iPad Pro / iPhone 6S Plus Verizon Discount 2016 Saves You $200

Do you not have the modern iPhone 6s or iPad Pro or waiting for 4-inch iPhone 5se release? It could be time to buy the newest Apple devices with a nice discount offered by Verizon Wireless. iPad Pro price slash can save you as much as $200. If you aim at iPhone 6s Plus you are able to purchase this ‘fruit’ handset with $100 discount.

Verizon is offering nice deals for users who have plans to get iPhone 6s or iPad Pro. Saving $100 – $200 could be attractive. The discounts are offered through Verizon official website. In other words you can buy the gadgets online and save your money.

Verizon iPhone 6s Plus Discount 2016

Thus if Apple Store sells the iPad Pro at $1,079 [128 GB model] you are able to get the same device at $879. Verizon offers $200 off Apple’s original price [AT&T is also eager to pay you for switching to its network]. You’ll have to subscribe to Verizon and agree to the 2-year contract. You’ll also have to pay $40 to activate your model.

If you buy the iPad Pro or iPhone 6s with a discount and wish to end your 2-year contract before it’s officially over – you’ll have to pay $175 as early termination fee. You are still able to unlock Verizon iPhone 6s Plus if you want to use different networks with your contract device. This is not a problem and is completely safe.

The iPhone 6s Plus is offered at $649 or $749 (for 16GB and 64GB models) while Verizon is selling it at $549 and $649. The discount is $100 no matter what model you choose.
With 2-year contract you’ll have to pay the same monthly payment for the next 24 months. The only limit you have is the color of iPhone 6s Plus sold with a discount. You can only get gold color model if you want to save $100.

Verizon Free Data Promotion for iPhone

Different American networks offer various promotions to iPhone users throughout the year. For example, right now you can get free Verizon data. The 2016 deal is not the new idea. Verizon used to offer this popular promo a while ago and now it returns the attractive option.

Verizon Free iPhone Data 2016

Verizon free data promotion gives you an extra 24GB of data that you can use without paying for it. Not all iPhone users are eligible for this deal. You have to either upgrade to a new smartphone model or activate a new phone and subscribe to the XL or bigger data plan offered by Verizon [not satisfied? Unlock iPhone Verizon model with factory IMEI service]. For example, you can get 12GB of data via XL plan at $80 a month or more. With the promo deal you’ll get 14GB a month for the same price.

Fans of XXL plans have to pay at least $100 a month however they will be able to use 20GB of data per month (with the promo) while they regularly get 18GB of data per month. So if you are planning to upgrade or activate your Verizon iPhone by agreeing to XL or XXL data plan in early 2016 – you will get an extra 24GB per year [or +2GB a month to your original data plan].

The company offers the deal to each line on the account that uses the big data plan and meets the requirements. In other words, if you have 4 lines on one account you are eligible for 96GB of extra free data per year. According to Verizon, its free iPhone data offer is running ‘for life’ and however you cannot use all your free data within one months only as the company breaks the 24GB per 12 months.

Can Apple Pencil Be Used as iOS 9.3 Navigational Tool?

Apple is currently working on new devices and software updates. The company is testing iOS 9.3 platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [beware of iOS 9 iPhone bricking bug]. Some iPad Pro owners are frustrated as it turns out the upcoming iOS 9.3 will limit the functions of Apple Pencil that is popular among iPad Pro users. Apple Pencil iOS 9.3 update would take away one important option this accessory can do.

Apple Pencil iPad Pro iOS 9.3 Rumors

Will you get iOS 9.3 navigation Apple Pencil support? No, you won’t. The ‘fruit’ company decided to remove this popular option. Users who will upgrade to iOS 9.3 on their iPad Pro will not be able to use their Apple Pencil as a navigational tool like it happens on iOS 9.2 platform. For some reasons Apple dropped down this support. At least the beta versions of iOS 9.3 [beta 1, beta 2 and beta 3] show that you won’t be able to scroll, select, sipe and tap on buttons with Apple Pencil on your tablet device without staying inside the drawing application.

Apple Pencil will become just an accessory with limited functionality within iOS 9.3 [Apple is believed to improve 3D Touch in its next iPhone 7]. Surely these are just predictions for now because there is no public mobile firmware update yet. Apple could listen to what people think that decide to keep the function that is so popular and widely used by many of users who purchased the iPad Pro along with Apple Pencil.

Would you be ok if your Pencil becomes a simple stylus? Would you update to iOS 9.3 or prefer staying on iOS 9.2 for as long as possible to keep using your Pencil as a navigational tool on the tablet?

Galaxy S7 Best Display Award

Samsung has recently announced its new Galaxy S7 lineup and the device hasn’t even gone in for sale yet. The company is planning to begin official sales in early March. Apple is yet to bring the iPhone 5se this spring [iPhone 7 model in the fall] however Samsung managed to already earn Best Smartphone Display 2016 award from Display Mate.

