iPhone 7 Could Get Minor Design Changes

Looking for impressive iPhone 7 design change? How will Apple improve the next generation smartphone model? What can the company add to current design to attract move customers and make current users interested in upgrading to the next iPhone 7.

According to reports, iPhone 7 design concept can be seen in iPhone 7 accessories. The leaked images reveal possible accessories for the next generation smartphone by Apple and it looks like there will be no big changes in the gadget’s design.

iPhone 7 Rumors Minor Design Changes

Officially iPhone 7 specifications will be revealed only with the handset release in the fall. The ‘fruit’ company usually presents new handset lineups in September and this is when users hope to see the presentation of new iOS smartphone.

Different companies usually create and start selling next phone accessories before Apple launches the device. According to possible 2016 accessories for iPhone 7 this model will get only minor changes.

The rumors point to iPhone 7 looking similar to iPhone 6s. While it’s too identical to the handset Apple is believed to bring major changes in 2017 with iPhone 8 release. Why this year? 2017 is the iPhone 10th anniversary.

How exactly could the ‘fruit’ giant improve iPhone 8? We don’t know yet still many rumors point to some major upgrade. At the same time, the iPhone 7 Plus is seen with dual-lens camera, changed antenna bands while iPhone 7 could get bigger camera sensor.

Millions of users can’t wait to see the 2016 iPhone update. The iPhone SE is a 4-inch handset that was also released in 2016 to replace iPhone 5s and similar models.

AT&T Announces New iPhone Next Program Without Two Year Contract

iPhone users who enjoyed AT&T 2 year contract options should know that the U.S. carrier has updated its ATT Next program. This way the company officially announced its plans for 2016. The Big Blue mobile operator now has only two options. It offers AT&T Next program and ATT Next Every Year data plan.

The iPhone network announced AT&T Next program back in 2013. Now, nearly three years later it updates the options and all subscribers should know about their new opportunities. The Every Year program allows you upgrading to the next iPhone after going through 12-month installment plan. If you haven’t made it yet you can pay 50% or more of the retail price to get the newer model.

ATT Next Plan iPhone New Update 2016

Without ATT two year contract you can still upgrade to new iPhone within AT&T Next program only once in 2 years after paying the 24-month installment. Or you have to pay 80% or more of the full retail price to get new smartphone version. Or you can order SIM unlock for AT&T iPhone 6s or 6s Plus to join other networks.

Any of the two AT&T iPhone programs offer installment payments and upgrade options. It’s hard to say if users can pay off their iPhone quickly because the U.S. carrier only offers users to pay more every month to upgrade. Maybe it will let subscribers to pay off iPhone at once and update to the newer model.

There are always several major and reliable networks to choose from so if you are not happy with the updated AT&T plans for iPhones you can select T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon or other U.S. mobile operator with better upgrade options.

Can I Downgrade iOS 9.3.2 Back to iOS 9.3.1 on AT&T iPhone?

There is a fast way how to downgrade iOS 9.3.2 back to version 9.3.1 on AT&T iPhone 6s / 6. It’s risky to downgrade and Apple doesn’t like when users return to previous operating system versions. Still there are many users who choose to revert back no matter what the Cupertino-based giant thinks.

You can follow the short guide and downgrade iOS 9.3.2 to iOS 9.3.1. Remember that it’s risky so backup your AT&T iPhone via iTunes or iCloud before you do anything. Can I downgrade iOS 9.3.2? Sure, you can but stay attentive to details.

Downgrade iOS 9.3.2 to 9.3.1 iPhone How To Guide

Downgrade iOS 9.3.2 Guide

Step 1. Disable Find My iPhone option on AT&T iPhone using Settings – iCloud – Find My iPhone feature.

Step 2. Search for iOS 9.3.1 ipsw file for your particular iPhone model and download it [there are many iOS 9.3 features that are improved on 9.3.1 version]. Use Firefox to download the file or turn off automatic unzip option in Safari.

Step 3. Now connect your handset to computer and open iTunes.

Step 4. Press on Alt / Option on Mac while choosing Check for Update iTunes feature.

Step 5. Point to iOS 9.3.1 ipsw file and let iTunes to downgrade your smartphone. The program will ask you to confirm the decision to update (downgrade). Agree and wait for the program to complete everything.

Step 6. You might be asked to activate AT&T iPhone.

Apple won’t sign iOS 9.3.1 for a long time. It will soon stop signing this firmware and it will be impossible to downgrade. So double check if you can still downgrade 9.3.2 to 9.3.1 version.

Where Is Best and Cheapest Price on iPhone in the World?

Apple fans are constantly looking for the cheapest iPhone 6 deals. This is not the most recent generation smartphone released by this company still it’s new enough for upgrading if you find iPhone 6s too expensive and 4-inch iPhone SE too small.

