How to View Your Source Code in Safari Browser on Mac or iPhone

You probably know that all webpages are created using HTML language. This is special HyperText Markup code that is understood by all web browsers. Each page contains information about all images, text, script etc. Sometimes you need to view source in Safari on iOS 10 or your Mac device [learn how you can hide and show your Mac file extensions]. How is it possible to do?

View Source Code in Safari

Both iPhone and Mac users can quickly access their pages source via Safari browser. Why would you need to find the HTML code of the particular page? Sometimes you want to know details about the image (for example, its size or description), link status (follow or no follow) etc. Programmers and developers as well as users who are creating and updating their website often review their source code to avoid errors, find parts of the documents and fix possible problems.

The whole idea is simple. Even if you are not a programmer but need to view the code you are able to succeed with a couple of clicks. Isn’t it great?

How to View Webpage Code in Safari on Mac

How to View Source Code in Safari on Mac

Firstly you should work with special Develop Mode [if you need to move your videos  from computer to iPad you can easily transfer movies from your Mac]. This is how you’ll be able to get to Safari view source shortcut or feature:

Step 1. Use your computer. Launch Safari browser.

Mac - Safari - Preferences menu

Step 2. Choose Safari – Preferences option.

Step 3. Select Advanced settings.

Safari Develop Menu

Step 4. You’ll see Show Develop feature in your tab. Just check the box near it.

Step 5. You will now find ‘Develop’ option present in your menu. This is how you have turned on your Develop Mode on Mac.

Safari Page Code Shortcut

Step 6. To view Safari page code on your computer you can:

  • Choose Develop from Menu while staying on a particular page and select ‘Show Source’ option;
  • Right click on your webpage and choose ‘Show Source Code’ feature that will display what you are looking for in a new window;
  • Click on Option/Alt + Command + U simultaneously and the source code will be displayed to you.

Safari Source Code on iPhone

iPhone Safari View Source Code: How to Guide

Step 1. Before you can view source in Safari on iOS 10 you should download and install Source application. It costs $0.99.

Step 2. Once the tool is installed you can launch your mobile browser.

Step 3. Click on Share option.

View Page Code on iPhone Safari

Step 4. Get down to the bottom to click on More option.

View Page Code in Safari on iOS 10 iPhone

Step 5. Turn on Source feature and click one Done so that this change takes place.

Step 6. Now you are ready to view page source on iOS 10 devices. Open Safari once again.

Step 7. Visit the webpage you wish to view the source for.

Step 8. Click on Share feature.

Step 9. Click on Source and you will get all the details about the code.

This is how you can enjoy Safari iOS and Mac tips for viewing source code on your Apple gadgets. This trick is useful not only for developers but also regular users who are studying SEO or web development. Since modern pages have complex code this is specific and unnecessary feature to most of us.

But in case you have to get to the code source you now know how you can view it using your Mac or iPhone, iPad Safari browser.

How to Work with Mac OS File Extensions: Hide and Unhide Guide

Let’s learn about some Mac OS Sierra hidden features [here is how to enable Night Shift feature on your Apple computer] and explore the interesting filename extensions. What are these options? Do you really need to deal with hiding and showing them up?

Mac OS File Extensions

Before you get to use your Mac filename extensions you might wonder what this feature means to you and why it could be useful and important in your everyday tasks. Hiding and unhiding the option is a must-know thing.

Each file has its own extension at the end. This way your computer can verify what program to use to open it. You are definitely familiar with such extensions as .jpg, .jpeg, .png etc. You can see that each file extension has a period which precedes the letters or numbers (for example, there are .mp4 video files).

It’s up to you whether to show filename extensions on Mac or hide them [learn more secrets about Touch Bar zoom option]. The files will still be opened by the programs. Hiding or showing them won’t make a ‘working’ difference. It’s only the matter of fact what you’ll see with your eyes, not how the correct applications will open these or those files.

