iPhone AT&T Upgrade Fee Raised by U.S. Carrier

Apple is expected to release two new smartphones in the fall. Users are already looking for the iPhone 6S or AT&T iPhone 6S Plus [or next-gen iPhone 7] and mobile operators are already getting prepared for this launch. AT&T upgrade fee will be increased on August 1st and subscribers will have to pay additional charges if they choose to update to a newer model.


The news comes from unnamed sources. The Big Blue operator hasn’t confirmed this information yet. As rumors state, this year AT&T upgrade to iPhone 7 option will be more expensive than it was to upgrade to iPhone 6 a year ago. The company is planning to add $15 activation fee and customers who subscribe to BYOP or Next plan will have to pay this extra charge in addition to the regular fee.

If you want to upgrade in July you’ll have to pay $40. But in August you’ll be required to pay $45 for the same service plus some users will have to pay extra $15 on top of that. Other carriers [for example, Verizon Wireless] will have lower rates compared to the Big Blue U.S. carrier this fall.

Not all users will have to pay the $15 fee. It will only be introduced to Next data plan subscribers and customers who bring their own device and activate it under AT&T network.

It also looks that all current subscribers will be grandfathered and won’t have to pay the extra fees for activation and upgrade. Still new users might think about choosing a different company or have to unlock AT&T iPhone right after purchase to avoid future fees.

What do you think about such possible changes? Once again, everything will be confirmed in August only.

Apple Pay Issues in UK London Underground

Apple Pay UK launch took place a couple of days ago. The famous iPhone maker released its mobile payment system outside the U.S. and users get confused by Apple Pay London tube requirements and possible issues.

Apple Pay Issue London Underground

It is now possible to buy Tube tickets right on the iPhone with Apple Pay [if you are already running iOS 8.4 here is how to SIM unlock this iPhone firmware]. It is also possible to use the iPhone as your digital ticket. This sounds exciting and simple but the reality is a bit confusing. The first international presentation of the ‘fruit’ Pay service doesn’t go that smooth. A lot of London visitors and citizens are frustrated with all the rules they have to follow in order to enjoy fast and simple payment service.

Apple Pay London underground list of requirements is what can really confuse. Firstly, you have to have a ticket when you are using Tube. Secondly, you must have your iPhone for the whole time you are going on a trip. Thirdly, your iPhone must be fully charged and not die by the end of the trip otherwise you’ll have to pay for the ticket for the second time and the price would be higher than what you already paid with Apple Pay.

Your ticket should be ready otherwise you’ll get penalties for not using an accessible digital ticket during your trip. Besides you cannot buy the ticket on iPhone and travel with your iPad instead because Apple Pay assigns a unique number that is attached to your device. You should use the very same device you purchased your ticket with and show it at the end of the trip. Otherwise you can get incomplete trip or be charged extra money for your journey [such Apple Pay support doesn’t look too reassuring].

Do you think this could be a problem or not?

AT&T Increases Activation Fee For iPhone Users

Trusted source reported about ATT activation fee increase in very short time. U.S. carrier AT&T is going to increase activation fee for new Next customers and contract subscribers.

The new activation/upgrade fee for one and two-year contract will be $45(the previous fee was $40). This iPhone ATT activation fee increase gives AT&T the highest activation fee in the industry (Verizon is still at $40 for now). As if that weren’t enough, the carrier will impose an all-new $15 activation fee on Next and Bring-Your-Own-Phone customers beginning August 1.

This doesn’t look good as Verizon, which typically has one of highest contract upgrade fees in the industry, currently charges $40 in upgrade fee cost.

ATT activation fee increase

The report says that due to AT&T Next installment plant, beginning August 1 new iPhone owners customers will have to pay a one-time $15 activation fee. This fact is really break up as for the present time AT&T Next is 100% free to start the plan. The new fee will also apply to those who bring their own iPhone and sign-up for a new line of service.

Current AT&T Next customers who have an active installment plan prior to August 1 will not be charged the $15 fee on their next upgrade. AT&T has said that they may change this option. In other words, you may not have to pay the $15 fee at your next upgrade, but don’t be surprised if you have to after that.

