Here you can check your order status after factory iPhone unlock request. This gives your the status of your order, so you will be always aware of unlock delivery. Just insert the IMEI your bought unlock for and get information about factory unlock request.

We offer only legit unlock and if there is delay you can see the reasons like Pending, Not Available and Completed. Read carefully the definition of each outcome.


Check Order Status After Factory Unlock iPhone Request

Sorry, IMEI not exist at database: This code signifies that you didn’t bought any products and service at our site. Initially you have to order permanent IMEI unlock only then you may check your order status.

In Process: This means that your order in processing. You’ll receive en email from us once the order is finished. Questions that starts with “When …” will not speed up the process. You can always check your orders status and if it is Pending you can bookmark this page. Also don’t forget to check our turn-around time prior to buying.

Completed: Congratulations. The order is done and iPhone is unlocked. You will definitely get email with recommendations and instructions. In case you don’t see mail inside your inbox folder, visit please spam / junk folder due to the fact that some ISP’s can filter our message. We advice you to include our email address contact@geo-location.site to the contact list. And you’ll receive directions to finish unlock. Use complete tips guide in order to finish unlock steps for your iPhone.

Not Available: Regrettably, we couldn’t unlock your iPhone. But you’ll get a refund within 72 hrs. Go and visit our refund policy for more information on this. In case you don’t get your money back within 72 hours let us know without concern and we will take actions to solve it right away.

Not Found: And that ensures that you selected incorrect carrier. In such cases the order status will return the NOT FOUND code and we can’t money back guarantee since it is not our error. Read our refund policy before making the order.

That’s it, we hope you will receive your unlock in any way because we care about our clients and perform only official unlock for you.

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