How to Hide and Show File Extensions on Mac

How to Hide All File Extensions on Mac

Here are some incredible Sierra tips and tricks for making your file names look more accurate.

Step 1. You should only use your computer that is updated to MacOS Sierra. Follow the tips and you’ll be just fine.

Step 2. Launch Finder.

Step 3. You’ll see ‘Finder’ option at the upper left part of the screen. Press on it to continue.

Step 4. Click on Preferences – Advanced.

Hide Filename Extensions on OS Sierra

Step 5. You should enable Mac OS file extensions by checking the ‘Show all’ option.

Step 6. If you want to hide file extensions on Mac you need to disable the ‘Show all’ feature.

Keep in mind that your Mac filename extensions will be hidden for all the files you have. This happens even if you tried to hide or show only particular extension and then click on ‘Show all’ menu. This rule doesn’t work for showing all the full file names because this feature only reveals the files that are shown and hides the ones that are hidden individually.

How to Show Mac Filename Extensions Individually

It is possible to hide file extensions on MacOS Sierra one by one or individually. Let’s see how you can manage these tips:

Step 1. Choose the Mac file that you wish to display or not display its extension.

Step 2. Right click on your file.

How to Show or Hide particular filename extension on Mac

Step 3. Choose Get Info option.

Step 4. Look at Name & Extension option. Do you see a triangle near it? Press on it to proceed.

How to hide or show file name extension on Mac OS Sierra guide

Step 5. There should be more options displayed. You’ll see ‘Hide extension’ feature which you can enable by checking the box. You can also unhide it by unchecking that box.

We all have different taste. Some people like seeing file name extensions and other would like to hide them all or some of them. Now you know how to perform these tasks one by one or simultaneously.

Organize your Mac files the way you want. Just always remember that you should not change and remove your file extension by renaming it. Because this way you’ll lose the opportunity to launch the application, image, folder or program since your computer will not know what to do with it.

Hide and show your file format when you want and how you like it. It’s all possible with Mac OS Sierra tips you have just learned. Please enjoy!

How to Adjust iOS 10 Share Sheet Settings on iPhone

Looking for interesting iOS 10 tips you can use to customize your iPhone features. There is share sheet you might be using since this option allows sharing your content with your social network friends. Let’s learn how you can arrange icons in Share Sheet.

Share Sheet on iOS

It is possible to control how your icons are located in your menu. Just follow the simple instruction and you’ll customize your options within moments. If you often use Twitter, Facebook or other sites you can arrange your iPhone share sheet how you like it and get a quicker access to the networks you prefer in your everyday life and work.

We’ll describe 2 different methods of how to arrange apps icons on iPhone for your Share Sheet. There is nothing difficult. The simplicity always rocks and you are about to discover some great secrets of iOS 10 firmware.

Set Up Share Sheet on iPhone iOS 10

How to Arrange Icons in Share Sheet

As you probably know your phone makes it easy to Bookmark things you like, Add them to Favorite list, share via Twitter etc. This is what your phone Share Sheet allows doing. Here is how you can rearrange everything to your personal likes.

By the way, you can try the following iOS 10 tips [learn how to block spam calls] on both your handset and iPad. All Apple mobile devices should support these features.

First Solution: Share Sheet Settings

Step 1. Think of the application you wish to text. You can play with Safari or use Notes or similar tools that support share sheet option.

Step 2. Open your share sheet.

Click on More in Share Sheet iOS 10

Step 3. You should get to More feature. Do this by swiping from right to left on your activity icons. Click on More to proceed.

Step 4. There are 3 horizontal lines you should notice near activity so clik-hold on them.

Replace Icon on Share Sheet iOS 10

Step 5. Drag your icons the way you want.

Step 6. Click on Done when you are ready to set up everything.

Step 7. That’s it.

Second Solution: iPhone Share Sheet Menu Options

Step 1. Once again you should launch the program that supports share sheet feature.

