Blacklisted iPhone Unlock Or What You Can Do with a Blocked Device

You don’t think to unlock blacklisted iPhone when you purchase smartphones on eBay, Amazon or through other online markets. These devices, especially Apple handsets, are often offered with blacklisted IMEI code. In other words, you are unable to use this gadget or change your carrier. For example there are a lot of blocked AT&T iPhone models on the third-party market.

There is no need to panic if you happened to buy a blacklisted iDevice. We can share some ideas on how to use blacklisted iPhone. Take a look as you might find a good solution to your problem inside this post.

how to use blacklisted iphone
How to Use Blacklisted iPhone

List of networks supported unlocks by Blacklisted IMEI

You can use such iPhone but only after factory unlocking and outside the country where it was blocked. Just select the package depending on the carrier by which your device was blocked and get official unlocking solution.

Some owners who got a blacklisted iPhone locked to AT&T,  Three (3), Vodafone, KT Freetel SK, Netcom and Movistar, you can order service that gets IMEI cleaned, simply removing it from Apple’s blacklist database:

Sadly, this solution doesn’t work for a lot of networks.

Let’s see how you can figure out that you got a blocked device. It doesn’t get any signal from the networks the minute you have turned it on or a couple of days after your purchase. Luckily, there are things that can bring a smile upon your face.

List of iPhone blacklist checking Tool:

Unlock Blacklisted iPhone

If you are in US and your iPhone is blacklisted by AT&T but factory officially unlocked, resell your iOS smartphone. You can sell it to students, tourists and other people who leave at US.  Don’t worry that it is blacklisted. Foreign customers can use blacklisted AT&T iPhone in their home countries because it is blocked in the U.S. only. Just tell your customers the truth about your gadget.

Get a Refund

The first solution we’ll mention is asking for a refund. It is good for users who got their blocked iPhone using PayPal and are able to open a dispute/claim/chargeback. You can ship the gadget back to the seller, and PayPal will get your funds back. This might not work for you if you got the handset on the street or some other online site.

Take iPhone Apart and Sell It

If you don’t want or unable to do things we discussed above, you can take your gadget apart and sell its parts [logic board, dock connector, screen] separately. You will get some of the money you spent on it back.

Play Games, Watch TV Shows and Listen to Music

Since you are not able to make phone calls, exchange data or unlock blacklisted iPhone, you can turn it into your games console or an iPod. Listen to music, play games and enjoy your new entertainment device.

Great news for owner locked iPhone 5S! Now you  can unlock  iPhone 5S AT&T easy!

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