O2 Direct Carrier Billing for Apple iTunes Purchases Offered in Germany

Apple introduces the new Apple Store carrier billing method in Germany. iPhone O2 users will be the first customers to try this option if they wish to. It is still possible to pay for different digital goods you get through iTunes via your gift card or credit card along with the new third option that is officially arrives this fall.

Carrier billing meaning. What is this service about? The famous Cupertino-based giant allows users to pay for different items from iTunes by linking their phone number to Apple account. This purchase price will appear in the next phone bill. Apple is currently working with O2 network [you can factory unlock iPhone from O2 carrier] only and the service is working in Germany for now.

iTunes Carrier O2 Billing iPhone

Apple carrier billing will soon be introduced in other countries. This is a great way to pay for goods when you don’t have time or desire to use your debit / credit card or wish to pay for the purchase later on. iTunes carrier billing is tied to the carrier bill you get each billing cycle. If you prever using O2 carrier billing in Germany you will have to pay for both carrier services + purchase you made via iTunes in the same billing cycle.

Are you welcome to use only iTunes? The service is available for the whole store meaning you can purchase goods via carrier billing in iBook Store, iOS App Store and Apple Music.

Please note that all prepaid customers will see the price deducted from their phone balance right after purchase. Only data plan subscribers will see the purchase cost in their next bill.

The service is rolling out to both postpaid and prepaid O2 Germany users in November 2015.
It looks like Apple is testing its new option in Germany. Once everything is settled down it will most likely bring the service to China, India and other countries.

Faster iPhone 6s Repair Program for iPhone Models 6S and 6

Users who’ll need to enroll in iPhone 6s repair program should know that some Apple Stores will provide loaners for iPhone 6 and 6s gadgets [the new iPhone 6s sold out in South Korea in just 5 minutes] that require off-site repair. This should make the whole procedure long-lasting. The introduction of the new option should shorten the wait times for customers who have some problems.

When you need to repair iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6s / 6 / 6 Plus you can first double check if your device is eligible for the off-site repair as this is much faster than going through Genius Bars in different countries across the world.

iPhone Repair Program for iPhone 6s and 6

The Cupertino-based company wants to improve its customer service and satisfy more users. Just visit your physical Apple Retail store and ask if you are eligible for faster repair. This program only supports iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6 and 6 Plus with 16GB capacity. If you own the 64GB or 128GB model you might be also lucky to be repair through faster way.

16GB iPhone owners can participate in the 2015 repair program if they are not able to connect to iTunes with their smartphone on Mac or PC, if their gadget doesn’t turn on, or if the iPhone doesn’t want to boot up and continues showing Apple logo.

There are three requirements that give you access to faster iPhone repair. It doesn’t matter if you own AT&T iPhone, Verizon iPhone or other carrier model. By the way, you can unlock iPhone from T-Mobile and any other network using factory IMEI distant service that is also fast and incredible just like the new Apple’s program.

Users who are eligible for off-site repair will be able to send their gadget to this department. The user will be able to use the 16GB smartphone while his own device is repaired [this should take about 3-5 business days]. It is believed that such a service will be available across U.S., in Europe and Japan.

Verizon WiFi Calling iPhone Feature Coming Out?

Most U.S. major networks are already offering iOS 9 WiFi calling feature for iPhone subscribers. However only AT&T got approve from the FCC to roll out this option. Still a lot of iPhone AT&T users had issues with WiFi calling support for a long while. Verizon WiFi iPhone calling needs FCC approve.

The commission likes to block WiFi calling because modern networks that offer this feature don’t offer TTY support and this is must-have these days. AT&T managed to get the waiver for launching the iOS 9 feature without teletypewriter technology. Other companies, Sprint and T-Mobile, deliver the option even without the permission and this drives rivals crazy.

Verizon WiFi Calling iOS 9 iPhone

Verizon didn’t dare to launch Verizon WiFi calling iPhone in U.S. after getting FCC approve.When this happens – we don’t know but subscribers who wanted to factory unlock Verizon iPhone 6s or other model in order to get WiFi calling support from other networks might want to wait a bit until the mobile carrier is granter the waiver just like AT&T has done.

