How to Unlock Blocked iPhone 6s / SE / 6 / 5S / 5 AT&T [Not Found Result Supported]

It has become possible to unlock blocked AT&T iPhone 6s. The new generation handsets were released by Apple in fall 2015 and users who purchased the 6s model and have been already blocked by AT&T network can SIM unlock the device. The service is officially allowed in the United States. It is the fast and simple procedure that is affordable and easy-to-order.

We are doing our best to provide the fast delivery of the unlock however the new AT&T unlocking policy that was changed in 2014 sometimes causes delivery delays. If you need to become SIM unlocked within an hour, please do not order from us.

Our company is open Monday through Friday. We deliver results from 9 am to 6 pm PST. The online service is available for you 24/7.

How to Unlock Blocked iPhone 6s AT&T: Requirements

Before you place your order online you have to make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Your iPhone is eligible for unlock [you have iPhone 6s that is locked to AT&T].
  • The AT&T iPhone 6s is activated within AT&T carrier. Please use IMEI checker to make sure you are locked and activated with AT&T network.
  • You are planning to unlock AT&T iPhone 6s blocked so make sure your iPhone is blocked by AT&T carrier.
  • You understand that your blocked AT&T iPhone will remain blocked after it is factory unlocked. You won’t be able to use the blocked device in the USA however it will be usable in other countries across the world with different networks.
  • Your iPhone 6s is not being replaced when you place your order for unlock.
  • You haven’t sent your iPhones 6s to Technical Service / Apple Care.
  • You understand that it is impossible to cancel or change your order after you submit it online and pay for the service.

There are no refund to users who order unlock AT&T iPhone 6s not found / blacklisted when they are originally locked to a different network, have not-activated smartphones or are not eligible for the service. All such orders are considered malicious purchases and are not eligible for the refund.

How to Unlock Not Found iPhone 6s AT&T

Sometimes when you meet all the requirements and order AT&T iPhone 6s blacklisted unlock service you get the error ‘unlock code not found’. This can happen for numerous reasons: wrong IMEI number, iPhone that is blocked by carrier, wrong network submission etc.

Please double check the information about your smartphone and place the new order to unlock not found AT&T iPhone 6s. Our company will send your IMEI number for unlock directly to AT&T carrier and hopefully the problem will be fixed and you’ll become SIM free.

Guide on iPhone 6s AT&T Unlocking [Blacklisted / Not Found]

Step 1. Once you checked your information and are sure that you own iPhone 6s that is locked to AT&T, activated within this network and is blacklisted by AT&T you can place your order with us.

Step 2. Turn off Find My iPhone program. You should also disable Activation Lock as these two tools can be a big problem when you activate your SIM unlock.

Step 3. Learn your IMEI. This number is located in Settings or you can get it on your screen when you dial *#06# on iPhone.

Step 4. Choose your SIM unlock package for your particular model, status and carrier and fill in the unlocking form.

Step 5. After you enter your IMEI code, email address and your name you should read and agree to Terms and Conditions.

Step 6. You confirm your order by pressing on Buy Now option.

Step 7. Pay for your unlock and check email for the order confirmation. If there is no email from us, please double check in your spam / junk folder. You can also add our email to your contacts list.

Step 8. Wait for instruction on how to activate unlock via iTunes and complete activation.

Factory SIM unlock for blacklisted iPhone 6s AT&T and AT&T iPhone 6s with Not Found result provides permanent SIM unlocking solution. It supports current iOS 9 firmware however it doesn’t unblacklist your iPhone. You’ll be able to use the gadget outside the United States once it is permanently unlocked.

If you want to start iPhone unlock business with us – you are welcome to register at This deal is perfect for resellers, wholesalers and store owners who wish to provide factory IMEI unlocks to their iPhone customers.

Factory Unlock iPhone 7 / 7Plus / SE / 6S / 6S Plus AT&T Distant Service [Clean, Out Of Contract IMEI]

This factory unlock iPhone 6s AT&T package is designed to help iPhone SE users too who have clean IMEI code to become unlocked for a lifetime. This is officially allowed and legit in the U.S. so you can legally order factory unlock iPhone 7 ATT if your IMEI is not blacklisted, blocked or barred, lost or stolen.

