Steps to Sync iPhone to New Computer Without Erasing Everything

It is easy to delete all your images, applications and personal data while syncing your phone. Thus it is better to learn how to sync music from iPhone to Mac without erasing your files as well as other content. Remember this guide for working with new computers and more than one PC or Mac. It’s always better to keep your current information on the gadget you are using, right?

We’ll explain how you can sync iPhone to new computer without erasing anything. It works for all models including current iPhone 6s, SE, previous 6 and 5s. This instruction is also perfect for syncing iPhone 7 once it goes on sale and you get a chance to purchase it or upgrade to the next Apple phone.

There are actually several things you can try. If you know several successful methods you will never ask a question ‘Will syncing my iPhone to a new computer erase everything’ because you will not lose your data. You’ll be a syncing expert and easily preserve your applications, images, videos, content and songs.

Sync iPhone Music to iTunes without Deleting Files

Guide to Sync iPhone without Deleted Music

It’s not that difficult to work with new computers although sometimes it is problematic to sync and even activate iPhone after factory IMEI unlock. The process is extremely simple when you have only one computer. When the phone is connected to the new PC or Mac for the first time you will see the message which makes sure you donn’t erase anything. It asks one question:

  • Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?

Choose ‘no’ when you have no plans to delete your data: music, films, videos, photos, and content. With Apple, although, you can only sync iPhone without erasing to one computer at a time. Still sometimes you wish to work with two or ever more computers at once. Is it possible?

Library Persistent ID Key

Unfortunately manual syncing is not longer possible because it will erase your data when you try to only copy your Library Persistent ID Key to several computers. The Cupertino-based company changed the way iTunes supports syncing now. This method used to help you keep your content but it will now erase and then sync.

Sync iPhone Data Between Several Computers How to

Method 1.

It is possible to get third-party program and trick Apple. You can sync iPhone without deleting music to more than one Mac with AnyTrans or similar application. Here is how to sync music to iPhone without erasing other files:

Step 1. Download the program that promises to sync iPhone without deleting music. It doesn’t necessarily have to be AnyTrans as there are other tools you can search for. Just read reviews to make sure your data will remain.

Step 2. When you wish to transfer your files to your computer you can launch AnyTrans and go to System Preferences where you can ‘open’ Security & Privacy menu. This is needed to allow files syncing.

Step 3. Once you connect the phone to your computer you can copy music, videos and other data between your smartphone and Mac or Windows platform. Just choose what you wish to sync and press on ‘Start Transfer’ process.

Sync iPhone to Multiple Computers Macs How to

Method 2.

When you have several computers to transfer information to:

Step 1. When you have copied your files to iTunes via AnyTrans or alternative program you can manually manage the phone and not lose a file you have.

Step 2. Now when the copy of your data is saved on iTunes you can finally manage it manually and transfer data to more than one computer. By the way, iTunes is also used to complete iPhone unlock from your carrier.

Step 3. The first ‘manual management’ will erase your information this is why it is important to sync all your files beforehand. So once you connect your handset to your PC or Mac you need to launch iTunes program and wait for it to detect your gadget.

Step 4. Choose yourphone from the iTunes menu and go to Summary – Manually Manage Music and Videos.

Step 5. Press on Apply option.

Step 6. You get an option to drag your files between the iDevice and computer. The drag-drop method is the best to manually manage songs, movies, and data between gadgets. It can be performed on multiple computers.

iOS 9 Update Problems Fix

iPhone 6 Won’t Sync with iTunes

This could be a problem with different firmware versions. When you are not able to sync your images or other files between iPhone 6, 6, SE or new iPhone 7 you are advised to update both iTunes version and mobile firmware version to the most recent available.

The iOS company has many buggy releases so when something stops working you need to update for the newest firmware and this should fix the ‘iTunes won’t sync’ issues. This happened to iOS 9.3.3 and earlier versions [there were many different iOS 9 problems]. This might happen to iOS 10 which will be presented in the fall 2016.

Prepare for iPhone 7 release and iOS 10 update. Hopefully there will be no problems with syncing and transferring your files between computers and your phone.

Easy Switching Between iOS iPhone and Android Smartphones

Sometimes you decide to switch from iOS to Android or vice versa. Remember to always backup your iPhone and Android gadgets. Is it simple to move all your data and contacts between the two rival companies’ gadgets or not? A lot of people wish changes once in a while and getting a new smartphone could be an interesting challenge since both iPhones and Android gadgets have their pros and cons.

We won’t compare iOS vs Android 2016 since it’s up to your personal taste and expectations which gadget to choose. It’s more important to understand how you can move your personal data, contacts, images, apps and other staff from one brand to a different one and this process has to be painless.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

There are some programs that could ease your switch however there is no one-click miracle solution when you decide to stop using Apple iPhone and instead get a new Android device. While the Cupertino-based company is about to bring a new generation iPhone 7 with possibly innovative features there are users who just need fresh breath and think that choosing another smartphone brand can be a good step in 2016. Besides, many experts are sure that only iPhone 8 in 2017 will get major update and incredible options thus you could use this year to try something absolutely different.

When you take a decision to switch from iPhone 6s to Android you could read the special Google support page first. Then you can follow our guide and bring over some of your iPhone files to Android gadget.

