AT&T WiFi International Calling Available for U.S. iPhone Subscribers

AT&T WiFi international calling support is brought for iPhone subscribers. If you are locked to AT&T carrier you should get ATT WiFi calling update feature that allows making phone calls to the U.S. while you are travelling abroad. Isn’t it cool?

AT&T WiFi calling was introduced in 2015. This is a great option for all Apple fans since it takes advantage of WiFi network when cellular signal is poor or absent. This way users can stay connected, make and receive calls over WiFi in different areas across the United States.

ATT WiFi Calling International iPhone

If you are outside the U.S. but have the AT&T iPhone with WiFi calling support you can call your family and friends in the U.S. at no cost through WiFi. This saves your money as you don’t have to use ordinary cellular network and avoid roaming fees.

ATT calls over WiFi international don’t support calls to non-U.S. numbers. If you need to call to a different country you will have to pay international call charge rates set up by your AT&T data package.

What models support AT&T WiFi calling feature? According to the official carrier’s site, users who have the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6 Plus and are updated to iOS 9.3 firmware [this is the most recent Apple mobile operating system for iDevices] can get the option after they install AT&T carrier update for iPhones that enables WiFi calls.

Would you take advantage of this interesting addition? Isn’t it great to make free calls to the U.S. from overseas?

Apple Pay List of Chinese and U.S. Banks Gets New Titles

Apple Pay China release makes users curious what banks are supported. When you travel to China or live in this country – you can pay for goods and services with your iPhone via Apple Pay mobile payment system [compare iPhone 6s and LG G5]. It is fully supported in 2016.

The long Apple Pay banks list gets more titles. This system supports a big number of U.S. and Chinese banks. This list is growing since the fall 2014. Apple officially presented Apple Pay in the United Statesin October 2014. At first some companies were skeptic and didn’t believe another mobile service could become popular. Still later on the number of supported stores and banks is only getting bigger and this means the service is popular.

Apple Pay Bank List U.S. China

Millions of iPhone users are paying via Apple Pay. For example, the list ha Bank of Internet USA, Ally Bank, CNB Bank and many others. It is really long and we’ll mention some other names. If you are using Banco do Brasil Americas, Advantage One Credit Union, Darien Rowayton Bank and Amalgamated Bank [new iPhone SE also supports Apple Pay].

The new titles are Huaxia Bank, China Everbright Bank and Ping An Bank. The U.S. list is surely longer as you have already noticed. It has Citizens National Bank, America First Federal Credit Union and Envista Credit Union. It would take forever to list each title so iPhone users who are interested in checking if their credit card is supported can visit Apple site and look up the list of all the banks.

Apple is expanding its Apple Pay service to foreign countries. The list already includes over 1,000 banks and it will keep grow.

When You’ll See iOS 9.3 Release for Your iPhone

The upcoming iOS 9.3 release date made many users excited as this new firmware update offers some new features even though this is a minor upgrade. The company began testing iOS 9.3 beta in early 2016 [here is how to check if your iPhone is stolen or not]. The first beta was offered to developers on January 12th. The ‘fruit’ giant updated the beta for several times since then.

When Apple release iOS 9.3 is to take place? There were seven betas devs and public beta testers had seen and they promised new Night Mode that should make reading on iPhone easier and more comfortable. The new firmware offers other changes too but these are minor updates.

iOS 9.3 release download iphone ipad

The devices finally get new toggle in Control Center once they are updated to iOS 9.3 final public version that is presented by Apple this week [here is how to free up RAM on iPhone]. The extra toggle turns on Night Shift model which automatically detects the time of the day based on your geolocation and clock and shifts the colors on the screen to warmer or colder spectrum making it much easier on eyes to read.

Apple also offers more protection to users since they are able to protect News and Notes with Touch ID / password. iPhone owners get 3D Touch Quick Actions for some stock applications, for example for Health, iTunes Store, Settings, App Store and others.

iOS 9.3 release helps duplicating all live photos as still images. Besides, students get an option to manage multiple Apple ID logins within Classroom application and use the same gadget for individual profiles.

Verizon iPhone users got WiFi Calling Support with iOS 9.3 public release. Other networks, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint already offer this feature. You can already download iOS 9.3 through OTA-update or via direct download links and install it on your iPhone or iPad at once to explore all the spring changes the Cupertino-based company has brought to millions of fans.

iPhone SE Battery Life Lasts Longer Than Other iPhone Batteries

Apple updated its iPhone lineup this spring. The company released the 4-inch smartphone. Many potential customers wonder how iPhone SE battery performs and if it lasts longer than the battery of other smartphones.