It’s true that both Samsung and Apple [two rivals] get much attention from customers. The two giants release the most popular smartphones in the world. Apple is always happy to attract Samsung customers and persuade them to switch Android smartphone for iPhone. Samsung is glad to do the same and also attract ‘fruit’ fans.

Samsung S7 Display Award 2016

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 models are two new Samsung models introduced in February. Experts compare the two smartphones to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and assure that Samsung doesn’t pay as much attention to details as Apple does. This is what makes the iPhone the most popular among expensive gadgets.

Of course, Samsung did its best to improve everything about Galaxy compared to Galaxy S6 version. Thus it won the Best Smartphone Display award [here is the most popular iPhone size] thanks to all the changes and enhancements it offers.

The new S7 screen is brighter than the display of Galaxy S6. It also consumers less power than previous smartphone. The company improved contrast, color accuracy and created a much better screen than Galaxy Note 5 can offer.

Samsung S7 comes with OLED display that is believed to be better than LCD displays. Apple could offer similar screens in its next iPhone 7 and future smartphones. Still it could happen in 2017 or 2018 and would unlikely happen this year.

AT&T BOGO iPhone Offer for 2016 Customers

It is now time to get AT&T BOGO iPhone offer. Users who have plans to own two new Apple iPhones and wish to get the attractive deal can now buy two smartphones with one free model. The deal supports new customers along with existing subscribers.

The 2016 AT&T BOGO iPhone deal can be used only if you agree to AT&T Next with particular data plan. Your first iPhone can be an upgrade or new line however the second free iPhone has to be a new line only and you should buy it through Next 24 option.

The new Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are displayed during an Apple media event in San Francisco

You’ll have to pay tax on both phones. You can only choose devices from the same manufacturer. For example you cannot buy iPhone and Samsung through this deal. The U.S. carrier is offering up to $650 in bill credits you will receive within the next 30 months. This sum will be spread out over your monthly payments.

AT&T is not the only network that offers BOGO deals. T-Mobile announced similar BOGO deal a while ago. Sprint and Verizon don’t give you a chance to buy iPhone and get the second one for free right now but these two carriers might also offer something similar soon. Or they could stay aside and think of a different promotion that could attract users in 2016.

What do you think about the deal? Is it a nice offer when you buy one and get the second phone with a huge discount?

Galaxy S7 Compared to iPhone: Samsung Offers Less Details Than Apple

Samsung presented its new Galaxy S7 specs. The smartphone lineup gets two new models in early 2016. Users will be offered to buy Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge starting in March. Apple is also planning to unveil the new smaller 4-inch iPhone 5se and bigger iPhone 7 according to rumors however customers prefer comparing Galaxy S7 to Apple iPhone 6s version.

Apple and Samsung are two rival companies. They both believe that they are borrowing each other’s design and ideas. Some experts think that Galaxy S7 compared to iPhone [AT&T is already testing 5G network] still lacks attention to detail in its design. While the company managed to create one of the best phones among all Samsung smartphones ever released it is still has to learn from Apple before it is on par with the ‘fruit’ giant.

Galaxy S7 Phone

If Apple thinks carefully about each detail and finds right places for all the ports to line up beautifully and even perfectly, Samsung simply adds all the connectivity and charging ports where they fit it its 2016 Galaxy S7 smartphones. This is one of the big differences between Apple and Samsung.

Many customers don’t pay attention at details and love Galaxy S7 specs [expandable storage, wireless charging, Quad HD display, 3D Touch and other options] and new models. Not all users enjoy getting the phone where you cannot add extra storage space. It’s also easier to customize Android phones. Apple pays much attention to iOS security and only jailbreaking can let iPhone users to install interesting tweaks and update everything in their smartphone [it is legal to unlock AT&T iPhone to use it with any SIM card]. Still not all versions of Apple mobile firmware are jailbreakable. For example, Pangu tool can only jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 and is useless when it comes to iOS 9.1 or 9.2 or 9.2.1 platform versions.

Samsung will always find users who prefer getting Galaxy S7 over iPhone 6s. Apple also has millions of fans across the world who wish to own only the iPhone.

iPhone 5se Processor Rumors: Next Apple A9 Chip

Apple doesn’t share information about iPhone 5se processor. Users and experts believe the company would offer A9 series chips for this smartphone. It is also believed that the Cupertino-based company will unveil the update pretty soon [be aware of iPhone 2016 brick reasons]. Apple will have an even in early March where it should announce iPhone 5se and iPhone A9 chip specs.

While we now know some 4 inch iPhone specs we should also add that iPad Air 3 could get the A9X processor. This tablet was rumored to be released in 2015 however Apple introduced iPad Pro model instead. The situation should change in 2016 when the ‘fruit’ giant should unveil several new devices in spring and fall.

iPhone 5se A9 Chip Rumor

The iPhone 5se chipset and iPad Air 3 processor should belong to A9 series. Nothing is confirmed officially yet. No public comments are shared. Only rumors continue to surface while millions of customers are preparing for the big launch. Since the iPhone is smaller compared to the next iPhone 7 or iPad Air device it would get A9 processor and the bigger device would arrive with more powerful A9X chipset.

