Fix iPhone Crashes When Deleting Apps Issue With Ease

If you iPhone crashes when deleting apps then here is very useful guide for you. Some of users reported that using iOS 8, their iPhones crashed when trying to delete an app. They could do anything when this happened. All they could do was to wait an excruciatingly long time for the delete option to finally did it work.

iphone crashes when deleting apps

It seems that not everyone experienced this issue but those that do seem to typically have the following things in common:

  • Lots of apps installed on your iPhone or iPad (200+)
  • Majority of apps are running in the background
  • iOS 8.0 software update or higher

Happily, there is a way to stop the crashing issue from happening, at least until Apple company will develop a permanent issue fix.

How to Fix iPhone Crashes When Deleting Apps

This issue seems to result from a way iOS handles memory. Closing all open apps from the multitasking section of iOS before trying to delete an app solves the problem. If you don’t know how to do that, please follow these steps to do it with ease:

Step 1. Double click your Home button on your iPhone or iPad to bring up multitasking.

Step 2. Swipe all open apps up in order to close them.

Step 3.You can touch and delete up to three apps at once to save time

Step 4. Once all the apps have been closed, try deleting an app again. After that the iPhone crashes when deleting apps issue should be gone.

Learn How To Setup Complex Passwords On Your iPhone

Here is useful guide how to setup iPhone complex passwords. Apple company has made it difficult for attackers to bypass a passcode lock, and made our iOS devices more secure with Touch ID.

how to setup iPhone complex passwords

As it was reported last week about small IP box that was able to use brute force to bypass a passcode and gain entry to a locked iOS device while touching its data. Also a hacker has developed a utility for Mac called TransLock tool, that can do the same job via USB. If that has got you worried, then you need to change simple 4-digit password to complex password on your iOS device.

Here Is How To Setup iPhone Complex Passwords

Step 1. First launch the Settings app.

Step 2. Then scroll down, and click on Touch ID & Passcode.

Step 3. If you had 4-digit password, then enter the password when prompted.

Step 4. Scroll down, and to turn it off click on the toggle next to Simple Passcode.

Step 5. You will be asked to enter the old password. Enter your old 4-digit passcode.

Step 6. Now you will be prompted to enter the new password. To enter a new passcode use the full keyboard. To create a super strong password you can use a combination of letters, numbers, special characters and also accented or alternate letters. Keep in mind that you can forget complex password. This is why apps like 1Password allows you to create and save complex passwords can can be very useful herein. Or you can also use Siri to create a complex password.

Step 7. Click on Next after entering the password.


Step 8. Re-enter your new passcode, and click Done option.

The work is done. After setting up a complex passcode to enter the new one you will be able to use a full text-and-number keyboard. Now you know how to setup iPhone complex passwords to safe your device.

Possible T-Mobile Phone Unlock Problems You Can Come Across

While iPhone 6 users cannot get T-Mobile unlock app non-Apple devices that support it can become SIM free in no time. This is a no-cost application created by the carrier but at the moment it supports only two gadgets, Sony Xperia Z3 and Samsung Galaxy Avant. If you happen to have a second phone besides your iPhone you might like to distantly unlock it using this program.

There are possible T Mobile phone unlock problems we’ll mention below. Still let’s begin with the free T-Mobile unlocking software that you can download directly from this U.S. carrier if you have one of the two smartphones mentioned above.

Once again, you cannot unlock your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5c, 5 or other model from T-Mobile with this program.

T-Mobile Phone Unlock App Issues

Unlock Phone with T-Mobile App Guide

Step 1. Download the T-Mobile Mobile Device Unlock application for either Sony Xperia Z3 or Samsung Galaxy Avant, that are both Android phones.

Step 2. Connect to cellular or WiFi network.

Step 3. Select the option titled Device Unlock and choose either temporary or permanent solution. Wait till you become SIM unlocked.

T-Mobile Phone Unlock Issues

*I get an alert in the notification tray after unlock.

If you have such a problem you should restart your phone.

*I cannot get temporary unlock via WiFi network.

Temporary unlock can be only achieved via cellular data connection. WiFi doesn’t support this type of SIM unlocking.

*How do I know when my temporary unlock expires?

Once it expires you will get an expiration message.

*Why can’t I unlock my Android phone with the app?