Step 1. Google Account

Since Android phones bring you more options with Google account, it’s nice if you used Gmail on iPhone to save your contacts. It’s simple to move your contact list if you log into your default Gmail account used on old iPhone on the Android device as this way everything transfers quickly.

iPhone Contact List Transfer to Android How to

Step 2. Contact List

iPhone users whose contact information was saved to iCloud by default cannot move this data via Gmail account. They need to launch Settings on iPhone, choose iCloud and turn on Contacts to sync them to Apple iCloud service. Then from your computer you can sign into using Apple ID and choose Contacts menu. The press on the ‘wheel’ icon and click Select All. Once again press on the ‘wheel’ and choose Export vCard option.

Now you should open a different site: and press More – Import. You can find the saved file (the VCF format as this is how vCard looks like) and let your Gmail account import your iPhone contacts to Android handset.

Google Photos App to Transfer Images from iPhone to Android

Step 3. Photos & Videos

Do you have many photos on iPhone you wish to bring to Android device? It is possible to do using Google Photos or similar apps. Install such app on your iPhone and sign into Google account to back up / sync your videos and images. Then you can simply get into your Google account on Android phone and move all the photographs to your new handset.

Step 4. Music

Are you a music fan and have many songs saved to iTunes library? You might need to download Google Music Manage on your PC or Mac. This program allows uploading tunes right from iTunes. Then you can get them on the new Android phone without any issues.

Android Apps to Use

Step 5. Android Applications

There are many interesting applications you can use on Android. The list is so long we’ll mention only a few of the most important. Use SmoothSync to bring your Cloud calendar to the new gadget. Don’t forget to download Android applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype and everything else you can’t imagine your life without. All these programs can be found on

Step 6. When you stop using your iPhone you should disable iMessage app on it and remove iCloud Activation. This way your text messages will be directed to the new Android gadget and won’t get lost because of old redirect.

How to Move Data from Android to iOS iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Now let’s say you get tired of Android platform and wish to either switch to the upcoming iPhone 7 or wait till iPhone 8 release and bring all your content to this next Apple handset. Is it difficult to switch from Androids to iPhones or not?

Well, this is not difficult to do. Transfer procedures are safe and pretty smooth. You’ll enjoy it since you can do everything on your own.

Step 1. It’s always great to copy your images and files to save on your computer. It’s also nice to backup Android device which can be done very simply. Just connect the phone to your Mac or PC and copy all the necessary files and data to your computer.

Step 2. Launch Contacts program on the Android device and Export your contact list to your SIM card. The .vcf file can be then copied to your PC or Mac as well.

Step 3. Now you can copy all these files to your new iPhone 7 or other model. By the way, here is how to fix iPhone LTE connection problems if you experience any.

iTunes Download and Install on PC Mac

Step 4. Install iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone using USB cable.

Step 5. Wait for the program to detect your smartphone and choose Photos menu to sync your images. Press on Apply once you point to the folder with photos saved from Android phone. If you already have photos on iPhone you should also add them to the same folder you are syncing to otherwise they will be removed.

Sync Music Photos iPhone iTunes

Step 6. Go to Video menu and Music menu and transfer your movies, videos, songs using the same syncing method as described in previous step. This should be pretty simple.

Step 7. Now you can set up email on the iPhone and email yourself the .vcf file with all your Android contacts. One you open this letter and click on the file – all the contacts will be transferred on your new smartphone. If your iPhone is locked to Sprint, Verizon, AT&T you can factory unlock iPhone from any U.S. network and connect to worldwide mobile operators.

It’s not that difficult to switch between different phones as you can see.

Easy Set Up for New iPhone AT&T For Users With and Without SIM

Let’s ago ahead of the official iPhone 7 release and recollect how to set up new iPhone. This is a perfect method for all phone models. You might need to know how to set up new iPhone 6s or even older iPhone 5s since it is possible to complete this action both for the gadget purchased directly from Apple and used smartphones.

The simple iPhone 7 setup is what you’ll have to do when you purchase this next generation device. It might happen this fall if you consider upgrading or getting this model in 2016 [have you heard of useful iPhone 6s tricks and secret codes?]. It might be an interesting Christmas gift or just a gift for you or your family members. There are different options to select and this what could confuse new users. Should you set up new iPhone or restore from backup? Is it better to use iCloud or iTunes? Which options to select when it comes to Location Services or iCloud Key Chain? Let’s start from the very beginning and explain what you need to do.

Set Up New iPhone 7 ATT Guide

How to Transfer Everything to New iPhone

A lot of users already own an iPhone, the models vary. So it might be important for you to know how to transfer info from one iPhone to another, newer one. This is something to be performed before you choose to set up your AT&T iPhone 7 [here are some of the top ATT data plans for your handset] or any other carrier smartphone.

Step 1. If you wish to use all your programs, settings and personal data on a new phone you should back up your old device. It is possible to do this via iTunes or iCloud.

Here is how to backup iPhone through iTunes:

You need to install the most recent version of this desktop program. Connect your handset using a USB cable and choose to Sync it. This way the app will automatically back up your gadget.

iCloud iPhone backup procedure is also simple:

Newest operating systems support every-day-icloud-backup so double check if you are ok to go. Select Settings on your iPhone once you have a WiFi connection and go to iCloud – Backup. If you don’t have a recent backup saved under Back Up Now option you can click on Backup menu and create a copy of your iPhone.

