iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Could Be Possible

iPhone is a popular smartphone that is highly demanded across the world. What users wish to see soon is iPhone 7 wireless charging technology. There are rumors about Apple working together with Energous to make this happen.

According to reports, the ‘fruit’ company could introduced wireless charging iPhone 7 this or next year. Users might get a chance to charge their smartphones distantly from up to 15 feet. It could work like WiFi and can be introduced as soon as 2016. The next iPhone 7 might be officially released in the fall and bring some new features and options to attract new customers and keep current users interested in upgrading.

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging

The iPhone 6 sales were extremely high. Millions of users chose to upgrade their older iPhones to iPhone 6 in 2014 and 2015. The iPhone 6s popularity wasn’t as successful as iPhone 6. Trying to meet customers’ demand, Apple is believed to offer iPhone 5se with 4-inch screen this spring.

Apple could use WattUp by Energous and transmit energy to iPhones that are up to 15 feet away from the transmitter. The Power Router used in this technology could send energy through RF signal to all supported iDevices.

The iPhone 7 will get a new processor that will be paired with this Router. We will most likely hear more details about this upcoming smartphone pretty soon. Of course, at first we should see the iPhone 5se release because Apple is believed to introduce it in March.

There are rumors and Apple hasn’t confirmed the partnership with Energous. Predictions are made by expert Zach Epstein.

iPhone that can be charged wirelessly could be a win strategy. Who wouldn’t like to update to the ‘fruit’ smartphone that can be charged remotely? Is this something you wish to see soon?

AT&T iPhone or T-Mobile iPhone / Sprint iPhone Lease?

What U.S. network should you choose? iPhone owners get multiple opportunities still all carriers have pros and cons. For example T-Mobile iPhone lease has become more expensive. The similar situation is with Sprint leasing program.

If you happen to already own AT&T iPhone you can SIM unlock it using permanent unlocking service. This is safe to do and you can connect to all networks once you are free from your original mobile operator. This is the real freedom as you are the one to select the best service, most affordable plans and other things you like.

iPhone T Mobile Sprint AT&T What Network to Choose

T Mobile lease iPhone price has silently been changed by the company. It is interesting that Sprint lease iPhone 6s program also gets the price hack. Users could be disappointed to learn this since the rates were revised without any notice.

If previously Sprint charged you $22 per month it would now ask for $26.39. T-Mobile used to charge $20 a month and would now ask you to pay $27. There were times when U.S. network T-Mobile let users lease the brand new iPhone 6s at $5 per month if you agreed to hand over your iPhone 6 [it’s worth to mention that iPhone 7 Plus is coming this year]. The same deal was even more attractive if you chose Sprint because you had to pay $1 monthly.

Such low prices couldn’t last forever. Analysts think that U.S. networks couldn’t afford such deals any longer. As for customers who are planning to lease a device now – they have to think twice. According to experts, if you pay $26.39 a month you’ll spend more within 12 months than if you buy the brand new smartphone at once. You’ll be at the break-even price at the 13-month for sure. No network will unlock your phone while you are on contract. SIM unlock will be your only choice.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 For Free

Now you can use fast and working service to unlock AT&T iPhone for free. The way is simple and doesn’t require any fee for the unlock.

All you need to do is to provide the IMEI of the clean (not blocked, barred, blacklisted) iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS locked to the AT&T US network.

To get successful results make sure that:

  • iPhone is activated
  • Contract status is older than 60 days.
  • Check twice all the information you provide to avoid any errors and mistakes, mistypes before confirming your order. Make sure you are providing the correct mail address and IMEI number.
  • Please do not order if your iPhone has ever been sent to Apple Care / Technical Service or is a replacement unit.
  • The results will come during business hours 9 AM – 6 PM PST from Monday to Friday.

This free service is official and unlock will be confirmed by AT&T and Apple. You will be able to make phone calls and send messages in any country across the globe.

If unlock will not be successful but your are sure that iPhone is AT&T use Premium services depending on iPhone model:

Check if iPhone IMEI is Replaced Before Ordering Factory Unlock

iPhone Replaced IMEI Check

If you received Not Found code one of the reasons can be in the replaced IMEI of iPhone. According to AT&T unlocking policy they don’t unlock replaced devices. To avoid such results we offer to use IMEI replaced checker before placing unlocking order.

If you are planing to unlock iPhone or purchase used model it is very important to check if IMEI replaced or not. Use our checker and get fast results on the way!


  • Add contact@geo-location.site to your mail contacts to be sure our emails get delivered.
  • Please read Terms and Services before clicking the Buy Now button.
  • This package DOES NOT UNLOCK or UNBLOCK iPhone.
  • Due to the fact that services sometimes are overloaded results may come longer that usual. Also there can be delays during the weekends.

