How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Have your iPhone note disappeared? This can be a big problem for users who have the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus released in the fall 2016 or those who own an earlier Apple smartphone model if you don’t know how to recover deleted notes on iPhone. We’ll share the instruction below that works for different devices. You can use it for iPhone notes recovery, restoring your notes on iPad, Mac machine and even Windows PC.

Sometimes you delete your notes without intension. Luckily, you are still able to get them back. Just learn how to recover notes from iPhone and you’ll return everything you have accidentally removed. You’ll need some additional things, for example, you should use iCloud to make it happen or use third-party programs that can help you with iPhone notes recovery. Learn more about possible iPhone 8 release.

Deleted iPhone Notes Restore

If Your iPhone Notes Disappeared

Is it possible to recover deleted notes on iPhone? The simplest way to work with your notes is through such programs as OneNote, Evernote for iOS 10 iPhone and Simplenote. Still a lot of users prefer working with the stock Notes application offered by Apple.

How can you find your iPhone notes deleted? There can be different situations. Sometimes you simply click on the wrong option and automatically confirm your decision and this results in your files being accidentally removed by you. Sometimes you are trying to clean up your old files and by change you also remove important or new notes you have.

Remember this guide if you are one of those people who likes to take notes and write everything down to remember. Notes help performing your daily tasks and keep everything ‘in mind’ just in case.

Don’t be disappointed ever again. Recover files you have deleted without purpose and enjoy using your iOS device or PC. Let’s get closer to ‘how to recover deleted notes on iPhone’ and save you some time and nerves [do you know if you own the GSM or CDMA iPhone model?].

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone 7

Step 1. To recover iPhone deleted Notes you should open this application on your smartphone or tablet (or computer).

iPhone Notes App Recover Deleted Files

Step 2. You will see a back arrow (it should appear at the left part). Click it if you wish to continue with ‘how to restore deleted Notes’and move on.

Step 3. You should click on Recently Deleted folder to proceed.

Recover Recently Deleted Notes iPhone

Step 4. Press on ‘Edit’ option that is located at the upper right part of the screen.

Step 5. Select the Note you wish to restore. Click on it.

Step 6. Press on Move To at the lower left part of the screen.

Step 7. You should click on Notes folder.

Step 8. The Notes you delivered should be restored now. You can find your recover Notes iPhone files in your Notes folder.

We hope that this simple ‘How to recover Notes from iPhone’ (no matter if you own the latest iPhone 7 / 7 Plus or previous handset).

How to Recover Notes Deleted on Mac or Windows PC, iPhone, iPad

How to Restore Deleted Notes on Windows PC or Mac

Step 1. You need to use iCloud to return your computer Notes. Visit site from your desktop browser.

Step 2. Sing into your iCloud account.

Step 3. Press on the Notes icon to proceed.

Step 4. Press on ‘Recently Deleted’ you’ll find at the left part of the menu.

Step 5. There will be a list of all the notes you removed accidentally or deleted on purpose.

Restore Notes Deleted on Mac

Step 6. Press on the note you plan to restore and click on Recover option (it is located that the upper center of the screen).

Step 7. The note you have pressed on will be restored successfully.

Hopefully you can easily restore all the files you have removed. Just remember that you should do this within the 30 days after you delete it. Otherwise the program will automatically and permanently clean of its folder and your notes won’t be restored.

How to Connect New Mac 5K Display and Fix Possible Issues

Some Apple fans dream about Mac 5K display and you can learn how to connect one well-known monitor to your ‘fruit’ machine. Not all users who are trying to perform this action enjoy the smooth procedure. Many do experience some bugs and issues. You might also come across possible known problems so you need to learn how to solve it before you start.

We are talking about LG UltraFine 5K display. This can be your Macbook Pro external monitor and you should follow the quick tips on how to start working with this display and make your computer even better with a powerful screen.

Remember that different problems are possible. Still you can fix them if you follow the detailed guide below. P.S. You can send amazing disappearing photos and videos on iPhone Instagram which is so cool.

LG 5K Display for Mac

Apple Display 5K Option

The new LG 5K monitor is a spectacular UltraFine 27-inch display. Users are more than happy to get this product to watch movies, films and various videos. This screen offers incredible 5120 x 2880 resolution, 14.7 million pixels and incredible P3 wide color gamut. It sounds very attractive and connecting it to your Mac could bring an unforgettable experience.