Remote unlock for AT&T iPhone SE supports all iOS firmware versions and all basebands [even the future ones]. It works for contract and out of contract customers. Still those of consumers who are out of contract can become unlocked faster. Contract iPhone 7 AT&T unlock is delivered slower.

OUT OF CONTRACT IMEI Has Better Success Unlock Rate

This package is designed for clean IMEIs only. If your IMEI is not clean and you fail to be unlocked, you can always order the Premium Express iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus AT&T unlock package that guarantees 100% result for all blacklisted and not found IMEIs.

As for the clean IMEI AT&T iPhone unlock service it has a high rate of fails, about 50-60% of orders are successful.

How to Use AT&T Unlock Service for iPhone 7, 7Plus, SE, 6S, 6SPlus

Step 1: You need to provide your IMEI code, email and iPhone model in order to place your online order for factory unlock.

Step 2: Remember to press the Buy Now option and pay for the order. You can use PayPal or other methods for paying. Just if you wish to pay with your credit card you need to choose “I do not have PayPal account” option. Also you can use a Google Wallet service for the payment.

Step 3: We contact AT&T and start working on your order as soon as the payment is cleared up. There is no turn back at this step so keep in mind that you are not able to cancel your order now.

Step 4: Wait for a detailed email from us. We will explain all the instructions on how to completed unlocking via iTunes.

NOTE: If there is no email from us look in your spam/junk folder or contact us.

Attention: If you have a Phone shop or a wholesaler you can register on and run your own unlocking business.

Important Notes

  • Your iPhone has to be locked to AT&T. You can use iPhone carrier checker if you’re not sure to what carrier your iPhone is locked. If your iPhone isn’t AT&T we’ve also other packages for other service providers. Make sure you choose right carrier because we don’t refund if device is not locked to AT&T.
  • This package supports out of contract IMEI only.
  • iPhone must be activated. Also check if Find my iPhone feature is off before ordering.
  • This package is for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, SE, 6S Plus and iPhone 6S.
  • This unlocking package is perfect for clean IMEI only. Before putting in an order make certain that the iPhone isn’t blacklisted, barred or blocked.
  • Unfortunately our service can’t unlock blacklisted AT&T iPhone and there is no refund if iPhone is blacklisted by AT&T follow the link to check it.
  • This package does not support replaced or has ever been sent to Apple Care / Technical Service devices. No refund for such orders.
  • At this moment AT&T unlocking experiences may delay.
  • Official and permanent iPhone unlock only apply throughout business hrs (9 AM – 6 PM PST, Monday-Friday). No turnaround time guaranteed. Also as to the new changes in AT&T unlocking policy unlock may be delayed indefinitely.

You can place your iPhone 6S AT&T unlock request online by filling in the special unlocking form. You need to enter the 15-digit IMEI number which you can locate in your Settings app on the iPhone or look up on the screen after dialing *#06#. You should also enter a working email where you will get the order confirmation and unlock confirmation. It is also necessary to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the service and pay for your order.

It is time to unlock and not be tied to your carrier’s network. Being unlocked makes you SIM free. You can switch carriers, sync with iTunes, update and upgrade your handset and even restore without losing your unlocked status.

How to Unlock iPhone SE, 6S Plus / 6S / 6 Plus / 6 from Vodafone UK Carrier

New iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus became one of the most expectable and desirable devices in 2014. UK Vodafone network now offers these new Apple gadgets for customers from UK. But if you would like to use other SIM cards on your iPhone 6 locked to Vodafone you can easily unlock it using our service.

Locate the IMEI number on your activated Vodafone iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and and enter it in the order form. We will do our best to deliver you the possibility to enjoy any SIM card worldwide.

In case you are looking to unlock iPhone 5S / 5C locked to Vodafone UK follow this link and order unlock for the cheaper price than for iPhone 6S Plus / 6S / 6 Plus / 6.


