USA Verizon Phone Cleaning Bad ESN / MEID Solution


Tips Before Purchase:

  • Verizon locked devices only [Check it]

*Use network checker if you are not sure what carrier your iPhone is locked to.

  • Activated devices only

*Your iPhone has to be activated within Verizon network meaning you have to connect to Verizon using its SIM card at least once.

  • Unlock Success Rate: 100%

*Unlock success rate depends on Verizon account status of each device.



If you have Verizon cell phone that has a bad MEID number we can easily unblock this Verizon phone number. The service is available to all U.S. gadget customers with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You are safe to order it because the whole process is done officially and quickly.

It works for VERIZON USA carrier only. Your MEID or ESN has to be blacklisted so that we are able to clean it. After your iMEI will be clean you can place an order for factory unlock.

This package doesn’t unlock iPhone from Verizon. It cleans ESN from the blacklist. After service completes your iPhone will be still locked to Verizon.

Please do not order if your iPhone has ever been sent to Apple Care / Technical Service or is a replacement unit.

Check twice all the information you provide to avoid any errors and mistakes, mistypes before confirming your order. No cancellation can be accepted after IMEI unlock order is processed.

We are working on cleaning order from 9 am till 6 pm PST Monday through Friday. The processing time depends on Verizon’s respond time. Please, add our email to your contacts list so that our letters don’t land in your spam / junk folder.

We are eager to answer your questions. Please, contact us if you have any problems or questions.



How to factory unlock U.S. iOS and Android smartphones and tablets locked to Verizon?

We will explain how to unblock Verizon phone number without problems. But firstly you need to learn what MEID stands for.

About MEID and ESN Phone Numbers

ESN and MEID is actually the same thing. Just older smartphones have ESN codes and modern devices come with MEID numbers. Users with Android platform can see their code after dialing *#06# – it will be shown on your display. People who have Apple gadgets, iPhones and iPads, should launch Settings application and go to General – About where you need to scroll down till you find either ESN or MEID for your handset or tablet.

Unblock Verizon Bad MEID

There is the service for iPhone network checker that will assure you are locked to Verizon and activated with this American network. Another service can check iPhone blacklist status to tell whether you are clean and don’t need the service for cleaning bad ESN or blacklisted and requires this offer.


  • The unblock Verizon bad ESN / MEID service supports only Verizon devices that are blacklisted in the U.S.
  • Don’t mix the cleaning bad MEID with unlock because after your Verizon iPhone bad MEID is cleaned by us you will still be locked to Verizon carrier. Just your blacklist status will be cleaned making you no longer barred / blocked or blacklisted.
  • If you order the service and you are not locked to Verizon in the U.S. you will get no refund. If your device is clean but you still order our cleaning service there will be no refund. If your smartphone hasn’t been activated with Verizon network there will be no refund.
  • Fill in the order form and provide your ESN or MEID code as follows. Users who have the iPhone 4S need to enter their 14-digit MEID. iPhone 4 and other model owners whose ESN beings with “a1000” should type their 14 numbers only [for example, if your ESN is a12345678901234 you need to enter 12345678901234] and type the full number in the notes [a12345678901234]. Remember to provide your email as well.
  • Be attentive and read / agree to the Terms and Conditions before you place your order and pay for it.
  • After completing the previous step press on Buy Now.

Pay for the order and wait till we process your order and deliver the results to your email address.


New T-Mobile Uncarrier 5.0 Event Coming in June

Do you live or often travel to LA? Los Angeles will hold T-Mobile Uncarrier event in June. The meeting is planned for June 18 so if you happen to be in Los Angeles on this day you might like to get acquainted with the T-Mobile Uncarrier strategy.

What will the T-Mobile iPhone carrier introduce to Apple customers? What will it offer to other users? Last events were devoted to the company’s Jump! Introduction, different promotional programs etc. For example, T-Mobile Uncarrier strategy has used before the free roaming to international trips, free LTE for iPad and other tablet owners. It was even eager to pay ETF from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.