Step 2. Click on Share option.

How to Rearrange Share Sheet on iOS 10 Iphone

Step 3. Click and hold your application icon that you wish to rearrange. Move it to where you would like it to be placed.

Customize Share Sheet on iPhone 7

Step 4. That’s it. The icon will be placed to a different area of your screen.

iOS 10 Share Sheet Hiding Icons

It is easy to hide some icons on your sheet:

Step 1. On iPhone 7 launch Safari or other program that supports sharing.

Step 2. Click on Share option to proceed.

Step 3. You need to swipe from right to left on the application to get to More feature.

Step 4. Click on More to continue.

Hide Options on Share Sheet iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 firmware

Step 5. There are ‘hide’ features next to different share sheet icons. Just disable the switch for the parts you want to stay hidden.

Step 6. Confirm that you want to hide things by clicking on Done.

Step 7. That’s pretty much all curious iOS 10 tips for Share Sheet on iPhone and iPad.

We hope you find the guides above useful to update your settings and rearrange or hide icons on share sheet feature.

How to Deal with Spam Messages on iPhone 7 on iOS 10

Do you receive many spam messages on your iPhone 7 or other model? Would you like to easily block all the texts you don’t want to get no since you’ve learned how to bypass iCloud activation lock? Let’s learn how to deal with spam on iPhone and follow the steps to achieve this goal.

How to Block Messages on iOS 10

Receiving iPhone spam text is not the most pleasant and wanted experience. How can it happen? Why am I getting spam text messages? There are ways how to get your phone number and scammers find such lists of numbers through apps, various programs and databases. Once you end up in their list you’ll keep getting messages again and again.

Until you block spam message on iPhone 7 or other handset model [here is how you can solve the problem with iPhone 7 dim screen]. Let’s explore the steps you should follow and you’ll get no unwanted texts from people and companies you don’t know and don’t wanna hear from.

iPhone Spam Stop guide

How to Deal with Spam on iPhone

Your mobile operator is probably doing its best to protect you from spam. Still it sometimes happens and you have to take care of everything on your own. Here is the guide that explains how to block text on iOS 10.

Step 1. You need to use your iPhone 7 or previous model updated to iOS 10 or newer iOS 10.3.

Step 2. Launch Messages program on the handset.

Step 3. Think of the conversation that looks like spam to you. Now just choose it.

iOS 10 Blocking Contact Settings

Step 4. Click on the ‘i’ option that is located at the upper right part of the screen.

Step 5. Click on the sender’s name.

How to Block iPhone Spam Contact

Step 6. Choose Block this caller option. It allows you to block all messages from this particular person or company.

Step 7. Confirm that you wish to block the contact.

That’s pretty much it. Once you block spam texts on iPhone you won’t get them. Unfortunately you’ll have to repeat the same steps for each contact that sends you unwanted messages.

Users who prefer using FaceTime can record their calls via Mac or smartphone.

Filter iPhone Text Senders

Since you know how to stop iMessage spam you should also get an idea how you can filter texts you receive. You can keep all unknown contacts in a special list. Why would you do this? You will use iOS 10 block text messages feature and also disable all notifications for the senders you are not interested in:

Step 1. Launch Settings on your iPhone 7.

Step 2. Select iOS 10 Messages application.

iPHone Filter Text Senders iOS 10

Step 3. You’ll see the Filter Unknown Senders feature. Enable it using the switch.

Step 4. Now all the text messages sended by people who are not in your contact list will be added to the separate list.

It’s great that you can use Messages tips to block people or phone numbers that bother you. This way you can fight with spam that is most likely received by you no matter what carriers do to protect you.

You are also advised to add your phone number to the National Do Not Call list. This is also a method of fighting with spam. Millions of users suffer from this problem. Do you also get calls and texts you wish to block?