It’s now July 23, and you have week before iPhone ATT activation fee increase, so if you need to upgrade, now would be the time.

iOS 8 Apps Price in India Lower Than $1

A number of App Stores in different countries across the world offer new lower prices on iOS applications and games [if you haven’t checked the new firmware you can download iOS 9 beta 3 through direct links]. For example, if you are looking for the best Apple apps price in India, Turkey and some other places it might be a great opportunity to purchase programs right now. The famous ‘fruit’ company offers a lot of titles for lower than $1.

The changes are also noticed in online stores in India, South Africa, Mexico and Russia. The iPhone maker offers new alternate price tiers and this helps devs to offer their apps at lower prices. Similar program works in China where local iPhone and iPad users can purchase apps lower than in other countries because of the Tier A / B pricing policy.

App Store India Low Priced iOS Apps

If you live in India you should know that the iOS online stores there have a huge choice of applications each 16 cent. This is a very low iOS 8 apps price in India and most other countries don’t even get such chances. If you are quick enough you might be able to download Goat Simulator, Pixelmator and a lot of other titles for much less than a dollar.

It is curious that you don’t even have to search for low priced titles because Apple helps to promote them as well. The company features 100 games / apps prices lower than $0.99 on the Home page of its Indian App Store.

Why would developers sell their games this low? They might want to attract more customers and interest users in downloading their products. This could be a great ad campaign and since it does offer great pricing on tons of iOS 8 applications you might want to download a couple of games and apps till they are offered at 16 cents. This surely won’t last forever.

How to SIM Unlock iOS 8.4 iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5c, 5

It is possible to install iOS 8.4 firmware version on the iPhone. Apple updated its mobile operating system for handsets in July. A lot of users are already running this version. It is curious that Apple no longer signs iOS 8.3 so if you choose to test iOS 9 version you’ll be only able to downgrade back to iOS 8.4 now. Can you use iOS 8.4 unlock as well?

Factory SIM unlock for iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus is available for all mobile operators, including AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, Verizon, O2 and others and all firmwares including the most recent iOS 8.4. This service is allowed and guarantees safety along with preserving your Apple warranty in case you have one.

iOS 8.4 iPhone SIM Unlock

Unlock iOS 8.4 iPhone is a distant service. You don’t have to bring your handset to Apple service center or your carrier in order to become SIM free. Everything is much simpler. We’ll offer a very short guide below which explains the procedure.

How to SIM Unlock iOS 8.4 iPhone

Step 1. Select the unlocking package for your carrier and iPhone model. Make sure you are eligible for unlock [run IMEI checker services to get more information about your gadget].

Step 2. Order the service, pay for it and wait for the unlock confirmation with activation instructions.

Step 3. Connect to iTunes to activate your SIM unlock status.

Does it sound easy? It is indeed fast and simple. But you have to recheck all the information you provide to make sure your unlock will succeed. For example, if you are locked to Sprint you shouldn’t buy AT&T iPhone 6 package. If you are blacklisted you should not order the service for smartphones that are clean and are not in the blacklist [instead, order unlock AT&T iPhone 6 blacklist package in this case].

Remember that you have to activate your handset before you can SIM unlock it. Otherwise nothing will be successful and you’ll stay locked.

Apple E SIM Cards Plan Could Make iPhone SIM Unlocked

A lot of ‘fruit’ fans would like to get Apple e SIM cards. The company is already believed to communicate with cellular carriers about such release. If you remember, a year ago Apple demonstrated two tablets [iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2] with Apple SIMs. Such cards made it possible to use more than just one network and switch SIMs at any moment.

iPhone 6 e SIM card is not exactly full unlock but it’s also not the same as being locked to only one carrier [you can check your iPhone SIM lock status for free]. Previous SIMs introduced by Apple allowed iPad owners to use three cell carriers and switch between them without issues. This plan isn’t enjoyed by all mobile operators because most companies still like to lock their subscribers to their network only. From other hand, ordinary users are definitely happier when they get a choice of data plans and service quality.

e-SIM Apple iPhone

This is a neat idea and if Apple e-SIM card is introduced for iPhones – users might get better choices of their mobile operators. What is this interesting e-SIM? As rumors say, this could be a new technology that allows fast switching between carriers. It should be much easier than it happens now when you must order factory iPhone SIM unlock service in order to get a chance to use different mobile companies and select your data packages. Otherwise you have to purchase the never-locked smartphone and it is priced pretty high compared to locked versions.

