Try Easy Way to Unlock iPhone That Accept TeliaSonera SIM card from Finland

If you bought iPhone network checker and got results that your iPhone is locked to Telia Sonera Finland carrier don’t worry because here is a solution. You can use this unlocking package to unlock TeliaSonera iPhone but only 4S, 4 3GS and 3G.

The service is safe to use and most carriers are eagerly unlocking their customers smartphones for cheaper price if they are out of contract. Of course, if you don’t use TeliaSonera iPhone carrier anymore and you are out of contract you have the only option of ordering iPhone factory unlock online through IMEI code.

You can unlock Telia Sonera iPhone that is out of contract directly from carrier or through IMEI unlocking service.

You can call your mobile operator and ask them whether you are eligible for free iPhone unlock or not. They will explain how to order it if they are able to unlock your smartphone. Our guide is designed to help users who wish to unlock out of contract iPhone using our factory unlocking service.

Benefits of Factory iPhone Telia Sonera Finland Unlocking

  • Forget about roaming when you are traveling. Just insert local SIM card and enjoy phone calls.
  • There is no need to go somewhere to get unlock. We offer remote service and you can finish unlock from your home (If you have internet connection).
  • You don’t have to install some additional software.
  • Your apps and most preferred features as well as not most preferred will remain working as usual after unlock.
  • We offer the lowest prices for out of contract Telia Sonera iPhone unlock.
  • It doesn’t matter what iOS version, baseband, bootloader and other stuff running on your iPhone. We unlock any.
  • Official unlocking iPhone is lifetime and your device will never be locked again.
  • You can update, sync and restore iPhone in iTunes and it will never be locked again. If Apple will release any new iOS firmware version go on and try it if you like.
  • You can switch SIM cards and enjoy any GSM carrier whenever you are in our beautiful world.
  • We provide really fast and 100% working official unlocking solution.
  • Money back guarantee if iPhone will be still locked to TeliaSonera Finland carrier after using our service.
  • The warranty and all other available services from Apple remain valid after factory unlock.
  • The process will not harm your device.
  • Your iPhone will be unlocked permanently.


– iPhone has to be OUT OF CONTRACT with Telia Sonera network. You can use this link to check if your device is out of contract.

– You have to know the name of the carrier your iPhone is locked to. You can run IMEI checker to get this information if you are not sure that your iPhone is locked to Telia Sonera Finland.

– Your iPhone must be activated within the network of the carrier it is locked to. If you order unlock for the device that is not activated our service will fail and no refunds will be made.

– Your IMEI must be clean. We do not unlock blocked, barred, lost, stolen or blacklisted iPhones. We make no refunds if you give us the wrong information.

– You need to agree with our Terms and Conditions before placing the order for distant factory IMEI unlock.

– Official and permanent iPhone unlock only apply during business hours (9 AM – 6 PM PST, Monday-Friday). No turnaround time guaranteed.

Attention: If you have a Phone shop or a wholesaler you can register on digitalunlocking.net and run your own unlocking business.

How to Place an Order

It is easy to place your order for iPhone TeliaSonera Finland unlock by IMEI online. Since this is distant service you can do everything from the comfort of your home.

Step 1. Find IMEi number. The best is to use one of two methods on your iPhone shown below:

  • Go to Settings – General – About
  • Type *#06# and you will see 15 digits on the screen.

Step 2. In the order form provide your name, email, iPhone model, carrier name and IMEI number.

Step 3. Wait for the email confirmation about successful unlock and follow-up instructions on how to finish everything by connecting iPhone to iTunes. If you don’t see email in your inbox folder, check spam/junk folder or contact us.

Step 4. Enjoy staying unlocked!