You have to make sure you are eligible for this unlock. Even though this is a free app to use directly on the smartphone you still have to have a T-Mobile active account in good standing, clean IMEI and clean device.

*I get a message that server is not responding.

You should check your internet connection.

iOS 8.3 Password Settings Allows Free Download From App Store

It has been discovered iOS 8.3 App Store password setting in the Settings app which will allows users to set up their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad so that downloading free iTunes apps and iTunes media bypassing an Apple ID password.

main picture

Now if someone will try the latest iOS 8.3 beta he will discover this new change in the latest software from Apple. Found within settings, and then navigating to the “iTunes & App Store” area, there’s a new option called “Password Settings.” Clicking on that will let the user to make some changes to the way that free content is accessible via the App Store and/or iTunes. This new feature will be available only when Touch ID is disabled. If Touch ID is enabled, the new option will disappear.

Located in the iTunes & App Store section in iOS 8.3’s Settings app, the ‘Password Settings’ subsection gains much welcomed changes to the way Apple treats free app and iTunes media content downloads. There, you’ll find an altogether new Require Password option.

Just move the switch to ON and the App Store and iTunes will allow you to download free apps from the App Store, free music, movies and television shows in the iTunes Store and free books from the iBooks Store bypassing your Apple ID password in App Store with iOS 8.3 update.

ios 8.3 app store password

The new option currently is not showing up in all regions. Unfortunately, paid apps and iTunes products still need a password or Touch ID authentication.

Additionally, this section also gains another option to require a password for additional purchases (Always Require and Require After 15 Minutes), including In-App Purchases, after making a purchase with your Apple ID. In prior iOS versions, this option is available by navigating to Settings > General > Restrictions > Require Password.

The third beta of iOS 8.3 was seeded to registered iOS developers on March 12. So with iOS 8.3 App Store password not required for free download users will get new feature to use.

How to Unlock iOS 8.2 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile

Is it possible to unlock iPhone 6 AT&T or from any other mobile network across the U.S. or outside this country? It is indeed possible and everything is so simple you’ll be surprised. There is no need to even leave your house or search for places where to unlock iPhone 6 in NYC or other cities worldwide.

There is a number one solution that supports all carriers you can be using, including Sprint, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, AT&T, O2, Orange, Telstra, SFR, Tele, Verizon or other network from the U.S., Australia, France, the UK, Canada, Germany and other countries.

In order to unlock iPhone 6 iOS 8.2 which is the most recent mobile firmware released by Apple. If you are not updated to it, you can easily install iOS 8.2 through OTA update or direct links. Don’t worry. If you don’t wish to upgrade and prefer staying on iOS 8.1.3, 8.1.2 or earlier versions you can still become SIM free with ease.

iOS 8.2 iPhone 6 Unlock

How to Unlock iOS 8.2, 8.1.3, 8.1, 8 etc.

Step 1. It doesn’t matter if you live in New York or somewhere in China. You can order distant IMEI factory unlock that is 100% safe to use and pretty fast to get. There is a big number of companies that are eager to provide you with reliable and simple solution at an affordable price. Just when you choose the company you will work with you should read reviews, see if the company is PayPal authorized and certified by other well-known and trusted services. You can trust only the companies that are open and have a physical address, for example, in New York or in other American city.

There is no need to visit the company’s office. This is just the prove that it is real and will successfully unlock your iOS 8.2 iPhone 6 or other smartphone, firmware from any network.

Step 2. Once you have chosen the company you should make sure that you are eligible for unlock. All companies that provide such a distant service also speak about all the requirements you have to meet in order to become free from all carriers [learn what being phone unlocked means]. Read the list, recheck all the information about your iPhone model, original carrier, IMEI number, activation and blacklist status and only then you can choose the correct package that matches all this information and order the service.

Step 3. Fill in all the fields along with IMEI code and your email address and place your order. You’ll be asked to pay for it via PayPal (this is safe and simple) or using your credit card. Choose the method you like the most and wait till you hear from the company. It will most likely email you at least twice. The first email will confirm your order and provide you with its number. The second one will announce that you are unlocked.

Step 4. After you get the second email you can take your old SIM out and insert any new SIM card that wasn’t supported before. Connect to iTunes and… hooray! you are unlocked!

