How to Call Emergency Services on iPhone with Siri

Siri emergency call service can be very important for iPhone 6 and future iPhone 6S users. Sometimes your battery is dead or you have no service available – you can still use Siri and make it place the call for you. You just need to find any charging source and connect to it to use your Apple smartphone and make it come to your rescue.

You’ll need to activate your personal assistant with ‘Hey Siri’ option. There is no need to hold the handset in your hands. However remember to plug it into your car or somewhere else since without power your gadget will not work unfortunately.

Siri iPhone Emergency Call

How to Call Emergency Services on iPhone

Step 1. Hold down your Home button if you have the gadget in your hands to activate Siri. If the Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint iPhone is near you, use “Hey Siri” option to do the same thing.

Step 2. Use one of the phrases below in order to call your emergency service:

*Call the Police or Call the Cops will make Siri dial the Police for you

*Phone 911 or Call 911 will make your smartphone dial the emergency line if you are in the U.S. now

*Call Emergency Services or Phone Emergency Services will also make Siri dial the special lines for you depending on what country are you in at the moment

If you don’t know the emergency line phone number you can always say ‘Dial 911’ and Apple’s assistant should find the correct contact and dial it for you. Remember that all these services require you being connected to cellular network.

You can always cancel your phone call within the next 5 seconds. But don’t place such calls without need. They should only be used in emergency situations.

24 Karat Gold iPhone 6S Price and Early Registration

Are you excited about the new lineup of Apple smartphones? Potential customers who wish to purchase the iPhone 6S gold edition can already register their interest in this expensive model. Apple doesn’t unveil much information about its new generation handsets however some consumers can’t wait and are more than eager to add their names to the waiting list.

What will iPhone 6S gold price in India and U.S. be? This is the question some users might ask. The price difference in gold edition smartphones is always pretty huge. For example, one British company was offering the 24 karat gold iPhone 6 model with diamonds for nearly $3.5 million. The cost very much depends on the firm that is customizing handsets.


While 24 karat gold iPhone 6S price is not announced yet, there are companies that let potential consumers to pre-register for their customized gadget with gold finish. Goldgenie is one of the firms that is offering such an option even before the 6s version is officially announced by Apple. Just as always, it is possible to select between rose gold, 24 karat gold and platinum iPhone finishes. The price would be around $3 million per device.

Apple is supposed to unveil next phones on September 9th. Official pre-orders should be taken beginning on September 11th and the iPhone 6s public release date should be September 18th if all the numerous rumors from China, Germany and France are real.

The “S” line will get iOS 9 pre-installed on them. This firmware is not jailbreakable at the moment since Apple patched holes in iOS 8.4.1 firmware code still hackers will continue searching for new exploits and finding more ways for untethering iOS 9 platform once Apple launches it to public.

It is curious that Goldgenie company stops taking pre-registrations for Gold edition phones on August 31st. Does it mean Apple would introduce iPhone 6s earlier than September 9th or not? We don’t know anything for sure yet.

How to Sign Up Documents on iPhone

There are situations when you need to get AT&T iPhone documents signing app in order to fax documents when there is no fax machine in your home [also learn how to unlock AT&T iPhone without SIM card]. Thanks to modern technologies it is possible to virtually sign your documents through iPhone. There is no need to use expensive programs since there are affordable applications that can help you perform this important task right on the iDevice.

It is possible to get Adobe Acrobat Reader program and use it for all the basic tasks. This tool is useful for signing documents and all iPhone owners who come up with a task can learn how to use it on your gadget.

iPhone Sign Up Documents

How to Sign Up Documents on iPhone

Step 1. Install the free iOS application called Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can find it on the App Store.

Step 2. You should use the new program to open a document you want to sign up.

Step 3. Choose the place where a signature will appear.

Step 4. Click on Signature option.

Step 5. If you have the signature saved on your AT&T iPhone click on Add Signature and it will be added to your document.

Step 6. If you don’t have a saved signature you can create one with stylus / finger. Remember to Save it and it will appear on your document.

Step 7. It is now time to tap-hold on your signature and you will get options to choose from. You can delete your signature if you don’t like it, make it thicker, and choose color and opacity. You can also move your signature to different locations on the document.

Step 8. That’s it. The document can be now send to its recipient.

This is a great way of signing documents on iPhone without scanning or faxing them.

Apple Or Samsung? The New Case in the Court

Modern customers always have to choose Apple or Samsung phone, LG or HP devices etc. There are a lot of popular brands that produce useful gadgets and consumers have hard times deciding on the model and company they would like to get [if you have iOS 8.4.1 iPhone locked to Verizon you can SIM unlock it]. It’s not a secret that there are iPhone fans, Samsung Galaxy fans and other groups of customers who like particular brand and don’t like its rivals. The similar situation happens between the famous companies that often file lawsuits against each other.

