iOS 10 iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Guide

Have you updated to iOS 10 or still running iOS 9? Your firmware version doesn’t matter much when it comes to iCloud activation bypass tool. No one can use your smartphone if you enable Find My iPhone that also features Activation Lock protection.

iCloud Activation Bypass iOS 10

The lock option is enabled automatically if you turn on Find My iPhone on your iOS 10, 9 or earlier firmware device. Sometimes you could forget your password. Sometimes you purchase a used phone and find out that its previous owner has made sure to use Activation Lock but cannot help you with the password.

How can you bypass iCloud activation lock in such situation? Is there a way to unlock your mobile gadget without entering the original owner’s Apple ID + password? Since this is your new handset it is important to unlock its screen and use in your everyday life. Otherwise you have paid for the brick.

We should note that iCloud activation bypass tools cannot guarantee simplicity of the unlocking procedure. This is a complicated task. Still once you master the complex tips you’ll be able to remove iCloud activation lock and enjoy using your iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s etc.

iPhone iCloud Lock Bypass Guide for iOS 10

How to Bypass iCloud Password

Step 1. Research iOS Activation Lock Bypass Tool Market

This is a very important tip you have to pay attention too. There are millions of iPhone users from across the world. They all live in different countries. It is better if you can make a research of your home market to find out reliable tools. There are numerous online sites and offline companies that are eager to help you out.

Pay attention to the reviews. Note how long the company exists. Compare the prices and make sure your payment method is supported before you place your order.

Step 2. Run IMEI Checker

Don’t hurry to order iOS 10 iCloud removal service. Firstly use the simple iPhone IMEI checker to make sure your iPhone is locked. Maybe it is not iCloud locked and you don’t even need to place any orders and everything can be fixed quicker and simpler.

Once you are sure that you 100% need iCloud bypass activation you can proceed with the best company you have found.

How to Bypass iCloud Lock on iOS 10 iPhone

Step 3. iOS 10 iCloud Unlock

You are not advised to download any iOS activation lock bypass software since this way you can easily find a virus or other dangerous program. It is better to use distant iOS 10 activation lock removal service that requires your IMEI number.

Of course, the best solution is when you can reach out to the original iPhone owner and ask hem or her to remove Find My iPhone and activation lock from your handset so that you can add this protection on your own with your password. Unfortunately this situation is often impossible with used smartphones.

If you cannot contact the previous owner you should follow our guide on how to bypass iOS 10 activation lock on your iPhone 7, 6s, 6, 5s etc.

Step 4. Visit the site you have found in previous steps. Make sure it is a company with a lot of reviews, with ‘https’ protection and nice price.

Step 5. Choose iCloud Unlock service and provide the information about your phone: its IMEI code, phone model etc.

Step 6. Place your order online and wait for a couple of days for your account to be unlocked.

Enjoy using your phone.