iPhone 6s Discount Announced in the UK

Wanna jump into the last train with £100 savings on the new iPhone 6s in the UK? You still have time to make yourself a wonderful Christmas gift or a pleasant surprise for New Year 2016. The best deals are offered by one of the United Kingdom mobile sites. It promises an impressive iPhone 6s deal and you can’t pass by if this is the model you have been dreaming about ever since it was officially launched this fall.

iPhone 6s New Year Christmas Deals

The cool iPhone 6s New Year deal is expected for O2 iPhone 6s model and 2-year contract with this mobile network. Apple fans can purchase the 64GB version at the attractive cost and get 3GD of data per month with unlimited texts and calls from O2.

The data plan would cost you £31 a month. You will have to pay only £75 instead of £175 upfront and this is what makes this deal so wonderful. The purchase has to be make through mobiles.co.uk website where you can use the special discount coupon TRXMAS64.

Unfortunately you cannot get the Rose Gold color as this option is an exception and doesn’t participate in the discount deal. Still other colors are available as your 64GB iPhone 6s could still be cheaper than usual.

You can easly unlock O2 iPhone 6s whenever you want to, even right after the purchase. Thanks to factory SIM unlock service you are able to become SIM free from O2 and any other mobile network. This is fast and simple. This is a permanent unlock and you can switch between carriers without issues.

This week offers the best discounts you can get before New Year. Are you planning to purchase the iPhone 6s this time?

China Mobile iPhone 7 with 4-inch Screen to Roll Out in Spring 2016

We’ve heard so many next iPhone names. Some experts talk about colorful and cheaper iPhone 6c release in spring 2016. Others mention iPhone 7 model that would be present in the fall and there are opinions about iPhone 7c launch. The latest report promises 4 inch iPhone 7 launch in April 2016 and it comes from China Mobile network.

The 4 inch iPhone China Mobile rumor predicts that the famous Cupertino-based giant would launch the smaller iPhone 7c model [this is the name mentioned in leaked information from this carrier] in a couple of months from now. It could also be possible that the upcoming handset gets a different names. Right now the network has dubbed it as 4 inch iPhone 7c.

China Mobile iPhone 7c Rumors

The news states that China Mobile had an event and discussed its 2016 plans. It also mentioned the gadgets that could show up on its network and talked about the 4-inch iPhone model. The expected release date is supposed to be next spring.

There are other rumors about possible iPhone launch in early 2016. They could as well be the iPhone 6c or iPhone 7c, whatever Apple calls it. The gadget should be cheaper than current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus but it would also lack some features these smartphones can boast.

It will be possible to SIM unlock iPhone from China Mobile and any other carrier that will carry the 4-inch Apple handset using the most reliable and affordable service in the world. Only factory iPhone unlock can guaranteed permanent result, simple procedure and support for all iOS versions, iPhone models and mobile networks.

Are you excited about possible iPhone 7c release the next spring?

T Mobile Video Quality Downgrading for iPhone Users

Do you have the T Mobile iPhone? How often do you want videos fro this smartphone? Have you noticed any issues with the films and short videos? There are rumors about low T Mobile video quality and report that assures the U.S. network is downgrading this quality even further.

The report comes from YouTube. This popular video service is not working in partnership with T-Mobile however the company noticed some interesting changes and announced that T Mobile iPhone video is being downgraded by American mobile operator.

T Mobile Video Quality Downgrading

While YouTube and T-Mobile are not partners when it comes to Binge On service, YouTube notes that the U.S. carrier hasdowngraded video streams to 480p and iPhone users who are subscribed to this network get degrading traffic. The company believes that it is not right to throttle video services in order to reduce charges to users.

The Binge On service that was introduced this fall allow T-Mobile iPhone subscribers [by the way T Mobile is the best 2015 network in the U.S.] stream video from different sources, including Netflix, HBO Now etc. Users’s data allotment is not influenced with this but you can only get the content at 480p. The carrier calls it ‘DVD quality’ videos.

From the other hand, users wish to get 1080p quality and in orderto boost the video streams they have to deactivate Binge On option. The U.S. carriers downgrades the quality by default. Since YouTube is not participating in the offered deal, it believes that its own content has not to be downgraded still all video traffic is throttled, including popular video service.

Are you ok with downgraded video quality as long as you don’t pay for steaming videos from your iPhone?

Best iPhone Tricks for iOS 9: Holiday Guide

Have you found the new iPhone 6s purchased from AT&T under your Christmas tree? This model is running iOS 9 platform and there are some top iPhone tricks you should discover. Even if you are familiar with Apple smartphones you probably didn’t know that such secrets exist.

We have a compilation of the of the best iPhone tricks for the most recent mobile operating system from Apple, iOS 9. There are so many features and brilliants specs you can use to enjoy you brand new smartphone!

iPhone 6s Tips and Tricks

Awesome iPhone Tips and Tricks

*Record videos and takes photos simultaneously

The iPhone 6s can boast a nice camera you can use for shooting amazing videos and taking pictures. It is possible to accomplish both tasks at the same time. For example, when you are recording some impressive moments of your life you can also take a photo without stopping the recording process. Simply click on your camera button and you will get the shutter option on your screen. Isn’t it great?

