Steps to Activate iPhone After Factory Unlocking [Several Methods]

Sometimes you come across iPhone activation problems that you wish to fix as soon as possible. IMEI unlocking method has become very popular but it requires users to activate their smartphone using iTunes and this might cause an issue.

I’ll list a couple of methods that will help you to successfully activate iPhone factory unlocked with IMEI. Don’t worry if you get an error that iTunes can’t “continue with your activation” right now. Follow one of the solutions provided below and iTunes will finally restore your iDevice.can't activate iphone

So if you see such messages:

“We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time. Please try again later, or contact customer care”

“ Your request couldn’t be processed. We’re sorry, but there was an error processing your request. Please try again later.”

we will try to fix them here or at least find out the reasons.

The problem can happen with anyone who has hactivated the gadget with Redsn0w / SAMPrefs, jailbroken with Absinthe, Evasi0n, Redsn0w, unlocked with different methods [SAM, Turbo SIM, Gevey SIM, Ultrasn0w], downgraded to previous firmware versions. It can also happen if the smartphone has been stolen, blocked, blacklisted, lost, etc. The error doesn’t depend on your iPhone IMEI unlock service. It’s the activation problem. This is what you can do to fix it.

Fix 1. Activate with No ZIP Code and SSN

We all know that a lot of customers like to make purchases on eBay. It can happen that you get an iPhone that requires an activation and needs your Social Security Number along with the billing ZIP code. This happens when the smartphone’s original owner hasn’t activated it after purchase. You are able to activate iPhone without SSN and zip code.

Fix 2. Refurbished or Replaced iPhone IMEI

Some refurbished smartphones get the problem when Apple activation server doesn’t recognize the IMEI code and doesn’t authorize it. You can try to put such an iPhone into DFU mode and insert the SIM card of the carrier it is locked to restore. If this also doesn’t help, you should contact the Cupertino company’s support to solve this issue as such a device can’t be unlocked and activated.

The same situation is with replaced iPhones. The IMEI of factory unlocked iPhone can be replaced with locked so Apple can’t find the correct (unlocked) IMEI and can’t activate it. In this case contact Apple.

Fix 3. DDoS Attacks

Sometimes the activation servers that belong to Apple suffer from DDoS attacks. This causes your device activation fail. Just wait a bit and try to activate iPhone factory unlocked once again. iTunes also suggest to “try again later” because of that.

Fix 4. Blocked / Barred IMEI

The smartphone might be barred / blocked by the carrier. There are a lot of reasons why this might have happened. It could have been stolen or reported as lost. You should purchase only activated iPhones in order to avoid this problem or ask its original owner to activate the handset using the SIM card of the operator it has been locked to.

If you got blacklisted iPhone you can still unlock it using packages for blocked devices.

Fix 5. SAM Activation Unlock

Here is what you should do if you wish to use SAM activation unlock method. It is important to insert the SIM card you have been locked to and activate the device, and only afterwards you can order factory IMEI unlock service.

Here is a short instruction on how it all works.

Firstly, you should jailbreak the device before you activate your factory unlocked iPhone with SAM.

Secondly, you add to your Cydia sources and install SAMPrefs app found in this repository.

Thirdly, you go to Springboard and find Yellow icon that says SAMPrefs. Open it and go to utilities where you are able to de-activate the handset.

Fourthly, you insert any SIM card into iPhone factory unlocked and launch iTunes to activate it.

In case you placed an order for factory unlock which fails to work, try the following thing. Restore your gadget and activate iPhone that has been factory unlocked with the original SIM card it was locked to by Apple. Restore it once again and insert any other SIM except the original one to activate it before you unlock using Gevey SIM, Turbo SIM or Ultrasn0w.

Fix 5. Blacklisted IMEI after Using Sn0wbreeze / TinyUmbrella

iPhone users who used either TinyUmbrella or program Sn0wbreeze for jailbreak / upgrade / downgrade must reset their hosts file on PC to activate the smartphone. Both tweaks change this file. When everything was reset you must update, find a different computer and insert the SIM card your handset was locked to activate successfully. You can permanently unlock the gadget once you have completed the steps above.

Fix 6. Activation via Wi-Fi

You are able to activate a factory unlocked iOS device via Wi-Fi Connection. It should be active. As soon as you got a confirmation from the company that performs factory IMEI unlock that your device has been unlocked, you must take out the SIM card the iPhone was locked to and insert any other SIM. Launch iTunes, wait till it detects your gadget and greets you with an “Activation Required” message. Connect to your Wi-Fi network and the iPhone will do everything else on its own.

Fix 7. Activation after Redsn0w Unlock

In case your iPhone has been unlocked you can try to activate it using Redsn0w. You must firstly download the latest version of this program. Secondly, you should connect the iPhone to your computer. Thirdly, you must launch Redsn0w and press “Jailbreak” which will put the device into DFU mode.

Wait till Redsn0w detects your build version and allows you deactivate [remember to un-check all features presented with this option]. Take the SIM card out after deactivation is complete and turn off your iPhone.

The last step is here. Turn your smartphone back on. Connect it to iTunes and insert the SIM card. You will be happy as your gadget should be unlocked.

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