Set Up iPhone New Phone from iCloud from iTunes Guide

Step 2. You can now set up new iPhone AT&T or any other network. Turn on your smartphone and press on Slide to Set Up. You will see on-screen guide created by Apple that helps you to choose your settings. Go through it until you see the three options to select from, including Restore from iCloud and iTunes Backup. This is what you need right now.

Step 3. You can restore new phone using your iTunes or iCloud backup to get back all the information you saved from your previous device.

iPhone 7 How to Set Up iTunes iCloud New Phone Apple Instruction

How to Set up iPhone 7 Brand New without Need to Restore

This method works for iPhone 6s or any other model you purchase from the store. If you have a new handset you shouldn’t experience any issues with iPhone 6s, SE, iPhone 6 setup.

Step 1. Click and hold the On / Off button on your handset to turn it on.

iPhone Slide to Set Up Guide

Step 2. You should swipe on the ‘Slide to Set Up’ to proceed.

Step 3. Select language, country. It is nice if you can get WiFi connection. Choose to turn on Location Services or ignore this option for now. It is used by some applications to track your location so choose Next if you don’t want to use it.

Step 4. Choose Set Up as New iPhone since you don’t have anything to back up.

Step 5. You can transfer your contacts from Gmail or other mail account to your iPhone 7 by just logging into it from the phone. The syncing will be automatic for Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and some other services. You might need to also fix activation problems with your phone.

Add Songs Music to New iPhone How to

Step 6. You can also bring your music and videos from computer to the phone by installing iTunes program on your PC or Mac. This program is used to sync some of your files to the smartphone. Just connect the device to your computer, launch iTunes and select movies or songs you wish to sync.

Step 7. Apple doesn’t let its users to bring non-iOS applications to the iPhone. You can download free and paid games and apps on the official App Store.

Step 8. Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer the text messages from a very old phone to your iPhone. Android has some programs that can make this happen but Apple doesn’t. Still you can copy contants to the old nano-SIM if this is what your previous device as using (if you had one) and insert it into the iPhone, open Settings and go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars to Import SIM Contacts. For different SIMs you will need third-party desktop programs to try and transfer contacts. Learn how to solve No Service message on your device.

If you need to go through iPhone setup without SIM and wish to move from Android you need to download special Move to iOS application that can be found on Google Play store.

Once you have set up your new iPhone 7 or other model you can enjoy using it and learn everything about iOS 10, the new 2016 Apple firmware upgrade planned for the fall.

How Do You Backup Your iPhone 6s or iPhone SE?

When do you start thinking of how to backup iPhone 6s? Well, you should absolutely created copies of your device once in a while, especially before you install a newer firmware version. This is something many of us forget to do. Still the procedure is must-do when you are planning to get a newer phone.

Preparing to update to iPhone 7? This phone is expected to arrive in less than a month from now. Pretty cool as there are many Apple users out there who already purchased iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus or SE model (this is the smaller 4-inch version presented in the spring) and might also get the next generation device.

How Do I Backup My iPhone 6s to iCloud

This is probably the easiest and fastest method of backing up. You don’t need your computer since everything can be performed right on the handset. You are advised to follow this guide before you install iOS 10 which will bring a lot of interesting features, options and possibly issues and bugs.

Step 1. You need to have WiFi network with stable connection.

iPhone WiFi Connection

Step 2. Once you connect the phone to WiFi at home or somewhere else and select Settings menu.

Step 3. Choose iCloud option [if you are running iOS 8, iOS 9 or next iOS 10 that are all supported by iCloud Activation remove service].

iPhone 6s Backup iCloud Instruction Guide

Step 4. Make sure iCloud Backup feature is enabled. If it’s not you should turn it on.

Step 5. Such method could be pretty long. Everything depends on how fast and good your WiFi connection is.

Step 6. When you think the backup is done you need to go to Settings and double check that you have succeeded. Just go to iCloud again and select Storage menu. Go to Manage Storage.

You should always force iPhone backup before upgrading and updating [by the way, Apple offers customers to upgrade to new iPhone 7 online]. You should also remember how to backup old iPhone when you have plans to purchase the newer version. We believe this fall could bring an interesting upgrade also main changes might be only introduced in 2017.

How to Back Up iPhone 6s iTunes iCloud Walkthrough

How to Manually Backup iPhone 6s via iTunes

Why do you need to follow our guides? When you have a saved copy you will not lose your data. In case anything happens you will just restore from your backup version and have all your contacts, photos, videos, music right on the phone again. It’s also a nice way to transfer content to another phone, for example iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Step 1. You’ll need a computer (PC or Mac) and iTunes program. It should be the most recent one.

Step 2. You also should use USB cable. You’ll connect your smartphone to iTunes via it.

Step 3. Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 4. Wait until your phone is detected. It takes a while.

iPhone Backup iTunes Guinde Intruction iOS 8 iOS 9 iOS 10

Step 5. Press on Backup Now menu.

Step 6. Your iPhone back up version will be created.

You can also use a different method: once iTunes is launched you should press on File and select Devices – Back Up option (or instead you can click on Sync menu and sync the handset to your PC or Mac – syncing also created backup version but it happens automatically). Once you do this you can also factory unlock your iPhone using distant and affordable IMEI unlocking option.

