possible to delete your old backup copies. Now try to backup again and this hopefully would work without any iCloud errors.