Trade iPhone 5 for iPhone 5S with Sleep Button Fixed

Apple has started the program for repairing sleep / wake button in the iPhone 5 models that are affected by this problem. You can go even further and firstly ask for the button fix and then for Apple iPhone trade in deal. It can cost you $350 to trade the older iPhone 5 to the newest iPhone 5S device.


The Cupertino-based tech giant offers two ways for fixing buttons. You can either send your device in or go to the nearest retail store and take your iPhone 5 with you. Ask for the not working sleep / wake button repair, which is free if you are eligible for this program. You should also ask about the second program available to customers. This is the $350 trade in deal where you can trade iPhone 5 for 5c or 5S [your choice].

The catch here is pretty simply. No one will offer you this trade in deal unless you ask for it. According to some users, Apple instructed its employees to present the option only to consumers that specifically want to upgrade to the latest model and ask about this.

The deal is available to iPhone 5 users only. The smartphone has to be in working condition. There should be no broken display or other damages to it. If the damage exists, you need to have it fixed before you are able to trade in.

Everyone who is looking for the new iPhone 6 with iOS 8 that is expected to arrive this fall are advised to save their trade-in opportunity for later.

Official AT&T iPhone Unlock for iOS 7.1.1 Models

Apple presented its new iOS 7.1.1 and some AT&T iPhone users have already updated to this firmware. You can easily unlock iOS 7.1.1 iPhone from AT&T in case you are still locked and limited to your 2-year contract or out of contract by now. AT&T official iPhone unlock is a simple, popular, safe, guaranteed, permanent and top-quality service that will satisfied all your desires within 24 hours or a few days.

unlock AT&T iphone ios 7.1.1

Unlock for iPhone 5 / 5S / 5c / 4S / 4 AT&T is official because it is provided by listing your unique IMEI number [each smartphone has this number to be identified by the manufacturer] in the real Apple database of all IMEIs. Once your code appears in the unlocked section of this database you are officially unlocked.

You cannot do this on your own because you are unable to access this database. The companies that offer official unlock for AT&T iPhone models have this access as they work in partnership with carriers and Apple.

Unlocking needs IMEI which you can see after you call this simple number *#06# or search in Settings app – General menu – About section. If you want to be successful at the first attempt you should also use iPhone blacklist check and network checker. These two great services will tell you the original name of your carrier, activation and lock status along with blacklist status. After you make sure that your iOS 7.1.1 handset is really locked to AT&T, activated and not blacklisted / blocked you can order its factory AT&T IMEI iPhone unlock.


This is even easier to do.

Step 1. Enter IMEI number in the special field of the online order form.

Step 2. Enter email address as you are asked to do.

Step 3. Click Buy after you agree to Terms and Services.

Step 4. Pay for the service.

Step 5. Wait till you receive an email with a guide how to plug the smartphone to your computer, launch iTunes and complete the procedure.

This last step is required because iTunes also contacts Apple servers each time you connect. It will see that your new status is unlocked and finish unlock for your iPhone. From this moment you can insert different SIMs, including AT&T, Verizon, O2, Orange, Sprint, Vodafone and others.

iDevice Users Get iOS 7.1.1 Update Links from Apple

Just like experts predicted, Apple launched its new iOS 7.1.1 for public use. It solves some problems experienced by users and improves the firmware performance along with Touch ID option and keyboard response.

There are two main methods on how you can get iOS 7.1.1 update. One way is using OTA upgrade option. The other one is through download links.


Method 1

iOS 7.1.1 install process can be done this way. Firstly, you should backup your iPhone or other gadget through iCloud program or iTunes. Secondly you need to connect the smartphone or tablet to your computer and open Settings application. Then you have to select General menu and Software Update menu where Install Update is available.

Method 2

This is also simple. You need to download iOS 7.1.1 file depending on your device model and version.

If you have iPod touch 5 generation you can install update from here.

If you have iPad Air, you can download IPSW for Wi-Fi + Cellular and Wi-Fi.

If you own iPad 4 gen, use these links: CDMA, GSM or Wi-Fi.

If you have iPad 3 generation, upgrade from here: Wi-Fi model, AT&T Wi-Fi + Cellular and Verizon Wi-Fi + Cellular.

iPad 2 users get four links to choose from: Wi-Fi (Rev A and regular Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + 3G GSM and Wi-Fi + 3G CDMA version.

iPad mini CDMA, GSM and Wi-Fi links and iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular and Wi-Fi model.

iPhone links for iOS 7.1.1 download are available below:

iPhone 5 CDMA and GSM

iPhone 5c CDMA and GSM

iPhone 5S CDMA and GSM

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4 GSM Rev A, GSM and CDMA

Apple Releases iOS 7.1.1 Allowing iPhone / iPad / iPod touch to Upgrade

Apple has presented a fix to bugs with iOS 7.1.1 release that you can now download for your device. The firmware improves some options on iOS 7 and solves problems that make a lot of users tired and frustrated. You can learn how to update to iOS 7.1.1 inside this post and use either direct links or OTA-upgrade.

