New Airtel VoIP Tariff Announced Makes Users Angry

The new Airtel VoIP price is announced. This one of the biggest mobile networks in India, Bharti Airtel has recently changed its mobile data usage policy. It decided to charge subscribers extra bucks for making VoIP calls through Skype or any other application. The new cost is added on top of the ordinary 3G and 2G data package cost.

New Airtel VoIP Tariff

Airtel VoIP tariff made a lot of users angry with the company. But the operator doesn’t seem to care as it announces the special packs of VoIP data with 75MB per 28 days worth Rs. 75 [nearly $1,2]. This package will give Indians about 200-250 minutes of phone calls through VoIP services.

The new Airtel VoIP data plan doesn’t work for postpaid subscribers. The carrier promises to roll out new plans for such users in 2015.
The changes don’t apply immediately. The company plans to announce its new prices and plans to users in the upcoming weeks. Anyone who has paid for their data package before December 24, 2014 can still talk via VoIP without any additional charges.

All new payments will add the separate cost for VoIP calls. While India Airtel carrier promises that subscribers will receive affordable pricing polity a lot of users are angry with the company and these new changes.

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iPhone 6 Network Coverage in UK to Expand to Scotland

iPhone 6 network coverage in UK is not that ideal. Some areas in Scotland have a lot of ‘not-spots’ that have to be fixed. Right now users who choose to buy iPhone 6 in Scotland can’t be guaranteed they will have the signal because about two thirds of the country has no mobile coverage at all.

iPhone Coverage UK
The UK government wants to solve the problem and has already set an agreement with major carriers to cut the number of places that get only partial signal or no signal at all. The carriers include Vodafone, O2, Three and EE. These mobile companies will take part in the program that invests about $7.7 billion to improve local infrastructure by 2017.

While the coverage in the UK isn’t the best, you might like to order iPhone O2 unlock just in case you are locked to this carrier. The same thing can be done with other mobile companies. Both iPhone 6 Three and Vodafone unlock make you SIM free when you are able to choose your network based on coverage and switch with ease whenever you want to.

While the Highlands still can’t boast good cell phone coverage being free from all carriers is great as such freedom allows you getting the signal from one network where the other one doesn’t work etc.

The UK government is not planning to pay the carriers for making coverage less poor across Scotland. This is the part of the agreement.

Airtel India VoIP Services to Become Expensive for iPhone Users

Do you own India Airtel iPhone 6 or any other device? The company wants to charge its subscribers for VoIP services and it has already added the changes to its data policy where it describes plans to charge users additional costs for making VoIP calls.

Airtel India VoIP Services
Airtel India VoIP services will cost more for all subscribers who are using Airtel data and internet packs or plans. Subscribers will only be able to browse the web for the price they are paying each month. If they decide to use Skype, Viber and other VoIP applications, users will have to pay 10p for 10KB [if you are using 2G connection] and 4p for 10KB [if you are using 3G connection]. These are standard data rates of the carrier.

In other words, if you are connected to this Indian company and make phone calls through Skype etc. you will have to pay additionally to your overall monthly data plan payments because the new charges will not be deducted from the allowance you get per month.
The firm also promises to soon present their own VoIP connectivity but this independent pack hasn’t been released yet thus subscribers have to pay for the services they are using from 4p to 10p for 10KB of data.

The new policy will become legit in six months from now. All the extra charges will be applied to pre-paid subscribers. It is interesting that you can make video calls over VoIP without any extra charges.
There are a lot of VoIP apps that allow users call each for free over the internet which makes international phone calls pretty cheap, but it looks like Indian company doesn’t like this idea and wishes to earn more.

Maybe you’d like to order Airtel iPhone 6 unlock SIM free service through factory IMEI or any other way to be able to switch to Indian carriers that don’t charge you per each VoIP call you decide to make. Is it a good deal?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas 2014

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Vodafone News: iPhone User Who Lost His Device Gets $30,000 Bill

The latest Vodafone news about iPhone can teach you one important lesson. No matter what carrier you are using [AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Movile, 02, Orange etc.] in case you happen to lose your smartphone, make sure you tell your mobile company that your Apple device is missing. Why is it so important?

Vodafone iPhone UK Carrier
One Vodafone user was surprised to receive the bill from the mobile operator for around $30,000 [£19,000] because he didn’t report his Vodafone iPhone lost status. 21-year-old Corey Pye managed to lose the cell phone in Ibiza and didn’t contact the carrier at once to tell the gadget was missing. Well, five days later the bill came.

Corey was sure that no one could use the smartphone which was password protected. Still whoever got the cell phone managed to unlock it and talk-talk-talk at Pye’s cost.

Huge Vodafone iPhone Bill
When the unlucky iPhone 4S Vodafone user returned home and said he lost his gadget, the company sent him the first £6,000 bill. The second bill showed + £12,500 putting the guy into the lifetime of debt. A week-long trip to the Balearic Island made him poor and everything happened because he decided that password protection is secure enough for avoiding third-party users to take the advantage of the free carrier plan at someone else cost.

Crazy Vodafone UK iPhone Bill
Such Vodafone iPhone 4S news upset the guy who says this is his punishment for “failing to report the gadget missing at once.” Corey used to have the contract with unlimited texts and calls, but not overseas calls that actually made that huge bill in the end.

Right now the user is negotiating with Vodafone over the second bill as he is eager to pay off the first one because of the mistake he made before his phone was cut off.

You see that sometimes it is better to own a SIM free smartphone and use local prepaid SIMs instead of a contract, especially when you travel abroad. You can unlock iPhone 6 / 6 Plus from Vodafone UK using factory IMEI service and this is way cheaper than paying your contract carrier for the calls you didn’t make.