Place and Order

1. Enter IMEI number:

  • type *#06# on Keypad
  • Settings – General – About – IMEI

2. Enter Email address.

3. Read and agree with Terms and Services.

4. Click the Buy Now button.

You will receive results if your iPhone IMEI was replaced, replaced and original data:

iPhone Replaced IMEI Check RESULTS SAMPLE:

Serial ##### IMEI #### Type | Replacement Date

ENCVSIIONDMW 012376458908346 Active | 03/07/14
EVBRTIOMPSDW 014327897500984 Replaced | 02/28/13
EYERTOMPEWMW 012879006743568 Original | 02/28/13

You can find out if iPhone was replaced by Apple or the IMEI was replaced illegally by using IMEI replaced status checker. iPhone can be replaced by Apple in case it has a hardware issue and the warranty remains valid. Other way to replace IMEI can be done if you have Apple GSX account. You can replaced locked IMEI nubmer to unlocked one. But this method is illegal and iPhone can’t be unlocked using official factory unlocking method we offer here.

AT&T iPhone Blacklist Checker Service [Must-Use Before Unlock]

Check Blacklist iPhone AT&T Status

Blacklisted AT&T iPhones can’t be unlocked. Most companies that offer unlocking service for iPhone users do not accept barred / blocked / lost / stolen IMEIs. If you place an order for factory iPhone unlock with blacklisted IMEI you will lose your money because no refunds are made for such orders. You can run our iPhone blacklist checker to make sure everything is ok / not ok with your device beforehand.

A lot of iPhones are in the blacklist in the U.S., UK, Australia and other countries across the world. You can’t make phones / send messages / connect to the internet on such smartphones as they are blocked within the country they are in. It is impossible to unlock such iPhones but particular service can unlock blocked iPhone to work with networks outside their original country. But if you have blocked AT&T iPhone we can’t unlock it.

AT&T iPhone 6 blacklist check gives important answers for other models like 6S, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 too. You will know whether the iPhone is blacklisted or not, whether it is stolen / lost [if the police got such a report you will know about it] and other useful facts about the handset.

The procedure of running iPhone blacklist checker is simple. You need to know your IMEI code. Get it through Settings menu [look under General – About section] or by typing *#06# to have it shown on your iOS display.

Here is How to Place Your Order.

Step 1: Provide the correct IMEI code and your valid email address. This is important. We’ll email you the results to this mailbox address.

Step 2: Press on Buy Now option.

Step 3: Pay for your order via PayPal or other method [select “I don’t have PayPal account” to enter your credit card information].

Step 4: Once we get the payment we will send the request to the carrier. It is impossible to cancel or refund your order at this point.

Step 5: We will email you the results as soon as your request is completed.

Step 6: In case there is no email from us you can either contact us or look in your spam / junk folder.

After using this service you will receive results like:



IMEI: 35799305249XXXX

Model: Apple iPhone 5S (A1453)

Status: CLEAN


IMEI: 35445206161XXXX

Model: Apple iPhone 6 Plus (A1522)

Country: United States


Blacklisted By: Verizon Wireless

Blacklisted On: 2015-06-09 03:08:02.0

Blacklisted Country: United States


IMEI: 99000284880XXXX

Model: Apple iPhone 5 (A1429)

Status: CLEAN

Blacklisted By: Sprint

Blacklisted On: 2014-01-24 06:05:55.0

Blacklisted Country: United States

Blst. Removed By: Sprint

Blst. Removed On: 2014-01-27 06:09:30.0

Blst. Removed Country: United States

Note: This is not unlocking package. This service checks IMEI only.

Important Notes

  • Agree to our Terms and Services [read them carefully] before you order the checking service.
  • Run our iPhone checker for blacklisted IMEI codes in U.S., UK and other countries. if your iPhone is clean and locked to AT&T you can unlock it here.
  • It doesn’t matter to what carrier your iPhone is locked.
  • Your iPhone must be activated with the carrier it is locked to. If it is not activated the checker will fail to provide you the information about your blacklist IMEI.

We hope you now know the information about your iPhone and it satisfied your expectations. Note that our support team is always happy to assist you in case you have any further questions.

How to Check if iPhone Contract Status With AT&T Was Ended or Still Active

Finally AT&T iPhone out of contract checker is up and running! Here you can check AT&T iPhone contract status if it is off or still active. Before you could check such info contacting AT&T only and only if you had an account in AT&T until now!

Why It Is So Important to Get Such Info?

Last year in the late October AT&T company changed their unlocking policy which became more strict, delayed and much expensive as it had been before. Now the cheapest price for unlock is for out of contract AT&T iPhones only. So why pay double price for unlock if your iPhone is off contract?