You must meet the 4 requirements if you wish to apply to this service.

  1. Recheck that your iPhone SE,  6S or 6 is locked to Vodafone UK carrier. You can run iPhone IMEI checker to get this information and make no mistakes. Beware that there is no refund for your mistake. In case the iPhone Vodafone you have is not locked to Vodafone you should check our other offers as we unlock handsets from different networks.
  2. We are working with clean IMEIs and do not unlock iPhones that are lost / stolen / blocked / blacklisted or barred. We cannot unlock barred iPhone Three Vodafone at the moment so we advise you try Europe blacklist check service to be sure you have clean IMEI to save money and make sure it is not lost / stole in case you are planning to resell it. We do not make refunds if customer provides a blacklisted IMEI for factory unlock.
  3. Your iPhone Vodafone should be activated with this carrier. If it is not unlock is impossible.
  4. It is necessary to take the Terms and Services of ours before you order the service.

If the iPhone IMEI is clean, if your handset has been activated with Vodafone network in UK which it is locked to, you will be all right and enjoy all the benefits of unlock.

The Way It Works

Step 1. You can unlock Vodafone iPhone SE, 6S Plus, 6S, 6, 6 Plus IMEI code that is located under Settings – General About category or can be displayed on the screen after you type *#06#. This code consists of 15 digits.

Step 2. If you wish to order online our service you need to provide us the information about your device: its model, IMEI code, carrier name. You should also fill in your name and email information for contacts. You need to select Buy Now key and pay for the service via PayPal or other secured method. We send your request for unlock directly to the carrier so you cannot cancel your order or get refund after you place it.

Step 3. We will let you know as soon as unlock is done. The further guide will be emailed to you. Check your spam folder if you don’t see our message in inbox. There will be an instruction on how to finish the process via iTunes.

Step 4. We are offering lifetime iPhone unlock Monday through Friday. We are open at business hours from 9 am till 6 pm PST.

Editor’s Note: if you run your own phone store or sell phones at wholesale prices you can visit and register at to start an online unlocking business with our help and guide.

Our pricing policy is affordable to everyone. We deliver fast permanent unlocks for iPhone at a high professional level of service.

Our unlock for iPhone Vodafone is permanent. You order it once and your handset will never be locked ever again. The solution is guaranteed and official. We will refund your money if you are locked to Vodafone UK after you used our service and met all the requirements.

Enjoy choosing GSM carriers, inserting new SIMs and staying connected. Save money when you are going abroad by using local SIM cards. Order distant service without leaving your house. This is great as everything you need in internet connection.

Don’t worry about Apple warranty. It will be untouched if you order unlock service which is 100 % safe to use. The deal is good for any model of iPhone, most carriers, all versions of iOS / bootloader / baseband.

You can do anything after successful unlock. You can update iOS, baseband, restore and sync using iTunes without being locked. You can enjoy your old applications and install new programs and games with ease.

Official and Fast Unlocking for iPhone 6S Plus, 6S, 6, 6 Plus Locked to Rogers Canada

Canadian carrier Rogers started to offer iPhone 6S Plus, 6S, 6, 6 Plus right after Apple released. Good news came to our users as now we are able to unlock Rogers iPhone 6 Plus fast and for the best price.

You will need to provide clean, not blacklisted IMEI number and we will do everything for you. In the end of the unlocking process the email with detailed instructions will be delivered to you. Here below you can see how to place an order. Also if you need to get fast service please read Important Notes first before placing an order.

How to Find IMEI

  1. Go to Phone app and type *#06#. You will see 15 digits. That would be IMEI.
  2. Go to Settings – General – About and scroll down till you see four big letters “IMEI” and 15 digits opposite it.

This service offers official factory unlocking for iPhone Rogers Canada. This is not jailbreak or any other hack. We are the legit service and provide only official solution. You can unlock iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 Rogers using another package.