This release comes with minor improvements to the system. It should solve the bugs such as the ability to distantly turn off Find My iPhone application and restore your smartphone without having to enter Apple ID and password. The Cupertino giant has also offered some changes to Touch ID making its response a lot quicker.


As Apple states, you will get the following changes after you install iOS 7.1.1 on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch:

–   Your keyboard should be better in turns of responsiveness

–   Touch ID sensor works better

–   Bluetooth keyboards are also fixed

You can follow iOS 7.1.1 download links to upgrade to this firmware from iOS 7.1. This is good for everything with a non-jailbroken device. Hackers haven’t released the jailbreak for this operating system so they advise everyone who needs jailbreak to not update to the newer firmware version.

iPhone 5 CDMA users can download their firmware using the previous link and GSM owners can get iPhone 5 iOS 7.1.1 for GSM here. iPhone 5S users can download CDMA or GSM model and iPhone 5C should follow these links for CDMA smartphone and GSM cell phone.

Users with iPhone 4S can update as well and iPhone 4 owner can use one of the following sources: GSM Rev A, GSM and CDMA.

iPod touch 5 gen iOS 7.1.1 is here.

Tablet devices can be updates through here:

iPad Air 5 gen – WiFi + Cellular

iPad Air 5 gen – WiFi

iPad 4 gen – CDMA

iPad 4 gen – GSM

iPad 4 gen – WiFi

iPad 3 gen – WiFi

iPad 3 gen – Wi-Fi + Cellular AT&T

iPad 3 gen – Wi-Fi + Cellular Verizon

iPad 2 gen – Wi-Fi (Rev A)

iPad 2 gen – Wi-Fi

iPad 2 gen – Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)

iPad 2 gen – Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)

iPad mini users can install the update this way:

iPad mini CDMA model

iPad mini GSM device

iPad mini Wi-Fi tablet

iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular gadget

iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi release

 User direct iOS 7.1.1 download links to install this firmware on your iDevice and update to better options with bug fixes.

Buy Cheap iPhone 5C with 8GB Space in More Countries

The iPhone 5c model isn’t as popular as a lot of previous Apple handsets and the company is trying to boost its sales by introducing an even cheaper 8GB smartphone to consumers from some European countries. You can now buy a cheap iPhone 5c in USA, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands and some other corners of Europe, including Finland, Portugal, Austria etc.

It is expected that the common price for the low-cost 8GB model is to be €50 cheaper than the price on the 16GB handset. This could actually bring more customers to the Cupertino-based company if carriers don’t give discounts on the 16GB smartphone.


The news about low sales of the colorful iPhone 5c that was released along with the more expensive 5S model was everywhere on the web. The introduction of the model with less storage a month ago came as surprise to everyone. Can it earn the results Apple wants? Maybe once the sales figures are shared with public experts will see how this idea allows the company benefiting from extending the line of its cheaper handsets.

It is curious that some countries offer the new model more expensive than the 16GB one. For example, some people note that Germany starts to sell iPhone 5c with 8GB of storage for €499 while the 16GB device is €10 cheaper. This sounds weird.

If such pricing policy is preserved in other countries people will not buy the lower storage smartphone when it is possible to purchase more storage at a lower price.

T-Mobile Cheaper Price Plans for Tablet Devices

One of the American carriers T-Mobile changes its price policy on tablets. The company should start offering LTE devices for the price of Wi-Fi models. Its new T-Mobile price plans also suggest the free data use through 2014. This company likes to introduce different promotions for its customers shaking up the market in the U.S.

The operator wants to attract more tablet consumers thus it came up with a new initiative. The Tmobile price policy offers LTE Apple tablets $130 less plans than Apple offers them. The fruit tablet with LTE option usually costs $130 more than the Wi-Fi gadget but for a limited time you can get the LTE model cheaper.

T-Mobile Cheaper Price Plans

Even if you still have the Wi-Fi model and wish to get the newer device you can visit the carrier’s store and ask for upgrading your tablet for the 4G LTE-enabled iPad. You will pay the same price as you would have paid for the Wi-Fi device. This might be a good deal for a lot of Americans who like to own the latest generation gadgets with the Apple logo.