How to Fix Touch ID Failed Issue on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

A number of Apple fans has already experiences various issues with their fingerprint sensor. Some were unable to complete Touch ID set up or tasks, others noticed that this wonderful feature stopped working suddenly. If you are unable to activate Touch ID on your iPhone iOS 10 you should follow the simple steps below and successfully solve the problem.

iPhone 7 Touch ID Not Working

This should not be a common problem. So when you notice that something is wrong with your fingerprint identity sensor on iPhone 7, 7 Plus or earlier model updated to iOS 10 firmware version you have to take some action and resolve the bug as soon as possible.

Why would the sensor act this way? What should you do when you are unable to activate touch id on this iphone? The reason could be silly. Maybe your finger is sweaty or you don’t place it correctly on the Touch ID sensor. Let’s see what simple steps you can follow to deal with such situations.

How to Fix iPhone 7 Touch ID Problems

How to Fix Touch ID on iPhone 7 Plus and 7

Method 1. If Touch ID Failed on iPhone 7

Follow all these steps to solve the issues on-the-go:

Step 1. Wash your hands to make sure your fingers are clean and not sweaty. You should also dry them before trying to press on Touch ID button again.

Step 2. Gently clean your Home Button on the iPhone. Use a smooth cloth for this purpose.

Step 3. Try to click on your Home Button again with less pressure. Don’t apply too much force.

Step 4. Make sure you are pressing on both Home button and metal ring on the phone.

Step 5. Keep your finger in one place, don’t move and this way your Touch ID not working iOS 10 issue could be gone without extra methods.

Step 6. If your fingers are cold or it’s too cold outside you should first warm the finger and when it gets back normal try to click on the fingerprint sensor once again.

Method 2. Re-Add Fingerprints If iPhone 7 Fingerprint Sensor Is Not Working

You can always remove your fingerprints and re-add them again. This way you can deal with Touch ID issues on iPhone 7:

Step 1. Go to Settings on your handset.

Step 2. Select Touch ID & Passcode section.

iPhone Settings - Touch ID & Passcode

Step 3. Type the passcode you are using.

Step 4. Click on the fingerprint.

Step 5. Now choose Delete Fingerpint option. You have to repeat this step for each fingerprint you have registered.

iPhone Delete Fingerprint

Step 6. Hard reboot the phone by holding volume down + power buttons.

Step 7. Return to Settings program – Touch ID & Passcode.

Step 8. Choose Add a Fingerprint.

Step 9. You have to register it just like you ordinary do. This is one of the methods how to fix Touch ID on iPhone 7.

Fix Touch ID Isses by updating to latest iOS firmware

Method 3. Smartphone Upgrading

If you are still unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone with iOS 10 firmware version, you should update to iOS 10.3:

Step 1. Open Settings app on your mobile gadget.

Step 2. Go to General menu.

Step 3. Select Software Update and be patient. Once your Apple device updates you should get no problems with the fingerprint scanner.

Method 4. Turn On Rest Finger to Open iPhone

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iDevice.

Step 2. Select General section.

Accessibility on iPhone 7

Step 3. Go to Accessibility.

Step 4. Choose Home Button option.

Rest Finger to Open to fix Touch ID not working problem

Step 5. You’ll ass the Rest Finger to Open option. Turn it on.

You can now use Touch ID to open your mobile gadget since you have enabled this feature. Hopefully you will no longer face iOS 10 Touch ID failed problem.

iOS 10 iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Guide

Have you updated to iOS 10 or still running iOS 9? Your firmware version doesn’t matter much when it comes to iCloud activation bypass tool. No one can use your smartphone if you enable Find My iPhone that also features Activation Lock protection.

iCloud Activation Bypass iOS 10

The lock option is enabled automatically if you turn on Find My iPhone on your iOS 10, 9 or earlier firmware device. Sometimes you could forget your password. Sometimes you purchase a used phone and find out that its previous owner has made sure to use Activation Lock but cannot help you with the password.