The really big display can be a perfect addition to any Mac computer. It can be if you can connect it without problem. Issues are possible so our main goal is to avoid or fix them. Some Mac users are able to bring Touch ID to old Mac models.

LG UltraFine 5K Display for Apple Mac computers

How to Connect LG UltraFine 5K Display to Apple Mac

Step 1. You should own a particular Mac model. So double check that your gadget is compatible with the LG 5K monitor. It currently supports the following models:

  • 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook pro released in 2016

Step 2. Make sure your Apple computer is updated to macOS Sierra 10.12.1 or newer operating system version.

Step 3. If you have the USB-C to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter or cable you are able to connect the monitor to a computer with lower 3840 x 2160 resolution screen:

  • 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook pro released in 2014;
  • Mac Pro released in late 2013;
  • 11-inch or 13-inch MacBook Air launched in the beginning of 2015;
  • iMac versions from 2014 and 2015;
  • Mac mini from 2014 with 3200 x 1800 resolution display.

Step 4. Connect the iMac, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro external monitor using the cable and enjoy the amazing 5K resolution.

How to Connect LG 5K Monitor to Apple Mac Computer

How to Fix Mac 5K Display Problems

The first problem with Apple display 5K connection is the compatibility. If your Mac model doesn’t support this product you won’t be able to connect it. So check once again if you own the correct Mac computer.

The second major issue you could have is related to your macOS Sierra version. Experts say that it is better to update to macOS Sierra 10.12.2 or newer for smoother results.

The LG 5K display can become your second Mac monitor however it could turn on only after you start using macOS version on your Mac Pro or Mac mini or other ‘fruit’ computer you have [it is possible to charge iPhone 7 with MacBook Pro 2016 version].

Double check if you have the correct cable. For example, your Mac won’t get power from the LG screen if it is connected via the Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter. You might need to use the original Apple power supply to charge your computer and use the cable that arrives with 5K display to connect without issues. The Thunderbolt 3 that can offer 5A of power might also be a good choice.

Some options might not work well or not work at all. The Display might not support different pre-boot options. For example, there could be issues with macOS Recovery feature and Boot Picker option.

If your display doesn’t work after you made sure your computer, version of operating system and cable are compatible you should contact LG since this is the company that stands behind the UltraFine 5K display. The firm could help you.

There is LG support page you can visit to fix the problem or get help with the software / user’s manual.

How to Gift iMessage Stickers on iOS 10 iPhone 7

Is it your friend’s birthday or any other holiday you want to celebrate in an unusual manner? You can take advantage of iMessage stickers that are perfect for iOS 10 iPhone and iPad. Have you heard that you can send sticker pack telegram via your ‘fruit’ device? It’s simple, fast and it can be a wonderful gift idea for any special occasion you can think of.

Follow the instruction below and you’ll find out how to send sticker pack for iOS 10 iMessage. Firstly, make sure you have installed iMessage app on your gadget. If your version is an old one you should upgrade it to the most recent release. Secondly, learn more about iMessage stickers and how they can be useful to you. By the way, you can easily transfer files from Evernote to iPhone notes.

iMessage Stickers iOS 10 iPhone

About Stickers for iMessage

There are a lot of great iOS 10 iMessage effects you can enjoy. Using iMessage apps and iOS 10 stickers you can create joyful moments for your friends and family member. Apple presented new iOS 10 in early fall. The company spent the whole summer testing it and trying to fix all known issues and bugs. There are some iOS 10 problems that need to be resolved yet still there are also many interesting changes you can try.

Improve your iMessage iOS 10 app and start the entertainment. This program has the coolest things to offer and sticker pack is one incredible feature you should give a try. Sometimes you can’t find the right words to express yourself. However a cute or funny sticker can show your emotions even better than simple words. No additional efforts are required when you have a step-by-step guide to follow.

iPhone iMessage sticker pack iOS 10

iMessage Stickers Tutorial

Step 1. Open iMessage app on your iPhone or iPad [learn more about single sign-on technology].

Step 2. Select the contact (any contact is good for now since you are not selecting the recipient of the iOS 10 stickers gift yet).

Step 3. Look at the text field. You should see the App icon. Do you see it? Click on it to proceed.