If iPhone 5 e SIM card or other model with such a card could connect to multiple networks – users will be able to connect to AT&T, Vodafone, Hutchison (for example) and switch between these networks even without having to insert a new SIM each time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Of course, iPhone e SIM card is only rumored to be launched sometime in the future [rumors mention 2016]. But the reports about Apple and Samsung talking to carriers about something like this to happen sound reassuring.

T Mobile Family Plan 2 Lines Introduced with 10 GB of Data

T-Mobile updates its plans for iPhone and other smartphone subscribers [but you still might want to SIM unlock T-Mobile iPhone smartphone]. If you want to get two lines and enjoy using 10GB of data per line you might want to learn more about T Mobile family plan 2 lines which is unveiled by the U.S. company in July.

T-Mobile Family Plan iPhone New

This U.S. Magenta mobile operator that proclaims itself as Un-carrier offered a couple of new plans recently. Firstly, its released JUMP! On Demand plan that brings new iPhone upgrade options and 21GB soft cap plan that is aimed to satisfy those users who need much data every billing period. If you are using this carrier you should know that a lot of its data plans come with unlimited phone calls and text messages. The company also offers unlimited data usage but this works only in some locations outside the United States.

The group of new T Mobile family plans now includes the 2 lines plan that provides 10GB of data every month per each line [also learn about Sprint rollover data that never expires on iPhone]. How much does it cost? You’ll have to pay $100 for two lines if you choose Simple Choice Family Play and 2 lines offer. In addition you’ll have to pay $20 for the additional line which also gets the 10GB data.

T-Mobile Family Plan 2 Lines

It is interesting that iPhone T-Mobile carrier also offers the fourth line at no additional cost at the moment. This is a limited time offer and you’ll have to subscribe a new person to your Simple Choice Family plan before September in order to get this deal.

In other words, if you have a family of four you can pay $120 a month to get four lines and 10GB of data per each line if you do this before Labor Day which is celebrated on September 7th. Does it sound curious to give it a try? What do you think about this new initiative of the famous un-carrier operator?

How To Install iOS 9 Beta 3 On Your Device Without UDID

Here’s useful tutorial on how to install iOS 9 beta 3 without UDID on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As you will see the installation process is not so difficult.

How To Install iOS 9 Beta 3 Without UDID On iOS Device

install iOS 9 beta 3 without UDID

Important notes before proceeding:

This version of iOS 9 is a beta release. Such things like performance issues, instability, battery life drainage and other issues are common with beta releases. It is recommended to install this on a spare and test device only. Please do not install this beta on your main device.

Step 1: Before start the installation process please make sure that you are running the current latest public version of iOS, which is iOS 8.4.

Step 2: No, if you have registered at Apple Beta Software Program go to next step.


Step 3: Point your browser to: beta.apple.com and then click on ‘Sign In’ as shown in the picture below. If you’re starting fresh, then click on ‘Sign up’.

Step 4: To sign in please enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 5: Next you need to accept the ‘Agreement’ by tapping on the ‘Accept’ button on the bottom right hand corner.

Step 6: Now you’re going to enroll your iOS device into the beta program.

Step 7: Open the following link on your iPhone or iPad: beta.apple.com/profile

Step 8: Now please sign in with the same Apple ID account once again on your iOS device.

Step 9: Then click on the blue ‘Download profile’ button.


In case you have an Apple Watch paired to your iPhone then you’ll get the message asking you to choose the device on which you want to install the profile. Click on ‘iPhone’ only.

Step 10: On the top right of the screen click on the ‘Install’ button. You’ll be required to input your passcode to confirm the action if you have one in place.


Step 11: After you are done with entering your passcode, you’ll be asked to agree to a ‘Consent’ from Apple. Tap on ‘Install’ on the top right once again.

Step 12: Pick the ‘Restart’ option on the popup message.

Step 13: After your iPhone or iPad restarting will be done, go to Settings > General > Software Update, and the iOS 9 Public Beta 3 download will be sitting there for your approval. Simply tap the ‘Download and Install’ button to get things rolling.

You are done! Install iOS 9 beta 3 without UDID process is successfully completed.

Does Sprint Throttle iPhone Data Users or Not?

