How to Permanently Delete Snapchat History on iPhone 7 or iPad

How do you remove Snapchat history on iPhone or iPad? It is actually very easy to delete your conversations if you don’t want someone to read them while using your phone. Let’s learn how you can erase your Snapchat messages in the simplest way possible.

Snapchat History Delete

Why would you need to pay attention to your chat history? Firstly, your numerous conversations can simply clutter your application. This means that you have to get rid of old messages once in a while to keep the program uncluttered. Secondly, you might borrow your phone to your friends and this means that you might want to hide or remove some of your Snapchat chats. Besides, you can easily remove your iPhone 7 widgets using the 3D Touch option.

Snapchat is pretty popular among many people who like to share hilarious stories with their friends and family members. You can delete either the whole history of your mobile chat or some individual conversations. Everything depends on your goal and why you wish to delete Snapchat history on iPhone 7, 6s or older models.

Snapchat History Eraser Photo

How to Permanently Delete Snapchat Messages

Step 1. If you need a Snap history eraser app to delete only one or a couple of chats it’s better to download no programs. You just need your iPhone 7 or other model with Snapchat conversations on it.

Step 2. Launch Snapchat tool on the phone.

iPhone Snapchat

Step 3. Click on the program’s icon that is located at the upper left corner of the app.

Step 4. You’ll see the Settings option at the upper right part of the screen. Click on it.

Settings for Snapchat on iPhone 7

Step 5. You should scroll down a bit.

Step 6. Find Clear Conversations feature and click on it.

How to Delete Snapchat Messages

Step 7. There will be an ‘X’ button next to each chat you have. Click on the X next to the conversation you want to remove.
Step 8. You’ll see a popup window with Clear option which you have to press on.

Step 9. Once you confirm your decision the individual conversation will be removed permanently.

P.S. If you are a fan of WhatsApp you can amaze your friends by sending disappearing photos or video files.

Delete History on Snapchat on iPhone

How to Delete Snapchat Conversation History

Step 1. Sometimes you are searching for Snapchat history eraser app download while there is no need to look for such tool because you can remove all conversations at once directly on the iPhone with no additional apps.

Step 2. Open Snapchat.

Step 3. Choose the application icon.

Step 4. Go to Settings.

Step 5. Choose Clear Conversations.

Delete Snapchat History on iPhone

Step 6. There will be a Clear All option at the upper right part of the screen.

Step 7. Click on Clear Feed and you’ll successfully remove all the chats using this simple Snapchat history eraser guide.

It’s pretty simple to remove the messages you want to hide. You should not face any snapchat conversations issues because you can clear your history using Snapchat settings. Hopefully you’ll find the instruction above useful.

Remember that even if you don’t want to hide your old chats you might still want to clear your Snap history to clear some space. It is a super fast solution that requires no third-party applications or extra services. This is something you can manage yourself.

How to Check Your iPhone Activation Lock Status for Free Online

A lot of us still remember the Activation Lock status web-site created and later removed by Apple. It was a quick way to get details about your iPhone Activation lock. Unfortunately those days are gone while millions of iPhone owners still have the need to check their iPhone IMEI status and wish to find another simple and fast solution.

Check iPhone Lock Status

How can you do this task? Is there a method that makes everything possible online without any additional software? We know one great free option you can use. It is an easy method you can use on-the-go. You don’t have to install any programs, tools or third-party apps on your iPhone, Mac or Windows PC. You only need active internet connection and your favorite browser.

The previous free iPhone IMEI check online service wasn’t perfect. It could be possible to hack the tool and even activate smartphones that were bricks. Some experts assure that that web page could allow hackers to even change the iPhone serial number by entering the handset’s IMEI number and successfully bypass the iCloud Activation Lock.

You can no longer use that status page however there is another loophole in the Cupertino-based company’s site which you can take advantage of and perform a simple iPhone activation lock check procedure for your personal needs.