Step 4. Now look down at the left lower corner. There is an App drawer. You should click on it.

Step 5. Press on Store option and choose the sticker pakc you like the most.

Step 6. Click on the Share option that can be found at the upper right part of summary.

Step 7. You are so closer to sharing iOS 10 iMessage effects with other iPhone 7 users. Click on Gift option in the share field.

Step 8. Provide the email address of the gift recipient now [make sure this is the email related to Apple ID].

Step 9. Once the email is entered you can add a message to personalize your virtual gift.

Step 10. Choose the date when you want the gift to be sent.

Step 11. Click on Next at the upper top part of the screen.

How to Gift iMessage Stickers iOS 10 iPhone

Step 12. Select the theme for the gift card you are creating. Click on Next option.

Step 13. Double check all the information and click on Buy option (can be found at the upper right part of the screen).

Step 14. Press on Buy once again and provide your Apple ID passcode.

Step 15. To complete this iMessage stickers guide you should press on OK.

Step 16. Click on Done to complete your purchase.

Send sticker pack telegram as a gift and those who will receive it can use those stickers for free (since you are the one who is paying for the service). Do you think it can be a fabulous holiday gift?

A lot of iOS 10 iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus users should be glad to receive hilarious messages with nice stickers. There are always so many great packs to select from that you’ll love creating exclusive text messages through iMessage. By the way, you can easily find new packs to share in the App Store.

Cool iPhone Instagram Tips: Learn How to Send Disappearing Photos / Videos

It’s always great when you can surprise your friends with disappearing photos Instagram feature. Have you heard about this possibility? Are you a fan of Instagram network? Do you enjoy iOS new features on your iPhone? Have you upgraded to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and wish to explore all the possibilities these models offer?

There are a lot of good Instagram feed ideas you can use. It’s nice to post interesting images and share incredible things you love with other. There are also many different Instagram tips for beginners and some of them let you use the impressive disappearing videos Instagram feature on both iPhone and iPad.

We’ll tell you how to post on Instagram from iPhone using the cool disappearing photos or videos feature. This is not complicated and you’ll love what you can do with the ‘fruit’ gadget and updated iOS 10 firmware version. By the way, Apple presented several new upgrades since it first introduced this operating system in September 2016. A lot of users have already installed the latest update and keep finding new options and things to do. By the way, remember that you can stop Facebook from accessing your iPhone data.

iOS 10 New Features iPhone 7 Photos

Disappearing Photos Instagram / Disappearing Videos

There are a lot of additional things you can do on your social network account. Thus, you are able to live stream videos on Instagram, mute different stories. You can take advantage of Boomerang and make animated GIFs. The iOS 10 message features also allow you sending disappearing images and video files.

You can also send Direct Messages with disappearing videos and photos on Instagram. Such interesting messages can be sent to your friends or even groups of people. The whole idea of such iOS 10 features is simple. The person sees the image or watches the video and it automatically disappears from the inbox. Isn’t it awesome? You will know if the file was watched or seen by you.

Are you ready to learn details about iPhone Instagram tips and how you can send the wonderful surprising message to your friend or share the disappearing photograph with the group of users?

How to Send Dissappearing Photos Videos iPhone 7

How to Post on Instagram from iPhone: Disappearing Files

Step 1. You should find Instagram download link for iOS 10 firmware and install it. If you already have this social network installed on your iPhone 7, 6s, 5s or other model you should make sure the version is the most recent one.

Step 2. You need to access your camera now. Just swipe to the right on your phone display.

Step 3. Take a photo you would like to share. You can also record a short video instead if you prefer sending a video file instead of a picture.

Instagram iOS 10 Dissappearing Photos

Step 4. When you are happy with the photograph or video you need to click on the arrow to proceed. You’ll find this option at the lower right part of the display.

Step 5. Now decide whether you want to send your image or video to one friend or several users at once. Choose your option.

Step 6. Click on Send option you’ll find at the bottom and your message will be sent.

Of course, you should also learn how to use iOS 10 message features to the fullest. When you send someone a disappearing photo or video you would love them to watch it and hope to also check it, right [you can download YouTube videos on iPhone 7]? Learn how to view such files:

Step 1. There is an airplane icon you should click on. You’ll see it at the upper right part of the display.

iOS 10 Airplane Icon iPhone 7

Step 2. The disappearing file should appear in the top bar.