Now you know ‘how do I backup my iphone 6, SE to my computer’ so use this guide before updating to iOS 10 or moving your data from old phone to the new iPhone 7.

iPhone Backup iTunes iCloud Instruction

You might want to know if there are any other answers to your question ‘how do you backup your iphone 6s’ and we should note that there are different programs that can help you out. It is possible to save copies of your disk with backups and choose external drive.

Sometimes you only need to save the copy of your photographs or messages. You might also need only some parts of your old phone when you are buying a newer one. In such situation you can look for programs similar to AnyTrans or another alternative to typical iTunes or iCloud methods.

Such programs are not difficult to use. For example, with AnyTrans all you have to do is install it on your computer and select iPhone content you wish to copy. The program displays your categories after you plug the handset to your PC or Mac. If you are planning to further unlock your smartphone you also need to run IMEI check service to learn all the details about your iPhone, carrier and activation / blacklist statuses.

Select what you need to save and wait till the backup is created. This could take a while as it happens with any saving operations. So be patient and keep in mind to back up once in a while.

Do TMobile iPhones 6s, SE Come Unlocked Or Locked?

Many experts and users have proved that if you purchased T-Mobile iPhone 6 Plus or 6 model from Apple store you could have used it with Verizon, AT&T and other U.S. and world networks. You needed no T Mobile device unlock iPhone code a couple of years ago. Has this changed in 2016 or not? Do iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and SE come unlocked as well or not?

When you visit the carrier’s site you will learn about Mobile Device Unlock service offered for a number of handset models including iPhone 6, 6s and SE. Do you really need the code or can you just purchase or borrow your friend’s AT&T SIM card and insert it into your handset to make it work? All these questions require answers. We are happy to explain details on T-Mobile unlock phone for international use.

T-Mobile iPhone 6s Unlock Code Request SIM Unlocking Guide

How to Unlock a Phone from T Mobile

According to the network’s website, users who wish to use their smartphone with other networks have to go through T-Mobile unlock code request. This is mentioned for different models, including iPhone 6s, 6, SE and older 5s.

Will TMobile unlock my phone for me? The carrier is more than eager to do this for you. You just need to learn how it works and what you are required to do. The SIM unlock as it is called by different companies is needed because your network might prevent your mobile gadget from working with other wireless networks before you get the unlock code [which is similar to official permission of your old carrier to connect to other mobile providers].

T-Mobile unlock code can be requested however before you proceed we’ll give you one useful advice.

Unlock TMobile iPhone Insert ATT Sim Card

Tips: How to Unlock My TMobile Phone

Step 1. Make sure your handset is locked as it can be already unlocked for you. In such situation you don’t have to ask for any codes and use no third-party SIM unlock T-Mobile iPhone packages.

Step 2. Find a SIM card that is activated with AT&T or Verizon U.S. carriers.

Step 3. Turn off your phone and take out your current T-Mobile SIM.

Step 4. Insert AT&T SIM card and turn on your iPhone.

Step 5. Check if you have the signal. If you can connect to AT&T, make phone calls, text and surf the web you are good to go [congratulations as you have unlocked iPhone for free]. Just purchase your own SIM card and use your smartphone with this network. There is no need to continue with the T-Mobile unlock iPhone instruction.

SIM Unlock T Mobile iPhone USA Factory IMEI Service

T Mobile Locked My Phone

If you inserted a different SIM card and get no signal you might think that your iPhone is locked to T-Mobile network. Still there could be other reasons. For example, your new network is using different frequencies and thus you cannot access its network. You should be 100% sure that you are compatible with the other carrier you wish to switch to.

Use T Mobile iPhone 6s unlock instructions is you are planning to use the other network your phone is compatible with but doen’s work while you are using T-Mobile handset:

Step 1. Double check that you are eligible for the unlocking code. Only T-Mobile devices with good-standing accounts, whitelisted (your phone cannot be blocked by your network or reported as stolen / lost) and eligible for unlock can become SIM free.

Step 2. Contact T-Mobile and request unlock code online for your smartphone.

Step 3. Wait for 2-3 business days to get your unlock code which is completely free, accoding to T-Mobile unlock requirements.

Step 4. Remember that you can only request 2 unlocks per line per year with this American network.

T Mobile Unlock iPhone 6s Guide for Users Who Don’t Meet Requirements

Sometimes you are not eligible for direct free unlock from your carrier. It could be for many reasons. Maybe you have already used your 2 unlocks this year or your smartphone hasn’t been active on the network for 40 days yet. Maybe you haven’t paid in full for your gadget but still wish to switch to a different carrier without purchasing a new iPhone.

It doesn’t matter why you have no desire or wish to contact T-Mobile and request unlock code. There are third-party companies that can distantly SIM unlock your iPhone 6s by IMEI which is safe, fast and affordable. Some requirements should still be met by you but this list is not as long as the one created by your original network.

You now know the answer to question ‘Do TMobile iPhones come unlocked?’ – they mostly do but sometimes there exceptions. You should always double check if your model can work with other networks.

iPhone SE T Mobile Unlocked or Locked

T Mobile iPhone SE Locked or Unlocked

This particular model is pretty curious. Experts call it ‘carrier agnostic’ since your T-Mobile version A1662 can work on AT&T or Verizon network but will not work on Sprint even after you SIM unlock it. It might also not support carriers in Canada, Russia and some other countries. At the same time, model A1723 is fine for Sprint and T-Mobile but will work bad on AT&T or Verizon.

Is My iPhone GSM or CDMA? Is There a Difference?