It seems that the smaller 4-inch iPhone SE has a better battery which outlasts some popular handsets. For example, reports assure that iPhone SE battery can outperform Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s. This is good news for ‘fruit’ fans although the new gadget doesn’t have all the iPhone 6s features and options.

iPhone SE Battery Life

iPhone 6s vs iPhone SE battery One Stress test showed that the smaller iPhone can last for 10 hours. At the same time Apple flagship iPhone 6s can only last for 8 hours similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 device [this gadget lasts for about 7 hours]. Getting a new iPhone with longer battery life might be a cool solution. Surely, this phone can’t boast all the coolest specs and options but it can last longer.

A lot of Apple customers were hoping that the company would offer better battery one day. It seems to happen with the iPhone SE specs. This could be understood since the 4-inch iPhone gets lower resolution screen of 1136 x 640 and has no 3D Touch option.

The new Apple device’s price starts at $399. To compare, the bigger iPhone 6s with 1334 x 750 resolution display costs at least $250 more than the 2016 iPhone SE model.

What iPhone SE to Buy: iPhone SE 16GB vs 64GB Model

The new iPhone SE is available for pre-orders in a number of countries. Customers are offered several choices. They can choose gold, rose gold, silver and space gray smartphone with 16GB or 64GB of storage space. What iPhone SE storage capacity to consider?

Most users pay their attention to color, cost and capacity when it comes to buying new smartphone. While color is more of your personal preference, cost and capacity are main factors. Still before you decide with a cheaper model you can look at iPhone SE 16GB vs 64GB model.

iPhone SE Storage Capacity

Apple offers no contract 16GB iPhone SE at $399. The 64GB version costs $499. At the same time consumers can go with monthly installment plans and get the iPhone SE 16GB model at $13.30 / per month or 64GB version at $16.64 per month [here are some details about iPhone SE price in India].

Heavy data users and people who like to take pictures and record videos would most likely need to spend $100 more to get extra space. It is impossible to buy external extra space later on because Apple’s devices don’t have such a possibility unlike Samsung smartphones.

A lot of users are eager to pay less and get the cheapest Apple gadget if possible. Still 16GB is not enough storage space when it comes to many movies, a lot of music, huge number of applications, images and videos. Don’t save money on storage capacity if you really need it. Buy the most expensive model you can afford. This is probably the best rule when it comes to getting a new generation Apple device.

If you are not a fan of music, movies and all extra files you can get the 16GB iPhone SE and save money. Just remember that you’ll have to remove apps, delete photos and files when you run out of space. Get the 16GB version only if this is your occasional phone, not the main device.

Learn How to Save Offline Google Maps to Use on iPhone

Modern world seems to offer Internet connection everywhere. iPhone users can connect to WiFi nearly everywhere [do you know that Sprint iPhone 2-year contract is back?] still sometimes there is no available network and this is when Google Maps offline iPhone comes handy.

We’ll explain how you can save offline Google Maps iPhone and use maps anywhere you are. Apple has its own Maps application for smartphones [the company’s March Event announced new 2016 models] still a lot of users prefer using Google Maps and offline maps are one of the reasons why ‘fruit’ device owners choose this tool over stock iOS program.

iPhone Google Maps Save Offline Guide

How to Save Offline Google Map on iPhone

Step 1. Make sure you install Google Maps on your handset. This is a free tool and you can find it on the App Store. Many users have it already installed on the iPhone.

Step 2. Launch Google Maps and find the location / area you wish to save for using offline.

Step 3. Have you found the maps you want to save? Click on menu icon [it looks like 3 horizontal lines] and select Offline Areas [this instruction should work on the new iPhone SE as well].

Step 4. Here click on the Plus [+] icon and select the exact location by zooming and pinching around.

Step 5. Keep in mind that bigger maps download slower. Now click on Download and add the title to your map.

Step 6. Press on Save and wait till the map is downloaded to the iPhone. The map will be saved for 30 days. Once the month is over it will be automatically deleted by Google from the iPhone. It happens in order to save your space.

Step 7. You can re-download offline maps from Google Maps as often as you need.

Hopefully this guide on how to use Google Maps offline on iPhone is helpful to you.

Two Apple Devices Discontinued: No More iPhone 5S or iPad Air

Apple has officially presented a new iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro. At the same time we finally know iPhone 5s discontinued date. The Cupertino-based giant announced iPad Air discontinued and iPhone 5s discontinued news. Both models are no longer sold in the Apple stores.

The news arrived in the end of March. Users can buy no iPad Air and no iPhone 5s if they shop in official retail stores. Only used and pre-owned models can be purchased through different platforms such as eBay. Maybe some sellers still have the new iPhone 5s or original iPad Air while these two models are discontinued.

iPhone SE 2016 Release

If you are planning to purchase either iPhone 5s discontinued or iPad Air original model – keep in mind that there is no support for them from Apple starting this March. It might be a better idea to get a newer generation device. For example, you can pre-order iPhone SE which has 4-inch screen and options similar to iPhone 6s [find out when iPhone 7 is coming out]. It surely lacks the unique features brought in the 6s lineup but this is still an interesting smartphone to look at.