T-Mobile price plans offer no annual contract but offer different postpaid activation on mobile plans. In other words, you can now purchase the 16GB iPad Air with 4G LTE connection for $499 and not pay $630.

Some consumers can get the 2-year financing with no money down. You can also get the bonus of free monthly 1GB data in 2014. This is an addition to the offer with free 200 MB data that tablet users already get from this company.

This is a good time to buy the tablet if you wanted one for Christmas but found it too expensive. You can also wait till the next-gen model that might be launched this fall. Apple is planning to release the A8 processor devices, as rumored.

Three Hutchison Offers iPhone 5C with 8GB Storage in the UK

Three now offers the updated version of iPhone 5C 8GB model. The smartphone is now available to UK customers who can get revamped tariffs from this carrier. Users are offered to buy the smartphone with a 2-year contract. iPhone 5C Three UK price starts at £35 a month [after a two year plan] with additional £19 monthly payments for the 8GB version for the cheap Apple handset.

What do you get for this iPhone 5c price with 3 Hutchison? £54 monthly payment for 2 years gives you up to 600 call minutes each month, unlimited text messages and unlimited data. If this is way too much for you there is another offer.

iphone 5c three uk

The carrier can give you 600 minutes for phone calls, unlimited SMS and 1GB monthly data for £29 a month [this is £6 cheaper] but the tariff is available over 24 months and the upfront charges still apply.

Sadly, there are not differences between the iPhone 5c with 16GB storage that was released last year and the 8GB model presented this spring. Only the storage has been reduced with no more changes. The same device comes with A6 chip and 8 megapixel camera. Customers can select one of the 5 colors presented by the Cupertino-based tech giant.

iPhone Chat Without Wi-Fi Coverage: How It Is Possible with FireChat

Sometimes you get into the area where this is no Wi-Fi connection and cell coverage. You can use iPhone chat without Wi-Fi if you have one app installed on your Apple device. You can send text messages to users who are in close proximity to you and you do not need internet connection for this.

iPhone chat app without internet is called FireChat. The program works through iOS software feature “multipeer connectivity” that is built-in into every Apple handset. Users can send SMS to each other while their smartphone are connected through Bluetooth used as an alternative way of communication.


How to Use iPhone Chat Without Internet

Let’s imagine you don’t have cell coverage and internet but FireChat is installed on your iOS smartphone.

Step 1. Make sure that the user who you wish to sell the text message to is within 100 feet. Otherwise your message can’t reach the recipient.

Step 2. Type your message and send it.

Right now the option is probably more interesting to office workers who are in the same room. The program is developed by Open Garden team. It is designed for pranks and might be a good approach for multiplayer gaming.


Maybe multipeer connectivity will be used by other devs in the gaming industry. For now this is the only application of this kind built for iPhone gadgets. Developers of the program are going to extend the app’s features that are now letting only moving information directly from one iPhone to another without Wi-Fi and Internet connection. Maybe it will allow sending data to different gadgets once the program gets updates.

It can also guarantee your privacy and security as the conversations won’t be sent via Internet. Your messages will be sent to another iPhone directly without passing through different carriers and systems.

Note that your SMS will be received by all FireChat users nearby.

Activation Lock Removal for iOS 9 / 8 Devices [Reliable Service]

iOS 8, 9 smartphones can become useless if you get stuck on the Activation lock screen which requires the original (iCloud) Apple ID and password of the handset’s user. It is good if you are the original owner and know this information. The problem is faced by customers who purchased a used Apple iPhone 6 or other model and have no idea where to search for its original owner to ask for the ID / password and bypass iCloud activation lock.

Find my iPhone Activation lock remove is a new Apple iCloud unlock service for iPad and iPhone that helps most users to stop having headaches because of the problem with iOS 8 security system improvement and they cannot remove device from Find my iPhone. You can finally order this service and easily get Activation lock removal as soon as possible. There is no need to search for the gadget’s original owner anymore. Besides, this is iCloud best iPhone unlock solution that helps those customers who forgot their ID or password and couldn’t find it.

You can make sure that your Find My iPhone is on by using the affordable Find My iPhone check service that gives the answer what status you have. If it is on and you are running or about to update to iOS 8, wish to permanently unlock your iDevice etc. you are advised to remove Find My iPhone app.

iCloud Activation Lock Removal iPhone Service

You can now easily remove Find My iPhone along with the Activation lock feature once you order the distant service that allows bypassing the locked status. The service doesn’t unlock the handset. It cannot unblock it if the carrier has blocked your iPhone 6 Plus. But iCloud find my phone unlocking can help you get past activation error if the smartphone has clean IMEI code.