Is my iPhone GSM or CDMA? Many customers ask this question after their purchase but it’s important to understand basic difference between GSM technology and CDMA prior to buying your new smartphone model. The simple acronyms can affect your mobile experience as these are two different radio technologies.

We are here to answer your questions and explain what the difference is between GSM vs CDMA. Is it important? Sure, it is since CDMA iPhones don’t work with GSM carriers and vice versa. Let’s get into details.

Difference b/w GSM and CDMA

Once you understand all the information about both radio technologies you’ll know why it is important to pay attention to your new smartphone model. GSM stands for Global System for Mobiles while CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. Both options serve the same goal. They transmit text, data and voice between mobile devices and both work wirelessly.

USA Mobile Network GSM CDMA details

GSM vs CDMA Comparison

It’s easier to understand if your current iPhone model GSM or CDMA by the carrier you are using. If you have AT&T or T-Mobile network in the USA you own GSM smartphone. If you are subscribed to Sprint or Verizon U.S. carrier your iPhone is CDMA one.

There are some other differences as well. Thus, CDMA networks might not allow you talking and sending SMS messages at the same time [learn how to fix no SIM iPhone problems] and GSM standard allows talking and surfing the web simultaneously. Still GSM companies also have their pros and cons.

Your GSM phone will work on any GSM carrier as long as you have it unlocked [learn how to SIM unlock iPhone T-Mobile or AT&T to use with other companies] and supports the carrier’s band.

GSM gadgets support SIM cards that store phone number and contacts. Unlocked users can easily switch SIMs or insert their original card into a different phone and use it. Locked customers have to factory unlock their smartphone before they can move to a different carrier.

Most CDMA companies rely on their server-based phone numbers instead of using SIM cards. They can control you a bit more than GSM networks. At the same time, in case the SIM is misplaced your service will still work. When you decide to switch companies you have to get your current and new network’s permission and approve.

GSM vs CDMA iPhone

CDMA or GSM Which Is Better

Experts believe that CDMA technology is a better secured than GSM. It also has less number of dropped phone calls and slow downloads. At the same time its popular Evolution Data Optimized speed reaches up to 3.6Mbps while GSM carriers can in theory offer up to 42Mbps speed.

Different mobile operators use different bands (also called frequencies) for transmitting voice, text and data. Some companies do share bands still others don’t. Thus even if you have GSM device it might not work with a different GSM carrier if its band is not compatible or only partially compatible.

Many modern devices start to support LTE or Long-Term Evolution technology. It offers more advantages than older networks and many LTE-gadgets work amazingly well on any LTE band. This is better for customer who has many choices of what carrier to use and when to switch networks without having to ask for permission or buy a new phone model.

LTE is definitely quicker than both GSM and CDMA. This network is also more reliable and most world networks are using this standard nowadays.

All iPhone Models GSM CDMA 6s 6 5s 4 5

How to Know iPhone GSM or CDMA

Not much difficult is here. You need to know your model in order to figure out which device you own or are planning to purchase. Since modern devices are mostly using LTE standard and can work with any carrier, older phone users are the ones who need to know all the details [we won’t mention the old original iPhone and 3G since it’s unlikely you will buy these second-hand ‘retro’ gadgets].

GSM only iPhone models list:

  • iPhone 5 model A1428
  • iPhone 4S model A1531 released for Chinese market years ago
  • iPhone 4 model A1332
  • iPhone 3GS model A1325 offered in Chinese market years ago
  • iPhone 3GS model A1303

CDMA only iPhone model:

  • iPhone 4 model A1349

Both iPhone GSM or CDMA devices:

  • iPhone 5 model A1429
  • iPhone 4S model A1387

You can find your particular model numbers through Settings – General – About – Network or Carrier.

You can find details about all new Apple smartphones on the company’s iPhone website. We’ll just note that iPhone 6 locked to AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile cannot be used on Sprint network due to its special LTE bands. At the same time once you SIM unlock Sprint iPhone 6 you’ll be able to insert any SIM card including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

iPhone 6s Models CDMA or GSM

iPhone 6S GSM or CDMA

Both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models support all LTE networks in the USA and globally. Nothing to worry about when you purchase one of these devices. Your iPhone 6s will support LTE for major American carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint) as well as hundreds of other networks both inside and outside the country.

iPhone SE GSM or CDMA

It’s curious that none of the two iPhone SE versions you can buy in the USA work on all 4 major local networks. For example, iPhone SE model A1662 will not work with Sprint U.S. carrier nor it will work with networks in Canada or Russia. This particular device supports AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. It happens because A1662 supports only some LTE bands with exception of Sprint band 41 and some other bands.

iPhone SE model A1723 works with Sprint and T-Mobile however it doesn’t work on Verizon and might have problems with AT&T.

iPhone SE CDMA or GSM

Experts say that if you live in the USA but travel to Europe you should choose older GSM phone or new LTE device. Latest generation ‘fruit’ handsets work with global LTE networks so you can buy iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, LTE and upcoming iPhone 7 without any worries.

iPhone 6s Mobile Secret Codes and Code Tricks

There are different hidden iPhone 6s features that actually work on other models and mobile devices as well. We are talking about secret iPhone codes. Maybe these are not exactly the secrets left by programmers but it could be useful to know some combinations just in case.