The latest event is known as Uncarrier 5.0. Its name can tell you that the presentation is held for the fifth time in T-Mobile’s history. Such programs are useful as previous events helped the carrier to get growth in subscribers and even increase revenue by nearly 28%.

Will Shakira sing this time? There are so many questions that will be answered on June 18, 2014. Don’t miss it if you are in LA on this day. Maybe there will be some free offers along with great entertainment and positive news.

Best Method to Check If iPhone Was Replaced or Not


Tips Before Purchase:

  • Activated iPhone only

*Your iPhone has to be activated within locked network meaning you have to connect to locked network using its SIM card at least once.

  • Success Rate: 99-100%

*Unlock success rate depends on network account status of each device.



Very often the reason of unlock failed results is in the iPhone replacement status. All carriers refuse to unlock replaced iPhone. So it is highly recommended to check iPhone replacement status before buying factory unlock.

Mostly this checker is good for those who purchased iPhone from the “second hand” or planning to purchase it on third-party resellers.

iPhone has to be activated before placing an order. IMEI has to be correct and working email address to get successful results.

This service will NOT UNLOCK or UNBLOCK your iPhone.

If your iPhone is replaced you will receive results like this:


Serial ##### IMEI #### Type | Replacement Date

ENCVSIIONDMW 012376458908346 Active | 03/07/14
EVBRTIOMPSDW 014327897500984 Replaced | 02/28/13
EYERTOMPEWMW 012879006743568 Original | 02/28/13

Is there no email from us in your mailbox? Search in SPAM or, please, add to your contacts.




  • Read Carefully Terms and Conditions before clicking the Buy Now button.
  • Due to the fact that servers sometimes are overloaded, results may come longer that usual. Also delays can be during a weekend.

How to Check if iPhone IMEI Was Replaced

Enter IMEI and email using order form and click the Buy Now button to get the results shortly.

You can find IMEI number typing *#06# or going to Settings – General – About – IMEI.

What Does Replaced iPhone Mean?

There are two methods to replace iPhone. One is legal and another is illegal. Legal way is when you have some hardware/software problem and brought your device to the Apple store. Very often Apple representative just changes your old (not fixed) iPhone to the new one locked to the same carrier to which was locked the old one.

The second method is illegal as those who have Apple GSX account can use it to change IMEI number without Apple agreement.

In both cases carrier refuses to unlock iPhone without explaining reasons of such decision and don’t refund for such orders.


T-Mobile Signal Booster for iPhone Users

T-Mobile customers from the U.S. can improve Tmobile signal at home for iPhone or other gadgets. There is a signal booster you can use which allows getting past the one bar inside the building.

You should meet the criteria for your smartphone. You can use T-Mobile signal checker before you decide to make this purchase. Users who have tried using the booster at home say that their weak signal has actually improved allowing them calling from home much easier. The best part of this news is you can actually get T-Mobile signal booster for free from the carrier if you are eligible for this offer.


The mobile operator is planning to operate its towers at 700 MHz in 2014. This should happen later on and till then you can simply order the signal booster from the carrier if your cell phone doesn’t support LTE Band 12 which is required for the better signal. Thus if you have a weak signal inside the house try to solve the problem now.

If you are postpaid consumer you might be eligible to improve T-Mobile signal for iPhone and other gadgets at no cost. The device you can use is called Cel-Fi. It has two parts. One part is located on your window. The other one is located inside your house or apartment.

This booster can receive signal and amplify it for 3G / 4G networks. It covers the area of 13 thousand square feet.

As Cel-Fi reports, it will start shipping the product at the end of May. You might like to contact T-Mobile and find out whether you can enhance your signal for free as buying it yourself will make your pocket lose about $575.