How to Check Activation Lock on iPhone

How to Check iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Status

Keep in mind that this particular iPhone check service works only for some of us. It might not work for you because the loophole can be fixed by Apple at any moment. Give it a try and maybe you’ll successfully check your activation lock status by IMEI.

Step 1. Use any mobile web browser you like. You can do this on your iPhone or computer. It doesn’t matter which device you are using.

Step 2. Visit Apple Support page.

Step 3. You’ll get a list of gadgets where you can point to your smartphone.

Step 4. You should select any hardware category and problem. For instance, you can click on Battery, Power & Charging section and click on battery issue.

Step 5. No matter which category you choose you’ll get the choice to Send or Bring your device for repair.

Step 6. You can now type your serial number or IMEI for activation lock check. The service is free and you don’t have to complete the repair request.

Reasons to Check Activation Lock Status on iPhone

Possible iPhone IMEI Check Issues through Apple Service

There could be situations when the service works well but you see the following issue: ‘Sorry but we can’t create a repair while Find my iPhone is active.’ What does it mean? Why can’t you use the free iPhone lock status check at no cost?

This message means that you have either turned on Activation Lock or enabled Find My iPhone service on the phone. Disable these features and check your status once again.

There are many paid services that can answer the question about your Activation Lock status. It’s surely easier to find a no-cost option but if the loophole is fixed you’ll have to search for alternative methods and solutions. Right now you still have a chance to figure out your status using your iPhone IMEI code and Apple Support web page.

Such services are very useful when you are planning to buy a used phone. It’s always great to know that its IMEI is clean. In other words, it’s nice to double check that your used iPhone hasn’t been stolen or lost. Am I right?

How to Record FaceTime Calls with Sound on Mac and iPhone 7

Thinking of recording your FaceTime calls? It is possible to record your video and audio using your iPhone 7 or Mac. Both Apple devices are able to help you achieve your goal. There is no need to search for third-party applications that work as FaceTime recorder since everything can be done with the help of QuickTime. It’s easy, quick and you’ll enjoy the results.

Recording FaceTime Calls

There is more than one call recorder for FaceTime. You can choose any program you like since recording video and audio for FaceTime (if you are a fan of this video calling tool) is must have for various situations. Learn how to record FaceTime on Mac with sound or directly on your iPhone and you’ll solve several problems at once.

You do need to use third-party apps to help record FaceTime video on iPhone and your computer [here is how to fix iPhone 7 camera freeze bug]. We’ll tell you what application is number 1 and better to download and you’ll repeat the guide, learn cool tips and master this task.

FaceTime Video and Audio Recording on iPhone or Mac

How to Record FaceTime Calls with QuickTime on iPhone + Mac

You need your smartphone and Mac in order to record FaceTime audio and video calls on iPhone. You should also get a 30-pin or Lightning cable to connect the handset to your Mac. Besides, you should use FaceTime program and QuickTime app.

Step 1. Use the cable to connect your iOS 10 or iOS 9 phone to your computer.

Step 2. Launch QuickTime program on Mac machine.

Step 3. Choose File – New Movie Recording option.

Record FaceTime Calls with QuickTime App

Step 4. You’ll see the record option and an arrow next to it. Press on this arrow to continue.

Step 5. Unlock your phone. It’s screen will be shown on your computer. Turn up the volume so that QuickTime ‘hears’ your phone call.

Step 6. Now you can open FaceTime on iPhone 7 [you can also turn your iPhone Live photos into still images].

iPhone FaceTime App

Step 7. You can now click on Record button on Mac’s QuickTime tool.

Step 8. Now you can enjoy FaceTime call on your smartphone.

Step 9. Remember to click on Stop in QuickTime when you finish with your phone call.

Step 10. Now choose File – Save and give your recording a name. Choose where you wish to save it and click on Save option.

How to Save FaceTime Call

This is how you record FaceTime on iPhone. You see that this is not a direct method since there is now way how you can record your phone calls directly on iOS 9 or 10 handset [by the way, if you are using WhatsApp you can send disappearing photos and videos from your smartphone to your friends]. Let’s find out how different this guide is for your computer recordings.