The tablet 2016 model could also get 4GB RAM, Smart Connector and 4 stereo speakers and remind of current iPad Pro. The iPhone 5se could arrive with A8 or A9 chip as both model are mentioned in rumors.

If users truly get the A9 chip the smartphone in March their new phone won’t be outdated once the next iPhone 7 / 7 Plus are revealed. These bigger phones should arrive sometime in September or October.

iPhone 7 Stereo Speakers and Dual Lens Camera Rumors

What interesting features and specs do iPhone 7 rumors mention? So many users who are still using iPhone 5c and similar smartphones can’t wait for an affordable and powerful Apple handset release and millions of others who have iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6s can’t wait for the powerful and exclusive iPhone 7. The upcoming iPhone 7 model should get more options than the 5se version and this is what attracts many potential consumers.

There are reports about possible iPhone 7 stereo speakers update. Apple is reportedly working with different partners and booking production capacity to produce stereo speakers and other features for its next smartphone upgrade.

iPhone 7 Rumors Dual Lens Camera Stereo Speakers

We’ve already heard about iPhone 7 dual lens camera option and now there are reports about this gadget getting stereo speakers as well. Apple has about half a year to produce and manufacture the device. It sounds like enough time and still the ‘fruit’ giant has to work with all backend and foundries to get everything ready for public iPhone 7 and 7 Plus release.

The ‘fruit’ smartphone creator could work with numerous companies. The latest reports mention Analog Devices, Cirrus Logic among Apple’s main suppliers for 2016. These firms could supply the company with dual-lens camera components. They could also work on producing speakers for the phone.

It would be interesting if Apple offers stereo speakers in its next iPhone lineup. Would this phone be water resistant or not? Could it get A10 chip or would arrive with A9 or A9X processor? These questions have yet to be officially answered by Apple. Are you excited about iPhone 7 or would you rather buy cheaper iPhone 5se as soon as it is released in March?

How to Fix Startup Disk Full Error on Mac

Is your Mac startup disk full? You might get this warning on your computer [there are malicious apps for Mac you have to be aware of]. It’s possible to fix the issue and free some storage space. Sooner or later you will face the message about your disk being nearly full so the guide below can be handy.

You can surely try to delete large file you don’t use. But how can you find such files? Is there a way how to free space without losing any important data you have?

Fix Mac Startup Disk Almost Full Error

How to Fix Startup Disk Full Mac

Step 1. Backup your hard drive. This is an important thing to do before you decide to make any changes. Use Time Machine. You’ll protect all information you need this way.

Step 2. Go to the Apple icon [the top left one] and choose About This Mac.

Step 3. Select Storage and you’ll see the diagram of your storage. You will have to remove the files that get the largest bar of this image.

Step 4. We can predict that most space is taken with images, movies and your backups [it is also important to back up your iPhone espcially with error 53 that can brick the handset at once]. You might really want to back up your photographms and videos to a second location. There is a big amount of cloud storages you can always use. With backups ready you can remove movies and images you don’t really need right here right now.

Step 5. You can also find largest files using Finder tool and remove them as well.

Step 6. A lot of Mac users backup iPhone once in a while and with time they get many old smartphone backups stored on computer. Delete old backups.

Step 7. There are many files in Downloads folder and you can clear it as well.

Step 8. Empty Trash folder and restart your Mac.

There should be no Mac startup disk full message anymore.

iOS 9.3 Features Get iCloud Music Library Improvements

New iOS 9.3 features are coming soon and meanwhile users suffer from iPhone error 53 brick. Apple is testing iOS 9.3 beta with developers and public beta testers and latest reports assure that this platform will extend options of iCloud Music Library.

Beta stage will soon be over and public will see the final iOS 9.3 release for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Users who listen to music will welcome the new options Apple offers. The company gave a light to third-party programs and this way users are able to add more music to their iCloud Music Library.

iCloud Music Library iOS 9.3 Feature

Right now users are not advised to download and install iOS 9.3 beta 3 because all beta firmwares are buggy and could cause different errors. Still there are users who like to take risk and update to beta mobile operating system before it becomes available to millions of users.

If you happen to run iOS 9.3 beta you can launch Settings and choose Privacy menu where you’ll find a new setting. It is known as Media Library. This is your new iOS 9.3 iCloud Music Library feature update.

If you decide to use this option and permit it, devs will be able to add songs to your iCloud Music Library. Right now there are no applications that could use this option through iOS 9.3 API but in the future you could be able to export songs from apps similar to SoundCloud.

You can already upload songs from Apple Music and iTunes Match to your cloud account if you are subscribed to these Apple services. You have to use iCloud Music Library option this way.