iOS 9.3.2 Firmware for iPhone: Must Know Details

Apple presented iOS 9.3.2 update for iPhone and iPad users. This operating system turned out to be buggy and this is the reason why users hesitate whether to install it or not. There are some basic facts and things you have to know about the mobile firmware.

The iOS 9.3 brought some new features to iDevices [find out if you can still downgrade from iOS 9.3.2 to 9.3.1 version]. Then iOS 9.3.1 followed and buggy iOS 9.3.2 that was supposed to fix problems in 9.3.1. Apple is now working on iOS 9.3.3 beta and hopefully this next minor update will do what it is supposed to do: solve all the issues.

Why to Install iOS 9.3.2 Firmware iPhone iPad Apple

iOS 9.3.2 details will help you understand if you need this update or not. Users who are running 9.2.1 or earlier iOS 9 system should know that iOS 9.3.2 is a bigger file. So you should make sure there is enough free space before you choose to update via OTA-update option.

If you are running iOS 9.3.1 or 9.3 [learn more about cool and new iOS 9.3 features] and are not interested in being jailbroken you can upgrade to iOS 9.3.2. This way you’ll be running the most recent public version of Apple mobile operating system.

It could take you about 6-8 minutes to install the iOS 9.3.2 version on iPhone 6s. There should be no problems with the installation itself. This OS version seems to run just any other Apple firmware.

Your UI should be just as fast as on previous iOS version. There should be no random reboots and bricking if you have the iPhone and not iPad Pro. Only 9.7-inch iPad Pro users can experience issues with iOS 9.3.2 and they are advised to install the latest version created specially for this model.

Sprint iPhone 6s Deals: Buy One Get One Free iPhone Offer

It is always nice when you can get Sprint iPhone 6s deals and purchase the most recent handset model with a discount. This time the offer could be great for families that are planning to purchase two iPhones at once and wish to save money.

Sprint buy one get one free iPhone 6s deal makes it possible to save 50% on the popular Apple handset. This is limited time offer and there are some requirements you have to meet. If you wish to get the second iPhone 6s from Sprint at no cost – this won’t happen.

Sprint iPhone 6s BOGO Deals

The U.S. network simply splits up the cost of the handset in monthly bills. It’s not surprising to see offers for both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus because Apple is about to release the new iPhone 7 in the fall and some carriers wish to clear up their stocks of previous generation smartphone.

Some users might wish to wait for iPhone 7 release or order Sprint iPhone 6s unlock and enjoy switching carriers and connecting to any network from all over the world.

The discounts on iPhone 6s / 6s Plus are pretty nice. Sprint is eager to sell the 16GB version of iPhone 6s at $27.09 a month. You’ll have to pay this price for the next 24 months. The similar 2-year contract for Sprint iPhone 6s Plus will cost $31.25 a month.

Customers who are against 2-year contract options can lease the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus from Sprint.

iPhone 7 Could Get 256GB Storage Capacity

There are so many iPhone 7 storage rumors that it’s hard to get an idea what exactly we will see this fall. There are predictions about possible big updates and there are ideas about minor changes so it’s impossible to say right now what ‘fruit’ model users can expect soon.

Apple is going to announce new iOS 10 and some other product updates this June however users still wonder what iPhone 7 storage options could be. If this device gets no AMOLED screen, no waterproof design, no dual-camera system and no innovative features – users can hope for the bigger iPhone 7 storage space. Right now iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options. However we could see a new offer in September or October.

iPhone 7 256GB Storage Capacity Rumors

According to analysts, the next iPhone 7 storage space could be increased up to 256GB by Apple. This is how the company might like to attract more customers and persuade existing iPhone owners to upgrade to the first-in-Apple-history 256GB iPhone 7.

Of course, these are rumors and no one can confirm right now that iPhone 7 storage capacity will be over 200GB. There are thousands of iOS applications however Apple releases smartphones with capacity you cannot extend. If the company presents the 256GB handset models customers will be happy since they could save many more iPhone photos, videos and applications than on current smartphones.

Different sources say that Apple is planning to present major iPhone update in 2017. The company is believed to extend its upgrade cycle from 2 to 3 years.

New Changes to Next Big iPhone Upgrade Cycle

Most Apple customers are used to two-year iPhone upgrade cycle. We saw great changes in iPhone models every two years but the situation seems to change this year. There are reports about Apple planning to extend this cycle and this means we will see next big improvements and enhancements in popular ‘fruit’ smartphone later than expected.