Mac FaceTime Calls Recording Guide

How to Save FaceTime Calls on Your Mac

Step 1. Launch QuickTime tool on your computer.

Step 2. Select File section.

Step 3. Choose New Screen Recording option.

How to Record Screen on Mac

Step 4. You’ll see the arrow near Record option which you have to click.

Step 5. Choose Built-in Microphone option or select Internal Microphone feature.

Step 6. Open FaceTime program on your computer.

Record FaceTime Calls on Mac

Step 7. There should be Record option in QuickTime app as well. Click on it.

Step 8. You can record the Mac screen or only FaceTime calls. Choose Screen option or just press-drag over your FaceTime window to decide which feature you need to use. P.S. You can also hide and unhide images on Mac without any issues.

Step 9. Place your FaceTime call.

Step 10. When your call is over you should choose the Stope Recording option in QuickTime Menu.

Save FaceTime Video Audio on Mac

Step 11. Choose File – Save to save your new recording. You need to give it a name.

Step 12. Once the name is given you should press on Save once again.

That’s it. You’ve learned how to record Facetime audio and video for iPhone or Mac. Both methods are performed on your computer since it is currently not possible to make such recordings directly on your smartphone screen.

iPhone 7 Camera Freezes: iOS 10 Tips and Tricks to Fix It

It doesn’t matter how new your smartphone is. There could be issues even with the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models not speaking about previous iPhone 6s, 6, 5s and earlier phones. Sometimes the problems are related to software and sometimes you have to deal with hardware bugs. Let’s talk more about possible iPhone 7 camera issues and learn how to fix the issue as soon as you notice it.

iPhone 7 Camera Freeze Bug

This is what can actually happen to you one day. Users report that their iPhone 7 camera suddenly stops responding or completely freezes. This unpleasant situation can occur on both 7 and 7 Plus versions so no models are protected from this problem.

Explore the possible tips and you’ll easily deal with the bug when your iPhone camera is not working when you really need to take a picture, selfie or record a short video.

How to Fix Camera Freezing on iPhone 7

When iPhone Camera Can Freeze

Sometimes you notice that your iPhone camera freezes when switching to front camera. According to some Apple customers, they noticed the problem when they were trying to capture an impressive moment with their Portrait Mode on iOS 10 firmware.

The issue can happen once in a while, occur once or twice or bother you every day which won’t make you happy. The guide on how to fix iPhone camera freeze problem offers several solutions you can try. Maybe one of the tips will quickly solve your issue. If one trick doesn’t work for you – just follow a different tip and test all the solutions to find the right one for your iDevice. You can also learn how to remove and add widgets using 3D Touch on your handset.

How to Fix Camera Bugs on iPhone

How to Fix Camera Problem on iPhone 7

Tip 1. iOS 10 Update

Sometimes all you have to do is upgrade to the latest available firmware version and all minor bugs will be fixed on their own:

Step 1. Launch Settings on your handset.

Step 2. Choose General menu.

Step 3. Select Software section.

Update to iOS 10.2 on iPhone 7

Step 4. If you see an update you should install it. For example, you can update to iOS 10.2 if you are running the first iOS 10 version.

Tip 2. iPhone Reboot

A lot of issues are gone after force reboot. Thus you can try this solution when you experience issues with your iPhone 7 camera:

Step 1. You need to force quit the programs on your phone. Just double click on your Home button and swipe up on your application card. This way you can close all background apps at once.

Step 2. Hold both On / Off and Volume Down buttons and count till 10. You’ll see the famous Apple logo.

Step 3. Wait for the restart.

Step 4. Open your Camera app again and take a shot.

How to Turn Off Location Services

Tip 3. Disable App Refresh / Location Services

The bug could happen because of two many services working at once on your smartphone. You can try to turn off some of the most battery-draining tools and hopefully your camera will work properly again:

Step 1. Open Settings and choose Privacy.

Step 2. Select Location Services and disable this option.