How can you bypass iCloud activation lock in such situation? Is there a way to unlock your mobile gadget without entering the original owner’s Apple ID + password? Since this is your new handset it is important to unlock its screen and use in your everyday life. Otherwise you have paid for the brick.

We should note that iCloud activation bypass tools cannot guarantee simplicity of the unlocking procedure. This is a complicated task. Still once you master the complex tips you’ll be able to remove iCloud activation lock and enjoy using your iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s etc.

iPhone iCloud Lock Bypass Guide for iOS 10

How to Bypass iCloud Password

Step 1. Research iOS Activation Lock Bypass Tool Market

This is a very important tip you have to pay attention too. There are millions of iPhone users from across the world. They all live in different countries. It is better if you can make a research of your home market to find out reliable tools. There are numerous online sites and offline companies that are eager to help you out.

Pay attention to the reviews. Note how long the company exists. Compare the prices and make sure your payment method is supported before you place your order.

Step 2. Run IMEI Checker

Don’t hurry to order iOS 10 iCloud removal service. Firstly use the simple iPhone IMEI checker to make sure your iPhone is locked. Maybe it is not iCloud locked and you don’t even need to place any orders and everything can be fixed quicker and simpler.

Once you are sure that you 100% need iCloud bypass activation you can proceed with the best company you have found.

How to Bypass iCloud Lock on iOS 10 iPhone

Step 3. iOS 10 iCloud Unlock

You are not advised to download any iOS activation lock bypass software since this way you can easily find a virus or other dangerous program. It is better to use distant iOS 10 activation lock removal service that requires your IMEI number.

Of course, the best solution is when you can reach out to the original iPhone owner and ask hem or her to remove Find My iPhone and activation lock from your handset so that you can add this protection on your own with your password. Unfortunately this situation is often impossible with used smartphones.

If you cannot contact the previous owner you should follow our guide on how to bypass iOS 10 activation lock on your iPhone 7, 6s, 6, 5s etc.

Step 4. Visit the site you have found in previous steps. Make sure it is a company with a lot of reviews, with ‘https’ protection and nice price.

Step 5. Choose iCloud Unlock service and provide the information about your phone: its IMEI code, phone model etc.

Step 6. Place your order online and wait for a couple of days for your account to be unlocked.

Enjoy using your phone.

How to Unlock iPhone 6, 6s or 7 from Sprint via 2 Great Methods

Do you have iPhone 6, 6s, or newest iPhone 7 locked to Sprint network in the USA? It is possible to use great Sprint domestic unlock to easily switch your mobile device to any other network besides this mobile operator. The process is actually simple and fast if you know all the details we are about to share.

Unlock iPhone Sprint USA

Do you think about switching to a different network? This is impossible unless you purchase a second handset or find Sprint iPhone unlocker software or online service. Luckily this whole unlocking process can be a breeze if you follow our tips.

If you try to install a different SIM card in your phone without unlocking Sprint iPhone 7, 6s, or 6 you will see the warning message that your smartphone doesn’t support this card ‘under activation policy.’ In other words, your device cannot connect to any network besides Sprint but you can change this situation once you find a way how to unlock Sprint phone online.

SIM Unlock for Sprint iPhone 6 and other models

Sprint iPhone Unlock Service

There are 2 main methods to reach your goal. Firstly, you can request Sprint unlock for iPhone 6, 6s, or 7 directly from this carrier. This method requires filling out many forms, waiting and there is always a chance that the company will deny your request. Secondly, you can use factory unlock Sprint iPhone 6 or other phone model service and save your time and nerves.

How to SIM unlock your iPhone Sprint domestic and international service

Method 1. How to Unlock Sprint iPhone 6s Directly by Carrier

Step 1. Double check with your mobile operator that you are eligible for unlock. If you got a gadget before February 2015 you might not get a chance to unlock directly by Sprint. In such situation you can always go with the factory unlocking service.

