Spain Orange iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4 Unlock by IMEI [Blacklist Support]


Tips Before Purchase:

  • Orange Spain locked iPhone only [Check it]

*Use network checker if you are not sure what carrier your iPhone is locked to.

  • Activated iPhone only

*Your iPhone has to be activated within AT&T network meaning you have to connect to AT&T using its SIM card at least once.

  • Unlock Success Rate: 95-100%

*Unlock success rate depends on Orange account status of each device.



You can have your iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 5S, 5c, 4, 3GS Spain unlocked from Orange mobile operator using the fast, safe and cheap unlocking service based on IMEI factory unlock. This package supports all IMEIs no matter if you are blacklisted, blocked or clean which is must-use by anyone who wishes to become free from one carrier and start switching SIM cars with ease.

Here are important notes for factory unlock iPhone. Make sure you have read these notes before ordering unlock.

It is possible to unlock all IMEIs for Orange Spain, including clean IMEIs, blacklisted, barred and blocked. Please be attentive when you provide your IMEI number, make sure it is correct.

Check twice all the information you provide to avoid any errors and mistakes, mistypes before confirming your order. Provide a real email address as this is where we will send all the details about your unlocking request.

We offer no refunds for incorrect orders (wrong carrier/model/IMEI) or customer’s mistake.

Note that we work during business hours 9 AM ai??i?? 6 PM PST from Monday to Friday. Please, add our email to your contacts list to avoid receiving our letters as spam or junk.

Enjoy being unlocked! Our support team is always happy to answer any questions you have about your order.


You might wonder how to unlock Orange Spain iPhone 4 or other model. Everything is not complicated at all as millions of users have successfully ordered unlock for iPhone Orange Spain and other carriers / countries and are now happy to not depend on their operator data plans, pricing policy and other conditions.

To place your order for iPhone unlock Spain Orange all IMEIs you need to know the IMEI number. Find it using the methods below.

Method 1
Call this number: *#06# and your identifier will appear on the Home screen. This is completely no-cost.

Method 2
Take your iPhone and open Settings app. Look in General ai??i?? About menu for your 15-digit IMEI number. This second method is also free to use.

How to Unlock iPhone Orange Spain All IMEI

It is simple to follow these steps to place the unlocking request.

Step 1. Run iPhone network checker to be sure you are locked to Orange in Spain and activated with this network. If you are not activated, donai??i??t place your order as it will fail to be complete.

Step 2. Provide your IMEI and email after selecting your unlock package base on your model and IMEI blacklist/clean status.

Step 3. Pay for your order via PayPal or using your credit card.

Step 4. Look in your mailbox for the email with order confirmation and later ai??i?? with information about successful unlock and details how to finish this procedure.

Step 5. Follow the instruction you get via email and connect to iTunes with a non supported SIM card to become SIM free permanently.

Important Notes for Factory Unlock iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4Ai??Spain

  • You must be locked to Orange carrier in Spain to order this package.Ai??If you are not sure you are locked to Orange Spain, use iPhone carrier check service to learn this information
  • IMEI factory unlock is permanent meaning you can update your iOS, baseband and not lose the unlock status
  • Factory unlock doesnai??i??t void Apple warranty
  • iPhone 4 IMEI unlock for Orange Spain is fast, but the delivery time still depends on different factors [delivery delays are mostly experiences on weekends]
  • You must read and agree to our Terms & Conditions before placing your unlocking request online
  • You must be activated with Orange Spain network to be eligible for factory IMEI unlock.Ai??If you are not sure that you are activated with Orange Spain, you can check this through iPhone network checker


Spain Movistar Unlock iPhone 6S Plus/6S/6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4 with Blacklisted / Blocked IMEI


Tips Before Purchase:

  • Movistar Spain locked iPhone only [Check it]

*Use network checker if you are not sure what carrier your iPhone is locked to.

  • Activated iPhone only

*Your iPhone has to be activated withinAi??Movistar network meaning you have to connect toAi??Movistar using its SIM card at least once.

  • Unlock Success Rate: 95-100%

*Unlock success rate depends onAi??Movistar account status of each device.



Sometimes you really need to unlock your iPhone, however this task is not so easy to perform if your device is blocked. For example, you wish to unlock blocked iPhone Spain Movistar and have no idea where to start at.

You can follow our short guide and finally free yourself from restrictions set by Spain Movistar or other mobile carrier as our method allows unlocking any iPhone model / baseband running any version of iOS and locked to a lot of companies worldwide.

Check twice the info you provide for unlock to exclude any mistypes, mistakes and errors. No cancellation can be accepted after IMEI unlock order is processed

Use IMEI locked network checker if you are not sure to what network your iPhone is locked. No refund if iPhone is not locked toAi??Spain Movistar mobile operator.

Processing times will vary based on the network carrierai??i??s response time and only apply to business days during the hours of 9 a.m. ai??i?? 6 p.m. PST.

Check your emailai??i??s junk/spam folder for vital correspondences regarding the status of your unlock, or add [email protected] to your trusted sender list.



How to factory unlockAi??MovistarAi??iPhone 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 [Blacklisted / Blocked]

You do know that some of iPhones are mentioned in Appleai??i??s blacklist database. Their unique IMEI number is blocked which makes it much harder to get the device out of the blacklist and add it to the whitelist database. We can still help you to unlock blocked iPhone Spain Movistar via IMEI tool. If you are sure your device is clean you can use this unlock service for iPhone 5S/5C/5 Clean IMEI.You will be able to use any SIM card from a lot of mobile operators once your handset is unlocked.

Things You Should Know

  • Ensure that iPhone is locked to Spain Movistar. No refund if the wrong carrier.
  • This package is not for reported stolen or lost. No refund if iPhone is stolen.
  • Ensure that iPhone is activated. No refund if iPhone is not activated.
  • Read our ai???Terms and Conditionsai??i?? prior to making any purchases.

IMEI Unlock Benefits

There are a lot of reasons for iPhone IMEI unlock. This remote service lets you connect to different networks and enjoy cheaper phone calls across the world. In case you decide to sell your iPhone you can get more money for it once it is unlocked. Remote IMEI unlock allows you getting this service without leaving your home or sending your handset to third-party companies being afraid it might get damaged. There is no need to jailbreak it as well.

We guarantee that iPhone IMEI unlock is permanent. You will enjoy using various SIMs from different mobile operators once and forever.

What IMEI Unlock Is

In case you have an iPhone with barred IMEI, you can still unlock it. Just make sure that you have an iOS smartphone locked to Spain Movistar before you order its unlock. The IMEI unlock tool gives a permanent factory result. It works for all iPhone models.

You might wonder what IMEI is. Apple gives each iOS smartphone a unique number which can be used by companies to unlock the gadget keeping your device warranty and let you insert any SIM card to enjoy the best fees on data and network plans.