Step 3. Now get back to Settings app and select General section.

Step 4. Go to Background App Refresh and turn off this feature.

Step 5. It is also better to update all pending apps through App Store – Updates where you can select the option called Update All.

Step 6. Restart your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Step 7. Launch Camera iOS 10 program and start recording videos and creating new amazing photos. Everything should be fixed.

Nothing Worked?

The camera could freeze because of hardware bugs. In this situation you should contact Apple Support and get help with your iPhone camera problems.

Secret iPhone Shortcuts Tips: How to Create and Use Text Shortcut

It is probably impossible to know all the iOS 10 tips and tricks. There are so many secret ways how to master your Apple iPhone that most users only explore the features that are must-have in their everyday life. All other secrets remain hidden. When it comes to iPhone text shortcuts it is better to set them up and use while typing your text messages as this way you can send your respond to just any SMS instantly.

How to Set Up and Use Text Shortcuts on iPhone

How to Create Shortcuts on iPhone

It is not only necessary to setup and create your shortcuts but also learn how exactly you can use them on your iOS 10 iDevice. iOS 10 is the latest firmware version for iPhone and iPad. Apple is currently working on its new iOS 10.3 upgrade however it won’t bring any major changes to the platform. Thus once you update to any earlier ‘10’ system version you can explore the amazing shortcuts on iOS 10 phone and implement them into your life.

A lot of use like to send text messages. Of course, there are many people who prefer talking over the phone to sending SMS still it is great when you can quickly type your message without being interrupted from whatever you’ve been doing.

Let’s see in details how you can use text shortcuts on your iPhone. Follow the instruction below and you’ll master the way for sending quick short messages no matter what phrases you are using to build your sentences.

It is possible to create as many iPhone text shortcuts as you need. Think of all the quick phrases that can be useful to use and create shortcuts for each one. You can also easily block unwanted phone numbers on your Apple handset.

iPhone Text Shortcuts Usage

How to Set Up Shortcuts on iOS 10 iPhone

Step 1. Take your phone and make sure it is already updated to iOS 10 version (any version that exists).

Step 2. Open Settings program.

Step 3. Select General menu.

Step 4. Go to Keyboard section.

iPhone Settings - Keyboard

Step 5. Click on Text Replacement section.

iPhone Settings - Text Replacement

Step 6. There should be a ‘plus’ button (+) at the upper right part of your display. Click on it to proceed.

iPhone iOS 10 SMS Shortcuts Creation

Step 7. Enter the phrase that you want to turn into a shortcut. Now name your shortcut. Be brief as you’ll type your shortcut and it will turn down into your phrase. For example, type ‘cml’ for ‘call me later’ sentence. Hit on Done and Save your shortcut.

iOS 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Use Your Secret iPhone Shortcuts

Step 1. Once you have created your shortcuts you should use them in your text messages. Launch the app that helps you typing your SMS. For example, use Messages program or similar app.

Step 2. Type your shortcut name. For example, type cml and it will automatically be shows in your predictive bar as the original phrase.

Step 3. Click on your corresponding message and send your SMS.

Remove Text Shortcuts on iPhone

How to Delete iPhone Keyboard Text Shortcuts

Step 1. Go to Settings when you wish to get rid of your old shortcuts.

Step 2. Select General menu and go to Keyboard.

Step 3. Choose Text Replacement option and hit Edit.

Step 4. You’ll see a red button next to your shortcuts. Click on this button for each phrase you wish to delete.

Step 5. Click on Delete – Done to confirm your decision.

If you only wish to edit your existing shortcuts you should repeat this guide up to Step 3 and instead of removing phrases you can change them and save those changes.

It’s really simple to create and use your shortcuts. For example, if you are tired of searching for a question mark you can create question mark text shortcut on your iPhone by choosing ‘qm’ name for this mark. Why not?

You see how you can adjust, edit, delete and create short phrases for different messages to reply as quickly as possible to important SMS when you are busy. Master your iPhone and iOS 10 features and you’ll love how everything is so simple and fun.

