Digital Life Home Management System from AT&T

How much would you like to control security and automation at your home with the help of one smartphone, for example, the iPhone? AT&T introduces a new service. The company starts to offer its new AT&T Digital Life home security system. It is already available in 15 cities across the U.S. and will be available to additional 50 cities by the end of 2013.

Where is home security service from AT&T available? When was AT&T Digital Life launch date? What does it offer U.S. customers with iPhone and other smartphones?

at&t digital life home security

The home security system is available 24/7. AT&T Digital Life is monitored, but this is not its main benefit. The carrier lets its consumers control their home security from web browsers, iOS applications or apps for Windows Phone and Android gadgets.

You can install cameras to control the security. You can turn lights off and on, lock the doors and even change various appliances with the iOS smartphone and other handsets. Living in wirelessly controlled home should be much fun. But this fun costs money and you have to pay for it each month.

You are able to select which alerts you wish to get and how. All the emergencies and alerts will be responded by experts who are working at AT&T-owned monitoring centers.

Right now the company has two pricing packages. One basis package is “Simple” and the other one is “Smart” with additional features available with both offers. You can get 5 more options at an extra cost, including ability to save energy, detect and control water, add live video, etc.

Everything depends on how much you want to get from AT&T offer and how much you are willing to pay for your comfort and automation. Digital Life home security from AT&T starts at $29.99 [this is monthly payment], and you’ll have to pay another $149.99 for system installation and its equipment.

The service is now available to people in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, particular areas in New Jersey and New York City, Miami and other cities. What do you think about this system?

Canada MTS Unlock iPhone 6/6+/5S/5C/5/4S/4


Tips Before Purchase:

*Use network checker if you are not sure what carrier your iPhone is locked to.

  • Clean (not blacklisted) iPhone only [Check it]

*Use blacklist checker if you are not sure if your iPhone IMEI is clean or barred / blocked / blacklisted.

  • Activated iPhone only

*Your iPhone has to be activated within MTS network meaning you have to connect to MTS using its SIM card at least once.

  • Unlock Success Rate: 80-90%

*Unlock success rate depends on MTS account status of each device.



It is possible to officially unlock MTS iPhone from Canada if you know this method offered by This solution is legit, quick and reliable. Our price for MTS iPhone unlock is affordable and one of the cheapest in the market today.

All you need to know about your device is:

  • IMEI number
  • Official carrier name
  • Activation status
  • Blacklist status

Our service supports only clean IMEIs so before you place your order make sure your iPhone is not blocked / barred / blacklisted. No refunds are made for customer’s mistakes and incorrect information.

Check twice info your provide: IMEI and email. No cancellation can be accepted after IMEI unlock order is processed. It is better to add our email to your contacts so that letters don’t get into your spam / junk folder.

*Note that we work during business hours 9 AM – 6 PM PST from Monday to Friday.



To successfully unlock iPhone MTS Canada [any model, all iOS versions including iOS 8 and 9], you should meet these requirements:

  • Be clean [not blocked, not blacklisted, not barred, not lost or stolen]. No refund if iPhone is blacklisted. Try checking service to find out if iPhone is blocked.
  • Be activated with MTS network in Canada
  • Unlocks only iPhone 6/6+/5S/5C/5/4S/4 locked to MTS Canada.  Please note this method does not return a code but will return the status Activated.

There are no refunds for users who provide incorrect IMEI, blacklisted IMEI, not activated device, wrong information to unlock MTS iPhone and other models.

Where to find IMEI?

This is simple. Dial *#06# and it will be shown on the display. Alternatively, you can look it up in Settings – General – About on your iPhone.

MTS Canada iPhone Unlock Guide

Step 1. Enter your IMEI in the online form along with your email address.

Step 2. Click Buy Now after you agree to our Services & Conditions.

Step 3. Pay for your order.

Step 4. Look for an email from us with unlock confirmation and an instruction on how to complete it using iTunes on your computer.

Step 5. Follow the guide and become permanently unlocked.

This unlock is permanent so you can update, restore, sync etc. without losing it.


New Cities on AT&T LTE Coverage Area

AT&T is doing everything to offer its LTE 4G connection to more customers. It has already expanded its LTE radio technology to 4 major cities and 15 new markets in the U.S. The growth continues and now iPhone users from 5 new markets can enjoy better speeds. AT&T LTE coverage now includes Kansas, Warrensburg, Sedalia, Manhattan and Missouri.