The best part of such deals is your Apple warranty is with you, your firmware can be updated without fears to lose unlock and you can jailbreak if you wish while still staying unlocked! Yes, this is the only permanent solution that is real and it truly equals the never-locked iPhones bought directly from Apple at the full price. The only difference is that you pay way less for becoming unlocked by IMEI.

Sprint iPhone Carrier Reimbursing ETF / Installment Fees in U.S.

Different American mobile operators come up with various ideas on how to attract new subscribers. It has now become possible to join Sprint online [as this is the only operator in the U.S. that has problems with iPhone unlock] and even get your previous fees reimbursed if you are eager to switch from a different carrier to Sprint network.

The company is eager to pay off your installment plan and ETF fees if you take its offer and agree to start using Sprint instead of another mobile network. The ideas of switching between carriers is not new. Others also present customers with opportunities to join their company and win in some payments.

Switch to Sprint Offer in U.S.

How to Switch to Sprint from a Different U.S. Carrier

The operator made an announcement on March 13. It assures that it is eager to pay user’s early termination fees if he or she agrees to become Sprint subscriber. It can also pay your installment plan if you take this opportunity and join this U.S. carrier.

The initiative sounds unusual, yet it has its eligibility requirements.

* You can preserve your old phone number as Sprint can bring it from other networks to its own network

* Sprint will pay off your ETF / installment plan

Situations when Sprint is going to do what it offers:

* You agree to sign up for one of the three plans: Sprint Easy Pay, iPhone for Life or Sprint Lease

* You must turn in your old iPhone or other phone [you can guess that is must be in working / good condition]

* You have a choice of paying full retail for a new smartphone [this can be done or not done at the moment you are activating a new line of service with Sprint]

* You must upload your bill with all the charges that have to be reimbursed at [do this within 60 days of your Sprint activation, otherwise the carrier will not pay off your fees]

When Do I Get Refund After I Join Sprint Online?

The carrier is going to send you an American Express Reward Card with all the costs it reimburses for you within 15 days after your registration is completed.

T-Mobile Brings ‘Data Stash’ to iPhone Simple Choice Prepaid Users

iPhone owners who are using T-Mobile Simple Choice which is a prepaid data plan can get a new option by the end of March [this carrier along with other major networks in the USA accepted the new cell phone unlock rules]. The carrier has taken a decision to broad the scope and bring its un-carrier initiatives to more subscribers. This time users are getting Data Stash and it won’t differ from the same feature offered to postpaid customers.

T-Mobile Data Stash for Prepaid iPhone Users

According to the U.S. mobile operator, all iPhone and other smartpone users can get T-Mobile Data Stash plan, no matter if you are on a prepaid or postpaid plan. What does Data Stash offer you if you are using this network?

Data Stash which was announced at Un-carrier 8.0 initiative in the end of 2014 makes it possible to roll over your unused data for up to one year which sounds really cool. Other carriers offer simple options, for example, AT&T rollover data plan was also released, but in 2015.

The new deal announced by T-Mobile will be available to prepaid users beginning on March 22. The company also shares some free rollover data. Its customers are welcome with 10GB of 4G LTE data. This is how much data a Starter Stash provides you with.

How do you find this new idea?

iOS 8.2 Brought Many Bug Fixes On iPhone

There are many iOS 8.2 bug fixes on iPhone, that Apple company has recently release with the new software update for iOS devices. The update has also brought Health app improvements, stability enhancements, and added support for Apple Watch via a companion app.

For those users who faced with issues that stroke Health app than the iOS 8.2 resolved many of the problems. Those who had Health data issue where it wouldn’t refresh after the data source order change, it is also fixed. Now all graphs showed data right values. The update fixed the issue that hadn’t allow users to add a photo in Medical ID. iOS 8.2 brought with it privacy setting. They enables turning off tracking of flights climbed, steps and distance. Also units for minerals and vitamins were fixed.

iOS 8.2 bug fixes on iPhone

Now let’s also look through the others iOS 8.2 bug fixes on iPhone. Some of users reported earlier that they had faced with the issue in Maps. It prevented them navigate to some favorite locations. Now it is works good. The update also fixed an issue with deleted audiobooks that sometimes remained on iOS device.

