Canada Koodo Unlock for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 with Clean IMEI


Tips Before Purchase:

*Use network checker if you are not sure what carrier your iPhone is locked to.

  • Clean (not blacklisted) iPhone only [Check it]

*Use blacklist checker if you are not sure if your iPhone IMEI is clean or barred / blocked / blacklisted.

  • Activated iPhone only

*Your iPhone has to be activated within Koodo network meaning you have to connect to Koodo using its SIM card at least once.

  • Unlock Success Rate: 95-100%

*Unlock success rate depends on Koodo account status of each device.



Finally you can factory unlock Canada Koodo iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 choosing our legit and official service. Here you can find the cheapest IMEI unlock for iPhone locked to Koodo Canada and enjoy unlocked status permanently.

Your iPhone will get official factory unlocking solution meaning that you can forget about the locked status forever and use any carrier you want globally.

The service is safe and unlock will be confirmed by Apple and Koodo carrier. This solution is permanent and will allow you to use iTunes as usual without being relocked again. It is so easy and cool to enjoy iOS updates and any SIM cards worldwide when your device is factory unlocked.

Just request for factory unlock and wait for email from us. After receiving email from us just connect you iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Click restore button and your Koodo iPhone will be unlocked!

But make sure in order to get fast and successful results you need to provide correct IMEI of iPhone locked to this Canadian carrier. Your device has to be clean (not blacklisted/blocked/barred) and activated. No refund is available if incorrect request was made.

If you are not sure abut the status of your device use our special services. No cancellation can be accepted after IMEI unlock order is processed.

*Note that we work during business hours 9 AM – 6 PM PST from Monday to Friday.



How to factory unlock iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 locked to Koodo (Canada cellular)?

Koodo is one of the biggest carriers in Canada. There are a lot of phones locked to this operator, even Koodo iPhone 5S or 5C. So if your device is one of that numbers you can easily unlock it permanently. IMEI network checker is the best method to find out the carrier.

There is no free unlocking solution for iPhone 4 (except 01.59.00 baseband), iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S/5C/5.

Koodo factory IMEI unlock iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4:

  • your Koodo iPhone will be officially unlocked which means that you can use iTunes for update, restore and sync;
  • iPhone’s warranty remains valid;
  • we unlock any iPhone iOS, baseband and model including iOS 6 and iPhone 5;
  • we guarantee money back if we can’t unlock your iPhone;
  • we guarantee cheap prices and best service.

So if you decided to choose our service you would need to give your IMEI number. You can find it typing *#06# in keypad or open Settings > General > About.

Important Things for successful official unlock iPhone locked Koodo network

  • Your Koodo iPhone should be activated with the Sim card of locked carrier. No refund if iPhone is not activated.
  • Make sure iPhone is locked to Koodo Canadian carrier. No refund for the wrong network.
  • iPhone IMEI has to been clean. So use IMEI blocked status checker as there is no refund if iPhone is blacklisted.
  • Read Terms and Services before buying.
  • Check spam/junk folder if you don’t see email in the inbox folder.

If you still hesitate you can read our advantages from other services:

  • Cheapest prices
  • Legit and official service
  • Good reputation among IMEI unlocking services.

So you can make an order below and wait for unlock during business days. Also you can always leave your feedback about our service after we successfully factory unlock Koodo iPhone Canada. And that will be so.

Only business days are counted.

For AT&T locked iPhone 5C owners

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