iPhone AT&T Unlimited Data Plans Lead to $100 Million Fine

AT&T iPhone 5 unlimited data is not that unlimited [if you are not sure what your carrier you are locked to you can use iPhone IMEI network checker]. The silent throttling of subscribers makes the FCC suspicious and, as a result, it files $100 million fine to the U.S. Big Blue mobile network. If you are using one of the AT&T unlimited data plans you might experience the times when your speeds get throttled by the company.

AT&T iPhone 6 Unlimited Data Plans Throttle

Officially AT&T notes that it offers AT&T iPhone 6 unlimited data plan and the same packages for all other phone models. Users who choose such a plan can be unhappy when their speeds get down because of the carrier’s decision to slow them down.

It is interesting that users who experience slow speeds are not even told this is happening. So the FCC decided to check everything and found out that sometimes the throttling gets to the point when a user cannot use the basic mobile apps.

It is also interesting to hear that AT&T subscribers who suffered from bad connection had to deal with such crazy low speeds for up to 12 days in a row. Such policy cannot make all users too happy and no everyone knows how to officially unlock AT&T iPhone 6, 5 or other model to become SIM free and use a different carrier that doesn’t throttle your data speeds.

AT&T has never got such a high fine. The company believes that it warned users about throttling them and it was the FCC that ignored such messages. At the same time the FCC thinks that the warnings made by the carrier ‘were not clear enough.’

The information about throttled users is not surprising. Some carriers announce such plans but the FCC thinks that the companies must outline their decisions to throttle speeds in a different way that is fully understood by each subscriber.

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How to Unlock Sprint iPhone Blacklist IMEI

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Reasons to Unlock Sprint iPhone with Bad ESN

Becoming SIM free has a lot of benefits. Firstly, this is permanent and you’ll never be locked again. Secondly, you will be able to connect to a huge number of carriers from all over the world. Thirdly, you can check your carrier and data package based on your desires and wishes. Besides, factory unlock doesn’t void Apple warranty and doesn’t harm your smartphone. It is performed distantly and supports all versions of iOS, basebands and Apple handsets.

Once being unlocked you can install newer firmwares or downgrade to previous ones, run any apps and games just like you used to, restore, update through iTunes and sync without losing unlock status.

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone 6 iOS 8.4 Smartphone

Apple has updated its iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 beta letting developers test a new fifth version and users wait for the soon public release date. Is it possible to unlock iOS 8.4 iPhone 6? It is actually possible even if you are running beta at the moment. There is nothing difficult or complicated about it because factory unlock supports ALL firmwares.

You can place iPhone 6 AT&T unlock request and perform iOS 8.4 SIM unlock for contract and off contract models. This is the safest service you can find on the web. Before you choose to proceed it is better to learn in details how to unlock iOS 8.4 iPhone that is currently running any 8.4 beta or will soon be updated to the final OS version.

iOS 8.4 SIM Unlock AT&T iPhone

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone 6 iOS 8.4

Step 1. Before you choose to order any types of unlocks you should check your iPhone model, carrier and a couple of important statuses. For example, you can use IMEI network checker, blacklist check service and contract / off contract service.

Step 2. Re-check your iPhone model and iOS version it is running.

Step 3. It is always best to double check everything before you finally order AT&T iPhone 6 iOS 8.4 unlocking service or other models / carriers.

Step 4. Order unlock and wait till you become SIM free.

It is great that after you are factory unlocked you can install newer versions of iOS firmware or downgrade to previous versions supported by Apple. The unlock will remain untouched. Besides, you can later jailbreak iOS 8.4 or other firmware. Chinese groups of hackers are working on the tools though Apple doesn’t really like this.

Unlock, at the same time, is official and allowed by the iPhone maker. It is permanent, quick and simple. Apple warranty is untouched this is why the service is 100% safe for all iOS users.

USA Sprint iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6Plus, 6S, 6SPlus BAD ESN / Blacklist Unlock


Tips Before Purchase:

*Use network checker if you are not sure what carrier your iPhone is locked to.

  • Activated iPhone only

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*Unlock success rate depends on Sprint account status of each device.



We offer unlock Sprint iPhone bad ESN. Now this unlock service is available for any iOS version and iPhone model (7, 7 Plus). This unlock service guarantees user permanent solution, if you meet all requirements and want to unlock your device once and forever.

The procedure of blacklisted iPhone Sprint unlocking is simple. All you need to do is to provide your IMEI code, an active email address and also some other eligibility points that you need to fill in your order to get successful unlocking results.

iPhone has to be activated and locked to Sprint US network. Due to the User Agreement, there is no refund for bad requests.