Step 3. You can click on the images with blue rings. This way you can see the files shared by your friends. For videos and images sent to group, you can click on the faded friend’s profile image and respond.

What do you think about the iOS 10 new features? Would you like to share disappearing files through Instagram or not?

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors and Features: Beautiful Concept Ideas

The release of long-awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus makes users wonder about next iPhone 8 features and future Apple iPhone 9. What customers expect to see in 2017? How do experts imagine the next year’s model? The famous Cupertino-based company is already working on its new generation handsets and millions of eyes are closely following all the rumors, news and photos that appear on the web.

It’s hard to speak about iPhone 9 yet because this model is yet to arrive. The official iPhone 9 release date is most likely to happen in 2018. The next 2017 should bring stunning iPhone 8 features as this model should be different from iPhone 6, 6s and 7. At least, this is what designers and users hope for.

Everyone wants to see changes in iPhone 8 images with improved design and fascinating options. What does your imagination tell you? How do you see the future device? Are your ideas differ from numerous iPhone 8 concept versions?

iPhone 8 Concept

iPhone 8 Rumors

Apple does’t show its future gadgets before the official presentation. Still there are many leaks and rumors that turn to be right about the device and reveal its features, real images and specs long before public is introduced to the new ‘fruit’ phone, tablet or computer.

The iPhone 8 price is still not know but many customers already can’t wait to purchase this phone as soon as it arrives. Some users are simply willing to upgrade their older phones and others just enjoy updating to the newest and impressive Apple iDevice.

Concepts don’t promise anything. This is just the curious way to suggest what could be coming in the future. Most concepts stay design ideas but it’s always great to take a glance at amazing and beautiful renders while waiting for the official release. By the way, there are many concepts that are based on rumors and suggestions on what the future model could look like.

iPhone 8 Concepts Images

Possible Apple iPhone 8 Images

The stunning pictures make us wonder what real iPhone 8 video could be like. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the iOS giant presented its own iPhone concepts before releasing the next phone? Well, for now we can only enjoy the design ideas created by third-party companies and individuals.

The model that will celebrate iPhone’s 10th anniversary in 2017 could get the impressive brand new design. It could even look radical to those who are used to the minimalist look of current iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 / 7 Plus.

Edge to Edge Display iPhone 8 Concept

List of Possible iPhone 8 Features

There rumors about edge-to-edge display that preceded iPhone 7 launch are now following the iPhone 8 release. Could it be possible that Apple chooses to use a bezel-free screen or not?

Another rumor promises OLED display and improved fingerprint recognition system. The iOS company could possibly present three iPhone 8 versions with OLED and LCD displays and different screen sizes.

We have already heard about not just fingerprint scanner being embedded into the screen but also a front-facing camera being embedded. Can you imagine this?

iPhone 8 Rumors

Users and designers also dream about wireless charging technology so this is one of the features shown in concepts. There are many smartphones in the market that support wireless charging however Apple still hasn’t introduced it for iPhone 7 so potential customers hope to see it in 2017.

The new gen chip could be A11 processor that will make new iPhone much faster compared to current models.

The concepts also show a version with facial scanning option. Such technology requires special iris-recognition chips so chances Apple would bring such authentication are pretty low since this would increase the price of the device. At the same time, the company likes to surprise the market with innovative technologies that is why designers and users expect something very special about iPhone 8.

There is also an idea about all-glass-body gadgets with stainless steel or aluminum frames. Of course, these are just the ideas and we’ll definitely hear more about the possible iPhone 8 specs, features and options in 2017.

How to Transfer Files on iPhone: iOS Notes App Tutorial for Evernote Users

Would you like to transfer files to iPhone without iTunes? There are a lot of different iPhone transfer software you can use. Everything depends on the type of files you wish to move between your phones or between iPhone and Mac. For example, if you are using Evernote that is believed to be a wonderful note application – there is a simple way how to export Evernote to Apple Notes on both your handset and ‘fruit’ computer.

We know how you can use your iPhone Notes app to move all files from Evernote to your iOS 10 program [learn more about new single sign-on iOS 10 feature]. This instruction will also work for your Mac computer. Follow the iOS Notes app tutorial below and you’ll quickly explore all interesting Apple Notes tips for users with products released by the Cupertino-based company.

