Quick Unlock for Virgin iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS on iOS 7.1 | Australia

It is possible to quickly unlock Virgin mobile iPhone 5 from Australia with the new firmware iOS 7.1 via two best methods. Forget about SAM, Ultrasn0w and GEVEY as these tools do not support this model and operating system which can’t be jailbroken at the moment. Factory unlock by IMEI code and R-SIM are two working tools that are designed to help you become from free Virgin network and get a chance to communicate via other networks within and outside the U.S.

Unlock brings more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, you can switch SIMs selecting your data plans and mobile operators. Secondly, you can travel and connect via local networks saving money on roaming. Thirdly, your smartphone’s reselling price is higher than if it were a locked handset.

unlock virgin iphone Australia

You can unlock mobile iPhone 5 and any other smartphone model on iOS 7.1 and previous versions of Apple firmware via factory unlock. It supports most carriers, including Virgin Australian operator. The process is simple as unlock is performed distantly. You just choose an unlocking package [named after your original carrier] and provide the email where you will get the results.

It is possible to run iPhone IMEI blacklist checker beforehand. This way you can know IMEI blacklist status [factory unlock supports clean IMEIs only] and activation status [your smartphone must be activated with your original network in order to be unlocked]. All this information will be provided within seconds allowing you ordering unlock the same day:

Factory Unlock iPhone 5 iOS 7.1 Locked to Virgin Australia

There is another method you can use for iPhone 5 iOS 7.1 unlock from Virgin mobile. R-SIM card tool also supports this smartphone model and firmware. It works automatically when you insert R-SIM into your iDevice with play-and-go option. From the built-in menu you are able to select your mobile operator. Then you should restart and be able to see the signal.

iPhone 6 Release Date in September 2014

Apple’s next smartphone model is to be released in September. The two screen size iPhones 6 are expected. While we know the possible iPhone 6 release date you still have time to enjoy all the pluses of being jailbroken on iOS 7 up to 7.0.6 using Evasi0n7 untethered jailbreak tool. The iOS 7.1 firmware can’t be jailbroken at the moment if you are not iH8Sn0w who managed to jailbreak both iPhone 4 and 4S models.

iphone 6 screan
There is no public jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and it might be appear till iPhone 6 release. The similar story was with iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5 jailbreak which wasn’t possible till Apple launched its iOS 7 iPhone 5S and 5c.

The newspaper Nikkei from Japan reports that the next iPhone 6 should be released in September. While some experts believe the company will present only one bigger smartphone this year, this report mentions both new models, the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays.

According to reports, manufacturers are now working on the new components for the next line of the fruit handset. They are creating processors and fingerprint sensors for the new smartphone which might come with a sapphire display.

Take your time and get extra features by downloading Cydia jailbreak tweaks and apps for your iDevice.

iOS 7.1 Features: YouTube Audio in Background How to Play

iPhone users who have installed iOS 7.1 get a small problem. Each time they are listening to YouTube music or watch videos they hear the music stop playing once they are trying to do other things on the smartphone. There is cool iOS 7.1 feature you must know about.

Download Jasmine for iOS 7

There is a good application called Jasmine. You can find it in the App Store. It can fix the issue and allow you playing YouTube audio files in the background on the iOS 7.1 iPhone 4S and iPad. This is a walk around you will like.

First you download this application. Then you should do small trick and get music playing in the background.

Step 1. Download Jasmine for iOS 7 gadgets.

Step 2. Launch YouTube video you wish to watch. Click on the home button. You will hear no music now as it stops playing.

Step 3. Swipe upward from the bottom of the screen and you will open Control Center.

Step 4. There will be a triangle Play option. Click on it. It will show your audio file played last.

Jasmine for iOS 7

Step 5. Now you can have iOS 7.1 YouTube video play in your background.

We hope that iPhone and iPad users enjoy using this little tip and discover other great iOS 7.1 features.

iOS 7.1 Update Guide for iPhone and iPad: Skip Past iOS 7.0.6

The most recent firmware from Apple is iOS 7.1 update that was introduced to public on March 10. It is a long-awaited upgrade with new features and more problems. Some users report they are not able to install iOS 7.1 because they cannot get past iOS 7.0.6 version on their iDevice. You can solve the problem using our how to install iOS 7.1 instruction.

Both iPhone and iPad can get stuck on firmware v.7.0.6. If your upgrade was smooth you don’t have to reinstall the program. But if you face the same problem you can use the guide below to solve this issue.

failed verification because you are no longer connected to the Internet
Users who complain about not being able to update to the newest firmware version say that they see just version 7.0.6 available in Settings – General – Software Update menu which doesn’t even work. When trying to click on this option they see an error message like this:

“failed verification because you are no longer connected to the Internet”

You can guess that users had such a connection.

This is an error. It should be gone if you check it later on.

How to Update to iOS 7.1 on iPad Air and other devices:

Step 1. Press on iOS 7.0.6 update if you don’t see 7.1.