Step 2. You’ll have to leave two separate unlock requests if you are need to unlock your phone for international and domestic use.

Step 3. Check your IMEI before asking for SIM unlock because blacklisted and blocked as well as lost and stolen smartphones are not eligible for the service. You can also check what network you are locked to.

Step 4. Your gadget has to be active for at least fifty or ninety day with Sprint’s network (depending on type of service you are looking for, domestic or international). Besides, your account has to be in a good standing.

Step 5. Once you have checked everything and attentively read the Sprint unlocking policy on the networks’ website you can request unlock for Sprint iPhone 6 model online or via 1-888-211-4727 for domestic service (888-226-7212 for international).

It’s worth to note that iPhone 6, 6s and 7 / 7 Plus support both GSM and CDMA networks unlike older Apple smartphones. In other words, you can unlock your Sprint handset for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile without any problems.

Step 6. Once the network lets you know that you are unlocked you can turn of your mobile device and switch a SIM card.

Step 7. Restart the phone and set it up by following the on-screen guide.

Factory SIM unlock iPhone from Sprint network

Method 2. Factory Unlock for iPhone 6 Sprint

An third-party service can help you become SIM free and complete Sprint domestic or international unlock for iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and 7 Plus.

Step 1. Choose a trusted company that offers to unlock Sprint iPhone 6 for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or any worldwide carrier.

Step 2. Find out your IMEI number because you still need to use blacklist checker and also check your iPhone for activation status and other details.

Step 3. Fill out your details (your device model, carrier, IMEI etc.), place your order and pay for it.

Step 4. Make sure you fill in the correct email address. This is where you’ll receive order and iPhone unlocking confirmation. It usually takes a couple of days to complete this task.

Step 5. Once you are SIM free you can switch the card and connect to iTunes. The program will check Apple database and see your new status. You’ll be able to connect to any network from now on.

Isn’t it cool to be free of any carriers?

Setting Up Your iPhone Amazon App Language and Country: How To

There are a lot of popular apps used everyday on Apple devices. For example, you have download and installed Amazon app for iPhone 7 or older model upgraded to iOS 10 or 10.3 version. What tips can you follow to set up your preferences? How can you change your language or country?

Amazon iPhone App Settings

It is easier to use any application using your native language. You should agree that it is not comfortable to search various items and read product descriptions in the language you don’t know. Let’s imagine you have chosen the wrong language or country by mistake and now wish to change language in your iOS Amazon app.

How can you manage this [believe me this is as simple as deleting Snapchat history on your iPhone]? It’s actually simple to work with this program. Where is Amazon assistant when you need to set up a different language or country? Some manual manipulations can fix everything within moments. Just follow the guide below and you’ll successfully set up everything yourself.

How to Change language and country in Amazon app on iOS 10 iPhone 7

How to Change Country in Amazon App Store

Here are great iOS 10 tips for your iPhone app settings:

Step 1. Firstly you should install Amazon app on your iPhone 7 or other phone / iPad.

Step 2. Make sure you are running iOS 10 and your application is up-to-date. In case your phone screen is dim learn how to fix iPhone 7 brightness issue.

Step 3. Open the program on your mobile gadget.

Phone Amazon App

Step 4. Click on the menu. You’ll find it at the upper left part of the screen.

Step 5. Choose Settings to proceed.

Settings on mobile Amazon app on iPhone iOS 10

Step 6. Select Country & Language menu.

Step 7. Click on the arrow next to country.

Change country on iPhone Amazon app

Step 8. Choose the country you prefer using.

Select Country and Language on Amazon app on iPhone

Step 9. Click on the arrow next to language.

Step 10.Select the language supported in the country you have selected.

What languages are supported by Amazon app in USA on iPhone

Step 11. Click on Done once you are set up your preferences.

P.S. Sometimes the language you wish to use is not supported by the country you have chosen. In this situation the application will show you all the countries for which your particular language is currently available.