Apple offers the 16GB iPhone SE at $399. You can already see this gadget on Apple’s landing page for iPhones. It has indeed replaced the older iPhone 5s on the website.

If you wish to get a tablet – you can take a look at iPad mini 2 that is offered at $269 or choose iPad mini 4 / iPad Air 2 which start at $399 just like the iPhone SE.

Users Report iMessage and FaceTime Login Issues on Mac OS X 10.11.4

Apple presented new OS X 10.11.4 version for Mac machines. Still users who hurried to update all the newest releases note that they are unable to sign into iMessage on Mac after upgrade [learn how to unlink your iPhone number from iMessage] and experience other unpleasant issues.

According to Mac users who are now running OS X 10.11.4 they also have FaceTime not working on Mac bug. Both iMessage and FaceTime cause problems to Apple fans. It seems that clean install of new OS X brings the bugs which users have to deal with.

Mac OS 10.11.4 Bug iMessage FaceTime Not Working

Is there a fix to known OS X 10.11.4 issues or not? Apple doesn’t share any comments since the company is busy presenting new iOS 9.3 features and new products this spring. Users keep trying to sign in to their FaceTime / iMessage programs and fail because they see only the error message on computers.

Nothing happens and users complain about their problems. Some of them try different ways and advice on how to solve the issue. Users say that their FaceTime and iMessage start to work after they log out of their iCloud account and turn off 2-factor authentication. Still not all Mac owners were able to fix everything this way.

In other words, if you have the problems with signing in to your iMessage / FaceTime app you should wait until Apple fixes the bug. Will the company offer another OS X update? It would probably have to. Otherwise you can keep your fingers crossed and try the ‘iCloud log out’ solution. Maybe you will be lucky to make it work.

iOS 9.3 Issues: Fix Can’t Activate iOS 9.3 iPhone After Updating

Have you installed iOS 9.3 update? There are users who came up across iOS 9.3 problems. They are not able to activate their phone. Apple is aware of this issue however you can follow our instruction and try to solve everything.

Different iOS 9.3 issues would appear once in a while [by the way you can cheat Touch ID with Play-Doh]. Although Apple was testing this firmware before bringing it to public – users still get bugs and errors after update. Some of them can’t activate iPhone and if this is the same problem you are facing – here is how to fix it.

Fix iOS 9.3 Issues Problems Bugs Cant Activate iPhone

Solve iOS 9.3 Activate iPhone Fail Issue

Step 1. Take your iPhone and connect it to your computer.

Step 2. You should also install the most recent version of iTunes [Apple presented new software and products after Apple March Event].

Step 3. Choose your gadget and you’ll get the Activate iPhone screen.

Step 4. You need to enter Apple ID / password if you can’t activate iPhone and wish to solve this issue.

Step 5. The problem should be gone and you should successful pass activation.

Some users note that this method is not working. You can try to turn off iPhone and turn it back on, login to your iCloud account and launch Find My iPhone tool. You need to remove all gadgets from your account and set up your iDevice again.

This should remove the iOS 9.3 bug and fix the problem.

Of course, Apple would present a simpler iOS 9.3 fix to all users soon but we don’t know the exact date when it happens.

Compare iPhone SE and iPhone 5s: What’s Better

iPhone SE is the official name of the 2016 iPhone. Apple is releasing this version in the end of March with pre-orders starting on March 24th. It is time to compare iPhone SE and iPhone 5S because the new SE version is replacing the 5s model.

Apple presented iPhone 5s in 2013. The time has come to offer an update and iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s could give you an idea if the replacement is worth your attention. Compared to this predecessor it’s a nice update since it offers more power and some unique features that are absent on the 5s device.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s

Of course, if you compare iPhone SE and iPhone 6s you will understand that the ‘6s’ version can boast more options and specs – but iPhone 5s vs iPhone SE shows that the 4-inch model is an interesting release.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s

Both gadget have the 4-inch LCD screen with 1136 x 640 resolution. At the same time the iPhone SE display is brighter as it has the newer panel. The weights is also similar: 112g and 113g.

It is curious that iPhone SE can record 4K videos which is impossible on older iPhone 5s. The new camera reminds more of the iPhone 6s than 5s specs and this is also a wonderful change. Besides, SE 2016 model supports Live Photos and can impress you with the Retina Flash.

The A7 processor used on iPhone 5s has been updated to A9 chip in iPhone SE.

No need to say that the newest iPhone SE is faster compared to the previous generation device. It will be possible to order this update in March.