When is the next major iPhone update? If judging by new reports, Apple could extend the 2-year cycle to three years. If this happens we will see a regular iPhone 7 launch this fall and the new smartphone would be very similar to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Users will be forced to wait until 2017 for major iPhone update.

iPhone Upgrade Cycle News

This could give Apple enough time to focus on great changes, innovative features and impressive specs that would make each or most iPhone owners want to upgrade to the iPhone 8 as soon as it is officially released.

Firstly, iPhone will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2017. Secondly, the markets experience a slow down in handset innovation and it’s getting harder to add innovative and exclusive features every 2 years.

The iPhone 7 rumors we hear mention no major changes in this model. There could be dual-camera system offered to potential customers along with some other changes. Some sources mention water-resistant body and no 3.5mm audi jack. Still the main improvements will follow in 2017 with iPhone 8 release. This model could get the updated design and AMOLED display along with other interesting features.

Apple Has Chances to Update and Improve Siri in 2016

How will Apple improve Siri assistant this year? The company should release iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the fall. The company has all chances to enhance its mobile personal assistant for smartphones with the help of VocalIQ.

There are rumors about Apple obtaining the company VocalIQ to use it for Apple Siri update. This option could be important for future upgrade. The ‘fruit’ giant was quick to get the product while it was being tested because its success rate reached over 90%. This was a big success because the rate of Siri, Google Now, Cortana was only 20%.

Apple Siri Improvement Update 2016

The VocalIQ had one amazing option. It could understand and even remember previous context. Let’s imagine you were asking Siri to find you an Italian restaurant with free WiFi. Then you change your mind and suddenly say ‘Find me a French restaurant instead’ – you’ll get the relevant search results even although you haven’t mentioned ‘with free WiFi.’ The program can remember your previous inquiry.

VocalIQ could really make iPhone better although reports state that Apple purchased the product for its first vehicle. The Cupertino-based company can use the new program for numerous projects. Maybe big Apple Siri update could arrive in 2017 and not be present this year with iPhone 7 launch [take a look at some curious iPhone 7 leaks and see what they promise to us].

Some experts actually believe that we will see no major upgrades this year. The ‘fruit’ company could postpone all the changes for the next year and create an innovative and truly impressive iPhone 8 model.

Will Apple Sell Refurbished iPhones in India?

Indian market is very attractive to the Cupertino-based giant. Apple refurbished iPhone India dream seems to be rejected once again. Local government and the ‘fruit’ giant can’t find understanding.

Will Apple sell refurbished iPhones in India? There are no official Apple retail stores in India but there are many local retailers that sell the iPhones. You can also purchase iPhones online. Still Apple wants to open retail stores and sell refurbished handsets to local customers.

Apple Refubrished iPhones Rejected in India

Indian government, on the other hand, doesn’t want to see refurbished smartphones in its stores. According to news, it wants no other company to bring used handsets to India. Apple still wants to make it dream come true and sell used and refurbished iPhones to Indian consumers. The company will most likely return to this question and try to convince the emerging markets to offer second-hand devices.

Why Apple refurbished iPhone 5 India plan is so attractive to the iOS company? It wants to be price competitive and it’s hard to reach with expensive iPhone 6, 6s models. The new iPhone SE that has 4-inch screen and is priced lower compared to bigger handsets is demanded in India but Apple wants more. It wishes to bring used handsets and price them lower to attract more consumers.

Apple is trying to convince everyone that refurbished smartphones are not exactly second hand handsets. The main difference is the warranty you get along with the device. Do you think Indian will be happy to buy cheaper but used Apple products?

Samsung iPhone 7 to Be Released in China as Apple Phone Rival

Could we see Samsung iPhone 7? You know that Apple produces iPhones for China and the company lost its exclusive iPhone trademark rights in China. Now Samsung is coming to conquer Chinese market that has millions of smartphones and handsets.

Samsung handsets remind of Apple iPhones and this is the reason why the Cupertino-based giant sued Samsung. The case is in court for a long while and the South Korean tech giant is now coming to China with another phone modes. This time customers will see exclusive Samsung phone China models C5 and C7. These Samsung Galaxy gadgets with 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy C5 C7 Chinese Models

What will Samsung phone prices in China be like? Firstly, the company wants to introduce AMOLED displays, metal unibodies and different storage capacity. The exclusive so Apple-liked phones get the fingerprint sensor and nice cameras [Apple Pay is already available in China].