How Does the Factory iPhone Unlock Process Works

  1. Fill in the order form with required information like IMEI, email, iPhone model, and other info like serial number if necessary.
  2. Click Buy Now button and process the payment on PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal account choose the option “I don’t have PayPal account” when you will be redirected to PayPal.
  3. After the payment your unlocking request will be automatically send to the carrier. In this case it can’t be canceled and refunded.
  4. After the payment just do your things and wait for the good news.
  5. You will receive email with detailed instructions on how to compete factory iPhone unlock in iTunes. If you don’t see email in your inbox folder, check spam/junk folder or contact us. Our support team will be always glad to help you.
  6. Official and permanent iPhone unlock only apply during business hours (9 AM – 6 PM PST, Monday-Friday). No turnaround time guaranteed.
  7. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions regarding factory unlock iPhone Rogers Canada and our company will be always glad to help you.

Important Notes

Unlock guaranteed only if you are fine with requirements below:

  • Make sure that your iPhone is really locked to Rogers Canada. If you are not sure about this info, use iPhone network checker because there are no refund for the wrong carrier.
  • If your iPhone is not Rogers Canada we have also other packages for other carriers. Just select yours and unlock.
  • This unlocking package is for clean IMEI only. Before placing an order make sure that your iPhone is not blacklisted, barred or blocked.
  • Unfortunately our service can’t unlock blacklisted iPhone Rogers Canada. If you are not sure about the status of your iPhone, use blacklist check service. These results will give you info whenever your Rogers IMEI blacklisted (reported lost or stolen) or not. Save time and money. Also you will have info that will be useful in case you will plan to sell iPhone.
  • There are NO REFUND if iPhone is got blacklisted before or after placing an order.
  • The iPhone has to be activated with Rogers Canada otherwise unlock will fail.
  • Read carefully our Terms and Services before making an order.

If iPhone IMEI is clean, activated and locked to Rogers you are in the right place. Let’s see what advantages you will receive after using our service.

Attention: If you have a Phone shop or a wholesaler you can register on and run your own unlocking business.  

  • We are the only unlocking company in the market that provides professional and fast service for the cheapest prices.
  • We offer the lowest prices for permanent iPhone unlock.
  • Official unlocking iPhone Rogers Canada is lifetime and your device will never be locked again.
  • We provide really fast and 100% working official unlocking solution.
  • Money back guarantee if iPhone will be still locked to Rogers carrier after using our service.
  • You can switch SIM cards and enjoy any GSM carrier whenever you are in our beautiful world.
  • Forget about roaming when you are traveling. Just insert local SIM card and enjoy phone calls.
  • There is no need to go somewhere to get unlock. We offer remote service and you can finish unlock from your home (If you have internet connection).
  • The warranty and all other available services from Apple remain valid after factory unlock.
  • The process will not harm your device.
  • You don’t have to install some additional software. Only connect it to iTunes and voila.
  • It doesn’t matter what iOS version, baseband, bootloader and other stuff running on your iPhone. We unlock any.
  • You can update, sync and restore iPhone in iTunes and it will never be locked again. If Apple will release any new iOS firmware version go on and try it if you like.
  • Your apps and most preferred features as well as not most preferred will remain working as usual after unlock.

ATT Unlock iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus IMEI Service

It is easy to unlock iPhone 6 / 6 Plus from AT&T these days. Thanks to factory IMEI ATT unlock iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus users can become SIM free in almost no time and this transformation will be permanent. The service doesn’t cost much. It is affordable! Besides, the unlocking procedure is completely legal and allows in the U.S.

Important Note: ATT unlock policy sometimes changes. The last changes were applied in 2014. This can cause delays for unlock results delivery from time to time. Users who wish to get new ATT unlock iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6 status in one hour only and don’t want to wait longer should not order the service from us. We are now working at business hours. Our service is available 24/7 but we deliver results from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST. We work Monday through Friday. It is important to understand this before you place your request for unlock.

iPhone will be still blocked/blacklisted after factory unlocking. This means that you will not be able to use iPhone in the USA. But you will be able to use local service providers in almost any country.