It’s true that coders traditionally leave some mysterious passageways for users that are revealed when you enter a particular ‘key’ and it seems that similar thing happens in our mobile era. Using the codes we’ll describe below will unlock your handset’s hidden options. Aren’t you excited?

We can call codes to unlock iPhone 6s, 6, SE, 5s and other brand gadgets ‘quick codes’ and ‘feature codes’ as such USSD allow customers learn more about their device. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and this additional UI protocol is your passway to CDMA and GSM smartphones including Apple, Samsung, LG and other well-known firms.

iPhone 6s Secret Codes Tips Tricks How To

Top Reasons to Unlock iPhone 6s Secrets

Why would you like to access backchannels that are available to public? Firstly, you can quickly access some important features and save your time. Secondly, this is just a direct way to communicate with your mobile operator. Thirdly, this is just something fun to learn and show your friends. Usually these tricks are something you can live without.

We’ll share both Apple and Samsung secret codes and tricks that can also work on other phone brands [here are useful repair guides for users who dropped iPhone 6s in the toilet]. Some of the combinations are exclusive to a particular gadget so we’ll mention this situation if this is the case. All other keys and numbers can be used on various devices.

Apple iPhone Secret Codes

How iPhone Mobile Phone Secret Codes Look Like

Most secret combinations start / end with key ‘#’ and ‘*’ – such numbers and keys make sure that users don’t accidentally dial the combination to access hidden features. Of course, the chance that someone would unintentionally enter the code still exists but it’s extremely low. Once you see main combinations you’ll understand why.

By the way a lot of people don’t know the secret codes and still enjoy using all their phone functions. Still sometimes it is much cooler when you can figure out your iPhone IMEI number by entering a combination rather than going to Settings. The same can be said about other secret options you will unveil once you know the right code. Sometimes you can surprise yourself.

iPhone Secret Codes Tricks

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular and used hidden iPhone features that can be accessed via a code. There are many more codes to learn but we have no desire to cover all of them. We have carefully picked out some of the best just for you. Note that some codes don’t work across various networks, firmwares and handset models.

iPhone IMEI Dial Secret Code

Code 1

Users who are planning to SIM unlock iPhone from AT&T or other carrier have to know their IMEI number. You can easily access it if you dial *#06# however you should not that this option might not work for Verizon network for some reasons. You can learn many interesting things about your activation status, lock status etc. while knowing your IMEI so this is a useful option.

Code 2

If you wish to learn a number where your device is forwarding your calls you can enter *#67# and get the details. Use code *#61# to learn how long it takes for your call to be forwarded.

iPhone 6s Field Test Mode Combination Number

Code 3

The combination *3001#12345#* [you won’t accidentally dial such combination, right?] gives you access to your phone Field Mode. Why do you need it? This is just an interesting option that shows details about your local cell towers and networks. Nothing too special but could be handy hen you get iPhone no service error.

Code 4

Dial #31# to get Samsung mobile secret codes and tricks to disable your caller ID. If you need to enable it dial a different combination *31#.

Code 5

Some Android users can try combination *#0*# to see your smartphone operations, including Front Cam, Sleep mode and so on.

Samsung Galaxy Secret Code Firmwaver Version Number

Code 6

Users who have Samsung Galaxy phone can access one-click tests by calling *#7353# number. It is also possible to find out your firmware version using simple combination *#1234#.

Code 7

Dial *225# to see your billing information. If it can’t be displayed you’ll get it in the text message. It is also possible to find your billing cycle data via *3282#.

Code 8

Dial *43# and you will activate call waiting. To disable the feature you should dial a different combination #43#.

iPhone Secret Code Phone Numbers 2016

Code 9

Dial long combination *5005*7672# and you will receive a text message with the SMS center number.

Code 10

Postpaid users can dial *646# and your phone will display available minutes or send this information via a SMS message.

When you unlock iPhone secret code you can access some features faster. This is probably the main advantage of quick numbers.

Broken iPhone 6s Screen? Learn How to Repair Your Cracked Phone

Many of us carry their iPhone in the pockets instead of cases. Thus when the device is suddenly dropped you can end up with iPhone broken screen problem. Having to repair cracked glass is something you have to think of a such situation. Let’s see what possible options are and how much it could cost to replace this part of your precious device.

Actually there are more than 2 options you can choose. Some methods are cheaper, some are faster. Everything depends on how much you are willing to spend on your iPhone glass repair. We’ll talk about advantages and disadvantages of all possible repair methods we could think of.

How to Fix iPhone 6s Cracked Screen

Replace iPhone Cracked Screen Online

This is the simplest version for users who like shopping online and doing everything else from the comfort of their home. You can find online repair services, choose the price that suits you and send your phone directly to them for fixing its broken screen. Still you have to also understand that sometime could get into your private ‘iPhone life’ and see your photos, contacts and other information.

There is always some risk that sometime could browse your personal data on iOS 9.3.2 or other firmware version. It’s good to protect your device before you take this step. Busy users could still decide that choosing the online service is better than going to the physical store. You’ll have to send the handset via postal service so you should make sure it doesn’t break while being shipped. You’ll also have to pay your postage.

When you choose online companies you should read reviews and try to find the one with genuine replacement iPhone parts. It is still not that cheap to repair your phone but it’s more affordable than taking it to Apple.