Step 2. Get back to your Software Update to see if you are offered to install the most recent version of firmware. You might need to agree with installation even if the device downloads it automatically.

Step 3. Update to iOS 7.1.

This is weird and the issue should be gone soon.

iOS 7.1 Problems with Slow Keyboard: How to Fix

Most users know how to update to iOS 7.1 through OTA option or via direct links to this firmware. iTunes can also help you with the updating however there are some problems you need to know about before you install the latest Apple operating system for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iPhone keyboard problem has surfaced in addition to battery and Wi-Fi issues some users complain about on Apple support forums. Luckily, there is a fix to this bug and we’ll explain how exactly you can make your slow keyboard faster after installing iOS 7.1.

The new keyboard bug appeared after the first reboot that followed firmware update. As users note, their screen registered passcode taps for a long while, and usually this procedure takes less than a second. It takes key taps long time to register which makes typing kind of difficult. The bug is actually frustrating especially if you are in a rush.

iOS 7.1 Problems with Keyboard

How to Fix iOS 7.1 Keyboard Problem on iPhone

If you get the issue, here is what you need to do to solve it.

Step 1. Launch Settings.

Step 2. Select General tab.

Step 3. Click on Reset option.

Step 4. Select Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Step 5. You will have to enter a passcode when you are asked to do so.

Step 6. Now the problem should be gone however you need to add custom words again if you had them before because resetting deletes all the words.

iPhone IMEI Information and Unlock Checker Tool

IMEI is an exclusive [unique] code given to each Apple smartphone. It is a shorten form for International Mobile Station Equipment that is important to the manufacturers, carriers and users. You can learn a lot about your handset if you know its IMEI number because it gives you access to interesting iPhone IMEI info. This number is like a fingerprint.

iphone imei details

iPhone IMEI Details

You can use iPhone unlock checker here and learn more about the gadget you have. It is possible to figure out your unique number by dialing *#06# on the phone’s digital keyboard. You can also see it in Settings – General – About. Why is it so important?

find imei

Firstly, the code helps companies to identify iPhones. Secondly, it allows stopping a lost or stolen handset from being used on the network it is locked to. In case someone steals your fruit gadget you can simply call your carrier and ask it to list your IMEI as barred / blacklisted [in other words, to block it]. This way whoever has your device will not be able to use it on your network or any other network [even if the SIM is replaced]. By the way, you can also use IMEI blacklist checker to find out if your device is clean or not network checker doesn’t shows such info.

Other iPhone Details IMEI

Users who purchase their handset from other users can run iPhone IMEI checker to learn which carrier this phone is originally locked to [or find whether it has never-locked status]. After purchasing our service you will get such results:

iphone details imei

iPhone IMEI Info Check

It is highly recommended for insurers, security professionals, sellers and customers to check IMEI iPhone for any suspicious device. There are a lot of platforms that have a full database with information about phone’s models, maker and its status that are linked to the official reporting agency and rightful owners.

Such services is available to anyone. Don’t wait till someone starts using your lost or stolen device. Report its IMEI to your carrier and protect yourself.

Permanent Unlock for Verizon iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1 Update

The price on a never-locked iPhone 5 starts at $649 for the 16GB model while a locked Verizon iPhone 5 16GB can be purchased at $119. The difference is huge. Customers often get the cheaper option even if they have to be on a 2-year contract with the carrier. You can turn your locked smartphone into SIM-free device if you choose to unlock Verizon iPhone 5 iOS 7.1 or iOS 7 [7.0.6, 7.0.4, 7.0.3 etc.] with factory service.

The service is guaranteed even if you are still on contract. You can order it from a trusted company. It will be provided in the period time from 1 to 20 days.

Unlock Verizon iPhone 5 iOS 7.1

Unlock Verizon iPhone 5 iOS 7.1 / 7 / 7.x

Let’s mention all the pluses and minuses of such unlock for your smartphone. The main disadvantage is that it can’t be ordered for free, but the price is affordable. There are many more advantages of the process. Here is the list of the main pros you get:

  1. Free-SIM status that is permanent meaning you can insert any SIM card and connect to different networks
  2. You can resell your unlock iPhone at a higher price
  3. Apple warranty is kept, it is not voided by the unlocking procedure
  4. Factory unlock supports all firmware versions, including iOS 6, iOS 7.0.4, 7.0.6, iOS 8 and any other operating system
  5. You can install any firmware without losing unlock in the future
  6. You are able to restore via iTunes keeping unlocked status
  7. You can still use Verizon SIM along with other carriers

Here is how you can unlock iPhone from Verizon:

Step 1. Run iPhone carrier checker which will tell the name of your original mobile company the smartphone is locked to. The service will also tell you whether the device has been activated with the carrier or not. It must be in order to unlock it. Your IMEI should be clean.

Step 2. Select your package depending on the iPhone model and carrier [country].

Step 3. Pay for the service after you provide all the information, including IMEI number and email [find your number through the combination *#06#].

Step 4. Wait till you are unlocked. The company will email you the instructions.