How to Transfer Files on iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus

Best iPhone Transfer Software Details

Do you need to use any third-party program to transfer files to iPhone without iTunes? With Evernote, there is no need to install any additional tools when you wish to move your notes. Everything can be done within the program itself. Are you excited to give it a try? You’ll find the step-by-step guide for using your notes iOS 10 below.

Unfortunately, there is no way how you can export all files at once. The process takes a lot of time and you’ll have to be patient. Still you can manage everything eventually. By the way, AT&T iPhone users should learn how to check their mobile data usage.

How to Use Best iPhone Transfer Software

How to Export Evernote to Apple Notes on iPhone

Step 1. Being to export Apple notes by opening Evernote application on your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or other handset model.

Step 2. It’s best to choose one Note you want to export. If you want to export multiple files you’ll have to repeat this guide several times.

Evernote iOS 10 iPhone App

Step 3. Click on More option that looks like 3 dots. You’ll see it at the lower right part of the screen.

Step 4. Click on ‘Share’ option that is available in the Evernote menu.

Step 5. To transfer files on iPhone you’ll have to choose ‘Export Note’ option. This feature should open a new Mail window that has the Note attached as .enex file. Just type in your email address and click on ‘Send’ to email the file.

Transfer Evernote to iOS 10 Notes App

Step 6. Now you can close the app.

Step 7. Don’t put your iPhone away yet. Launch Mail application on it.

Step 8. Select the email you have sent (the one that contains the .enex file).

Step 9. Long-click on this file and you’ll access the extensions window.

Step 10. Click on ‘Add to Notes’ option. This way you can export the file to your iOS 10 iPhone Notes app. There will be a new pop-up window that shows ‘Import Notes’ option. Press on it to continue.

Step 11. You can exit Mail program.

Step 12. Launch iPhone Notes and click on Imported Notes folder.

Step 13. Find your file (in case there is more than 1) and enjoy your note.

How to Transfer Files Mac Evernote to Notes App

How to Move Evernote Files to Apple Notes App on Mac

Step 1. Make sure your computer uses OS X 10.11.4 version or newer operating system.

Step 2. Open Evernote on your Apple machine.

Step 3. You should sign in to Evernote account.

Step 4. Look at the Menu and press on ‘Edit’ option. You’ll be able to move all Evernote files to Notes at once which is impossible on iPhone.

Step 5. Click on Select All option.

Step 6. Select ‘File’ in your Menu and press on ‘Export Notes’. Remember to Name your file.

How to Export Notes Evernote

Step 7. Choose where you wish to have the file saved and press on ‘Save’ option. All your notes will be exported as .enex files just as it happens on iOS 10 devices.

Step 8. Open Notes program on Mac and press on File – Select – Import to Notes.

Step 9. Find the .enex file and press on Import.

Step 10. Confirm your decision by clicking on Import Notes and all your files will appear in iCloud folder ‘Imported Notes’ – isn’t it cool?

You see that it is possible to easily move files from Evernote to your iOS 10 iPhone 7 or Mac Notes app.

Cool iOS 10 Features to Preserve iPhone Camera Settings

There is a list of iPhone 7 hidden features that become available after particular firmware versions update. For example, once updated to iOS 10.2 you’ll be able to play around with your iPhone camera settings and preserve changes. This can be done on different smartphone models and Apple iPad devices.

There is an awesome addition to iOS 10 settings (have you heard about single sign-on iPhone option?) that is called ‘Preserve Camera Settings’ and you can use it to not allow applications to reset the changes you have applied. This is a great thing to do if you have a lot of iPhone camera apps that could possibly reset your default settings. You can now control even more features on your Apple devices.

iOS 10.2 Features Settings for iPhone Camera

What’s New in iOS 10 Settings in Version 10.2

The new operating system update brings not only new iPhone camera features but also ability to use single sign-on option, make emergency calls via Emergency SOS and enjoy the great TV program. Still there are some amazing hidden features you must know about and ‘Preserve Settings’ is one of them.

The incredible iPhone 7 Plus camera tips we’ll talk about below can work on iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and your iPad because the changes are brought by iOS 10.2 firmware and once you install it on your ‘fruit’ gadget you’ll be able to apply the changes.