Where is best price on iPhone 6 out there? Apple handsets are priced pretty high compared to other brands. If you live in Brazil or Indonesia you have to pay more for the iPhone than in the United States. Experts searched everywhere and found the cheapest iPhone 6 in the world price. It’s clear that the U.S. price hasn’t been taken into consideration because all the prices were compared to it.

iPhone 6 Cheapest Price in World

If you are looking for the most affordable ‘fruit’ handsets you’ll have to visit or buy it from the USA. If you are looking for a foreign country to make your purchase then you should know the most expensive iPhones are not only in Brazil and Indonesia but also in Italy, Sweden India and Denmark.

For example, iPhone 6 Brazil price can reach $1000-$1200 [the Cupertino-based company is now preparing to assemble next iPhone 7 smartphone model]. iPhone 6 in Indonesia could cost $800-$900. Apple is selling iPhone 6 in India for around $800. Still there are countries where the previous generation iPhone is less expensive.

The cheapest prices on iPhone 6 are in Hong Kong. You can also get the affordable iPhone 6 price in Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and other countries. Possibly the next iPhone 7 price could also be cheaper in these areas compared to more expensive countries.

Apple Music Deleted All My Music: Users Are Worried

The unpleasant news about Apple Music bugs 2016 was quickly spread all over the web. Some people noted that this program actually deleted all their music for no reason and this shouldn’t have happened because Apple Music never deletes files unless this is the decision taken by user.

Apple is trying to offer Apple Music bug fixes and it hasn’t found a solution yet. The company’s engineers even visit users to figure out what happened and how music was deleted. The problem could be caused by iTunes update so the ‘fruit’ giant is looking for ways how to solve it.

Apple Music Deleting Music Library Bug

‘Apple Music deleted all my music’ – this message was shared by some users who were unexpectedly shocked with all their files disappearing. Apple software could be responsible for this bug that was discovered in May 2016.

The first report about Apple Music deleting 100GB of music was shared by James Pinkstone. He tried to contact Apple Support to resolve the issue and was told that it was Music ‘feature’ to delete all content. Of course, the user wasn’t satisfied with the answer. He managed to get much attention to the problem and wants Apple to figure out the reasons for deleting content without user’s permission.

Then it turned out that the similar bug was discovered by some iTunes users. The new opinion states that it is iTunes bug that could remove music files. The bug is hidden within the software code and Apple already confirmed this.

The bug is present in iTunes 12.4 update. Apple’s engineers cannot duplicate the bug so they have to visit Pinkstone’s home and try to figure out the issue and fix to it. The company hasn’t released any software updates to fix the issue so it is probably still working on the problem.

How Fast Is iOS 9.3.2 Compared to iOS 9.3.1?

Apple updated mobile firmware for its iPhones and iPads this May. How fast is iOS 9.3.2? This new operating system version has many bugs but they mostly affect 9.7-inch iPad Pro users.

Experts compared iOS 9.3.2 vs 9.3.1 through speed test. They loaded different applications, tested multitasking option and how the iPhone 6s was booting up on different firmware versions. All tests were performed on iPhone 6s only which is the ‘fruit’ handset released in the fall 2015. Apple also presented new 4-inch iPhone SE this spring.

iOS 9.3.2 vs iOS 9.3.1 Speed Test Comparison iPhone 6s

The just released firmware fixes some bugs and improves some processes. It should run smoother on your smartphone. Does it really do this? What iOS 9.3.2 speed test shows to ordinary users?

Actually the difference between iOS 9.3.1 and 9.3.2 running on iPhone 6s is not big. Both versions boot up with similar speed. Maybe version 9.3.2 is a second faster but you won’t notice this change when you are using your Apple device every day of the week. So the minor update is very similar to previous operating system version regarding boot up speed.

Good the new firmware didn’t get slower than iOS 9.3.1 [here is how to unlock iOS 9.3.1 AT&T iPhone]. Apple also enhanced security on newer firmware. The company heard users’ wishes and allowed enabling both Low Power Mode and Night Shift option simultaneously.

Do you notice any difference with iOS 9.3.2 update? Is your iPhone running smoother or same as on 9.3.1 firmware version? Do you have any issues with the update?

Apple Idea to Open Retail Store in India Impresses Users

“Fruit’ device fans who live or travel to India are used to Apple store India online services however many customers wish to one day enter the official Apple retail store in India. When will this happen? When could the Cupertino-based company get approval from Indian government for it first retail store?

When Apple was planning to open iPhone and iPad store in India the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was against because it wanted the ‘fruit’ giant to meet Indian sourcing rules that are must-do for all manufacturers.