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How to Make an Order to Unlock Sprint iPhone 7, 7Plus bad ESN

Step 1. First you need to find your IMEI number in Settings app or can enter a simple combination of signs and numbers: *#06#.

Step 2. Then enter this IMEI with your email into the unlocking request form. Next agree to Terms & Conditions, and then pay for your order and check your mailbox.

Step 3. You will get an email with your personal Order ID that confirms your order. After your phone will be unlocked you will receive another email with info on how to complete Sprint iPhone 6 unlock in iTunes.

This is how to unlock iPhone Sprint bad ESN and now let’s pay attention at options that make you eligible for using this service.

Important Notes!

  • This unlocking package is for iPhone 7, 7 Plus.
  • You must own an iPhone locked to Sprint U.S. carriers which you can check by using IMEI network checker. This service will find out whether your device is activated with Sprint or not.
  • If iPhone 6, 6Plus is not activated, your unlock will fail and there is no refund in such case.
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Does AT&T Have 2 Year Contract for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Models?

Here are some interesting AT&T 2 year contract details for customers who are planning to purchase iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from Apple and hope to get the two-year contract deal from the popular U.S. carrier. There are some major changes in Apple’s policy.

No Contract AT&T iPhone 6, 6 Plus

Does AT&T have 2 year contract? Well, the mobile operator still offers such devices however Apple has dropped contract plans for its seventh-gen smartphones for AT&T in its stores [you can check your iPhone 6 IMEI status for AT&T in case you wish to SIM unlock]. Everything has changed this summer. Beginning on June 1st, you can no longer buy the two-year contract AT&T iPhone from Apple.

Would you like to see no contract AT&T iPhone models in the ‘fruit’ retails stores? Actually, such devices have also disappeared from the company’s online store. The Cupertino-based giant now offers the handsets locked to the Big Blue carrier with monthly installments.

Here are the new prices for the AT&T iPhone 6 and 6 Plus:

iPhone 6 model with 16GB storage is offered at $21.64 per month, 64GB version is sold for $24.97 a month and 128GB one costs $28.30 per month.

iPhone 6 Plus version cost is as follows: $24.97 a month for 16GB model, $28.30 per month for 64GB version and $31.64 a month for 128GB smartphone.

The installments can be paid within 12, 18 and 24 months. The monthly payments depend on the period of time and the full price of your handset. The same prices are reflected at the physical retail ‘fruit’ stores from now on.

The installments for iPhone are offered within AT&T Next data plan [here is how to unlock AT&T iPhone 6 or 6 Plus]. It is worth to note that some other American carriers are still offering the 2-year contracts for iPhones. Both Sprint and Verizon Wireless are still selling such gadgets while AT&T seems to be moving away from such a program.

Do you favor installment plans over 2-year contracts or not?

iPhone 6S Rumors Specs Mention 1080p Display Resolution

Apple’s next iPhone 6S rumors specs are already mentioned by experts and analysts. The company hasn’t unveiled this next generation smartphone yet and it will most likely keep it in secret until its official release sometime in the fall 2015 [find out about AT&T and T-Mobile network interoperability coming this year] but for now we can already say what iPhone 6S display size might be like.

iPhone 6S Rumors Specs

What do rumors say? They promise us even sharper displays for the eighth generation smartphone from Apple. The company is believed to offer better iPhone 6S display resolution with 1080p panel. Besides, this handset might come with the 2K screen that is superior sharp compared to the current popular iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3 and its larger ‘bro’ 6 Plus.

Could the next iOS smartphone match the high res screens offered by LG and Samsung? You know that Apple competes with different companies in the market of smartphones. Will it truly offer the 1920 x 1080 display [full HD] to its potential customers?

Apple has already offered such resolution screen in its iPhone 6 Plus but it might also bring the same quality to the smaller iPhone 6 line update. Right now this device can only boast the 1334 x 750, 720p display.

The news comes from China. Since Apple manufactures its devices in the Chinese factories the rumors might be real. What else do experts have to say about the future smartphones with ‘fruit’ logo? They think that the Cupertino-based firm could boost its 6 Plus screen resolution to 2560 x 1440 offering users the Quad HD display.

There is a big number of experts who don’t believe in such major changes. Apple is not the company that likes to shock users. It always brings the minor changes but this is what works the best and high iPhone 6 / 6 Plus sales in the end of 2014 and early 2015 across the world prove this.