If you live or work in these areas get prepared to see LTE network from AT&T on your handset that supports LTE connection, of course. How better has AT&T LTE Missouri connection become? How much would you enjoy connecting to AT&T LTE coverage on Manhattan? We will tell you more about the new service.

AT&T LTE Kansas City and Other Areas

iphone at&t 4g lte manhattan

If you live in Texas, Missouri or New York City and spend some time in Jacksonville, Palestine (Texas), Warrensburg, Sedalia (Missouri) or Manhattan (New York), you can connect to LTE network from one of the biggest U.S. carriers. Unlike the 3G speeds the 4G connection has more functionality. For example, you can download data about 10 times quicker and surf the web while talking on the phone.

According to the company, its better connections cover about 200 million people. This number should increase by 100 million in 2013-2014. The 4G LTE is supported by iPad mini, iPhone 5 and iPad 3 and 4 models. Besides, some latest models of Samsung, LG and HTC gadgets are also LTE-enabled. This means that if you own these devices and happen to live or visit AT&T LTE coverage area, you will get greater speeds and more features.

AT&T Plans

While the company continues to expand its 4G service in the U.S. it also plans to offer AT&T Beam. This USB modem has a built-in LCD screen and it supports 4G LTE network. You can get it from the carrier for $19.99.

USA T-Mobile iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4s, 4 Official Unlock [Blacklisted & Clean]


Tips Before Purchase:

  • T-Mobile locked iPhone only [Check it]

*Use network checker if you are not sure what carrier your iPhone is locked to.

  • Clean and Blacklisted iPhone supported [Check it]

*Use blacklist checker if you are not sure if your iPhone IMEI is clean or barred / blocked / blacklisted.

  • Activated iPhone only

*Your iPhone has to be activated within T-Mobile network meaning you have to connect to T-Mobile using its SIM card at least once.

  • Unlock Success Rate: 100%

*Unlock success rate depends on T-Mobile account status of each device.



There are millions clean and blocked iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C locked to T-Mobile US carriers. That’s why many iPhone users need to unlock their iPhone to use other Sim cards and new iOS updates.

After your iPhone unlocked you will be able to use any Sim card globally. Update your iPhone to the latest firmware in iTunes and your device will never lock again!

Factory unlock means that you will be able to use iTunes for iOS update/sync/backup/restore and enjoy any service provider from around the world. Simply provide correct IMEI number and email address and we will do everything for you.

To get successful results make sure that your iPhone is locked to T-Mobile US carrier. There is no Refund for the wrong service purchase.

This package supports clean and blocked, blacklisted IMEI’s.

Please do not order if your iPhone has ever been sent to Apple Care / Technical Service or is a replacement unit.

Check twice all the information you provide to avoid any errors and mistakes, mistypes before confirming your order. No cancellation can be accepted after IMEI unlock order is processed.

*Note that we work during business hours 9 AM – 6 PM PST from Monday to Friday. Please add to your contacts to make sure our email gets delivered!




How to factory Official IMEI Unlock iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 locked to T-Mobile USA

Our service offers you to unlock blacklisted iPhone T-Mobile locked to US carrier. Also if you got locked iPhone 4S, 4 Verizon you can unlock it as well.

Requirements and Notes for unlock iPhone T-Mobile

  • If you are the user of iOS 7 or plan to update iPhone to iOS 9 or need to restore iPhone make sure you turn off Find My iPhone (Settings – iCloud) and log out from existing iCloud account and Apple ID (Settings – iTunes & App Stores).

    If you bought iPhone from second hand, turn off Find My iPhone, log out from iCloud and App Store (if necessary) and erase all content and settings (Settings – General – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings).

    Use this Find my iPhone Activation Lock Check Tool to check if this feature has been enabled. No refunds will be given for faulty iOS 7 Activation

  • Your iPhone must be locked and activated with the Sim of the locked carrier.
  • We don’t unlock Sprint iPhones.
  • Read Terms and Conditions very carefully.
  • This package unlocks blacklisted/blocked/barred iPhones. To check if your iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 T-Mobile IMEI clean or blacklisted go here: or use T-Mobile blacklist checking service.