Setting Country and Language on Amazon App on iPhone iOS 10.3

Amazon Country Settings

The current Amazon iPhone app for iOS 10 firmware supports only a short list of languages and more countries. You can only select between Italian, Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese and French languages.

At the same time you can choose a big number of places from all over the world. This list is longer and it includes USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the UK and many European countries, India, China etc.

It is surely easier to use your native language for searching and browsing through products or services. Maybe the program will soon add support for more countries and mother tongues. Right now you can only enjoy the most popular and widely used languages. For now you can play with your Night Shift mode on Mac or iPhone to make the screen easy for your eyes.

English, French, German etc… these languages are used across the globe. If you are living away form your native country you can still use your native language if it is supported by the iPhone app on iOS 10 platform. If you don’t want to change the settings you’ll have to get through with the default settings offered by Amazon. It usually sets up the main language supported by your chosen country. Still it is possible to switch your preferences on-the-go and make application usage more comfortable to your heart.

How to Solve Issues with iPhone 7 Stuck on Apple Logo with Black Screen

Is your iPhone 7 stuck on black screen with Apple logo? Do you see the black screen and the white logo in the middle? Is there a way how to quickly solve this issue and get your mobile device work properly again?

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

We know what iOS 10 tips and tricks can help you. Don’t worry when your new phone suddenly gets stuck on ‘fruit’ logo. There are several solutions you can try in order to deal with the problem. Some of them might not work for you but you’ll surely find the right one for your situation.

Users whose iPhone 6 stuck on Apple logo screen probably face this bug due to jailbreaking their smartphone. iPhone 7 owners could also face this bug even though they are using factory model. It might occur while you are trying to restore or update your device.

iPhone 7 Stuck on Apple Logo and Black Screen How to Fix iOS 10 Tips

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Tip 1. iPhone 7 Apple Logo Stuck Fix by Restart

The first thing you should do when something is wrong with your handset is to restart it. This simple trick can solve various problems and help you return your gadget to the working condition.

Step 1. Take your iPhone that is frozen on the popular logotype.

Step 2. Click and hold the On / Off option and slide to turn off your gadget.

Step 3. Wait till the device powers on and maybe the issue is gone.

Enter DFU to Fix iPhone 7 Apple Logo Stuck Issue

Tip 2. DFU Fix to iPhone 7 Stuck on Apple Logo

How can you fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo without losing data? You can try using DFU mode.

Step 1. You need to use your Mac or Windows PC where you should open iTunes.

Step 2. Use a cable to connect the problematic phone to your computer.

Step 3. Turn off your handset by holding sleep / wake button. Once you see a black screen you should hold your On / Off button for approximately three seconds.

Step 4. Press on Home button (or Volume down option on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus) while still holding down the On / Off option. Count till ten and let go of the On / Off button but keep press on Home or Volume.

Step 5. The black screen means you are in Device Firmware Update mode known as DFU.

Step 6. iTunes will ask if you want to restore your iPhone. Agree.

Step 7. You can either restore from a backup file or return to your factory settings.

Step 8. Keep in mind that you can lose data you haven’t backed up if you follow this method.

Use Recovery Mode on iPhone 7 to fix stuck on Apple logo screen

Tip 3. iPhone 7 Stuck on Apple Logo iOS 10 and Recovery Mode

Enter the Recovery Mode to try return to your iPhone factory settings and update to iOS 10.3 which is currently the most recent update. Just like with DFU mode, this trick can lose your data if you haven’t previously backed it up.

If your iPhone 7 is still stuck on black loading screen with Apple logo and you wish to back up your data while restoring the device, you can try using various third-party programs. For example, use the Tenorshare ReiBoot app.

Tip 4. Restore with Third-Party Applications to Backup Data

Step 1. Find an app that lets you enter recovery mode and backup at the same time.

Step 2. Download the application (such as Tenorshare ReiBoot or other) for your operating system (Mac or Windows PC). Launch it.