U.S. Apple Customers Get Free Shipping Until May 29

Apple free shipping time is extended through May 29. If you wanted to buy a new iPhone, Mac, iPad or other product accessories from the company’s online stores you might wanna do this now while the iPhone maker offers free shipping for all customers who place their orders online.


The promotion lasts through Thursday. You can get things priced below $50 and still get free shipping on your order. Normally the company offers free shipping for orders $50+ but this promotion is different and nice for accessories. There is no need to enter Apple coupon codes to get the offer. Just place your order for $10, $15, $25 etc. below $50 and enjoy it being shipped to you at no additional cost.

This is Apple’s Father’s Day deal. What do you think about this offer? Is it worth purchasing accessories online now? Would you rather go to the physical store or order sometime from the company’s website? It is true that the ‘fruit’ giant is turning its attention to e-commerce. It is trying to boost online sales using different promotions.

Unlock iPhone Barred by France SFR SIM card

It is sad if iPhone is barred. However there is a package that will help you to unlock such phone. Simply provide IMEI number and wait for the results. No need to send iPhone or go somewhere. This package supports new iPhone models like 4/ 4S/ 5/ 5C/ 5S/ 6/ 6 Plus/ 6S/ 6S Plus/ SE.

Note: This package will not unblock iPhone from SFR France. We offer unlocking services only.

Before placing an order first that you need to do is to find IMEI number:

  • Take your iPhone, open Settings, got to General – About and scroll down till you find it.
  • Open Phone app and type *#06# using keypad. You will see IMEI on the screen in a second.

This unlocking solution is legal and there is nothing to be worried about. Read important information below to successfully unlock blacklisted SFR France iPhone.

Important Notes and Requirements

  • Make sure that your iPhone is really locked to SFR France. You can check iPhone carrier if you don’t have such info. There are NO REFUND if iPhone is not locked to SFR.
  • Make sure that iPhone is really blacklisted by this French carrier. You can use iPhone blacklist checker and confirm the status. There are NO REFUND if iPhone is not blacklisted by SFR.
  • This service doesn’t unblock iPhones. The device will be still blocked after factory unlocking. This means that iPhone can be used on any SIM card except from France and in France.
  • Only activated iPhone can be unlocked.
  • Read carefully our Terms and Services before making an order.

If your iPhone is barred by SFR you can make an order right now and we will do our best to deliver results as soon as possible.

Attention: If you have a Phone shop or a wholesaler you can register on and run your own unlocking business.

How Does the Factory iPhone Unlock Process Works

  1. Fill in the order form with required information like IMEI, email, iPhone model, and other info like serial number if necessary.
  2. Click Buy Now button and process the payment on PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal account choose the option “I don’t have PayPal account” when you will be redirected to PayPal.
  3. After the payment your unlocking request will be automatically send to the carrier. In this case it can’t be canceled and refunded.
  4. After the payment just do your things and wait for the good news.
  5. You will receive email with detailed instructions on how to compete factory iPhone unlock in iTunes. If you don’t see email in your inbox folder, check spam/junk folder or contact us. Our support team will be always glad to help you.
  6. Official and permanent iPhone unlock only apply during business hours (9 AM – 6 PM PST, Monday-Friday). No turnaround time guaranteed.
  7. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions regarding factory unlock iPhone SFR and our company will be always glad to help you.

Advantages of Unlocked Blacklisted iPhone

  • We are the fastest unlocking company and we provide professional service and cheap prices.
  • Your blocked iPhone will be unlocked permanently.
  • We offer the lowest prices for blacklisted iPhone unlock.
  • Official unlocking iPhone SFR is lifetime and your device will never be locked again.
  • We provide really fast and 100% working official unlocking solution.
  • Money back guarantee if iPhone will be still locked to O2 carrier after using our service.
  • You can switch SIM cards and enjoy any GSM carrier whenever you are in our beautiful world.
  • Forget about roaming when you are traveling. Just insert local SIM card and enjoy phone calls.
  • There is no need to go somewhere to get unlock. We offer remote service and you can finish unlock from your home (If you have internet connection).
  • The warranty and all other available services from Apple remain valid after factory unlock.
  • The process will not harm your device.
  • You don’t have to install some additional software. Only connect it to iTunes and voila.
  • It doesn’t matter what iOS version, baseband, bootloader and other stuff running on your iPhone. We unlock any.
  • You can update, sync and restore iPhone in iTunes and it will never be locked again. If Apple will release any new iOS firmware version go on and try it if you like.
  • Your apps and most preferred features as well as not most preferred will remain working as usual after unlock.