How to Easily Share iCloud and iPhone Data via iOS 10.3 Analytics Tools

Users who are running iOS 10 are surely following all the firmware updates. Apple is improving its mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad and you can share iCloud data on iOS 10.3 which is impossible on earlier platform versions. It is also possible to share your iPhone analytics data using the same method.

Why would anyone want to share iPhone data with Apple anyway? Firstly, you might not like your gadget or program performance. This is the reason to send your iCloud analytics direction from your phone. Secondly, it’s easier for the Cupertino-based giant to track the quality of its services and apps and enhance the performance, fix bugs and improve the overall experience of ‘fruit’ users with their ‘fruit’ devices.

Analytics Data Sharing on iOS 10.3 iPhone

iOS Analytics Tools

The fun options tested in iOS 10.3 beta sound really interesting and curious. They should simplify your life since it becomes even quicker to share analytics data on iPhone and iCloud not only with Apple itself but also with application developers. The information will be secure. Besides, you can control whether the data sharing is available or not. Enable and disable it when you wish. The whole idea does look attractive, doesn’t it?

Since you already know about the new feature let’s figure out how to use it.

Share Data Analytics on iCloud or iPhone

How to Share iPhone Data with Apple

Keep in mind that this option is present only in beta version for now. As soon as Apple officially updates its firmware to version iOS 10.3 [learn more about interesting iOS 10 features] you’ll be able to apply the knowledge on-the-go and send your analytics data on iPhone to the ‘fruit’ giant or devs.

Step 1. Once you install iOS 10.3 beta now (or the official 10.3 firmware once it is released) you can open Settings.

Settings - Privacy section on iPhone

Step 2. Get down to Privacy section.

Step 3. Find Analytics section.

Step 4. Choose Analytics data feature.

Step 5. Now you will get to your Analytics data.

Step 6. If you wish to share your information with either Apple or your app developer you need to launch Settings again.

iPhone Settings - Analytics

Step 7. Select Privacy – Analytics section.

Step 8. There will be a switch for Share iPhone Analytics option. Enable it by toggling it on.

How to Share Analytics Data on iPhone with Apple or Developers

Step 9. If you need to share everything with devs choose Share With App Developers feature.

Step 10. If you need to share your iCloud Analytics you should get to Privacy – Analytics and enable Share iCloud Analytics option.

Now you know how to share iPhone data and it’s time to learn how you can improve this experience even more. You can also add some security to WhatsApp program on your smartphone.

iOS 10.3 Analytics Sharing

How to Improve your Sharing Analytics Data Feature

Step 1. Take your iPhone and go to Settings.

Step 2. Choose Privacy feature.

Step 3. Select Analytics.

Step 4. You’ll see Improve Activity option which you can enable.

Step 5. Get back to Analytics section.

Step 6. You’ll see the option called Improve Wheelchair Mode which you can enable.

This way you can share workout information and wheelchair activity with the iOS company so that it can enhance its health services.

Is it safe to share your data with devs or the iPhone maker? Of course, it should be. It won’t harm anyone. This is just a way to control possible problems, issues and bugs on iOS gadgets. When you send the analytics information about the app or service Apple and developers will be able to make their products much better. It’s a win-win and hopefully this will be useful to all of us.

Can You Use Any Third Party Remote with Apple TV?

It does happen in real life: you break things or simply lose them. This often happens to my remote for Apple TV. I try to keep it at the same place however my dog is always there to play with it, lick it, carry around or choose on it. The result is pretty upset. My remote control often breaks and I have to get a new one, original or universal remote.

What is the best third party Apple TV remote? Does any remote work with this TV set or only original devices sold by the Cupertino-based company? I can share my experience with you. Maybe you’ll also like this idea since it’s not that comfortable to experiment with various alternatives in hopes to find the right one or work with Siri remote.

Anyways, this is just a quick simple instruction on how to use any (right, just ANY) third party remote when you have lost or broken your own gadget. By the way, some users really don’t like the remote that goes with their Apple TV and are also searching for the bigger and prettier remote control.