*Can’t answer the phone call? Create automatic reply!

It is possible to create custom replies for the calls you cannot answer at the moment. Go to Settings and choose Phone – Respond with Text option [have you heard about iPhone 6s is the top Google search in 2015?]. It is possible to add a custom message but note that you’ll have to delete one of the three default options because your iPhone iOS 9 can hold only three prepared messages at a time.

When someone calls you next time you don’t have to answer the call. Just tap on message above the Slide to Answer option or select Respond with text feature.

*iPhone vibrations set up

It is possible to use custom vibrations to know who is calling you when your iPhone is in your pocket. This is a fun iOS 9 features and it’s very simple to set custom vibrations. It is very similar to how to assign ringtones to your contacts. Select Contacts and choose the contact you wish to add the new vibration to. Click Edit and find the vibration field. Choose the pattern you like or Create New Vibration to add your own rhythm. Save your custom vibration and enjoy!

How to Delete iBooks on iOS 9 iPhone Guide

Would you like to learn how to delete iBooks on iOS 9 [iOS 9.2 features and changes are the most recent available right now]? Sometimes you download different books, pay for some and don’t pay for the free titles – your iPhone library gets many interesting titles and you enjoy reading and rereading each book so much. Then comes times when you wish to erase books completely from the iPhone. Is it possible to do?

We’ll explain how to delete purchased books on iBooks and get rid of the titles you don’t want to store on your smartphone and iBooks any more. Everything is pretty simple if you know what to do and how to accomplish this interesting task.

Delete iBooks iOS 9 Completely Hide on iPhone

How to Delete Purchased Books from iPhone iBooks

Step 1. Select the book you want to delete on iBooks [adjust your reading settings on iOS 9 to enjoy simpler iPhone reading].

Step 2. Press on delete on iOS 9.

Step 3. Still this way you will not completely delete your books because they will still be present in App Store, iTunes or iBook cloud. You can hide your purchases and they will not be displayed in your purchased iBooks Store section.

Step 4. Launch iBooks application on your Mac computer and choose iBooks Store option.

Step 5. Go to Quick Links – Purchased menu and find the book you wish to hide.

Step 6. Hold the mouse cursover over the book until you see X option and click on X.

Step 7. Confirm that you wish to hide the book.

Step 8. That’s it. The books you hide will not be displayed on your account.

When you really need to unhide hidden iBooks, select iBooks on Mac – Store – View My Apple ID and find Cloud – iTunes where you will see Hidden Purchases. Select Manage – Unhide and the book will be automatically redownloaded from the iBooks store for you.

Can You Imagine iPhone 6s at 1$?

Isn’t it fun to purchase iPhone 6s as 1$? The most recent Apple generation smartphone is sold for just $1 [one dollar] for a limited time. This could be the most impressive Christmas gift as you still have time to surprise your family and friends.

The Best Buy iPhone 6s offer is tied to contract. The contract costs $1. This deal is only available for the 16GB version of iPhone 6s still this is the iPhone 6s which was officially released in September so the deal sounds fantactic.

iPhone 6s at 1$ Best Buy Deals

iPhone 6s deals Best Buy offers are limited to Sprint and Verizon Wireless 2-year contract subscription only. Regularly contract models are sold at $199 but this time Best Buy has the same deal with the huge discount of $198. In other words, you pay only $1 for the iPhone 6s 16GB handset and become locked to either Verizon or Sprint.

No problem with being locked! You can SIM unlock your iPhone 6s Sprint or factory unlock iPhone 6s Verizon by IMEI number and enjoy using absolutely any SIM card in and outside the U.S. For example, you’ll be able to connect to AT&T and T-Mobile with the very same handset you get from Best Buy.

It is possible to choose gray, gold, rose gold and silver color versions of the iPhone 6s. Unfortunately, there is no deal for 128GB and 64GB smartphones but even the 16GB model that costs $1 is an impressive deal.

Will you find the 6s device under your Christmas tree or do you already use this smartphone in your everyday life?

iPhone Undelivered Text Message Problem Resolved for Apple

A lot of iPhone users who decided to switch to Android smartphones experienced undelivered messages Android issue [this happened to users with older smartphones, if you own iPhone 6s which is the top search in 2015 you shouldn’t have such problems at all]. There were many frustrated users who filed cases against Apple because no guides on how to see undelivered messages on Android if they were sent through iMessage helped them read those texts.

The judge ruled that the case against the Cupertino-based giant was denied access to class-action level however this year the new ruling is made by the same person. This time all lawsuits against the iPhone maker regarding the iPhone undelivered text message problem for Android gadgets have been dismissed.

Not Delivered iMessage iPhone Android

Apple indeed tried to fix the issue and solve complaints of users who tried to switch from iOS gadget to Android platform and stopped receiving text messages that were lost because of iMessage. The Cupertino giant offered a special tool that helped such users to remove their smartphone phone number from iMessage after they have switched to Android device. This way they could finally receive text messages. The text message delivery problem can be fixed this way nowadays as well.