Step 3. Connect the handset to your computer. Make sure it is in the Recovery mode.

Step 4. Press on Exit recovery mode.

Step 5. The issue should be resolved.

Hopefully one of the iOS 10 tips described above helps you to deal with the black screen and Apple logo on iPhone 7 or other handset model.

iPhone 7 Screen Is Dim: How to Fix This Brightness Problem

Is your iPhone 7 not bright any more? Do you experience this unpleasant problem on your new iPhone 7 Plus? Don’t worry. Just like you have learned how to enable Night Shift on your Mac, you can also fix the new issue with the mobile gadget. There are several methods you can follow in order to make your display look bright and pleasant to your eye again.

Fix Dim Screen on iPhone

What could possibly happen to your mobile device? Apple promises to deliver a good quality product with a lot of innovative features and its iPhones are extremely popular all over the world. This however doesn’t guarantee no problems with software or hardware.

What can cause your iPhone 7 screen to suddenly become dim? This brightness problem can be a glitch of your iOS 10 or other firmware version [by the way, here are some interesting iOS 10 tricks that make your WhatsApp photos disappear]. Sometimes it could be just the issue with configurations that you have to set up correctly to get rid of the bug.

How to Fix Dim Screen on iPhone 7 iOS 10

My iPhone Screen Is Dark: How Do I Fix It

So your iPhone 7 screen is already dim. Let’s list all possible repair guides you can follow to solve the problem at home.

Method 1. Get Rid of Auto-Brightness Option

Think about this. Have you tried using auto-brightness on your iPhone? It could turn out that everything you need is disable this feature. Here is what you should do:

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone 7.

Step 2. Select Display & Brightness section.

Fix Dim Screen on iPhone: turn off auto brightness

Step 3. Turn off your Auto-Brightness option.

Step 4. Check your phone. Has iPhone 7 dim screen disappeared?

If the problem is solved you can also learn how to remove your old Dropbox cache to free up some space on your phone.

Method 2. No White Point Reduction

You can fight with the dim color this way:

Step 1. Go to Settings on the handset.

Step 2. Select General option.

Step 3. Go to Accessibility.

Step 4. Choose Display Accommodation.

Step 5. Do you see Reduce White Point feature? You need to disable it.

Are you finally lucky? Yes? It’s time to now share your current Google Maps location with your friends.

How to reset iPhone settings

Method 3. Return to Your Factory Settings

You can try to reset your iPhone and see if it helps with the iPhone dark screen problem:

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Select General tab.

Step 3. Click on Reset.

Step 4. Choose to Reset All Settings.

Step 5. Check if the problem is gone or not.

Turn Off iPhone Color Filters to Fix Dim Screen Problem

Method 4. Colors and Filters

Make sure that these filters are not enabled:

Step 1. Open Settings option.

Step 2. Go to General section on the iPhone.

Step 3. Select Accessibility feature.

Step 4. Choose Display Accommodations.

Step 5. Now you should disable two switches. One is responsible for Invert Color and the other one is related to Color Filters.

Fix Dim Screen on iOS 10 How to Guide

Method 5. Disable Reduce Transparency

Follow the previous guide Steps 1-3 and once you are in Accessibility section you can continue:

Step 1. Click on Increase Contrast to continue.

Step 2. Turn off Reduce Transparency option if it is enabled.

Step 3. Disable Darken Colors feature.

There are other things you can try in order to fix your dim screen on iPhone. For example, you should try to reboot the gadget or install the most recent firmware version if you are still using an older one. You need to also play with your brightness levels which you can bring up by swiping up from the screen’s bottom. Move the slider left or right and try to fight the best option that resolves your dark iPhone problem.

In case nothing helps you might need professional iPhone 7 screen repair. This is the last thing to do. You’ll have to double check that the problem is really with your display. Contact Apple service center and find out what you should do to return brightness to your mobile device.