Why You Should Install iOS 7: Top Reasons for iPhone / iPad Users

The new iOS 7 was released on September 18. Should you update or stay on iOS 6.x version? Users who can’t live without a jailbroken device can wait till hackers present their iOS 7 jailbreak solution [the well-known Evad3rs are already working on such exploit]. Users who wish to get cool features should install iOS 7. Below there are 5 reasons why to install this firmware on your smartphone or tablet.

Apple brings a lot of changes to its iDevices. The latest operating system will come with a new design and options not available for iOS 6 gadgets. Do you like to take pictures? Do you often use Siri? Do you love music? If you answer “yes” make sure to upgrade on Wednesday.

reasons to install ios 7

Reasons to Install iOS 7

Reason 1. The Cupertino-based company has improved its assistant making Siri smarter and adding female / male voice options. Your personal assistant is capable of answering phone calls, getting different information for you [from web and our device] etc. It can also control another new option called iTunes Radio. iOS 6 version brought us beta Siri and iOS 7 takes it out of beta testing so the program should perform just great.

Reason 2. The notification center comes with a lot of interesting and useful tabs such as “All,” “Missed” and “Today.” The last one offers weather forecast, information about upcoming events, reminders etc.

Reason 3. The Control Center is a fast way to access Wi-Fi, flashlight, Airplane mode and various controls. It allows users to get into search with a swipe of a finger in the middle of home screen. This is handy and must-use.

Reason 4. Free iTunes Radio is a great music service that might remind of Pandora but comes as a built-in option. It comes with different stations for music fans and you don’t have to pay to use it! Listen to your favorite songs on-the-go with the new iOS 7 service.

Reason 5. Do you take bunch of images every day? Use Photos app and the new iOS 7 burst mode [press on the shutter button and your iPhone will take multiple pictures] to create the best photographs. This application allows you organizing images in groups making it much easier to view what you wish to see.

Download iOS 7

It’s almost here. Don’t forget to download iOS 7 on Wednesday, September 18 to enjoy all the goodies created by Apple.

iPhone 5 Not Charging after iOS 7 Update: How to Fix This Problem

Some iPhone 5 users got the problem when they tried to install the latest iOS 7 on their smartphone. They saw a message “This cable or accessory is not certified or may not work reliable with this iPhone” and got worried if everything is ok with their handset.

Is it possible to fix iOS 7 iPhone 5 not charging problem? Why does it appear? Is anything wrong with your cable or what? Here are the answers to these questions.

New iOS 7: Smart System

Apple has introduced the brand-new firmware version. It has new design and a lot of features previously unavailable to iPhone users. The company has also decided to prevent its customers from using fake cables when charging their smartphones.

The code in iOS 7 tells this firmware when you are trying to connect using a fake lightning cable. Such accessory comes with a cracked authenticator chip which can be easily discovered by the latest operating system. It’s getting smarter and your iPhone will not be charged until you buy an original lightning cable [the certified one].


It can be frustrating to some iPhone 5 owners but the Cupertino-based giant likes when its consumers purchase approved accessories and it does everything to stop fake products being used by people even though they are much cheaper compared to Apple accessories.

Luckily, there is a way to fix iOS 7 iPhone 5 not charging problem. Here is how you can do it.

How to Fix the Charging Issue on iPhone 5 with iOS 7

Users who are not afraid of using risky products and don’t want to get the genuine lightning cable for their iDevice can take the following steps.

1)      Turn on your USB power and connect your fake cable to your smartphone.

2)      Dismiss the warning message you get.

3)      The problem should be fixed and your device should be charging.

You should most likely take these steps each time you wish to charge your iPhone. Maybe manufacturers of fake accessories will soon find a way to bypass Apple’s blockage.

T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT&T Upgrade Programs: Pros and Cons

The three U.S. carriers T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT&T data plans comparison. Which mobile operator has the best plan? Does any of the three really save your money or not? Is there an affordable upgrade solution for customers? We are going to answer the questions that worry a lot of Americans in this post.

You can get an iPhone with a 2-year contract where you pay for both the plan and smartphone for two years or “uncarrier” program where you are charged separately for the device and data plan. In the first situation you have to pay off the fee [the price for the phone and data plan] in case you stop your plan. In the second situation you pay off the iPhone’s balance.

T-mobile vs verizon vs att

T-Mobile Upgrade Program Jump for Customers

This carrier offers JUMP program for its client that adds additional $10 to the $50 bill each month. What can you do when you are on this data plan? You are able to upgrade the device every 6 months but you must still get a 2-year installment payment plan. This can’t be possible with the T-Mobile iPhone as Apple likes to update its smartphone once a year.

Users who actually turn in their old gadget to upgrade to the latest model should understand that their instalment payment plan will switch back to 2 years after they update. There is no termination fee if you decide to stop using the plan.

Note that T-Mobile charges users an extra deductible if the handset is broken by the owner.

Verizon Program Called Wireless Edge

This operator’s program is similar to the one offered by T-Mobile. Wireless Edge has no upgrade fees. It allows users getting a new handset after 6 months. It comes with no down payment and doesn’t offer a long-term contract.

There is one main drawback. If you wish to get a new Verizon iPhone you have to pay off 50 percent for the device before this. The same rule sticks to other popular gadgets from Samsung etc. This is very expensive.

AT&T Upgrade Program Called Next

This carrier allows its client upgrading their handset every year with the program Next. There is no down payment if you wish to turn your phone in and trade it to a newer model. There are no contract and activation fees. Also you can unlock iPhone officially by AT&T and enjoy other networks.

Where is the catch? It exists. The plan is not affordable just like with Verizon because the subsidy is already built into it. You are paying for the service each month and charged for the device you own.

Pros and Cons of Three Plans

While T-Mobile’s program is the best one this carrier has its cons. Its coverage is great for you only if you live in T-Mobile LTE area. Besides, the signal is not too strong if you are inside the building.

AT&T and Verizon customers might like the new programs that still make you pay about 50 percent of the device’s overall cost.