Enhanced Verizon LTE Bands for iPhone and Other Users [XLTE]

iPhone 5S users can enjoy new Verizon LTE bands. The U.S. carrier has brought its XLTE service doubling its bandwidth to different American cities. The enhanced service promises faster Verizon LTE speeds to customers who live in the areas where it is possible to use AWS-enhanced XLTE.

The new service has reached about 2 dozen gadgets, including the iPhone 5S from Apple and other brands [Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry models]. The news about Verizon LTE advanced technology has been published by this carrier.

verizon xlte speeds
Don’t mix 5G and the service from Verizon. This is not the same thing even though iPhone 5S users in some cities will enjoy the doubled 4G LTE bandwidth. The mobile operator promises to provide “faster peak speeds” to its client, according to company’s CMO Ken Dixon.

To get these better speeds, you should have an XLTE-compatible smartphone. The update is actually “invisible” to you. You might only notice that your speeds have increased. Older LTE service from Verizon wasn’t as good as T-Mobile’s or AT&T’s. The new solution might be enjoyed by most carrier’s customers.

The AWS spectrum used by the company should also help people with gadgets that work on 700MHz spectrum only as AWS should free up some capacity for them.

If iPhone Is Stolen: Your Steps

Thieves like to steal iPhones. No matter how hard Apple tries to protect its customers from thieves, bad guys keep hunting for the popular iDevice. With iOS 7 and Activation lock feature, it became harder to erase your personal data distantly, turn off Find My iPhone app and resell the smartphone that is running iOS 7 and up version of Apple firmware. Still bugs and different services can still allow third-party people bypass the security feature and restore the handset for the used gadgets market. But they will fail if iPhone is reported stolen or lost.

What to do when someone steals your iPhone? Let’s answer this question from “nots.” Let’s see what you MUST NOT do when the iPhone was stolen. This can help organize your thoughts and think clearly.

if iphone is stolen

If iPhone Is Stolen

According to the NYT report, law enforcement officials do not advise users to track their stolen iPhone via Find My iPhone. This is probably the first thing you can think of doing after you find out that your smartphone is lost.

As one former police chief explains to The New York Times, the phenomenon of tracking the lost smartphone using Find My iPhone option is new, but it can get you in trouble. Some people actually go to places they should go. While lucky ones are successful, still “others have gotten hurt.”

iPhone Stolen Check Can Hurt You

Some users even take hammers with them while tracking down the lost cell phone. Such weapon is useless against firearm, so anyone who got into this upset situation should not try to catch the thieve taking the law into their hands.

Do not risk your life for the gadget. Call police and report your stolen iDevice. Let the professionals do what they can do great. Let the police catch the thieves and return your iOS 7 smartphone. Stay safe and healthy!

Fast Service for Clean IMEI of AT&T iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S

Attention: Because of the new AT&T unlock policy this service might be delayed. Delivery times only apply during business hours, not guaranteed turnaround time. All unlocks will be provided during business days ( 9 am – 6 pm PST, Monday-Friday) 

So please don't submit your order if you need it earlier or simply can't wait.

Only buy an unlock service if your device can meet the service requirements. If you purchase the unlock service not supported for your device and don’t meet the service requirements, we consider that unwelcome and malicious buying with no refund available.