Since the whole procedure is simple and working, the judge dismissed the lawsuit against the iPhone maker regarding iMessage – Android text message delivery issue [the next iPhone 6c is expected to be released in spring 2016]. Since the new ruling has been made, all active lawsuits against the iOS giant have been closed too. Apple has won this game.

Have you ever switched from iPhone to any Android device? Have you had problems with text messages being lost and not delivered to your new smartphone? Has Apple service helped you to fix the problem and enjoy the new handset to the fullest?

Should I Wait for iPhone 7 Release or Buy iPhone 6s for Christmas?

Should I wait for iPhone 7 or should I purchase the current iPhone 6s for Christmas this year? We are sure that many Apple fans are asking this question now. The Cupertino-based giant offers a nice Christmas deal – it is ready to deliver your new smartphone in time for Christmas if you place your order this week or early next week.

It’s a challenge whether you have to buy iPhone 6s in USA or wait for the next upgrade. There are many rumors about possible iPhone 6c colorful update, iPhone 7 with new features and even iPhone 7c model. Apple says nothing about its plans so all users have to read the preditions and make their own decisions.

iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 What to Buy or Wait

Should I buy iPhone 6s or wait for 7 model to be presented to public? You know that the design of iPhone 6s is very similar to iPhone 6. Still the features it offers are more innovative and some are even unique to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus gadgets. Of course, if you didn’t update to iPhone 6 a year ago you might want to get the 6s model as it is a big jump from the iPhone 5 or 5s. Still users who already own the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus might truly want to wait till next year and see what changes iPhone 7 brings.

There are several iPhone 7 concepts that show and interesting device with incredible features but with Apple you never really know what to expect. The company could upgrade the gadget and bring some more unique options that would make you purchase iPhone 7 even if you own iPhone 6s. This is something Apple is best at. It can offer any product and millions of customers would know at once – they need it.

If you really dream about iPhone 6s for Christmas – you should purchase it now. If you are happy with any other iPhone model you already own you can easily wait for another year before upgrading it.

Some Unique iPhone 6s Features Are Most Useless

What are the most useless iPhone features customer pay for but don’t get full advantage of? There are numerous things Apple adds to its smartphones and all these extras surely attract new consumers who are eager to pay for what they end up not even using.

Thus the unique iPhone 6s features are its 3D Touch options. It is very unique because it is bigger than just the fingertouch screen. Apple surely pointed to this unique iPhone 6s spec while advertsing it before the official release in September.

iPhone 6s 3D Touch Unique Useless Feature

The company described its unique 3D Touch as real ‘mutli-touch’ and this innovation did bring many customers to try it out. Millions of users purchased the new generation handset and they hoped that 3D Touch would be something incredible and outstanding.

Well, any iPhone has multi-touch and you’ll be able to use your iPhone 6s without this option. Wouldn’t you? For example, previous model owners who have the iPhone 6 without 3D Touch or iPhone 5s that also lacks this unique iPhone 6s feature might be unfamiliar with how Force Touch works. Though Apple Watch users know this feature that gives access to iPhone menus and shortcuts depending on the strength of your push.

Users do like shortcuts however the 3D Touch can only save you a couple of taps. It does everything your iPhone can do without it so it brings no innovation if looking at it this way. Besides, not all applications support the 3D Touch so it becomes useless in many programs. Besides, you can come across iPhone 6s Touch screen not responding bug.

The iOS giant promises that this is just the beginning of its new 3D Touch life. We all remember how Apple Maps failed when they first replaced Google Maps on iPhone. Now this program has been updated and improved and offers some interesting features that help users in their everyday life. Who knows, maybe the 3D Touch could also becomes handy in the future.

Lenovo to Offer iPhone 6 Copy Similar to iPhone But Cheaper?

Different companies like to borrow popular iPhone features and offer their own handsets similar to iPhone but cheaper. Lenovo introduced the new Phab Plus devices however it more looks like an iPhone 6 copy because it has some interesting similarities with the ‘fruit’ handset.

There are many iPhone 6 similar phones. While Apple has already offered much more in its iPhone 6s upgrade [this gadget comes with unique features not all manufactures can boast at the moment] – other firms copy the previous generation smartphone.

Lenovo Phab Plus iPhone 6 Copy

The Phab Plus gadget is iPhone 6 rival. It has similar flash and antenna band on its back and very iPhone 6-like design that is so similar that if you add iOS 8 image on the gadget’s screen you will say it’s the iPhone and not many would argue.

The rounded edges have become very popular so it’s not surprising to see such changes in Lenovo’s latest device. Besides, the company copies the colors offered by the Cupertino-based giant [you can also compare iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6]. The new smartphone is available in gray, gold and silver color options.

If you pay closer attention to how the buttons are place you wil understand that this is not the iPhone. Lenovos’ Phab Plus has the volume option above the Power and the backside of the device is a bit different from the iPhone 6.

Apple and Lenovo have different screen size focuses so the Phab Plus boasts the 6.8-inch display and this is the biggest difference between Phab Plus and iPhone 6. Besides, there is no iOS 9 or iOS 8 because the gadget is supported by Android 5.0 platform.