Original Apple TV Remote Controller was broken or lost

Best Universal Remote for Apple TV

No matter why you are planning to replace your original controller you can find a good alternative. There are many third party remotes for Apple TV that are cute, easy-to-use, fit perfect in your hand and are just wonderful.

Don’t worry about jailbreak because the guide below explains how to use your best third party Apple TV remote without any third-party activity [learn how you can customize new iPhone 7 without jailbreak]. The famous iPhone giant allows its customers choosing their ATV controller.

Best Universal Remote for Apple TV: how to use guide

How to Use Remote for Apple TV from Third Party Companies

Step 1. Find a remote you like. Remember it doesn’t have to be the original device created and sold by the iOS company.

Step 2. On the ATV you have, go to Settings.

Step 3. You should get down to the list of options and select Remotes and Devices.

Apple TV learns new remote

Step 4. Click on Learn Remote feature.

Step 5. Select Start option to begin this interesting process.

Step 6. Work with your Apple TV and new remote by following the on-screen guides. Just press the buttons on remote and your ‘fruit’ set should learn the signal and get other information about your alternative controller.

Step 7. Give the remote a name.

Step 8. If you wish your TV set to understand commands sent by new remote you are advised to ‘train’ it to play Fast-Forward, Pause and Rewind features through Set Up Playback Buttons feature.

Step 9. In a few moments the procedure should be over and your Apple Remote button will assign your remote.

Since you can now assign any third-party remote to Apple TV let’s learn how to delete it if needed. Maybe you would like to use Siri remote or get an original accessory instead.

Apple TV Settings - Remotes and Devices

How to Delete Alternative Apple TV Remote

Step 1. Open Settings program on your TV set.

Step 2. Scroll down till you reach Remotes and Devices.

Step 3. Select your alternative remote name.

Step 4. There will be option called Delete Remote. Click on it.

Step 5. Confirm your decision by clicking on Delete Remote again.

You see that everything is simple [have you heard about wireless charging on iPhone 7?]. You don’t jailbreak your Apple TV and install no unknown tools. You only assign the third-party remote which you can later delete. Hopefully the instructions are useful and will save your time.

How to Add and Remove Widgets to iPhone 7 / 7 Plus with 3D Touch

Can you add and remove widgets with ease on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus model? This task has become extra simple thanks to 3D Touch feature introduced by Apple on both new handsets. Since this is a quick and easy-to-repeat guide you’ll find it useful and must-have. Follow this iOS 10 widgets tutorial if you wish to improve your device.

What are widgets for? They provide you a quick access to your favorite applications right from your iOS 10 Lockscreen. All you have to do is add the right widget and you’ll be able to launch it within moments directly from iPhone Lock screen. Does it sound cool to you? You can also learn how to share disappearing photos with your friends via WhatsApp tool.

Do you know that you can add widgets using 3D Touch? This is what we’ll teach you to do. You can easily add and also remove those apps you no longer need the fast access to.

How to Add and Remove Widgets on iPhone 7 iOS 10

iOS 10 Widgets Tutorial

There are a couple of things that you must check before you can enjoy the awesome features on iOS 10 phones. This particular guide will only work on several phones, including 7 and 7 Plus because these two models have the 3D Touch option required for smooth process.

You can also follow the instruction if you have iPhone 6s or 6s Plus that are updated to iOS 10. These two smartphone versions also include the 3D Touch technology.

Some applications don’t have widgets that can be added to your Lock screen. Please keep this in mind and double check if the program has a widget or not before you try to add it to your phone. Learn how to fix iOS 10 problem with messages not being sent on your ‘fruit’ devices.

How to add a widget using 3D Touch

How to Add Widgets to iPhone 7 Plus / 7

Step 1. Take your phone into your hands.

Step 2. Choose the program you need to add widgets for on your iOS 10 phone.