If everything is alright just enter IMEI (check if you entered it right), email and choose iPhone 5 model. Then just agree with Terms and click the Buy now button to place an order.

After you do it, wait for the email with order ID.


WorldWide iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S Unlock for All Carriers and IMEI


Tips Before Purchase:

  • Activated iPhone only

*Your iPhone has to be activated within locked network meaning you have to connect to your locked carrier using is SIM card at least once.

  • Unlock Success Rate: 95-100%

*Unlock success rate depends on locked network account status of each device.



It is easy to order worldwide iPhone unlock from these days. This service is popular and safe. It is guaranteed to everyone who meets the requirements and wish to become permanently unlocked from their carrier.

Once you unlock iPhone restore it during 24 hours otherwise it can be relocked. After unlock you will be able to update to newer iOS version only through WiFi. To keep unlock safe do not connect iPhone to iTunes as iPhone can be relocked. Your unlocked state will be preserved. No refund if iPhone will relock.

Check twice the info you provide for unlock to exclude any mistypes, mistakes and errors. No cancellation can be accepted after IMEI unlock order is processed

To get mails in time and to the Inbox folder add to your contact list to get our emails.

Unlock performs from 9 am – 6 pm by PST Monday – Friday and delivery time may vary.



Worldwide unlock for iPhone SE, 6S, 6S plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S is easy to order if you know its IMEI number. Here is how to find your IMEI code:

  • Launch Settings app and look in General – About menu
  • Dial *#06# and your IMEI will be displayed on the screen

iPhone worldwide unlock is available for everyone however the successful results are guaranteed . However read notes below before unlock:

  • Order Form for Worldwide unlock for iPhone any model!
  • iPhone can be relocked any time after unlock. Don’t connect iPhone to iTunes to avoid relocking.
  • Your IMEI is clean [not blacklisted, not barred, not blocked]. Here is iPhone block status checker you can use to get such info.
  • Your device is activated within its original network

To order unlock for iPhone 5S worldwide, you should enter the IMEI number with your email address. It is also necessary to read and agree to Terms & Services. Worldwide unlock for iPhone SE, 6S will be confirmed via email and later you will receive the instruction on how to connect to complete unlock without iTunes.


Blacklisted iPhone Unlock Or What You Can Do with a Blocked Device

You don’t think to unlock blacklisted iPhone when you purchase smartphones on eBay, Amazon or through other online markets. These devices, especially Apple handsets, are often offered with blacklisted IMEI code. In other words, you are unable to use this gadget or change your carrier. For example there are a lot of blocked AT&T iPhone models on the third-party market.

There is no need to panic if you happened to buy a blacklisted iDevice. We can share some ideas on how to use blacklisted iPhone. Take a look as you might find a good solution to your problem inside this post.

how to use blacklisted iphone
How to Use Blacklisted iPhone

List of networks supported unlocks by Blacklisted IMEI

You can use such iPhone but only after factory unlocking and outside the country where it was blocked. Just select the package depending on the carrier by which your device was blocked and get official unlocking solution.

Some owners who got a blacklisted iPhone locked to AT&T,  Three (3), Vodafone, KT Freetel SK, Netcom and Movistar, you can order service that gets IMEI cleaned, simply removing it from Apple’s blacklist database:

Sadly, this solution doesn’t work for a lot of networks.

Let’s see how you can figure out that you got a blocked device. It doesn’t get any signal from the networks the minute you have turned it on or a couple of days after your purchase. Luckily, there are things that can bring a smile upon your face.

List of iPhone blacklist checking Tool:

Unlock Blacklisted iPhone

If you are in US and your iPhone is blacklisted by AT&T but factory officially unlocked, resell your iOS smartphone. You can sell it to students, tourists and other people who leave at US.  Don’t worry that it is blacklisted. Foreign customers can use blacklisted AT&T iPhone in their home countries because it is blocked in the U.S. only. Just tell your customers the truth about your gadget.

Get a Refund

The first solution we’ll mention is asking for a refund. It is good for users who got their blocked iPhone using PayPal and are able to open a dispute/claim/chargeback. You can ship the gadget back to the seller, and PayPal will get your funds back. This might not work for you if you got the handset on the street or some other online site.

Take iPhone Apart and Sell It

If you don’t want or unable to do things we discussed above, you can take your gadget apart and sell its parts [logic board, dock connector, screen] separately. You will get some of the money you spent on it back.