Before You Order AT&T iPhone 6 Unlock Service

  • Make sure you are eligible for the unlock
  • Check iPhone 6 network using special service to make sure you are locked to AT&T and activated in AT&T network
  • iPhone 6 unlock request can’t be canceled or changed with another package after the payment.
  • Re-check your IMEI status to be sure it is clean (not blacklisted)
  • Don’t place your order for unlocking iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus from AT&T if your handset is sent to Technical Service or Apple Care, or if you are replacing it at the moment.


We offer no refunds to customers who order AT&T iPhone 6 unlock for wrong carrier, not-activated iPhones, blacklisted IMEIs, blocked smartphones, lost / stolen devices. If you are not eligible for unlock but still place your order online, we believe this is a malicious purchase without the possibility to get a refund.

Yes, we do unlock blacklisted AT&T iPhone 6, 6Plus but we are not able to unblacklist it. This means that you will be able to use iPhone in any country except the USA after unlocking.

How to Unlock iOS 8 iPhone 6 AT&T

Note that this unlock iPhone 6 AT&T package supports only two models: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  It doesn’t support blacklisted iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus. If you have a different model, iPhone 5c/5S/5/4S/4/3GS you should order unlock for them at a cheaper price.

Step 1. In order to perform unlocking for iPhone 6 versions you firstly have to figure out your IMEI. Do so by dialing *#06# or through Settings app.

Step 2. Fill in the unlock form and provide your IMEI, email, and name.

Step 3. Correctly choose your iPhone model and carrier when you select the unlocking package.

Step 4. Accept our Terms and Conditions, please, read them, before you place your order online.

Step 5. Click on Buy Now option and pay for the unlock request.

Step 7. Check your email to get the confirmation and further guide what to do next. If you don’t get an email from us, please, look in the junk / spam folder and, please, add our email to your contacts.

Step 8. (optional, for resellers) Register at to start your personal iPhone unlocking business with us. The offer is good for all phone store owners and wholesalers

About Unlock iPhone 6 Plus AT&T iOS 8 Package

Factory unlock is the safest unlocking method that guarantees permanent unlock, fast results, legal procedure and affordable price. It is very simple to order such unlock for AT&T carrier located in the U.S. Right now the package unlocks iOS 8 and iOS 8.x.x versions but as soon as Apple releases iOS 8.1 this package will also support the new firmware update.

This service is not the jailbreak. It is unlock that makes you SIM free. We unlock your AT&T iPhone and this unlock is officially confirmed by your mobile operator. You become unlocked permanently.

Users are highly advised to disable Find My iPhone on their iOS 8 device to turn off Activation Lock before unlocking their gadget.

How to Check AT&T iPhone Contract Expiration And Perform Unlocking

Users with AT&T iPhone are now able to run new great service. Check AT&T iPhone contract status if you wish to get a fast answer whether their smartphone is still on contract or is already off. Previously it was only possible to get such information by contacting AT&T carrier for users who had AT&T account only which wasn’t actually comfortable.

Also you can use our package for out of contract AT&T iPhone unlock for much less price and faster then the SLOW one. We also create package for unlock iPhone AT&T in contract.

Place Online Order

Here is how to check AT&T iPhone out of contract status or expiration date. It is simple to place your order as checker works distantly and doesn’t require your iPhone. You just need to provide IMEI code for your smartphone along with your email address where we can send the information to.

It is simple to see your iPhone IMEI code through Settings – General –About section or by dialing *#06# on the handset.

To place an order you need to give this information:

  • Email address
  • IMEI number

Also read and agree with Terms & Conditions after which you will can click the Buy Now button. Once our team gets data on AT&T iPhone contract status you will get an email with information like IMEI out of contract or in/under contract.


This service has nothing to do with iPhone unlocking. It only looks and returns that status of your iPhone contract with AT&T company. Users whose smartphone is out of contract / on contract can select one of our unlock packages:

* iPhone5 and other contract iPhones unlocking package

* iPhone 5S / 5C contract models unlock package

We highly advise you to read the messages below in order to receive successful and quick results.

