Your Apple ID Gets Locked Permanently Once Recovery Key Is Lost

The new option introduced by Apple over a year ago gave the life to new Apple ID lock bypass service. Still there can be a huge problem with this feature. The Cupertino-based company provided the iOS 7 and 8 option to improve security for users’ IDs. The feature is available in the U.S. and in some foreign countries. It is also tied to site but everything is not a simple as it looks like at first sight.

Apple ID gets locked for security reasons and you have to enter your ID and password in order to unlock your iPhone, erase your information, restore and do some other thing with the smartphone.

The new extra security option has also been introduced to enhance user’s protection. It is known as Recovery Key, but this key is pretty dangerous to use because once you lose it you can have your Apple account locked for a lifetime. This is potentially and maybe iCloud locked unlock services will be able to help users who gt locked this way.

If anyone tries to hack your iCloud account, the new two-factor security key should interfere and lock the account. Hacker or whoever tries to hack your account should get denying entry, but you, just as well, will face the same thing. Your access to your account will be denied.

One person, Williams, has already tried to go through the procedure of unlocking his locked iPhone at Apple’s recovery service. He had his Recovery Key, password and a second device tied to his Apple account with him.

He was told that it was impossible to unlock him back without the Recovery Key. So, keep this key in a safe place because without it, you can be locked once and forever without any possibility of becoming unlocked.

If you use two-step security key, take a couple of pictures of yours, write it down on the paper, print it and keep in the safe place where you can always find it. You can read all the details about what to do if your Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons. here:

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