From Christmas Eve Disney World Starts To Support Apple Pay

Disney World supports Apple Pay method. From Wednesday, December 24 Apple’s new payment system will be accepting by Disney Club. This news has flown this morning. During the holidays time Disney’s theme park empire visitors who own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will be able to use Apple’s mobile payment solution to make contactless payments. Walt Disney World is the most popular place for vacation in the world, and welcomes more than 50 million visitors annually. Disneyland Resort in California that is much smaller is in second place with over 20 million people coming each year.

Disney World supports Apple Pay
Disney’s theme parks together with resorts in Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo for the company in 2013 earned $14.1 billion in revenue. According to the huge amount of transactions from these parks they could dramatically fast become one of Apple Pay’s top merchants. The parks, together with Disney’s retail stores, were announced as part of the first introduction of Apple Pay partners in September. Apple Pay will be accepted in most Disney World stores, bars , quick service restaurants, and to purchase tickets.

The Apple company claimed that any place that use portable payment terminals, such as table service restaurants, will be added soon. The Apple’s payment system uses Disney’s existing RFID infrastructure that released two years ago in 2012 as part of MyMagic+.  The company noted that the Disneyland Resort will be expected online with Apple Pay in 2015. Disney World supports Apple Pay became early launch partners for this payment solution, together with McDonalds, Macy’s, Subway,Walgreens, Whole Foods and many others.

iPhone 4S Runs On iOS 8.1.2 VS iOS 8.2 Beta Speed Test

In this article you can check detailed description of iOS 8.1.2 vs iOS 8.2 beta speed test. With iOS 8 first release the iPhone 4s did not receive any updates. That’s why Apple provided smooth performance on all iOS 8 versions. The major aim of final public version of iOS 8.1.1 update was gained performance improvements and fixes for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S owners.

iOS 8.1.2 vs iOS 8.2 beta speed test

It is believed that iOS 8.2 will provide some more performance improvements for iPhone 4s users and hopefully eliminate any sluggishness. YouTuber kabriolett tried to find out that and compares iOS 8.1.2 with iOS 8.2 beta 2 speed on the iPhone 4s. You can see the result on the pictures below.

Let’s analyze the video comparison of iOS 8.1.2 vs iOS 8.2 beta speed test. It is evidently that the iOS 8.2 beta 2 is faster when you open or close applications and use other operations. Of course the iPhone 4s does have an aging A5 processor and not enough RAM to run iOS 8 as quick as it runs on the newer iOS devices. Although there are some positive improvements in speed with newer iOS versions and iOS 8.2 beta 2 does show that. Its final public version will have even more bugs fixed and perform more smoother on the iPhone 4s.


There are a lot of users who are still own the iPhone 4s and these devices did not receive any updates after iOS 8.x. you can see on the video below how iOS 8.2 beta 2 runs on the iPhone 4s.

The rumors claim that the iOS 8.2 update will come in the first quarter of 2015, together with the Apple Watch release.

Apple Will Enhance The Touch ID Security Level

Apple improves Touch Id security recently. As for majority of users Touch ID fingerprints security is more than enough. Although there are a lot of individuals that need to be under high security level.

Fingerprint matching is widely used technique for personal verification and identification. In particular, fingerprint identification involves scanning a sample of users fingerprint and storing fingerprint image unique characteristics. All these personal data may be compared to information of existing fingerprints in a database to determine proper identification of a user, such as for verification purposes.

apple improve touch id security

AuthenTec’s co-founder Dale Setlak has just introduced and published a patent of improved level of security. It means that Apple is looking for increasing security measure level with one’s finger and Touch ID.

The Setlak’s patent application introduces detailed instructions of Touch ID sensor combination lock samples on iPhones and iPads screen and other form of additional protection measure. It might then drive the user for unlocking the iOS device to move their finger in a specific way.

There exists one way to do it. But there are some different methods in the patent, that Dale Setlak described in clear and understandable way, introduced for users a digital combination lock on the display to unlock it by rotating their finger over it.


The technology that is shown in the patent application was created in June 2013 and publicized on December 2014 by AuthenTec. It will be a logical step for the Touch ID sensor of iOS devices to use this type of extra security variant. Many users will appreciate this effort of Apple’s improve Touch Id security. It will be interesting to see if this method ever gets implemented in use.

What T-Mobile Announced During Uncarrier 8.0 Chat [Data Stash Plan]

Did you get a chance to watch T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0 event online? If you didn’t have time, forgot or simply never meant to watch T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0 announcement you can still learn what the mobile company had to say to its subscribers through CEO John Leger who talked with David Pogue [Yahoo! News].

T-Mobile Data Stash Plan
The U.S. carrier decided to allows its users bank their amount of data and use the unused high-speed data in the future [within one year period]. This is something like AT&T used to do days back. If your iPhone 6 happened to be subscribed to AT&T you might remember rollover minutes option and T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0 analysis suggests something similar.

According to the company, subscribers have no limit at how much data they are able to store within the allowed period. The service is completely free to all T-Mobile iPhone and other smartphone users who are on the Simple Choice plan with 3GB+ data on cell phones and 1GB+ data on tablet devices.

The package unveiled during T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0 event is called Data Stash. You can’t use it right now because the company has plans to release it in January 2015. Still the launch date isn’t set yet.
Anyone who will jump for this offer will get the free 10GB of data into their stash.

What do you think about the new initiative? Is it worth switching to T-Mobile now or not?