Perform iPhone IMEI iCloud Check Using Fast Online Service

The new fast service is offered to iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6 Plus, 6, 5, 5c, 5S, 4S and 4 users who wish to perform IMEI iPhone iCloud check for lost mode. It is the quickest one on the web. The whole procedure takes from 1 to 5 minutes. Within this time you will find out whether your iOS smartphone is clean or reported as stolen / lost.

Eligibility for iCloud Check with IMEI

  • The service works on iPhone 6S, 6S plus, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5, 5c, 4S, 4
  • Find My iPhone for IMEI iCloud check can be On or OFF.
  • Terms and Conditions must be read and agreed to before ordering
  • Provide correct IMEI to receive right results.

How to Check iCloud iPhone with IMEI

1.    After you make sure that your iPhone model is eligible and Find My iPhone option is turned on, you can provide your IMEI and email address.

2.    You can find IMEI by dialing *#06# or in Settings.

3.    Accept Terms and Conditions and place your order online.

4.    The results should be delivered within 5 minutes but sometimes it might take much longer if the servers are overloaded.

5.    Deliveries are guaranteed from 9 am to 6 pm PST Monday through Friday.

6.    You will get one of the following results:

RESULTS SAMPLE of IMEI check for iCloud Locked iPhone:





FMI STATUS: CLEAN – FMI on device is turned ON but iCloud status is Clean

FMI STATUS: LOST – FMI on device is turned ON and iCloud status is Lost or Erased mode

FMI STATUS: OFF – FMI has beeng turned Off, so no activation lock mode for device

GSM STATUS: LOST – Device has beeing reported lost or stolen to carrier

NOTE: If IMEI has been reported Lost or Stolen to Carrier, iCloud status cannot be checked.

7. You are advised to add to your list of contacts to avoid getting emails from us in your SPAM folder.

iCloud lost phone mode checker gives you the answer whether you can bypass your Activation Lock or not. It, however, does not disable iCloud lock, does not unblock or unlock your iPhone. It only returns Clean IMEI or Lost / Stolen IMEI answer.

Why is iCloud lost phone message so important? In both iOS 8 and iOS 9 Apple introduced the new Find My iPhone feature that locks iCloud and asks for the original user Apple ID and password to access the device. If this app is enabled it automatically turns on Activation Lock and it is impossible to erase, restore, turn off Find my iPhone, de-activate and access the iPhone unless it has clean IMEI and is eligible for special iCloud lock bypass service.



Fast Find my iPhone Check by IMEI Number for Any Apple Device

If you are going to buy iPhone first check Find My iPhone IMEI to see if this activation lock turned on or off. After Apple released iOS 7 many new iPhone user stuck on activation screen asking for Apple ID and password. Many users who purchased iPhone from the “second hand” are stuck with this issue. This service will help you to check device before buying it and find out if it is iCloud locked or not.

Note: This checker doesn’t shows if iPhone is blacklisted or not. If you are looking for such service then use iPhone IMEI iCloud check service to find out.

The results you will get come from Apple servers and it will be looking like this:


Find My iPhone: On


Find my iPhone: Off

Attention: If after using IMEI check Find My iPhone is On and you can’t turn off this feature use the service to remove iCloud activation lock and pass all activation steps to the end.

Provide IMEI number and email to place an order. There are two ways to get IMEI:

  1. Open Phone app and type *#06# and you will see iPhone IMEI on the screen.
  2. Open Setting – General – About and you will see it in the list.

How to Perform IMEI Find my iPhone Check

Fill in the order form with required information like IMEI and email.

1. Click Buy Now button and process the payment on PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal account choose the option “I don’t have PayPal account” when you will be redirected to PayPal.
2.    After the payment your unlocking request will be automatically send to the Apple server. In this case it can’t be canceled and refunded.
3. After the payment just do your things and wait for the good news.
4. You will receive email after request will be completed.

If you don’t see email in your inbox folder, check spam/junk folder or contact us. Our support team will be always glad to help you.

It is important to provide correct IMEI number because there will be no results from Find my iPhone checker and you never find out the status.

Before placing an order make sure:

  • The iPhone has to be activated otherwise checker results will fail.
  • Read carefully our Terms and Services before making an order.
  • Provide correct IMEI to receive right results.

It is easy and fast to place an order. Just provide your IMEI number and email. The complete results will be delivered to you.