How to Add iOS 10 Widgets with 3D Touch

Step 3. Now you should 3D Touch on the app icon. Isn’t this simple?

Step 4. You’ll see the shortcut menu.

Add iOS 10 Widget with 3D Touch

Step 5. Find Add Widget option in this menu. You’ll see it at the upper right part of the menu.

Step 6. Your widget has been successfully added. Just confirm your decision and you are done.

How to Delete iOS 10 Widgets

How to Remove Widgets on iPhone with iOS 10

Unfortunately the procedure of removing widgets is not as simple and fast. The 3D Touch feature doesn’t support it so you cannot remove them the same way they were added. You can still edit your widgets and delete them. Here is how it works.

Step 1. You need your handset with widgets on it.

Step 2. Swipe right and you’ll get to your Lock screen on iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Step 3. A bit of scrolling down is necessary. Get to the bottom of the screen and hit Edit option.

Step 4. You’ll see the list of applications with widgets. There will be red buttons on the left side of this list.

Step 5. Click on the red button to delete the widget.

How to Remove Widgets on iPhone

Step 6. Click on Remove option.

Step 7. Make sure you confirm your decision by clicking on Done feature at the top of the screen.

Step 8. The widget will be now removed for good.

Why would you need to use widgets? This is a simple access to your app updates and news. There is no need to launch every program when you only wish to read the most recent data. Widgets show the information you are looking for right on your Lock screen. Hit the widget and get into details.

This cool option was released back with iOS 8 platform and successfully updated for iOS 9 and iOS 10. The next firmware version [read the latest iPhone 8 rumors] will absolutely include this option as well. Still not all the applications support widgets. Maybe this will change sooner than later.

Best Way to Add Multiple Photos or Videos to Instagram on iOS 10 iPhone

Can you add more than one photo to your Instagram account? Absolutely! You can share multiple pictures at once using your iPhone and amazing iOS 10 tips. Just follow the guide below and you’ll love adding several videos or pictures all at the same time. This way you’ll save your time and share your joy with friends and other social network users. Isn’t it great?

How are you able to accomplish this task? Should you download any third-party apps for iOS 10 firmware or find a different way? We know some incredible Instagram iOS tips you should know about. Let’s discover them.

How to Add Several Pics to Instagram

Instagram Multiple Photos Feature

The iOS 10 secrets for Instagram are simple. This program itself supports the option for sharing multiple files at once. The feature you’ll be using is called Carousel. It works for both iPhone 7 and iPad as well as earlier Apple handset models.

It’s cool that you don’t have to download any extra programs to enjoy the feature. Use your iPhone or iPad that has Instagram installed on it and make sure you have updated to iOS 10 because earlier operating system versions might not support the great changes.

Share Multiple Videos and Pics on Instagram iOS 10 Tips

How to Share Multiple Pictures on Instagram

Before we share the guide below you should learn some iPhone Instagram tips. Firstly, you can really post more than one image or video at a time. Secondly, there is the maximum amount of files that can be shared simultaneously. The app currently supports sharing up to 10 files at once.

Anyways, it’s amazing that you are allowed to post 10 pics at once instead of adding them one by one as you were used to do. Sharing unforgettable moments of your life was never that easy before!

All the files you will add using carousel option will appear inline so your Instagram feed will show only the first photo of the post and users can view all other images by swiping over your main photograph.

Here is how you can share multiple photos on Instagram:

Step 1. Check your iPhone or iPad firmware version. Is it iOS 10? You are good to go. If you are still running previous iOS 9 you are advised to update now.

Step 2. Make sure you have the most recent version of Instagram on iDevice.

Step 3. Open Instagram app on your mobile gadget.

Add Several Videos or Photos to Instagram

Step 4. Do you see the ‘+’ (plus) option at the lower part of the screen? Click on it.

Step 5. Select Library section.

Step 6. Click on Select Multiple feature.

Step 7. Choose videos and / or pictures from your photo library. You can select 10 files at most. You can also adjust the images in the frame.

Step 8. Click on Next to proceed.