Apple vs Samsung lawsuit

The news about Samsung vs Apple lawsuit is not surprising any more. The two smartphone creators have several cases in U.S. courts. Apple believes that its iPhone design is being copied by other companies. Other companies are sure that iPhone design patent is invalid and cannot be the design owned by Apple only because the forms of the handsets are pretty much alike.

Samsung has plans to appeal in the American Supreme Court since U.S. Appeals court has rejected the company’s appeal for re-examination of the case. The hearing might take place sometime by November.
Samsung was told to pay Apple millions of dollars because of the patent violations. At the same time, according to the USPTO, the design patent under the name D’677 for the Apple handset iPhone is invalid.

This patent might change the case and Samsung hopes to prove that it doesn’t violate the ‘fruit’ company’s patent technologies when it comes to innovations and high-tech industry. Samsung has hopes to take up the matter with the U.S. Supreme Court and require re-examination once again. The company is being supported by other firms such as Google, Dell and Facebook.

It’s not clear if the Court agrees to take up the case with iPhone design patent or not. It has time to decide till June 2016.

iPhone 6S Pre Order Day Announced

When is the official iPhone 6S pre order day [this cell phone will get iOS 9 WiFi calling from AT&T]? Experts and analysts are sure that Apple is going to present new generation smartphone lineup this fall. Different dates were predicted by them. Most rumors are sure that the famous Cupertino-based giant is going to start the official sales on September 18th and pre-orders date will precede the launch.

As some French sources mention, iPhone 6S pre order date is September 11th. This is when Americans can most likely place their pre-order and get the new model shipped on September 18th when the official release date is planned.


How to pre order iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S? We still don’t know how Apple will name its new handsets. There are reports about 6S and 6S Plus versions as well as 6c and 7. No matter how the devices are to be named they should get Force Touch option and other interesting features and options. However there won’t be major changes in design and overall feel of the iDevice compared to the current gen iPhone 6 / 6 Plus.

French and German carriers leaked some details about the new phone launch. Their databases prove that Apple should announce iPhone 6s on September 9th, start taking pre-orders on September 11th and officially release the next gen smartphones on September 18th.

Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet. Carriers could be making their plans based on rumors however the company could change everything the very last moment to surprise consumers. Even though the dates might line up with everything we’ve heard about “s” lineup – you don’t have to rely on this information.

Keep waiting for Apple to confirm everything soon and announce the public launch and pre-orders date as well as the new iPhone names for 2015. Even if some dates change there won’t be major changes and we should expect to see the gadget update sometime in September.

Unlock iPhone 5 AT&T Without SIM Card

Is it possible to unlock iPhone 5 AT&T for free? You can follow this instruction and try to complete this simple procedure. It works the best when you have an active AT&T account that is in good state. All users who wish to unlock iPhone 5 at home without AT&T account and SIM card should use factory IMEI service that guarantees the successful result for most customers.

AT&T iPhone 5 Unlock at Home Without SIM

Here is what you have to do:

Step 1. In order to unlock iPhone 5 AT&T you should call the carrier at 611 or (800)-331-0500. It is also possible to visit AT&T site and chat with the company’s representative.

Step 2. It is possible to provide your current phone number when the system asks for one even if you are planning to SIM unlock a different handset.

Step 3. Tell the mobile operator you wish to unlock your gadget. Make sure you have the off contract iPhone otherwise AT&T will not unlock it.

Step 4. You’ll have to provide the iPhone IMEI [for the device you wish to unlock].

Step 5. Leave your active email address where AT&T should email you the guide on the unlock activation.

Step 6. When email arrives [it can take 5-7 days] you will have to back up your gadget and restore using iTunes.

Step 7. You should be completely unlocked now.

How to Unlock iPhone 5 AT&T Without SIM Card

If you are on contract or have bad account with AT&T and no SIM card you can order distant factory AT&T iPhone 5 unlock service. You also should know your IMEI code and check the information about your device using IMEI checker.

The factory unlock can take 1-2 days. You will also get the instruction via email on how to activate your new status using iTunes. Nothing is impossible even with AT&T ‘fruit’ smartphone.

How to Replace iSight Camera iPhone 6 Plus

Would you need to replace iSight camera iPhone 6 Plus? Apple provides such an opportunity to its customers who get issues with their rear-facing camera. If your photographs start to look blurry this might be a case to take part in the new replacement program that is launched for 6 Plus models only.

Only a small amount of iPhone 6 Plus models feature the problematic component that fails and cause your images to look blurry. If you happen to own the AT&T iPhone 6 Plus with the faulty part you can participate in iPhone 6 Plus iSight camera replacement program and get the component fix along with better looking pictures.

Replace iPhone 6S iSight Camera

How can you guess if you are eligible for replacement or not? According to Apple support page, only some serial numbers can have the problem. These models are believed to be sold in the time frame between September 2014 last year and January 2015. If you were looking for the new smartphone for last Christmas you might have purchased this very version that might cause issues with quality images taken with your iSight camera.

iPhone 6 Plus iSight Camera Replacement

Step 1. Make sure you experience problems with photos taken with iSight camera.