Since American network AT&T started to talk publicly about other networks offering the popular iOS 9 addition without the permission granted by the FCC – the commission could soon respond and make other carriers stop offering the option unless they also introduce support for TTY.

If Verizon gets similar to AT&T approval it will be able to enable the WiFi option for all iPhone users who are running iOS 9 pretty soon. The TTY replacement the company wants to offer in the future is its RTT program however it is reportedly not ready to roll out yet.

While you are waiting for the official WiFi calling support you can use some inner Verizon applications to enjoy this option on iPhone. However the integrated option is yet to come.

Mobile Privacy in USA to Be Invaded by CISA Privacy Act

Will all U.S. companies get a legal right to invade your privacy? Mobile privacy in USA is one of the top concerns of iPhone and other mobile device users as well as people who are using any other tech products [you can order SIM unlock for A&T iPhone 6s already]. Major American technology companies believe that it is highly important to protect privacy, but lately Senate passed the CISA bill that gives any company a free pass to invade privacy.

We should note that Apple and some other firms are opposed to CISA privacy act. CISA stands for Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act. It is not legal and officially approved yet. Once the U.S. Senate passes the bill it has to be passed in the White House.

CISA Bill iPhone Users Privacy USA

According to the bill, US companies invading privacy option will let them share cybersecurity threats with government agencies and other companies. Customers will not be happy with such invasion on their privacy, that’s for sure.

A lot of experts and analysts are sure that CISA bill can be used by government and not private companies to spy on millions of users. A lot of companies and advocates are planning to oppose the CISA privacy act / bill. For example, Yelp, Twitter, Apple, Reddit, Wikipedia, Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft don’t like the idea and are against it – the Senate thinks differently and supports the document.

iPhone AT&T and iPhone Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint users, what do you think about the CISA and your privacy? Apple states it doesn’t support the ‘current CISA proposal’ and this is the support for all customers from across the world. Privacy is the top priority. Will President Obama also support customer and not the bill?

How to Get More Data on iPhone AT&T for Free

Who wouldn’t like AT&T get more data option for their iPhone especially if it is possible to net some of your allowance without truly paying more [you can also reduce your data usage]? The new AT&T Data Perks is the new program the U.S. carrier introduced to its iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s and other phone subscribers. It is possible to use the feature on both iOS gadgets and Android devices so more Americans can benefit from it.

We’ll explain how to get more data on iPhone free of charge and you can decide if this is something you would really like to use nowadays. The program got the name Data Perks. This is how the Big Blue network calls the 2015 plan.

Surely there are some requirements users will have to meet in order to earn more monthly data. This will happen through interactions.

AT&T Data Perks iPhone Program

How to Get More Data on AT&T iPhone for Free

Step 1. Firstly you should have iPhone locked to AT&T [you can run IMEI network checker to double check the name of your original carrier] or you just have to be subscribed to AT&T with unlocked iPhone model. If you want you can also factory unlock your AT&T iPhone 6s or other version without issues.

Step 2. You need to take part in filling different AT&T surveys. To do this you’ll have to install the free application AT&T Data Perks [download link]. This program is the way of communication between the subscriber and carrier.

Step 3. You should also take part in other activities offered by the program and earn some amounts of MB to use for free. You can also shop through the iOS application.

Step 4. It is possible to get from 25MB to 1000MB of data per month through Data Perks option.

Step 5. Unfortunately you will also have to spend all your earned data otherwise it will expire when the billing cycle is over.

The new program is not a part of the rollover option offered by AT&T network in the U.S.

How to Fix iPhone 6s Touch Screen Not Working Issue

The 2015 iPhone models are purchased for a number of reasons [if you have issues with WiFi Assist not working here is how to fix it]. Touch screen and 3D touch is one of them. However some users report iPhone 6s Touch screen not working once in a while. Such random freeze can make you mad because you paid money to get a working and fast responsive touch action.