Step 9. If you want to apply filters to your files you can click on filter option at the bottom of your screen. Edit photos one by one.

Step 10. You can now click – drag images to adjust their order. To delete an image from your future post you’ll have to click and drag it to the trash button.

Step 11. Press on Next and add captions and location to your post. You can also tag each image or video file by clicking the Tag feature and choosing those people who you wish to tag.

Step 12. Click on the Share button and your post will appear in your feed.

Carousel Tips Instagram iOS 10

All your friends will see the first image of your post just as they regularly do. However since your post now features the Carousel icon at the upper right part it is possible to see all the images attached by swiping over it. Here is how you can download pics from Instagram on your handset.

How do you like the Carousel Instagram update for iPhone 7 and other Apple devices? Is it more comfortable to share your life moments with other from now on?

How to Turn Live Photo into Still Image on Your Mac

Do you like Mac live photos? Sometimes you might wish to turn off live photo feature and send a still image to your friends. We have already explained how you can send disappearing pics and videos through WhatsApp. Is it possible to change live pictures? Should you extract still picture from a short video? How does it happen? We’ll tell you what you need to do with your interactive images to make them look still.

Actually you’ll be surprised at how easy everything is. The guide clearly explains how to turn live photo into still photograph within seconds. The convertion procedure is a quick one. You won’t spend much time changing the status of your pics.

Live Photos on Mac

Mac Live Photos

Live images are impressive. They look wonderful on smaller iPhone screen and are extra beautiful on the big Mac displays. Point on such image and it will come alive. You’ll feel as if you are in a fairy tale. The true magic of live images is amazing. Still there are situations when you need to use Mac live photo edit option and create still shots. If you are using social networkds you can share photos that disappear through Instagram on iOS 10 handset.

Why would you need to change the pictures on your computer? It’s easier with iPhones since not all models support the ‘live’ status. Well, if you want to easier navigate through Mac photo library without seeing images going alive when you accidentally place pointer on one of them you can turn such photos into still images and solve the browsing problem.

Make Live and Still Images on Mac

How to Make Live Photos Still

So how exactly can you extract the still image from your live photo if you are using Mac machine? Follow the detailed guide below that shows step by step how you get still photos from live photographs by quickly turning off this feature. No more pics will suddenly come alive when you touch them.

Step 1. You should use only your computer. So take your Mac and open Photos application on it.

Step 2. To make live photos still you should choose those images one by one. So select one live pic for now. Just hover the mouse on it. You remember that if this is a live image it will come alive.

Step 3. Right press on the file you have just chosen.

Disable Live Photos Feature on Mac Computer

Step 4. You’ll see the menu for your photos. There will be the option called Turn off Live Photo which has nothing to do with animated GIFs. This is what you need to select.

You see how simple it is to disable Live Photo option. It’s also really easy to turn it back on in case you miss the fun of photographs that look alive.

How to Enable Live Photos on Your Mac

Step 1. Launch Photos program on the ‘fruit’ computer.

Step 2. Select the image that is ‘live’ but disabled by you.

Step 3. Right click on it.

How to enable live photo feature on Mac computer

Step 4. Select the feature called Turn On Live Photo.

Now your photograph is alive again and when you hover over it it will interact with you.

It’s not a secret that a lot of Mac users also own the iPhone that also supports the live images. How can you change the ‘live’ status of your smartphone images?

How to make live photo still on iPhone 7 iOS 10

How to Turn Live Photo into Still Image on iPhone 7

Step 1. Take your handset. You don’t need your Mac right now.

Step 2. Choose your Live Photo.

Step 3. Click on ‘share’ option.

Step 4. Press on Duplicate option.

Step 5. Click on Duplicate as Still Photo.

Now you have two similar images where one is a still pic and one is a live photograph. Isn’t it awesome?

The well-known Cupertino-based company keep improving its Photo programs for all devices. We believe that Apple will add even more interesting changes and possibilities into iOS 11 and the next iPhone 8 that will celebrate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary later in 2017.