Step 2. If you get blurry photos and have iPhone 6S you should make sure that your serial number is falling into the eligible range.

Step 3. Contact Apple as the company is eager to replace your camera free of charge.

If you don’t have issues with iSight camera and blurred images you cannot replace your iSight camera for free. If your camera doesn’t focus very well and this results in blurry images you might still want to contact Apple and double check if you could get the no-cost replacement.

Once again, only a small percentage of users experience problems with their Optical Image Stabilization so this might not affect you at all.

iPhone 6S Specs and Details Confirmed by China Telecom Rep

Will iPhone 6S China model get pink version or not? There were rumors about the new pink color for the “S” lineup of the upcoming Apple smartphones and the first iPhone 6S specs were confirmed by China Telecom representative weeks before the official public launch of this new generation handset.

There is no information about iPhone 6S China price. Still unknown sources at China Telecom have reportedly confirmed some rumors about this ‘fruit’ device before the Cupertino-based giant reveals more information about it. If you wished to get a pink iPhone in hands you’ll be sad to hear that there won’t be such models this year.


China Telecom iPhone 6s details promise no pink iDevices in 2015. The release date is supposed to be on September 18-25 and the two new gadgets, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6S, are believed to get the Force Touch technology, improved A9 chip, better camera and 2GB of RAM.

All these specs were already mentioned by numerous sources. China Telecom mobile operator will most likely offer iPhone 6S lineup this fall. Still the confirmations are not official so we cannot trust everything we hear about the new iOS phone before we hear what Apple has to say about its products.

This year Apple might release three different handsets. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are rumored to be launched in mid September and iPhone 6c [affordable colorful lineup similar to iPhone 5c] could follow the two other versions later on. There still might be pink color option at least on the ‘c’ line.

It’s really unlikely for Apple to share upcoming phone details with mobile operators from different countries across the globe. The await is nearly over and a lot of anonymous sources would offer more ‘details’ about this device until the official introduction takes place in the U.S.

iPhone AT&T Foundation Scholarships Grant $50,000 to GSU

AT&T scholarship 2015 program is a useful program this U.S. carrier is doing every year. The well-known U.S. carrier grants $50,000 to GSU and these scholarships will support over 20 students for one year. The exact number of awards is 23. The contribution is announced for different areas of studies that include engineering, technology, science and math.

AT&T foundation scholarships is a great opportunity for students to study harder for a chance to get $2,000, $2,500 or $5,000 scholarship from the iPhone AT&T mobile operator in the U.S. The company is supporting STEM education in Louisiana. According to experts, those students who get scholarship and grants financial support show better results and reach higher success. They prove that they deserve this financial aid and working even harder to improve their rates of success.


GSU or Grambling State University is a public institution AT&T supports. AT&T is the second biggest carrier in the United States that is believed to throttle its customers and yet it also supports students by offering them scholarships.

If you still think that you want to switch to a different network you are welcome to order distant AT&T iPhone 6 or other model unlock. Such service is remote and fast. It is safe to get since you don’t install any programs on your iDevice.

All you should do is run IMEI network check services to make sure you are locked to AT&T and find out details about your handset. Based on the contract / off contract status and IMEI state [clean, blocked, blacklisted] you can select the IMEI unlock packaging based on your information and get successful permanent unlock results that last for as long as you are using your Apple handset.

iPhone 6c Release Date Rumors

The next budget iPhone model price is not known and it’s hard to compare its price to the previous colorful iPhone 5c versions. Analysts predict iPhone 6c release date for the end of 2015. Apple should unveil iPhone 6S and 6S Plus smartphones first in the fall and might offer the next update in the fourth quarter.

Reports assure that the Cupertino giant is indeed creating the low cost version. iPhone 6c rumors come from China. At first not many people believed that Apple could release three new models of phones this year but now more users start to think that this could be possible. Why? Apple’s new “S” line won’t be selling as hot as iPhone 6 last year [according to rumors] so the company might prefer unveiling another choice for customers to increase revenue.


Adding another model to its sales line should not be a problem for a well-known and extremely popular company. Apple is known across the world and its brand is highly popular these days. Simplicity and elegance of the ‘fruit’ products guarantees high sales even when users expect more than the company actually offers.

You’ll be able to unlock iPhone 6c from any carrier once this model is officially launched. It should be running iOS 9 just like other 2015 gadgets introduced by Apple. But no one can tell you when exactly this low cost model will appear on the shelves.

All potential Apple customers are now waiting for the big fall release of the “S” lineup which is rumored to get Force Touch option along with other features. This won’t be a major upgrade compared to the previous year release still different carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, are already offering their deals and new data plans along with attractive upgrade options to users in hopes to keep current and get new subscribers.