You can also order factory SIM unlock for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. This is the simplest way to become SIM free from AT&T or other carrier.

iPhone Camera Settings

iPhone 7 Plus Camera Tricks

How can you take full advantage of the new iPhone 7 camera settings? What happens when you turn on the latest iPhone 6s Plus camera settings to ‘Preserve’ mode? In other words, users who like to work with Square mode in their iOS 10 Camera on iPhone will see this particular mode when they launch Camera program (if the mode was preserved). No default camera settings iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 won’t return unless user chooses to change something manually.

Without this mode, your settings will go back to ‘default’ the next time you launch Camera app.
Now it’s time to explain how to use iPhone camera and enjoy the interesting new filter. While iPhone 7 Plus can boast the most powerful camera ever (this is the quick answer to the question ‘which iPhone has the best camera’ ever since the original Apple smartphone release) other handset models can also offer nice photo experience.

iPhone Camera Preserve Settings iOS 10.2 Feature

iPhone 7 Camera Tips for Using Transfer Filter

Step 1. Install iOS 10.2 as this is the only firmware version that currently supports amazing ‘Preserver’ option on iPhone.

Step 2. Once you are updated to iOS 10 you can click on Settings.

Step 3. You need to scroll down a little bit. Find Photos & Camera and click on this section.

Step 4. You need to look under Camera menu.

Step 5. Do you see Preserve Settings, the new iOS 10.2 feature? Click on it.

Step 6. There will be 3 options to choose from. You’ll see Camera Mode, Live Photo and Photo Filter.

Here are some details about these three features. You can click on Camera Mode if you want to save your last mode (Square, Video and not Photo option set up by default). You might wish to click on Live Photo feature if you need to preserve your settings created specifically for Live Photo and not use the default settings. It is also possible to choose Photo Filter if you need to save filter that was used for the last time (Fade, Process or Transfer).

Let’s practice now. Launch Photos application on iOS 10 and set the filters you wish to use. There is no need to remember your settings and set everything up each time you launch one of the iPhone camera apps for your platform. Test this feature and you’ll like how the filter works and preserves your preferences.

What do you think about the upcoming changes and improvements you can enjoy?

Guide on How to Pair AirPods with Different Apple Devices

Have you read the AirPods review? Are you interested in using the new Apple wireless AirPods accessories with the iPhone 7 or other compatible device? This newest product works great with the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. The first thing you should always do when looking for the best AirPods price is to get all the details about this accessory. The second thing you must learn is how it works. Then you need to learn how to pair AirPods with your devices [here are some useful iPhone 7 Instagram tips and tricks].

Pairing AirPods Apple accessories makes you enjoy all the interesting features these new wireless headphones have to offer. The Cupertino-based giant brings the high quality sound to all users who love listening to music and watching movies. We will explain how you can pair and unpair iPHone AirPods with different ‘fruit’ gadgets.

iPhone 7 AirPods How to Pair

How to Pair AirPods with iPhone iOS 10, iPad

Step 1. The whole thing is pretty simple. Make sure you have installed iOS 10 ipsw through direct links or on your iPhone and unlock the device.

Step 2. Open AirPods case.

Step 3. You need to hold the accessory next to the smartphone.

Step 4. AirPod Apple should show setup animation on the phone and you can click on Connect.

Step 5. Press on Done and your iPhone will be successfully paired [it is easy to manage iPhone 7 files even without jailbreaking, did you know this?].

To pair Apple wireless AirPods with iPad you need to update your tablet to iOS 10. Then you should login to your iCloud account (the same one you are using with the iPhone that is already paired) and the syncing will start automatically when you sign into this account from your iPad.

How to Unpair AirPods

How to Unpair AirPods from iPad or iPhone

The new Apple Airpods price might look a bit expensive still once you purchase this accessory you should learn how to unpair it.

Step 1. On your iDevice, go to Settings.

Step 2. Click on Bluetooth option.

Step 3. There will be an info button next to AirPods. Click on it.

Step 4. Click on Forget this Device feature.

Step 5. Confirm your decision and unpairing will be complete.

Apple Airpods

AirPods Cost

It doesn’t matter what gadget you own as AirPods price is the same for different devices. These headphones were released in October. They cost $159. AirPods bluetooth support makes this product interesting to customers who prefer cord-free in-ear headphones to ordinary headphones.