Sprint Rollover Data for Some iPhone Users Never Expires

iPhone Sprint rollover data program subscribers might be glad to know the latest news about expiration date of their extra data [also learn about Sprint iPhone for Life option extended for 30 months]. The program can be used by prepaid customers as well, and users who are part of this program should be happy to hear that they are able to bank all the data they didn’t end up using with no expiration date.

Sprint iPhone rollover data expiration date

There are some restrictions announced by Sprint though. Prepaid users with iPhone and other smartphones should know that Sprint data rollover no expiration supports only up to 30GB of data.
Most other similar programs come with expiration date for the data. U.S. carriers preffer letting users roll over the unused data only to the next billing period. Unlike them, Sprint introduces new rules. You are offered to keep your data and it won’t expire.

Just be attentive with the prepaid plan you are buying from Sprint [learn how to SIM unlock iPhone from Sprint]. The company has three options that promise unlimited text and talk but they have different restrictions for the amount of data you can roll over on a monthly basis.

Thus, iPhone Sprint users who get the $35 plan can only roll over up to 1GB of data. Users who purchase the $45 prepaid plan from Sprint are able to roll over up to 3GB of data. If you agree to pay $55 for your prepaid plan you’ll get a chance to use up to 6GB of rolling data.

It is worth to note that your local Sprint store might not offer the new plans. Besides, if you already bought your prepaid plan before the end of May you cannot grandfather in it because Sprint will make you ‘migrate’ if you want to roll over your extra data.

According to Sprint, the new plans can be purchased at Best Buy stores. What do you think about the new promotion?

iOS 9 Release Date and Rumored Features / Specs

The iOS 9 rumors roundup can give you an idea on what the new mobile operating system offered by Apple for its iPhone and iPad users could be like [the latest firmware available is iOS 8.3]. The official iOS 9 release date will take place in the fall although the company is expected to present the first beta version during the WWDC event this June.

iOS 9 Specs, Features and Release Date Rumors

Developers who are planning to attend the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco soon will be the first ones to peer inside the real iOS 9 specs. Everyone else will learn about this firmware as soon as devs and public testers get theirs hands on it.
The unofficial iOS 9 release date could be June 9. This is when the company holds a keynote. What specs can we expect?

The list of enhancements includes transit Maps with ‘Browse Around Me’ options. Such information could be perfect for getting train, bus and other routes in town. The company could also bring split-screen multitasking to iOS 9 tablet devices which can make it possible to run two applications at once.

iOS 9 rumored features [as soon as this operating system is launched you can find out what carrier your iPhone is locked to] also include Proactive option that replaces Spotlight. This could be a great visual assistant that can get any information you would be looking for from your device. Siri assistant on iOS 9 should also be improved becoming colorful and might even become available for third-party app development.

iPhone 6S Plus and maybe 6S models could also get the Force Touch option that is similar to the current Apple Watch technology.

The whole iOS 9 should get an updated look with Watch’s San Francisco Font. It should also get HomeKit and other changes. The Cupertino-based giant could introduce new services and apps for its upcoming version of mobile OS with improved Apple Pay system, deep application linking and other innovations.

All these changes should be unveiled pretty soon.

Apple Decreases AT&T iPhone Trade In Apple Store Value

AT&T iPhone trade in Apple Store value theme is very actual at present, as both online and brick-and-mortar Apple Stores around the US are about to drop subsidies for iPhone models sold via carrier AT&T. What is more, Cupertino giant is said to increase trade-in price value of older iPhone models just a little bit.

Starting from this month, trade-in values for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s models will increase by $15, or $25 in the case of used iPhone 5s devices.

AT&T iPhone trade in Apple Store value
Apple is offering the following improvements to its trade-in pricing:

  • iPhone 4: $50 of credit, previously $35
  • iPhone 5: $100 of credit, previously $85
  • iPhone 5S: $200 of credit, previously $175

The change is only available in the United States.

Talking for iPhone subsidy, the AT&T Next program offers its customers to buy an iPhone and pay for the price of the hardware over a several month period (20, 24, or 30 installments) and upgrade to new hardware earlier than before (after 12, 18, or 24 installments).

Talking about AT&T iPhone trade in Apple Store value, this change is occurring for standard iPhone purchases, it is said that two year subsidies via AT&T will remain for business purchases via Apple company. Customers, who will move to Next will be able to keep unlimited data plans.

For Verizon customers, those who now buy an iPhone via the Edge program will no longer be eligible for the connected Edge Up feature.

To make conclusions, customers who became eligible for early hardware upgrades after 18 months will move back to 24 months for the standard Edge program. Lastly, Verizon is said to price-matching AT&T and kill two-year contract subsidies by the end of this summer.