Check IMEI iPhone AT&T!

  • If your iPhone is barred / blacklisted / blocked your status will be “Not Found” code.
  • If your iPhone is refurbished / replaced your contract status will be “Not Found.”
  • We give no refunds to users with “Not Found” code statuses.
  • We should note that this distant service is not instant. It usually takes us from 1 to 10 business hours to provide your information since we complete each order manually.
  • Once again, you can’t unlock iPhone using iPhone AT&T contract status checker.
  • Remember to read our Terms and Conditions and add our email to your contacts to avoid receiving our emails through your SPAM folder.

Importance of Out of Contract AT&T iPhone Checker

With the new rules in unlocking policy introduced by AT&T in October 2013 customers got higher pricing, delays and strict rules. It has become cheaper to unlock iPhones that are out of AT&T contract. If your smartphone is already off, you won’t have to pay AT&T twice for getting this info and ordering unlock service.


Contract ON: 163 days from purchase. (Which means that iPhone is in contract for 163 days.)

Contract OFF: means device is out of contract.

This service DOES NOT unlock or unblock iPhones. You will see only if your device is out of contract or in contract.

How to Unlock iPhone with Non-Supported SIM card in iTunes

After using factory unlocking service you will need to complete iPhone unlock process in iTunes to register in Apple database already unlocked device.

Your iPhone will be putted in the white list of iTunes database as being Unlocked. As a results your phone will be open for any GSM SIM card worldwide. The same is with iOS updates. Update / sync / restore iPhone in iTunes and stay unlocked forever.

unlock iphone itunes without restore

You may read on some sources that iPhone needs to be restored after using IMEI unlocking service. Well. not always and here we wrote a guide which you can use to unlock iPhone in iTunes after restore.

You may also know that the exact code is needed to unlock mobile phone. But the situation is different with iPhone. There are no codes for iPhone and iPhone doesn’t accept any kind of codes for unlocking. All you need to have is a SIM card of a non-supported carrier.

Important note for iPhone 3GS Users

If iPad baseband is installed on your iPhone 3GS you will need to downgrade it first. Go to Settings / General / About and find Modem Firmware. If there will be 06.15.00 downgrade this iPad baseband using Redsn0w. If you will not do it you will get No Service on the status bar after inserting non-supported SIM card .

Unlock iPhone Without Restore in iTunes

Step 1: Insert non-supported SIM card in iPhone.

Step 2: Download the latest version 0f iTunes and connect to the computer your iPhone using USB wire.

Step 3: If your iPhone is still running iOS 6 – 6.1.3, disconnect iPhone after iTunes will indicate it. Wait for 10 seconds and connect iPhone to the computer again. Launch iTunes if needed.

Step 4: You will see Congratulation message. Sometimes iTunes doesn’t show this message and it is normal.

unlock iphone itunes

Note: Sometimes if your iPhone is not updated to the last iOS version you will need to update your device first and unlock iPhone without restore.

That’s it Your iPhone is completely unlocked.

Restore iPhone in iTunes to Unlock It

Attention: Make sure that Find My iPhone option in iCloud (Settings – iCloud) is turned off. If iCloud option is enabled after restoring process you will need Apple ID details to which iPhone is connected otherwise you won’t be able to activate the device.

icloud turn off

Step 1: Insert a SIM card of the non-supported carrier and connect iPhone to iTunes.

Step 2 (optional): Backup your device in iTunes or iCloud.

Step 3: After backup click the Restore button.

Step 4: When restoring will be completed select “Set up As a new phone” option. Not from a backup.


Step 5: Click Continue and pass activation steps with non-supported SIM card.

Step 6: You will see the Congratulation message. Sometimes it doesn’t pop up, don’t worry, it is normal.

Step 7 (optional): Use “Restore from Backup” option in iTunes to recover you data.

restore from backup

Factory iPhone Unlock Troubleshooting

Fix 1: Make sure you have inserted SIM card of the carrier which is not  supported on your device whet it was locked.