How to Pair Airpods with Apple Mac Watch

How to Pair and Unpair Bluetooth Headphones with Apple Watch, Mac

This is so simple. You only need to pair your smartwatch to iPhone or iPad after updating to watchOS 3, install macOS Sierra on your Mac to sync via iCloud.

When you wish to disconnect the headphones from your watch or computer you should simply unpair AirPods from your new iPhone 7 or previous model. Sometimes you wish to only unpaid the earphones from computer (without unpairing from your handset):

Step 1. Use your Mac. Click-hold Alt key + Bluetooth icon from the menu.

Step 2. Simply press on AirPods.

Step 3. Select Remove option.

Step 4. Confirm that you want to remove the connection.

How to Pair Unpair Apple AirPods

Airpods Compatibility with Apple TV: How to Pair

Step 1. Take the AirPods case. There will be a pairing button on its back. Click-hold it.

Step 2. Now you should open Settings on Apple TV.

Step 3. Select Remotes and Devices.

Step 4. Click on Bluetooth section.

Step 5. Choose AirPods. That’s it.

How to Unpair Headphones from ATV

Step 1. You should select Settings on your TV.

Step 2. Choose Bluetooth from Removes and Devices section.

Step 3. There will be a list where you can choose headphones.

Step 4. Press on Forget Device.

Step 5. Confirm the previous step by selecting Forget Device for the second time.

By the way, if you own a blocked handset there is a way how to officially unlock a blacklisted Apple iPhone without issues.

How to Protect Facebook Mobile Version from Accessing iPhone Data

Are you using Facebook for iPhone? Here come iOS 10 tips that help you to prevent the social network from accessing your iPhone address book and contacts. Follow the step-by-step instruction and learn more about Facebook privacy. There are so many secrets to explore when you update to iOS 10 firmware version. This is the most recent update presented in the fall 2016 for a number of supported Apple devices.

Firstly, let’s make sure you are running iOS 10. All users who have gotten the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus get the new firmware already pre-installed. Those who have previous models (iPhone 6s, SE, 6 and other) that are compatible with the operating system can find direct links to this platform and install it through iTunes or directly on the smartphone.

Secondly, you should know that your iPhone address book can be protected from access by Facebook mobile version. Enjoy the interesting iOS 10 tips and restrict the access to your personal data.

Facebook Mobile App for iPhone 7 Tricks

About Facebook Privacy

Sometimes you see people you don’t even know if Facebook chat. Is it something you are greatly annoyed with (learn how to fix unpleasant iOS 10 bubble effect problem)? Well, Facebook always suggests different people you might want to be friends with even though you have no idea who they are. Your iPhone contacts are uploaded to the social network once you gain this app an access to the smartphone address book.

If you are tired of friend suggestions option you can stop iPhone Facebook program from offering you new friends and accessing your contacts list. There is nothing difficult. It is a quick solution so you can take full advantage of it right now.

Facebook iPhone Contact Access Don't Allow

How to Prevent Facebook for iPhone from Gaining Access to Your Contacts

First Thing to Do: Remove Synced Contacts

Step 1. iOS 10 secrets are unveiled. You need to delete the contacts synced with Facebook from this social network.

Step 2. On your iPhone launch your favorite web browser and visit

Step 3. There will be a list for all contacts that are uploaded to the social network. Look under Uploading and Managing Your Contacts and you will find a Delete All button. Click on it. This way you’ll delete all the synced contacts.

Step 4. You need to confirm your decision. Then all the contacts will be removed and you will get no information about your friends beginning to use Messenger.

Step 5. Make sure you disable Continuous Uploading feature in Messenger. If it is turned on all the contacts you have just removed will be automatically uploaded again when the applications is synced with Facebook.

Step 6. Remember to log out and clear your cache (compare iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus) before the changes will fully apply.

Facebook iPhone Settings Contacts Access

Second Thing to Do: No Access to Addresses

Step 1. The Facebook iPhone tricks continue when you tell the social network to not access your addresses. So launch Settings on your ‘fruit’ gadget.

Step 2. Select Facebook section.

Step 3. There will be a switch near Contacts. Disable this feature. This way Facebook should not get into your addresses ever again.

Third Thing to Do? No Access to Contacts List

Step 1. You should protect iPhone contacts now (remember to back up iPhone). Once again, this can be done directly on your iOS 10 handset.

Step 2. Go to Settings.