Apple in India News and Rumors Retail Stores

There are no official Apple retail store locations India customers know about because this yet has to be opened by the company once local government finds an agreement with the iPhone maker. There were rumors about Apple getting a manufacture plant in India to be able to produce at least 30 percent of iPhone and iPad components. This is the only way to open retail stores here.

Right now Apple gadgets are mostly manufactured in China. There are several companies Apple is working with. Some produce components for the famous iOS devices while others assemble current and future models.

Indian market is very important to Apple because there are millions of local customers who are fond of iPhone and other devices. For example, there are predictions about Apple selling about 1 billion smartphones in the next 5 years. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Are you looking forward for more iPhones in India? Apple hopes to bring its refurbished devices to this market however local government is also against.

My iPad Pro Keeps Crashing on iOS 9.3.2: Is There a Fix?

Users who noticed iPad Pro crashing problems on iOS 9 hoped to fix iPad problems by installing the new iOS 9.3.2 version [learn more about iPhone SE Bluetooth issues]. This sadly didn’t happen to many 9.7-inch iPad Pro owners. The same bug occurs on the latest mobile firmware version that was supposed to solve previous issues and problems.

Why iPad Pro crashes? Apple cannot answer this question right now. The company was hoping to fix all the bugs with 9.3.2 firmware release. Luckily the bug doesn’t affect all iPad Pro models but there are people out there who are not happy with the ‘fruit’ giant.

iPad Pro 9.7-inch Crash iOS 9.3.2 Update

Is your iPad Pro restarts on its own? Are you running iOS 9.3.2 or older firmware version? The 9.7-inch model along with iPhone SE was officially released in the end of March. No matter what color you choose, what your storage option is – you might be affected by the unpleasant unexpected crashing bug.

If you gadget reboots or crashes and can’t reboot – you might have to press Home + Power buttons to have it restart. Most reports state that the tablet device crashes while users are surfing Safari browser or switching from / to this program. Still it doesn’t look like the browser causes issues.

The problem seems to affect many people. Apple might have to release new iOS 9.3.x update to solve new iPad Pro Error 56 bug and unexpected crashes of the 9.7-inch tablet 2016 model.

4.7-inch iPhone 7 Prototype Features Four Speakers

Millions of Apple fans are looking for the new iPhone 7 features and price. This is the next generation smartphone that would follow iPhone SE 2016 release later this year. What options will you get in the fall? Experts are sure that Apple will present iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sometimes in September 2016.

There is iPhone 7 prototype that shares some ideas on what this handset is to look like. This should be a bigger handset model compared to 4-inch iPhone SE. It should definitely offer more functions, options and specs no matter how interesting and modern the SE release was.

iPhone 7 Prototype News Rumors

The leaked images show iPhone 7 speakers which are improved since there are four of them. This time the leaked image is believed to come from reliable source that says the next 2016 iPhone will get 4 different speakers.

As it appears on the prototype the two speakers are located at the top and two are found at the bottom. It’s hard to imagine the 4.7-inch iPhone with four speakers as it would surely be pretty loud.

What else do we hear about Apple iPhone 7 update? This handset could get no 3.5mm audio jack. There were rumors about Apple dropping this option and the company could present the first version as soon as this fall. Unfortunately we won’t hear anything about iPhone 7 during WWDC 2016 conference because it will be devoted to iOS 10 and other software upgrades.

How do you see your iPhone 7? What features would you like Apple to bring to its next smartphone lineup?

How Often Does iPhone Crash Compared to Android Handsets?

Have you ever wondered ‘How often does an iPhone crash compared to Android handsets’? Apple devices are pretty popular across the world and so are Android smartphones. It often seems that Android platform runs smoother and faster than the iPhone. Is the reality the same?

The study [experts performed Android vs iPhone crash test] conducted by Blanco Technology Group shows that Apple smartphones crash less compared to Google firmware. The tests were performed in Q1, 2016. According to the results, Android handsets got the failure rate of 44 percent. At the same time iPhones’ rate was 25 percent.

Apple iPhone Crash vs Android Phone Crash Comparison

This interesting Android vs iPhone comparison also showed that most Android failure was recorded in Asian contries. It reached 55 percent here. Its rate in Europe was 35 percent and lowest 27 percent in North America. It’s also curious that popular Samsung smartphones are the most often to crash. Still the company is improving its gadgets with Samsung Galaxy S6 reaching 7 percent of failures and Galaxy S5 getting 6 percent.

If you look closer at Apple smartphones you’ll know that iPhone 6 [you can SIM unlock iPhone 6] is more often to crash that older iPhone 5s [25 percent vs 17 percent]. It’s also worth to say that there are more Android gadgets than Apple handsets across the world.

The report highlights that Android crashes twice more often than iOS firmware.