Users will be able to purchase 4GB RAM models with 32GB or 64GB storage. Customers can expand the storage space to 128GB [this is the option Apple hasn’t offered just yet]. Users who are in love with ‘fruit’ devices dream that one day Apple will let them expand the storage. Maybe such an option will really come to iPhone users.

Samsung will offer its Galaxy C5 models at $333 [¥2,199 RMB] while Galaxy C7 version will be priced at $394 [¥2,599 RMB]. The more expensive handset will be larger than the cheaper version.

The phones with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow firmware will arrive in Pink Gold color, Silver color, Gray and Gold colors. Doesn’t it remind you of Apple?

Interesting Idea of All Glass iPhone 8 Gets More Realistic

The idea of all glass iPhone sounds too crazy however it could be more realistic than you could think. There could be real all glass iPhone 8 which should be released in 2017. This is the year when Apple is expected to bring something very special and unique. The company will celebrate its iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

The upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus won’t be all-glass models. You might not remember iPhone 4 however we could see the specs of this old version released in iPhone 8. Such rumors arrive from one curious source: Ming-Chi Kuo. This analyst makes different predictions about Apple products and a lot of things do come true.

All Glass iPhone 8 Rumors 2017

Another hint comes from Catcher Technology. Its CEO Allen Horng believes that ‘glass case’ needs ‘metal frame’ to offer advanced technologies at ‘cheaper’ prices. In other words all glass iPhone 2017 model could be less expensive than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We don’t know the price for iPhone 7 as this handset arrives only in September.

Some experts are sure that the iPhone 7 will remind of iPhone 6 / 6s lineup. However iPhone 8 will be a big hit. This smartphone should amaze and impress all customers who upgrade their iDevice at least once in two years.

The changes might be curious if iPhone gets the all glass body [both back and front panels]. The curious addition. According to Kuo, users will be able to unlock their incredible iPhone 8 by just looking at the screen. Apple could bring iris or facial recognition feature.

Apple Wants to Bring Apple Pay to All Significant Places in the World

The list of Apple Pay places is growing and Apple has plans to bring this mobile payment service to all significant markets in the world. Millions of customers are happy owners of iOS handsets. They enjoy simple and fast payment options with their smartphone and this is exactly what the Cupertino-based giant makes real.

Right now Apple Pay places are located across the United States, Australia, China, Singapore, the UK and more countries are to join the list pretty soon. The ‘fruit’ company has big plans for 2016 and next years.

Apple Pay mobile payment system news 2016

How do you imagine Apple Pay in 2016? The iPhone maker is now focused on Europe and Asia. There are many markets here that haven’t seen Apple Pay yet but would love to get this payment service.

For example, there are reports about Apple bringing mobile payment to France, Hong Kong and other places. Modern contactless payment options are extremely popular everywhere. There are several major systems recognized and trusted by millions of customers from across the globe. Apple Pay wants to top this list [the company surely doesn’t say this directly] but it is doing its best to extend to as many places as possible.

As noted by Apple, its payment service gets about one million users per week in China alone. We can only guess how many people are getting the advantage of Apple Pay today.

Apple Presents iPhone Trade Up with Installments Program to Europe

Apple presents new iPhone Trade up with Installments options to users from several European countries [do you know where to find the cheapest iPhone 6 in the world?]. The Cupertino giant has been offering this program in the U.S. only and now expands the list of supported areas.

You can get iPhone installments with trade up options in Spain, Italy, and France.What can customers get through this program? Firstly, they can trade in the old working iPhone towards the latest model with 24-month installments. Secondly, the same options are possible with other devices no matter if it’s Android or Windows Phone.

Apple iPhone Trade in Program Europe

While you can get finances for your next smartphone from Apple – it’s other financing companies that are doing the actual financing part. Thus users from France will get money from Sofinco, users from Italy will get money from Agos Ducato and users form Spain are supported by Cetelem.

How much can you get through Apple trade in program for iPhone? Everything depends on how old your gadget is and what its condition is like. Users from Italy, for example, can trade in their iPhone 5s 16GB model towards iPhone SE 16GB version and pay €16.98 per month for the next 24 months if they choose installment option [the program runs till the end of August]. The interest rate will be charged by the European bank and this doesn’t happen in the U.S.

The options can only be obtained through ‘fruit’ retail stores. In other words, you cannot trade in your old handset towards the new one online.