The best offer is the offer that propose quick and practical way to do something. And what can be more stronger than desire to unlock iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS quickly? Especially if your iPhone is locked to AT&T.

There is no better way than find and use cheapest unlocking solution in the net. You can easily factory unlock AT&T iPhone and use any network you wish in every corner of the world.

Don’t worry about different iPhone models, baseband, iOS firmware versions and so on. We unlock any model but iPhone has to be clean. If your iPhone is blacklisted use this package and unlock blocked AT&T iPhone from 5S to 3GS.

Benefits of Factory iPhone Unlock

Our service offers official and cheapest IMEI unlock for newer iPhone 6, 6S, SE which is permanent and allows you to use any carrier. If you look at our prices you will see that they differ from one another. And it is all about the time. If you are a very busy person and have no time to wait, you can choose our special proposition to unlock AT&T iPhone in 1-2 business days.

How To Buy Unlock

These are the only steps you should follow in order to place your order:

  • Submit your iPhone IMEI number and email
  • Choose the model of your iOS handset
  • Agree with Terms and Conditions
  • Click Buy Now

What I Should Do After

After making an order you will receive an confirmation email that your iPhone is already unlocked and you can restore it via iTunes with the inserted Sim card of the carrier you want to use. If you don’t receive email after the order, please check your Spam or Junk folder too because sometimes the mail can be there.

Important Notes!

If you won’t see email, please check the junk / spam folder in your mail box or add to your safe mail list.

Read carefully Terms and Conditions before clicking the Buy Now button.

iPhone has to be activated before placing an order. No refund if iPhone is not activated.

This package does not unlock blacklisted/lost/stolen iPhone. No refund if iPhone is blacklisted. You can check it here before making an order.

If your iPhone has ever been sent to Apple Care / Technical Service or is a replacement unit please do not order.

iOS 10 users or the user who plans to update iPhone to iOS 7 should first check if Find My iPhone is turn on / off otherwise you may face with activation lock. No refunds will be given for faulty iOS 10 Activation. Use this Find my iPhone iOS 7 Activation Lock Check Tool to check if this feature has been enabled.

Read carefully Terms and Conditions before clicking the Buy Now button.

*Delivery times only apply during business hours, not guaranteed turnaround time. (Business time is 9 am – 6 pm PST, Monday-Friday). On the weekend unlock delivery can be delayed till Monday.

Best Buy to Give $200 Value for iPhone 5S and 5cTrade-in Program

Apple fans who are not running for owning the newest smartphone have now a good deal for grading in their older model to upgrade to iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c. This offer can be interesting to customers who are not going to wait for the iPhone 6 release in order to trade in for the latest smartphone with iOS firmware.


Everyone who is going to have iPhone trade in at Best Buy is guaranteed to receive $200 trade-in value. The promotion lasts till May 11. You still have a couple of days to get the deal and own either iPhone 5c or 5S.

You can easily trade your old iPhone for new iPhone 5S / 5c by bringing the working cell phone to the store and receiving the newer model for free. The $200 credit is guaranteed by the store and you can apply this sum of money for your new iDevice.

Best Buy offers another promotion as well. If you are using Verizon or Sprint as your U.S. carrier you can trade in your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S and upgrade to iPhone 5c / 5S you will aslo get a gift card from Best Buy with either $50 or $100 value.

iphone trade in best buy
So how good is the deal? Consumers who wish to have the 16GB iPhone 5S locked to Sprint, AT&T or Verizon Wireless will get this model at no-cost if they bring their working iPhone 5.

Users who want to exchange the 4S model can get 16GB iPhone 5S for free from Verizon and T-Mobile. The same AT&T device will cost them $49.99.

trade old iphone for new iphone 5s

If you are going to trade-in your older iPhone 4, you will receive the free 16GB iPhone 5S from Verizon and Sprint, and $99.99 iPhone 5S from AT&T.

iPhone 5S 32GB and 64GB models are also offered with discounts. What do you think about this deal?