Also there were issues connected with iTunes. Now they all are fixed as well. Lovers of iPhone music had also problems some music or playlists hadn’t synced from iTunes to the Music app. It is works as usual now.

There was also an issue with Bluetooth calling, where no audio is heard up to the time when user answered the call. The iOS 8.2 fixed this bug. It also resolved the problem that didn’t allow call audio from routing to car speakers while using Siri Eyes Free. There were other bugs that were fixed with this software update launch. You can check them all from release notes.

Unfortunately, there are not so many users who reported about the Safari issue after upgrading their iPhones to iOS 8.2.

Use This Guide To Download iOS 8.3. Beta 3 Without UDID

You can download iOS 8.3. beta 3 without UDID as it was expected also Apple company has opened up its iOS beta program to the public and is requires a paid developer account to test new software.

To receive the new beta you can sign-up from the Apple Seed website. It is pretty easy to do as signing in with your Apple ID and then installing the beta software to begin using it. To install the beta, you’ll be prompted to download a configuration profile from the AppleSeed website that will open the beta software in iOS’ Software Update feature.

download ios 8.3. beta 3 without udid

The third iOS 8.3 beta on Thursday gains few new features. It comes tired with the Apple Watch app like on iOS 8.2. It will let users to manage their Apple Watch and connect it with their iPhone.

What’s more chats from persons in Messages that are not in your Contacts now include a ‘Report Junk’ link. It also gains a Conversation List Filtering feature that adds a separator tab to the Messages app.

The third beta of iOS 8.3 follows the second beta of iOS 8.3 release close to two weeks ago. That brought few new languages to Siri. The first iOS 8.3 beta brought users CarPlay support, support for Google 2-step verification, new emojis, and the beginnings to bring Apple Pay to China.

How to download iOS 8.3. beta 3 without UDID

Step 1: Before start to proceed please back up your device’s data.

step 2

Step 2: Sign up to the Apple Beta Software Program by navigating here. Next tap on the blue ‘Sign up’ button. Sign in with your Apple ID and conform the license terms.


Step 3: Now select the “Enroll your iOS device to receive beta updates.” option.

The process of installing the beta is reversible, so you can revert to the latest public release (iOS 8.2), it is recommended to use an iPhone or iPad that you don’t consider to be your “daily runner.”

Step 4: Instead of simply updating, you’ll need to download the iOS Beta Configuration Profile specific to your device from here. You need to visit this link using your iOS device on which you want to install the iOS 8.3 beta.

step 4

Step 5: On your device, launch Settings > General > Software Update, and you should see the iOS 8.3 beta build. Click on it, and you’ll be able to download and install on your device.

step 5

iOS 8.2 VS iOS 8.1.3 Speed Video Comparison

Let’s compare iOS 8.2 vs iOS 8.1.3 speed. As usual, after Apple new Apple’s iOS version appears on the scene, there’s always a complaint, and this time, the battery life is apparently affected. Although the common problems with iOS 8 has been the performance level on older and less able devices.

Below you can compare the speed of iOS 8.2 vs iOS 8.1.3 running on iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 devices. You have an ability to check out the iOS 8.2 vs iOS 7.1.2 comparison.

After you will watch the videos with comparison you will see that there’s not a great difference between iOS 8.1.3 and iOS 8.2 software updates. However there were no huge expectations to be at this stage, but it’s really interesting to see how they run on fresh installs on identical iOS devices.

compare ios 8.2 vs ios 8.1.3 speed

Let’s observe every video and discuss all the details.

First video presents the iPhone 4s running on iOS 8.2 vs 7.1.2. One noticeable difference is that the older version wins, and as such, those who’ve stuck with iOS 7 on the iPhone 4s were probably right to do so.

Next video, the iPhone 4s is running on iOS 8.2 vs 8.1.3. As the person doesn’t tap and swipe at the exact same time, it is hard to say about some noticeable differences in speed. However sometime the latest software update is faster.

Finally the last video shows the iPhone 5 that repeats the above test on iOS 8.2 vs 8.1.3. Again, it’s very hard to pick between the two of them.

With iOS 8.3 already rumored to be launch and iOS 9 focused on improving performance and optimizing the features, it won’t be long before we have yet another build to compare these to.

You can watch the videos below and compare iOS 8.2 vs iOS 8.1.3 speed and make your own conclusions.