According to some Apple fans iPhone 6s Touch screen not responding bug can last for approximately 7 seconds. You can either wait or try one of the solutions we describe below. Since the problem happens randomly you might want to get acquainted with all the methods to use them when you are having troubles with your newest gen device.

iPhone 6s Touch Screen not Responding Fix Unresponsive Screen Bug

Unresponsive Touch Screen Fix for iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

Method 1.

The first think you might wanna try is resetting the settings on your iDevice. At least you’ll know if you have to try something else later on if this doesn’t help. Choose Settings if you can and go to General menu – Reset. You should press on the Reset All Settings option if your unresponsive touch screen lets you do so. Wait for the iPhone 6s to reboot.

Note that you’ll have to reconfigure all your settings [for Touch ID, WiFi, passcode etc.] afterwards since they will return to default after this.

Method 2.

You can also solve the unresponsive iPhone 6s screen by hard rebooting [if you want to buy iPhone 6s you can sell your older iPhone model]. Press on Sleep / Wake button along with Home button and wait till you see Apple icon before you release the two buttons. Such method helps in most extreme situations with your iDevice.

Method 3.

One of the fixes to unresponsive iPhone 6s touch screen includes restore from backup option. To do this you should connect to iTunes through USB after disabling Find My iPhone feature. Choose Restore Backup feature from iTunes menu and remember to restore your phone as a new phone.

If the screen doesn’t respond after all the methods you should take your iPhone 6s to the Apple Store to exchange for a new working model.

How to Return iOS 9.1 to 9.0.2 Guide for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Users who are looking for the shortest iOS 9.1 downgrade to iOS 9 instruction can follow the guide below and successfully return from their newest mobile version on iPhone to the previous one [if you don’t have iPhone and hesitate between different models check our comparison of iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6]. Apple is signing 9.0.2 right now so you can install this particular firmware on your iDevice. Unfortunately you cannot get iOS 9 or iOS 8.

We’ll mention one pretty fast guide on iOS 9.1 downgrade iPhone 5 or other model you have. It is easy but you’ll have to do some search as you’ll need to find iOS 9.0.2 ipsw file if you didn’t download and save it when Apple officially released it.

How to Return iOS 9.1 to 9.0.2 on iPhone 5

Step 1. Firstly, make sure you have the 9.0.2 firmware file on your computer.

Step 2. Secondly, double check to make sure Apple is signing 9.0.2 version.

iOS 9.0.2 Apple Signing Status for Downgrade

Step 3. Launch Settings program on your iPhone 5. Select iCloud and disable Find My iPhone program.

Step 4. Users who started to prefer 6-digit code over the 4-digit code have to change it back to the 4-digit passcode. This way you’ll be able to unlock iPhone 5 when you are downgraded and running iOS 9.0.2 [here are some other useful iOS 9 tips and tricks you should learn about].

Step 5. Backup. Remember to do this. You can use iTunes.

Step 6. Now connect via USB to your computer while the iPhone is running iOS 9.1.

Step 7. Launch iTunes on PC / Mac.

Step 8. Choose your iDevice from iTunes top menu.

Step 9. Press on Shift [Windows] or Alt / Option [Mac] and click on Check for Update on iTunes.

Step 10. Choose your 9.0.2 file and allow iTunes to restore to iOS 9.0.2.

Step 11. Press update and wait.

Step 12. As soon as iTunes completes restoring your iPhone, it will restart and you will find Slide to upgrade option. You can enter the 4-digit passcode and activate the iPhone running iOS 9.0.2 instead of 9.1.

iTunes 12.3.1 Download Available with Better Performance

While you might be thinking which gadget is better to buy: iPhone 6s or Galaxy S6, the iOS 9.1 update was followed by new iTunes 12.3.1 update. Are you ready to install this program on your Mac or Windows? The upgrade brings some new enhancements and should deliver better performance.