Repair Broken iPhone Screen at Apple Store

iPhone Cracked Screen Repair Cost by Apple

The first thing you should keep in your mind is taking your device to Apple. The company is used to all possible repair solutions since a lot of customers come here with cracked screens, iPhone water damage consequences and other problems. Those users who are still covered by warranty should know that the standard agreement does not cover accidental drops and cracks.

If you are paying for AppleCare+ warranty you are a bit luckier since the final cost will be a bit lower. You’ll pay $49 for iPhone 5, $79 for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, SE, 5c and $99 for iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. Without this “plus” warranty the price would be $109-149. You can read more about Apple repair policies if you wish.

If you are out of warranty the cost would be from $269 to $329.

Repair Cracked iPhone Display Screen Service

How to Repair iPhone 6s, 6, SE, 5S Screen via Local Repair Services

If you have no plans and desire to take your broken gadget to Apple you can choose your local repair centers. Different stores offer such services in your home town or big cities. Search for “Phone Repairs” and you will find different locations where you can bring your phone and have it fixed. You will also know where to complain in case anything goes wrong.

It would definitely cost less to replace your broken iPhone screen [getting next iPhone 7 instead will surely be expensive]. You’ll pay around $85-$155 depending on your model. This way is cheaper than if you have your out-of-warranty handset were fixed directly by Apple.

You are highly advised to choose those repair companies that offer Apple certified display repair services. It’s always better to use genuine parts and not use just any phone screen on your iDevice, isn’t it? However such service could not be available in your area.

Repair iPhone Screen Replace DIY Kit

Getting iPhone Screen Replacement Kit to DIY Fix

If you are an individual you cannot get cell phone replacement parts wholesale but you can still purchase the new screen on eBay, Amazon and similar platforms. The costs are different but you can find differen iPhone SE screen replacement costs online or parts for other Apple smartphone models. You can always order factory SIM unlock for your iPhone from any U.S. carrier afterwards.

It’s risky to replace everything on your own even if you find step by step guides online. This is probably the most dangerous way of having your phone screen fixed as you can fail and get a brick instead of a smartphone. You are not recommended to take such a risk.

Smashed iPhone Screen How to Repair Fix

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement eBay Parts & Alternative Home Fix

If you don’t want to disassemble your phone on your own but still wish to have it fixed at your home you can find professionals who will come to your home and repair the cracked iPhone screen. You can meet in a public place. You’ll have to pay extra to the engineer who is fixing your device but you can purchase the parts online on your own. Just make sure you are getting the right thing before you ask a company to come and repair your gadget at home, work or somewhere else.

It would probably be more expensive than if you take the phone to a physical repair store [not Apple] but you can choose the place so it might be a more comfortable solution. Think about different methods and compare final cost before you decide how to replace broken iPhone screen.

Choose Best AT&T iPhone Data Plans for August

It’s probably not the time to search for best summer data plan for iPhone 6, 6s, SE still users who are thinking of getting a contract with AT&T might be curious to know what the top plan for August is. Let’s take a look at different individual, family plans and AT&T unlimited plans for U.S. customers.

It might be more affordable to get the contract smartphone and have it factory unlocked from AT&T in the future to use with any other network. This is what millions of Apple users do since it is definitely cheaper than purchasing the never-locked iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or other model at the full retail price.

It’s always so important to understand your needs and desires when selecting your data plan. It has to fit all your wishes and cost fair. AT&T is the second biggest mobile network in the USA so it has enough options to keep you interested. Still remember that there are also other major operators, including Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, so you don’t have to stop on the Big Blue company.

AT&T Next iPhone Data Plans 2016

Next AT and T iPhone Data Plans for Individuals

Users who are not planning to watch their favorite TV shows on their smartphone and can do well with up to 15GB of data per month can select the individual plan with one line. It’s great that any unused data you might end up with will be automatically rolled over to your next billing month but will expire in one month.

AT&T Next options can break up your iPhone SE or 6S cost over the time period you select. You can always pay off the phone if you wish and make it permanently unlocked from this network in the future.

*Next 12

Fans of annual iPhone upgrade can go with this plan as it allows getting the new device after 1 year. You’ll have to stay with AT&T for 20 months of installments however your fees will be higher compared to Next 18 or 24.

*Next 18

This plan spreads your payment across 24 months. You can upgrade to the iPhone 8 after 1.5 year. There is no down payment and the monthly costs are pretty low.

*Next 24

If you choose this option your iPhone payment will be broken up into 30-month installments. AT&T will allow you upgrading to the new smartphone model after 2 years or when you pay off 80% of your device’s retail cost. There is no down payment to get your phone. You only have to pay sales tax and use it. Your monthly bill will be extremely low compared to other Next AT&T plans.

AT&T Family Plans 2016

Top AT&T Family Plan for iPhone SE, 6s, 6 Users

If you have a big family you should look not just at the best AT&T iPhone plan such as Next but at share options this carrier offers. Sometimes it’s even better to choose bigger plan to avoid possible AT&T iPhone overage charges since this company makes you pay additional $15 on top of your plan for every extra 1GB you use.

Mobile Share Value plan offers different values at different price. For example, the $20 plan gives you only 300MB per month which is extremely small for an iPhone user. The $30 plan option gives you 2GB of data per month which is surely a better deal. However such option is also perfect for a single user and not for a whole family.