Step 1: Enter the IMEI number.

Step 2: Enter the email

Step 3: Read and agree with Terms and Services

Step 4: Click the Buy Now button and follow further instructions.

Important Notes

  • This iCloud unlock tool supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Please, be attentive when you place your order online.
  • Provide us with a screenshot of the activation step where it asks for Apple ID and password:

icloud unlock service

  • It is recommended to read Terms & Conditions and agree to them.
  • You are highly advised to run the iCloud Find my Phone unlocking service mentioned above that will tell you whether your Activation Lock is enabled or disabled.
  • Make sure your IMEI is not blocked, blacklisted, stolen, lost, or barred. No refund if device is blacklisted. This package supports iPad and iPhone all versions with clean IMEI.
  • If you really need to remove Activation Lock and Find My iPhone app you can place the order. Add the company’s email to your contacts list so that the email with your results reaches you and doesn’t land in your spam folder.
  • Please, be patient if it takes a while to complete your order. Sometimes there are too many requests and Apple servers become overloaded.

Why Find My iPhone Feature is Needed?

Apple allows iPhone users to protect their gadget from being used by third-party people. But it didn’t provide the solution for owners with bad memory and used device consumers. Once you turn on Find My iPhone app in iCloud the smartphone will ask for the Apple ID and password to disable it along with the Activation lock that turns on automatically if Find My iPhone is on. If you can’t enter the original ID and password you cannot unlock iCloud and get the activation error. The similar thing happens if the app was turned in iOS 6 firmware and you update to iOS 7, 8, 9. In such case if you don’t have such info you need iCloud unlock solution.

It is required to turn Find My iPhone off so that your handset stops asking for the personal data when you wish to unlock, restore or update it. Otherwise you need this iPad and iPhone iCloud unlock fix.

Can You Unlock AT&T iPhone for T-Mobile? Cheap Solution for iPhone 5S iOS 7.1

Here is a chance to use your AT&T iPhone with T-Mobile SIM card whenever you are. Forget about roaming and other staff like that. Just insert SIM and enjoy calls!

Some users have already installed the most recent iOS 7.1 firmware on the iPhone 5S which brings new features, including CarPlay app and new YouTube Audio in background feature. While jailbreak is not available for this operating system you can still unlock AT&T iPhone 5S iOS 7.1 device for T-Mobile at an affordable price.

unlock iphone 5s at&t

Sadly, AT&T will not unlock the device for free because there are no out of contract smartphones 5S yet. There are no other unofficial unlocking ways for iPhone 5S. Even jailbreak won’t help. Why? The answer is simple. Apple patched the exploits and Evasi0n7 cannot jailbreak iDevices.

Factory Unlock AT&T iPhone 5S for T-Mobile and Other Networks

We all know that IMEI unlocking is official service that supports all versions of iOS, including the new iOS 7.1, all iPhone models and most carriers. It can help you to unlock iPhone T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, O2, Orange and a lot of other mobile companies with ease and with 100% guarantee. But here you can unlock iPhone locked to AT&T US carrier.

Millions of Apple customers have tried this service and become happy being able to insert not only T-Moble but different other SIM cards. This is not the only advantage brought by this unlocking method.

Benefits of AT&T Official Unlock

  • You are SIM-free just like never-locked iPhone users
  • Safe update to iOS 8 etc. / restore [never re-locked]
  • Price on the unlocked iPhone is higher than on a locked smartphone
  • You can connect to T-Mobile or any other network even abroad and safe money on roaming fees
  • Apple warranty is preserved
  • Support for all iOS versions, iPhone models and basebands

unlock at&t to tmobile

How to Unlock iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 /  4S / 4 AT&T to T-Mobile

You need to find your IMEI. Do this by dialing *#06#. It is also best to run iPhone network checker and blacklist check service to be sure your IMEI is clean, your original carrier is AT&T and your smartphone is activated with AT&T network.

Step 1. Once you’ve done all the preparations and your iPhone is clean choose this package to order unlock to T-Mobile SIM card.

Note: If your iPhone is blacklisted contact us.

Step 2. Provide IMEI number and your email.

Step 3. Use PayPal or credit/debit card to pay the affordable price for the official service.

Step 4. You will get an email with unlock confirmation and instructions on what to do next after iPhone will be unlocked.

Step 5. Insert a T-Mobile SIM card and connect your iPhone 5S to iTunes to see that you are finally unlocked once and forever. You can use any other non AT&T Sim card to complete the process.