The most recent iTunes 12.3.1 download is already available on Apple official site www.itunes.com/download. You can download it and install on your computer. The fixes are must-have. For example, the program should be more stable and perform better compared to the previous version.

You can also install it through Mac App Store where the update is available via Update menu [if you are trying to use iOS 9 WiFi Assist and it fails to work you should learn the reasons that can cause this]. Here are the main iTunes 12.3.1 system requirements you should meet in order to run it on your Mac or PC machine.

Download iTunes 12.3.1 Update System Requirements Mac Windows

iTunes 12.3.1 Requirements for Mac System

You should have Intel processor, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or faster if you are planning to watch 720p or 1080p HD videos on iTunes.

Remember to install OS X platform 10.8.5 or newer version. Users who are looking for Apple Music streaming service should update to OS X 10.9.5 or later operating system update [install OS X 10.10.3 or newer for iTunes Extras]. You’ll only need to make sure you have at least 400MB of free space on your disk.

iTunes 12.3.1 Requirements for Windows System

Users who have PC with 512 MB of RAM, the processor can be AMD / Intel with 1 GHz and SSE2 support. If you are planning to watch 720p HD videos you’ll need at least 1GB of Ram. For 1080p HD videos you’ll need at least 2GB of RAM.

The video card should be modern to be compatible with DirectX 9.0.

You must be running Windows 7 or newer version.

iPhone iOS 9.1 Unlock for Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile

It doesn’t matter that much what carrier your iPhone is locked to. It is possible to order iPhone iOS 9.1 unlock for most popular networks across the world. You just need to know the name of your original network and status of your Apple smartphone.

You know that each iPhone has to be activated with network in order to use it. If the handset is not activated it is not found in Apple and carrier databases meaning it is impossible to SIM unlock it. Use iPhone network checker to make sure you are activated and proceed with the order.

SIM Unlock iPhone iOS 9.1

In order to unlock SIM iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus, 4S, 5s, 5 and other models from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and other networks in and outside the U.S. you should make sure you are activated, double check the name of your network and use IMEI network check service to get other important details about your phone: its blacklist status, contract / off contract state and lost / stolen status.

If the device is reported as stolen or lost you cannot unlock it. If the device is blocked [blacklisted] by carrier – you can SIM unlock it however you will not be able to use it in the country where you are originally blocked. The gadget will remain blocked after the service but it will be usable with other networks outside this country.

iPhone iOS 9.1 SIM unlock currently supports only clean IMEIs meaning the gadget must not be blocked, barred, blacklisted. You should choose your network and iPhone model and place your order. We guarantee fast unlock results at affordable price. Please read our Terms and Conditions before you place your order.

It is great that factory IMEI unlock doesn’t depend on your baseband or iOS version. The service is good for all current basebands and firmwares including the most recent iOS 9.1 that was released by Apple in late October.

The unlock is permanent. You’ll preserve your SIM free status after restoring, updating, upgrading and backing up.

iPhone No Service Fix Guide for iOS 9, iOS 8 [Six Methods]

Sometimes when you wish to become SIM unlocked you get ‘iPhone no service’ problem which doesn’t let you insert different SIM cards and use them. Is there a way how to fix this unpleasant error? We know at least six methods you can use in order to resolve the issue when your iPhone says no service while you want your handset to connect to any network across the world after factory unlocking it.

Who gets the issue? We can note that mostly this problem occurs to iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 users who tried to unlock their phone with Ultrasn0w program, activate the smartphone via Redsn0w or SAM tool and users who tried to jailbreak their smartphone running iOS 8 or iOS 9, restore it or upgrade to newer firmware version [for example, there is new Verizon iPhone upgrade program]. You can surely fix everything.