All AT&T iPhone users might be curious to know some information about Sprint throttling data speeds [if you don’t know your mobile network name you can use IMEI network checker]. This U.S. carrier just like AT&T used to slow down download and upload speeds for its heavy data users but it has changed the policy recently.

Does Sprint Throttle iPhone Data

Does Sprint throttle iPhone data subscribers? The company decided to choose a different route. While the FCC is trying to hit AT&T carrier with a huge $100 million fine because it throttles people who are still on the grandfathered unlimited data plans, Sprint has chosen to follow the neutrality rules offered by the FCC. It will no longer throttle those users who need more data than anyone else.

So the answer to the question “Does Sprint throttle unlimited data plans?” is “no.” The mobile operator still thinks that throttling could be accepted under the FCC new rules but this network now prefers to ‘be safe than sorry.’

A year ago Sprint assured that the top five percent of its heavy users would be throttled in congested areas. All subscribers received such a note from the network. The message also mentioned the heavy usage time throttling, however now, in 2015, Sprint changed this rule and promises to no longer throttle users.

Some other users might even like to SIM unlock AT&T iPhone 6 or other models and jump to Sprint network because the AT&T still throttles heavy users and Sprint doesn’t. This looks like a good plan for attracting more customers especially when the FCC is trying to make AT&T pay for throttling users.

What do you think about the news? Do you mind being throttled by your mobile network or not? It’s not a secret that a lot of companies can slow down the speeds at heavy data usage times but customers are not happy with such a practice.

iOS 9 Beta 3 Is Available For Download Without Developer Account

If you don’t have developer account you can easily download iOS 9 beta 3 without UDID via direct links provided in this post below.

Two weeks after the iOS 9 second beta launch and a week after the Apple Music release day, Apple has pushed iOS 9 beta 3 to developers. The beta carries the build number 13A4293g and provides a lot features from iOS 8.3 and much more new options.

download iOS 9 beta 3 without UDID

And it is available to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users via Apple’s developer portal on the web and via an OTA rollout. But you can download iOS 9 beta 3 without UDID using suitable for your device direct links below.

As it is expected Apple will launch iOS 9 in the fall, although a public beta will be available later this month. This new third beta update gains several fixes, together with new features like Proactive search, Transit in Apple Maps, and a new Notes application. It also brought new features for the iPad that further hint at the release of a larger-screened iPad Pro.

folders on ipad

According to Eddy Cue announcement that iOS 9 users would need a new seed of the beta toget access to Apple Music and beta 3 does in fact will activate the service for Apple users. Two weeks ago, with beta 2 Apple brought about minor interface tweaks and refreshes, as well as minor feature improvements. iOS 9 beta 2 carried some support for Apple Music, but it was partial and only accessible through Siri.

new calendar in search

So if you try out this last beta update use the above provided direct links to download iOS 9 beta 3 without UDID on your device.

Last month, we broke down some of the features in iOS 9 and noted some improvements Apple could make to the functionality of the features before release later this year.

selfie folder

  • Apple Music is now available
  • New folders in Photos for selfies and screenshots
  • Siri no longer makes her classic “ding” sound when activated
  • New Calendar icon appears in search
  • Folders on the iPad are 4*4

Download iOS 9 beta 3 Direct Links:

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6

iPhone 5 (A1428)

iPhone 5 (A1429)

iPhone 5S (A1457, A1518), __A1528, A1530__

iPhone 5S (A1453, A1533)

iPhone 5C (A1507, A1516, A1526, A1529)

iPod Touch 5th Generation

iPad Mini (A1432)

iPad Air (A1474)

iPad Air 2 (A1566)

iPhone 5C (A1456, A1532)

iPad Mini 2 (A1489)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)

iPad Air (A1475)

iPad 4th Generation (A1458)

iPad Air 2 (A1567)

iPad Wi-Fi (3rd Generation)

iPad Mini (A1455)

iPad Mini 2 (A1490)

iPad Mini (A1454)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi

iPad Mini 3 (A1599)

iPad 4th Generation (A1459)

iPad 4th Generation (A1460)

iPad Mini 3 (A1600)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A)

iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (ATT)

iPad Mini 2 (A1491)

iPad Mini 3 (A1601)

iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (Verizon)

iPad Air (A1476)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)