Permanent Zain Telecom Kuwait Unlocking for iPhone 4S / 4 / 5 / 5S

Zain is one of the most popular carriers in the Middle East and Kuwait is not exclusion. Here you can find unlocking solution for Zain iPhone 4S, 4, 5, 5S locked in Kuwait.

Get official (confirmed by Apple and carrier) and permanent iPhone unlock and this will allow you to enjoy any non-supported before SIM cards from around the world.

IMEI number is easy to find:

dial *#06# and you will see the IMEI on the screen.


open Settings – General – About and look for the IMEI, 15-digit number.

You can order factory unlock for Zain iPhone from Kuwait using our service. This is official, legit and 100% safe. No need to jailbreak or open or break your device. Just send request and wait for the results.

How to Order Unlock for Zain Kuwait iPhone

Step 1. Provide all necessary information [model of the iPhone, IMEI code, name, email, carrier] in the order form above.

Step 2. Choose “Buy Now” and pay for the order. If you don’t have PayPal choose another offered option “Don’t have PayPal account”.

Step 3. After the payment will be received your unlocking request will be sent to the carrier for unlock. In this case, we (you) can’t cancel the order because our supply chain doesn’t allow us to do this.

Step 4. Look for the confirmation email with your unique Order ID.

Step 5. When unlock will be finished you will receive another email that includes a guide on how to finish unlock via iTunes.

We provide iPhone unlock service at business hours, 9 AM – 6 PM, Monday through Friday. No turnaround time is guaranteed.

If you have questions regarding unlock you can always contact us or visit FAQ page.


We guarantee the service if you are eligible:

– You have the iPhone 4S / 4 / 5S / 5 / 5C locked to Zain. If you don’t have such info use iPhone network checker and get results in minutes

– Your IMEI code is clean, not bared / blacklisted / blocked

– You are highly advised to use iPhone blacklist checker to be sure you don’t have Zain iPhone that is blacklisted.

– If you have lost / blacklisted / stolen IMEI you will give no refunds because this package is only for clean IMEI

– You have an activated iPhone with Zain Kuwait

– You have paid for the service because only after we receive a payment the request will be sent immediately

– If you make a mistake while placing the order and your Zain iPhone is not activated with this Kuwait carrier we can’t cancel order and give NO REFUND for you

– Read and agree with our Terms and Services

Make Unlocking to Be Your Official Business

Users who are wholesalers or run their phone store are welcome to register on to start their personal unlocking business at the lowest prices.

Why Unlocking Zain Kuwait iPhone

There are a lot of benefits or ordering Zain iPhone unlock.

* This is permanent result [in other words, you will never get locked]

* Take a trip with your iPhone and forget about expensive roaming. Just insert SIM card you need and enjoy

* Your are able to switch between carriers, safe money on charges and enjoy being free

* The service is distant. No need to bring iPhone anywhere

* Fast and working unlocking solution for your device

* iPhone warranty is remained

* The unlock is 100% safe for your gadget

* The service is good for all iPhone models, all iOS versions, all baseband versions

* You can safely sync, restore, update using iTunes, install new firmware

* Update your device to any new iOS and stay unlocked

* There is no need to install some unofficial software or open your device

* All your apps and games will be working after unlock as usual

* If you provide real information and meet requirements but we can’t unlock your iPhone, we guarantee money back