iPhone No Service Problem fix iOS 9 iOS 8 iPhone 5s iPhone 6

How to Fix No Service on iPhone Bug

  • You can try to hard reboot your iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s
  • You can trick with your Airplane Mode [enable / disable it]
  • Trick your Network Settings
  • You can play some tricks with the SIM card
  • You can try to play with 3G data and roaming
  • You can try different activation and deactivation tools [learn how to activate your iPhone after factory IMEI unlock service]

iPhone No Service Problem Fix. Method 1

The first thing you can try to do reboot your iPhone 6 / 5s. Do the hard reboot. Here is what exactly you should do: click-hold your Home + Power buttons simultaneously and count for 3-5 seconds. Release them to find Apple logo on your screen and iPhone booting. Hopefully after you do this and turn your device back on you’ll be able to use any SIM card and get the signal from the carrier.



iPhone No Service Solution. Method 2

With the new SIM inserted after iPhone unlock you can enable and disable AirPlane mode on the iOS 9 or iOS 8 iPhone. Hopefully a couple of tries can bring back your signal.

Fix to iPhone No Service Bug. Method 3

When you reset your network settings you might fix the problem with absent service on iOS 9, iOS 8 iPhone 5S and 6 models. It is simple to complete this procedure. You should make sure that the SIM that doesn’t bring the signal is inserted into your phone SIM tray. Now launch Settings menu, select General tab and choose Reset. It’s time to also click on Reset Network Settings option.

iPhone Reset Network Settings How to

iPhone No Service SIM Card Trick. Method 4

While the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s is still on you should take away the SIM card that shows no signal. Turn off your smartphone. Now with the smartphone being off insert the SIM card back in. Turn on your device. It can return the service.

If the first attempt didn’t help you to fix the bug you can first turn off the phone, then take the SIM card out, turn on your iPhone and insert the SIM card. Maybe this solution works better.

3D On / Off Trick. Method 5

When you have no service on iOS 9 or iOS 8 iPhone that is unlocked you can launch Settings and go to General – Cellular menu where you can select Network tab. Here you are able to turn on and turn off your 3G. You can also enable and disable Data Roaming feature and turn on / turn off your Cellular Data.

All these manipulations should bring back the service on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s.

Enable 3G Data Roaming on iPhone How to

Activation No Service Solution. Method 6

Users who factory unlocked their smartphone and then tried to activate or deactivate their iPhone with SAMPrefs or Redsn0w or similar tool – can try to insert any SIM into the gadget, connect to iTunes using USB cable and create a back up copy of the smartphone. You can do simple restore or enter DFU mode [either way is good] and Restore afterwards.

Set up the iPhone 5S / 6 as a new phone. Do not restore from backup when you are prompted to choose the next step by iTunes. You will see the activated guide for the SIM that is inserted into your tray. Follow it and you will most likely get the signal.

Why Do I Get No Service After iPhone Unlock?

Reason 1. Maybe your iPhone is barred, blocked or blacklisted by your network. The gadget might be also listed as stolen or lost or the previous owner [if you got the used model] didn’t pay the bills to carrier. If this is the reason you can easily find everything out by using IMEI blacklist checker. You can also try to contact the original carrier and try to fix everything on your own.

Reason 2. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s are both using Nano SIM. If you are trying to insert the Micro SIM or regular SIM card you will not succeed because your handset can’t detect it. Try different SIM [maybe from a different network] and better find Nano SIM to successfully get the service.

Reason 3. Any iPhone model, including the iPhone 6 and 5S, can break if it falls. This could also be the reason that causes No Service message. If the issue is with your hardware you can only take the phone to repair center and have it fixed.

Reason 4. The network you are trying to connect to after unlock might not even be covering your area. If this is the issue you have to find a different carrier SIM.

Readon 5. The issue can be with the SIM card. It might need to fix. If you insert a different SIM card and get the signal you might need to contact your network [the one for which the SIM card is not working properly] and find a solution.

iPhone Antenna Bug

Reason 6. If you have issues with antenna you might not get the signal. Take the iPhone to the service center to have it fixed or better take it to Apple and get the replace.

Factory unlock always guarantees the permanent result if your iPhone is not broken, blacklisted and has no other issues with network or hardware.