How to Place an Order

This service is remote and we don’t need your iPhone. All we need is the IMEI number and email to send you results.

Where to Get IMEI

There are two best and fast ways to get the IMEI number of the iPhone you try to check contract status:

  1. Open Settings and go to General – About, scroll down until you will see 15-digits number of IMEI number.
  2. The second method is to open Phone app and type *#06# on the Keypad to see IMEI immediately.

After you will have IMEI use the order form providing:

  • IMEI
  • Email
  • Agree with Terms
  • Click Buy Now

You will receive results after we check your iPhone contract status. You will receive such info:

  • iPhone is Out of Contract


  • iPhone is In contract


This service will not unlock your iPhone. This is not unlocking package. This service will check AT&T iPhone contract status only. If you need to unlock iPhone and know if your device is out of contract or in contract select from the unlocking packages below.

Use AT&T Contract checker and find out the iPhone status to choose from unlocking packages:

Before ordering read the important notes below to get fast and correct results.

Important Notes

  • Make sure that iPhone is not blacklisted / barred / blocked otherwise you will receive Not Found code.
  • Make sure that iPhone was not replaced or refurbished otherwise you will receive Not Found code.
  • There is no refund if Not Found code results.
  • This is not an instant checker. The average delivery time is 1-24 business hrs. All orders are made manually.
  • This service does not unlock iPhone.
  • Read Terms and Conditions before placing an order.
  • Check spam/junk folder if you don’t see email with the results or add contact@geo-location.site to your safe mail list.


Contract ON: 163 days from purchase. (Which means that iPhone is in contract for 163 days.)

Contract OFF: means device is out of contract.

This service DOES NOT unlock or unblock iPhones. You will see only if your device is out of contract or in contract.

Service to Remove iOS 7 Activation Lock / Find my iPhone Feature

Service to Remove iOS 7 Activation Lock / Find my iPhone Feature

The most recent iOS 7 was presented in September 2013. It comes with Activation lock feature that is turned on automatically if Find My iPhone feature is on. It is impossible to turn off this option manually or via some hacking programs. Only the original device owner can turn it off by entering Apple ID and passcode.

Some users first order iPhone unlock and then start thinking about iOS 7 option once they come up with Activation lock problem that doesn’t allow accessing their Home screen. If you haven’t run Find My iPhone disabled or enabled checker to figure out whether you will face the activation issues or not and now you can’t pass it, we will help you to bypass Activation lock offered by iOS firmware.


Important Notes

  • This package DOES NOT UNLOCK or UNBLOCK iPhone.
  • Make sure your issue fits the screenshot above.
  • This package doesn’t work for blacklisted iPhones. Only clean IMEI. No refund if iPhone is blacklisted.
  • This package supports iPhone and iPad
  • Add contact@geo-location.site to your contacts to be sure our emails get delivered.
  • Please read Terms and Services before clicking the Buy Now button.
  • Delivery times only apply during business hours, not guaranteed turnaround time. (Business time is 9 am – 6 pm PST, Monday-Friday).

Order our service and you will be able to use the iPhone after upgrading to iOS 7 or restoring via iTunes as usual!

How to Check Find my iPhone by IMEI On Any Apple Devices Before Unlock

Use iPhone IMEI Check if Find My Phone Disabled

Users who are thinking about purchasing, restoring, unlocking or reselling their iPhone should be very attentive. Now, as Apple launched its iOS 7, 8, 9 with Activation lock option, it is important to check Find My iPhone with IMEI using special checker before you get your smartphone from someone or plan on giving your handset away.

However if you stuck on activation screen that asks you to enter Apple ID and passcode use our new package to remove iOS 7 activation lock and turn off Find My iPhone feature remotely.

Use this checker to check IMEI for Find My iPhone feature if it is turned off or on before buying, selling or factory unlocking / restoring iPhone. But first read important notes below.


  • Please read Terms and Services before clicking the Buy Now button.
  • This service doesn’t work for blacklisted iPhones.
  • This package DOES NOT UNLOCK or UNBLOCK iPhone.
  • Due to the fact that services sometimes are overloaded results may come longer that usual. Also there can be delays during the weekends.
  • Add contact@geo-location.site to your mail contacts to be sure our emails get delivered.


Find My iPhone: On


Find my iPhone: Off

The ID and passcode chosen for iCloud account are stored on “Albert” activation server run by the Cupertino-based company. Your device is connected to this server and you must enter the original Apple ID and password each time you wish to erase information on the iOS handset, reactivate it or turn Find My iPhone off. If this application is on, Activation lock is turned on automatically on iOS 7 requesting the passcode even if you have just upgraded to the version 7 from previous iOS 6.