Play Games, Watch TV Shows and Listen to Music

Since you are not able to make phone calls, exchange data or unlock blacklisted iPhone, you can turn it into your games console or an iPod. Listen to music, play games and enjoy your new entertainment device.

Great news for owner locked iPhone 5S! Now you  can unlock  iPhone 5S AT&T easy!

If iPhone Unlock Code Is Not Found

Sometimes you can get Not Found code after buying iPhone unlock or ordering IMEI network check. What should you do if you face an iPhone message not found error? Is it possible to solve the iPhone unlock code not working problem? Let’s see what we can do and what is impossible to achieve.

We’ll shortly describe each problem [we will pay attention at the most common issues, of course] and tell you what the solution is.

iphone message not found

Issue 1. iPhone Unlock Code Not Working

It sometimes happens that iOS users come across their code “not found” problem. Is there anything you can do to change this situation?

The iPhone unlock code “not found” message appears when your IMEI is incorrect. This means you should verify your IMEI number by typing *#06#. The correct code will be displayed on your smartphone’s screen. Also you can check it going to Settings – General – About and scroll down till you see the 15 digits of IME #.

This is very common issue, so please check twice if you typed the right IMEI.

Issue 2. Unlock Code Not Found While IMEI Is Correct

Are you 100% sure that you know your IMEI number and it still appears at “not found?” This can happen when your unlock code is blocked by the mobile operator or left blank. It exists in Apple IMEI database but the unlock code next to it is lost.

Apple servers give Not Found because iPhone may be blacklisted. Unfortunately we don’t provide service to check if IMEI is blacklisted/barred/blocked/lost/stolen. To check it you can use and get all info about blocked or not status of your device.

Issue 3. Wrong Carrier Submission

Very often some iPhone owners purchase unlock for the wrong carrier. For example, if your iPhone is locked to Rogers Canada and you bought unlock for AT&T US you would 100% receive Not Found code.

In this case you can use IMEI carrier checker first and only after you will receive results with the carrier you can contact us and will help you to free your device from the locked network.

How to Unlock iPhone if You Got Not Found

Here is what you can do to solve the IMEI “not found” problem. It is still possible to order iPhone unlock as your device’s IMEI code can be sent directly to the manufacturer in order to receive an unlock or we can submit your unlock request to the carrier and unlock it.

There is no free solution to iPhone message “not found” problem mostly experienced by AT&T users [exclusive AT&T phones are not longer included in the database]. Sometimes the issue can be experienced by customers whose smartphones are less than a month old.

So, in this case every our consumer who gets Not Found email after ordering unlock, have one free unlock submission but only for AT&T iPhone. To use this free method check if the IMEI is correct, not blacklisted and locked only to AT&T network. Just follow instructions in the email you receive that your code is Not Found (like on the screenshot above).

As to IMEI network checker – contact us and we will check it again for free as well.

All In One Prepaid Service from AT&T

We will see an interesting offer from AT&T this summer. The mobile operator is about to release its new “All In One” brand with prepaid options of $35, $50 and $70 per month. How good is this offer? Will smartphone users get an affordable service with much data?

The predictions you will find inside this post have not been commented by AT&T spokesman yet. At the same time we have heard that the company has plans to test its new offers in Texas and Florida in May. The nationwide service’s release is expected starting June 15.


According to rumors, the U.S. AT&T carrier palns to introduce $35 and $50 monthly service for iOS devices. The new brand is expected to present unlimited texting and talking plan for different phones worth $35 monthly. You will be able to get 2GB of HSPA data for $50 per month and 5GB of data for $70 per month.

Users who consume more data than they have paid for will get slower data speeds. Of course, these details might not be accurate and AT&T might offer other plans when it launches the new service in June. Right now we can only share the rumors with you.

The new service can be a good strategy against plans of other prepaid U.S. carriers. Some companies have already introduced similar plans. For example, Verizon offers its customers a prepaid service worth $35 per month. It comes with unlimited texting and web. It also offers users 500 calling minutes. Another company, T-Mobile US, will offer consumers unlimited $60 per month texting and voice plan with 2GB of data.

The idea of AT&T to release pre-paid “All In One” service is not a surprise. The carrier wants to increase sales of handsets it is selling. It reports it has lost over 180,000 prepaid subscribers during January-March period.