The next AT&T family plan iPhone option costs $50 a month and you’ll get 5GB of data to share. It could be good for two lines. However for bigger families it’s better to choose either $100 plan with 15GB of data or $140 plan with 20GB of data per month. This is enough to share between a family of 4 or 5. The next Mobile Share Value costs $175 a month with 25GB of data to share with your family members. There is even 30GB of data option at $225 a month. This could sound a bit too much however if you have heavy-data users in your family this could be an interesting solution.

AT&T also offers 40GB and 50GB of data per month at $300 and $375 monthly payments accordingly. It’s up to you to choose your best AT&T plan for your family if this is something you really need.

AT&T iPhone Unlimited Data Plan 2016

How Much Does Unlimited Data Cost for AT&T iPhone Users

Sometimes you are such a big fan of TV series, movies and online games that you might think of getting an unlimited data plan. This is possible for AT&T iPhone 6s and other models however the price is also high. You’ll have to pay $100 per your line every month and each extra line will cost you $40 on top of this. You must also have eligible TV service otherwise you cannot subscribe to this data plan.

How to Choose iPhone Data Plan If You Are a Fan of Prepaid Options

AT&T also has GoPhone prepaid option. This way you get several payment options. For example, you can pay per day or minute, or choose monthly payments. It’s unfortunately impossible to get iPhone SE or iPhone 6s, 6 through such plan because the most recent models are not available with GoPhone plans. Still you can get iPhone 5S if you wish.

Still you have not contract which is impossible with AT&T Next. Remember that you can always SIM unlock your network with contract plans and have the most recent iPhone model without being locked to one carrier. This is legit, affordable and extremely popular. So you are the one who decides what phone to buy, what network to subscribe to and what data plan to use.

Main Difference Between iPhone 3G, 4G and LTE Network

What iPhone should I get? Is there difference between 3G and 4G technology? Should you care for these terms when it comes to your cellular provider and phone model? There are questions new customers ask when they are getting acquainted with the new phone brand and mobile operators.

Everything depends on the country you live in or visit. For example, there are four biggest networks in the USA. They are different. T-Mobile promises various un-carrier deals, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T are constantly fighting for new subscribers. Thus, Verizon and AT&T keep saying they have the quickest or biggest 4G / LTE network. Why do such claims come?

3G vs 4G vs LTE iPhone Details

3G vs 4G vs LTE

When you are getting a new phone you are mostly forced to choose your data plan that promises unlimited text, talks and some amount of data per month. You can surely use WiFi but sometimes you need cellular connection to communicate with your friends and family. You know, surfing the web, sending emails, using Maps application etc.

When it comes to data you can hear LTE, 3G or 4G. These are main technology terms that refer to its generation. For example, there is iPhone 3 and iPhone 5. They are both devices created by Apple but different generation smartphones. iPhone 5 is improved and brings higher speed and other awesome features that make it different from the older iPhone 3. Similar comparison can be used to describe network technology.

What Is 4G vs 3G vs LTE

You can guess that 3G stands for third gen network. It is the oldest one in the group we are talking about. Similar 4G stands for fourth generation network [sometimes it is called HSPA]. Pretty simple, right? LTE is newer generation that is explained as Long Term Evolution.

The three generations offer different speeds. Also older smartphones might only support older networks. For example, the iPhone 3 will not work with 4G network etc. When it comes to selecting your phone model you have to understand what network you are planning to use. This is how you could select the best handset that is fast and speedy.

3G vs 4G vs LTE Comparison Speeds iPhone

Whats The Difference Between 3G and LTE

You have already guessed that speed is what makes networks different. Before you choose your new phone you might like to visit Apple page that compares all existing iPhones.

Thus iPhone 4 can only work with 3G networks. When you look at iPhone 4s you can see main difference b/w 3g and 4g as this particular device supports 4G networks while iPhone 4 cannot work with 4G or LTE. At the same time iPhone 5 and newer models support LTE technology.

3G vs 4G Technology

3G vs 4G Technology

Before 3G technology was introduced users could only enjoy 2G EDGE technology. It was too slow. It took foreer for all the content and data to load. Then 3G network was introduced and major carriers started offering higher speeds for both CDMA [Sprint and Verizon in the USA] and GSM devices [supported by AT&T and T-Mobile companies].

Different iPhone Models 3G 4G LTE

Speed Difference Between 3G and 4G

4G arrived after 3G and this network is quicker. Many modern cellular operators are still building out their 4G networks in different countries across the world. We should note that 4G can mean both 4G alone and 4G LTE. Thus some people think that 4G and LTE is the same technology. Still when you hear about 4G network on its own don’t think that your network also guarantees greater LTE coverate because companies haven’t finished building out their networks. Most time pure 4G means HSPA or High Speed Packet Access that is faster than 3G but not as quick as LTE. When choosing between LTE, 3G or 4G you should definitely go for faster networks because modern world users more data than several years ago when it was enough to have 3G speeds.

Real LTE speeds can be 10 times quicker than 3G speeds. But everything depends on your carrier and the strength of the signal. In reality the difference is not this huge but it is still better to choose LTE over 3G.

When you are planning to buy the new handset you should pay attention to your network speed. You should also answer the question ‘Does 4G use less data than LTE’ and ‘Does LTE use more battery than 4G technology’ since this can affect your future experience. It is best if you are able to test your phone with the network. In theory LTE is the quickest mobile data network available today still 4G can also work good for you. Everything depends on your needs.