How to Check AT&T iPhone Contract Expiration And Perform Unlocking

Users with AT&T iPhone are now able to run new great service. Check AT&T iPhone contract status if you wish to get a fast answer whether their smartphone is still on contract or is already off. Previously it was only possible to get such information by contacting AT&T carrier for users who had AT&T account only which wasn’t actually comfortable.

Also you can use our package for out of contract AT&T iPhone unlock for much less price and faster then the SLOW one. We also create package for unlock iPhone AT&T in contract.

Place Online Order

Here is how to check AT&T iPhone out of contract status or expiration date. It is simple to place your order as checker works distantly and doesn’t require your iPhone. You just need to provide IMEI code for your smartphone along with your email address where we can send the information to.

It is simple to see your iPhone IMEI code through Settings – General –About section or by dialing *#06# on the handset.

To place an order you need to give this information:

  • Email address
  • IMEI number

Also read and agree with Terms & Conditions after which you will can click the Buy Now button. Once our team gets data on AT&T iPhone contract status you will get an email with information like IMEI out of contract or in/under contract.


This service has nothing to do with iPhone unlocking. It only looks and returns that status of your iPhone contract with AT&T company. Users whose smartphone is out of contract / on contract can select one of our unlock packages:

* iPhone5 and other contract iPhones unlocking package

* iPhone 5S / 5C contract models unlock package

We highly advise you to read the messages below in order to receive successful and quick results.

Check IMEI iPhone AT&T!

  • If your iPhone is barred / blacklisted / blocked your status will be “Not Found” code.
  • If your iPhone is refurbished / replaced your contract status will be “Not Found.”
  • We give no refunds to users with “Not Found” code statuses.
  • We should note that this distant service is not instant. It usually takes us from 1 to 10 business hours to provide your information since we complete each order manually.
  • Once again, you can’t unlock iPhone using iPhone AT&T contract status checker.
  • Remember to read our Terms and Conditions and add our email to your contacts to avoid receiving our emails through your SPAM folder.

Importance of Out of Contract AT&T iPhone Checker

With the new rules in unlocking policy introduced by AT&T in October 2013 customers got higher pricing, delays and strict rules. It has become cheaper to unlock iPhones that are out of AT&T contract. If your smartphone is already off, you won’t have to pay AT&T twice for getting this info and ordering unlock service.


Contract ON: 163 days from purchase. (Which means that iPhone is in contract for 163 days.)

Contract OFF: means device is out of contract.

This service DOES NOT unlock or unblock iPhones. You will see only if your device is out of contract or in contract.