Step 5. Complete the process by connecting to iTunes.

Start using your Verizon iPhone with any other mobile operator of your choice.

iPhone 4S iOS 7.1 Problems with Wi-Fi Connectivity

iOS 7.1 update didn’t go as smooth as most of us hoped. Apple tried its best to release the major firmware upgrade and the first reports cam soon. People complained about battery issues. This is not the only bug, as iPhone 4S owners experience bad or not working Wi-Fi connectivity.

The operating system brought new features such as CarPlay for the iPhone 5S. Of course, this option doesn’t support the 4S smartphone but lacking one feature is one things and getting different iOS 7.1 problems is another thing.

Right now this bug isn’t common. It is faced by a small number of Apple customers, according to support forums devoted to Apple products. Wi-Fi issue on iPhone 4S after iOS 7.1 update shows the following error:

“Wi-Fi not available”

Wi-Fi no available ios 7.1

Such a problem comes because Wi-Fi somehow becomes disabled after you install iOS 7.1 on your iPhone 4S model. There is a fix to the issue shared by users. They say that you can reset your handset’s settings for network and use your WiFi connection. But this fix doesn’t help everyone. Some users note that their Wi-Fi chip has been burnt after the firmware update.

Having different iOS 7.1 bugs [previous reports mentioned fast battery drain on their smartphones and tablets] is not too nice. Apple is silent but it will most likely offer bug fixes in the next operating system update.

Untethered iOS 7 Jailbreak Problems / Fixes [Evasi0n7 for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch]

Not much time has come from the date of untethered iOS 7 jailbreak release for iPhone 5S, 5c, new iPad and older iPod touch models. The program contained a lot of bugs but hackers continue working on their utility and improving their jailbreak for iOS 7 devices.

Users who hurried to jailbreak their smartphone or tablet earlier this week are now left with almost no Cydia tweaks for this firmware and especially for A7 gadgets. Developers didn’t expect such soon launch of the jailbreaking tool so no one was actually ready for it. The surprise by the Evad3rs became a real Christmas gift to the jailbreaking community.
The first release installed the Chinese app store instead of Cydia so hackers had to respond to the piracy accusations. That part of the tool was quickly removed with devs’ explanation of the problem through the public letter.

jailbreak iOS 7 Problems
It’s for sure that the number of iOS 7 tweaks and programs will soon increase. Developers are expected to upgrade their apps to support 64-bit chip used in the latest iPad and iPhone models. Users with previous generation iDevices are also out of luck for now as they also see the limited number of applications they can download from third-party companies.
Mobile Substrate should become updated to the newest processor to simplify the process of making all the apps compatible with the faster processor.
Here is the list of the most common iOS 7 jailbreak issues [problems] you can face while trying to untethered your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

  • Apple logo boot loop is experience by a number of users after jailbreaking procedure
  • iOS 7 tweaks fail to work properly on the jailbroken devices
  • Some Mac owners can’t launch Evasi0n7 tool on their machines
  • A lot of people get stuck during the jailbreak and can’t proceed to the next step
  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi model often fails to be jailbroken

There are other problems as well. Most of them are fixed or to be fixed in the next Evasi0n 7 updates that are to follow the 1.0.1 presentation which mostly deleted the app store from China and didn’t provide other major changes.
Hackers promise soon upgrades with problems being solved.


Apple iOS in the Car Integration Released in CarPlay Update for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5

iOS 6 car integration was long awaited from Apple, and now with iOS 7 introduction and high popularity a lot of drivers keep waiting for iOS in the car feature official presentation. You get an ability to drive safely since you are able to use Apple Maps while holding the steering wheel. You can do this with CarPlay.

This new Apple technology was introduced earlier this week. The Cupertino-based company showed the opportunities of its iOS CarPlay feature at the Geneva International Motor show. Different firmware users, including iOS 7 future updates, will get a chance to have iOS software on the car dashboard.

iOS CarPlay feature

Being able to control your vehicle and use iOS options at the same time is really interesting. This is something that will be loved by most “fruit” device fans with vehicles. iOS in the car makes it easy to control your apps with a word. You can also activated different options with fast touch.

Car and navigation bar in iOS 7 and further operating system updates will be a great feature to introduce during WWDC 2014.

iOS CarPlay

CarPlay brings your iPhone content at your fingertips. The new option offers minimum distraction from the road. You can get all the news, Maps directions, Siri help and other things on-the-go.

You have to connect your smartphone with CarPlay. This will give you control over different iOS features through your vehicle’s interface. Siri can be enabled with the click on your steering wheel. This personal assistant can make iPhone calls, let you hear your voicemails, get to your contacts list and much more.

apple CarPlay

The new iPhone in the car feature let’s you hear your songs, iTunes Radio, hear your messages etc. The first vehicles to get CarPlay support include some Mercedes, Volvo and Ferrari models. They will be sold this year. The next cars to get iOS car option should be Honda, Toyota, Nissan and General Motors.

iPhone 5S in the car option works together with iOS 7 and two more handsets, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c.