Step 3. You’ll have to scroll down so that you can get to Privacy menu and click on it.

Step 4. There will be Contacts section. Press on it.

Step 5. There is another toggle near Messenger. You need to toggle it. Now the popular social network will have no way to get to your contact information and use it to suggest you new friends.

How to Use Single Sign On Technology on iPhone and iPad

The long iOS 10 features list is growing fast. There is a new edition in iOS 10.2 firmware version and it uses single sign on technology for both iPhone and iPad. Apple offers its customers single sign on solutions and the first example arrives with operating system update. By the way, you can fix iPhone 7 storage full issue in case you have this problem.

What is this option about? What are the benefits of single sign on? We are happy to answer these questions and explain how you can enable the long-awaited feature on your iDevice. Nothing is complicated and you’ll love how you can access your applications so much easier.

Would you like to get more freedom on your ‘fruit’ device? By the way, you can turn on the new option on both iOS 10.2 gadgets [iPhone 6s battery replacement can be free to you] and your Apple TV running tvOS 10.1 version. The simple access to your TV content or iOS programs is incredible can be achieved after you enter your credentials only one time (all other accesses will happen automatically on any supported apps).

Single Sign on Implementation Providers

Single Sign on Implementation Providers in U.S.

Only several providers support the new feature in the USA. They are Hotwire, Sling TV, Dish Network, DirecTV, Hawaiian Telcom, GTA, GVTC, MetroCast and CenturyLink Prism. This list will most likely grow in the future so you’ll get more options pretty soon. See the single sign on example below.

Single Sign On iPhone 7 Enable Guide

How to Enable iOS 10.2 Single Sign On Technology on iPhone / iPad

Step 1. Remember that you can turn on the latest option only after you install iOS 10.2. [Learn how to check AT&T iPhone data usage].

Step 2. Take your iPhone or iPad. Go to Settings to start using fun iOS 10 features.

Step 3. Click on TV provider section.

Single Sign On Settings TV Provider iOS 10.2

Step 4. Choose your TV provider (after you made sure it is supported).

Step 5. You’ll have to enter your credentials.

Step 6. Now you should find the applications that are compatible with your subscription on iDevice. Open Settings again – TV Provider section – Find More Apps.

Step 7. You’ll see all the compatible programs on the App Store you’ll be taken to.

There will be NBC, USA NOW, E! Now, Telemundo, Watch Travel Channel and other apps. Some of them support only Apple TV and others are created for iOS platform. There are also titles that work on both platforms (for example, Hallmark Channel Everywhere or Watch DIY).

All iPhone 7 users can factory unlock AT&T iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and use any SIM card.

The great single sign on solutions is not full without you being able to disable this option:

Step 1. Launch Settings on iDevice if you loved the benefits of single Sign on but wish to now disable this option.

Step 2. Select TV Provider.

Step 3. Choose your account.

Step 4. Press on Sign Out option.

Single Sign On Apple TV Feature

How to Implement Single Sign On for Apple TV

Step 1. Install tvOS 10.1 and double check the name of your provider. Only supported cable providers work with the feature. Also keep in mind that only U.S. users can enjoy both advantages and possible disadvantages of single sign on.

Step 2. Launch Settings on your ATV.

Step 3. Go to Accounts.

Step 4. Choose TV Provider section.

Step 5. Choose your provider.

Step 6. Press on Sign In option and enter username / password.

Step 7. Just as it happens with the iPhone (have you heard about secret iPhone 6s codes you can unlock?) or iPad you should launch Settings on Apple TV and choose Accounts – TV Provider once again.

Step 8. Select Find More Apps option to visit App Store and download the programs that are compatible with the feature.

Step 9. You won’t have to sign in by providing your credentials each time you log into one of such apps. This will happen automatically when you enable single sign-on option.

Single Sign On Sign Out Feature

How to Disable Single Sign-On for ATV Running tvOS 10.1

Step 1. Launch Settings on your device.

Step 2. Choose Accounts menu.

Step 3. Select TV Provider section.

Step 4. Press on Sign Out option.

Keep in mind that once you turn off the option you’ll be asked to individually sign in to every application that supports your subscription with one of the nine U.S. providers.

What do you think about these tips and tricks? Do you like the advantage of saving time while logging into your favorite apps? The disadvantage is that anyone who has access to your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV can also sign into your apps without your help.