Fix 2: Sometimes iPhone needs to be updated to the latest iOS version. Make sure your device is updated

Fix 3: If you don’t see the Congratulation message in iTunes just look at the status bar of iPhone and wait for the network / service

Fix 4: If iTunes will freeze then just disconnect your iPhone from USB, close iTunes program and connect your device again. Then just launch iTunes and repeat the process.

Fix 5: If after steps above you will see No Service or Searching… on the status bar you will need to do next:

  • turn on/off Air Plane mode
  • go to Settings -> general-> Reset -> Reset Networks

reset network settings

  • go to Settings -> General -> Cellular and turn off/on Cellular Data and enable/disable 3G.

enable 3GFeel free to contact our support team if you have any questions regarding iPhone unlocking. You can also visit FAQ page and find answer you are looking for.

Try Vodafone Italy iPhone Unlocking Package for 4S, 4, 3GS Models

Having an unlocked iPhone is much fun. Users with locked devices can’t switch networks and save money on roaming charges. Users with locked smartphones to Vodafone Italy carrier can’t resell it at a high value. You change this and easily unlock your iPhone by IMEI code.

IMEI number is easy to find:

  • dial *#06# and you will see the IMEI on the screen.


  • open Settings – General – About and look for the IMEI, 15-digit number.

You can order factory unlock for iPhone Vodafone Italy using our service. This is official, legit and 100% safe. No need to jailbreak or open or break your device. Just send request and wait for the results.


We guarantee the service if you are eligible:

– You have the iPhone 4S / 4 / 3GS locked to Vodafone Italy. If you don’t have such info use iPhone network checker and get results in minutes

– Your IMEI code is clean, not bared / blacklisted / blocked

– You are highly advised to use iPhone blacklist checker to be sure you don’t have iPhone Vodafone Italy that is blacklisted.

– If you have lost / blacklisted / stolen IMEI you will give no refunds because this package is only for clean IMEI

– You have an activated iPhone with Vodafone Italy

– You have paid for the service because only after we receive a payment the request will be sent immediately

– If you make a mistake while placing the order and your iPhone 4S / 4/  3GS is not activated with Vodafone Italy we can’t cancel order and give NO REFUND for you

– Read and agree with our Terms and Services

Make Unlocking to Be Your Official Business

Users who are wholesalers or run their phone store are welcome to register on to start their personal unlocking business at the lowest prices.

Why Unlocking iPhone Vodafone Italy

There are a lot of benefits or ordering iPhone Vodafone Italy unlock.

* This is permanent result [in other words, you will never get locked]

* Take a trip with your iPhone and forget about expensive roaming. Just insert SIM card you need and enjoy

* Your are able to switch between carriers, safe money on charges and enjoy being free

* The service is distant. No need to bring iPhone anywhere

* Fast and working unlocking solution for your device

* iPhone warranty is remained

* The unlock is 100% safe for your gadget

* The service is good for all iPhone models, all iOS versions, all baseband versions

* You can safely sync, restore, update using iTunes, install new firmware

* Update your device to any new iOS and stay unlocked

* There is no need to install some unofficial software or open your device

* All your apps and games will be working after unlock as usual

* If you provide real information and meet requirements but we can’t unlock your iPhone, we guarantee money back

How to Order Unlock for iPhone Vodafone Italy

Step 1. Provide all necessary information [model of the iPhone, IMEI code, name, email, carrier] in the order form above.

Step 2. Choose “Buy Now” and pay for the order. If you don’t have PayPal choose another offered option “Don’t have PayPal account”.

Step 3. After the payment will be received your unlocking request will be sent to the carrier for unlock. In this case, we (you) can’t cancel the order because our supply chain doesn’t allow us to do this.

Step 4. Look for the confirmation email with your unique Order ID.

Step 5. When unlock will be finished you will receive another email that includes a guide on how to finish unlock via iTunes.

We provide iPhone unlock service at business hours, 9 AM – 6 PM, Monday through Friday. No turnaround time is guaranteed.

If you have questions regarding unlock you can always contact us or visit FAQ page.