How to Add Videos from Snapchat to Your iPhone Instagram Stories

There are a lot of Snapchat users among Instagram fans with iPhone 7 or other phone models that are running iOS 10. It is possible to make your stories so much better with videos and we’ll explain how you can upload videos to your Instagram account.

The guide is extremely simple. You’ll love to learn about new features and easily add short films and movies to make your Instagram story prettier and more interesting to your friends and other users who come across it.

How to share Snapchat videos with Instagram users

Share Videos from Snapchat

You know that Snapchat has a lot of videos. This platform make it easy to add videos and you can also share them through Instagram network. What should you do before you can continue with the guide?

Firstly, make sure you have installed one of iOS 10 firmware versions. There are several of them presented by Apple in 2016 – 2017. There is no need to update to the most recent release. Just make sure you are no longer using iOS 9 mobile operating system as the function might not work on it.

Secondly, you have to use Snapchat and Instagram and have both programs installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Thirdly, follow the step by step guide and explore awesome iPhone Instagram tips for sharing cute videos directly from Snapchat.

How to capture video using Snapchat on iPhone

How to Upload Snapchat Videos to Instagram

Step 1. Let’s get to creating interesting iPhone Instagram stories that include videos. How can you achieve this? Open Snapchat program on the phone and use this walkthrough.

Step 2. Make a new snap just as you normally do.

How to save video from Snapchat to iPhone 7

Step 3. Once you like the results of your work you should click on the option that says ‘download / save.’ This button can be found at the lower left part of the screen.

Step 4. Click on X to exit since you have already saved the new story. This button is located at the upper left part of the screen.

Snapchat Memories

Step 5. Look at your shutter button. Do you see the Memories option? You should press on it to continue.

Step 6. Choose your story and proceed.

Step 7. Swipe up on your video.

Step 8. Click on the share option you’ll see at the lower part of the screen.

Add video from Snapchat to your iPhone folder

Step 9. It’s time to click on Save Video option. This way your file will be saved right on your iPhone. P.S. You can convert your videos to slow motion and turn slowmo back to regular videos.

Step 10. We are almost ready to upload video to your Instagram. Launch this social network on your smartphone.

Step 11. Click on your camera button or just swipe from left to right.

Add video to Instagram story

Step 12. Now you should swipe up from the edge of your display and this way you’ll access your Camera Roll.

Step 13. Choose your Snapchat video.

Step 14. Add text or emojis if you wish.

Save Snapchat video to your Instagram story on iPhone 7 with iOS 10

Step 15. Now upload the file to your iPhone Instagram story and click on ‘Your Story’ at the bottom of the screen. Isn’t it great?

There should be no Instagram video upload fail if you upload files using this method. Snapchat videos are easy to create and simple to save as you can see from the guide above. Since the Snapchat itself doesn’t let you share files with Instagram users you can remember the trick and get its advantage whenever you need it.

By the way if you experience any problems with any of the app you can try to update it. Both social networks are regularly upgraded by developers so can also keep an eye on such updates and also install them to make sure all the newest features and options are supported.

It’s amazing how quickly social networks grow and improve. Users spend a lot of time reading their friends’ posts, viewing photos and watching videos on Instagram, Facebook and other sites. Are you also one of such people?

Quick iPhone Slow Motion Video Guide to Convert Slowmo to Normal Video

Slow motion videos are becoming more popular. A lot of iPhone 7, 6s and iPad users enjoy creating such movies. Sometimes you need to turn the slow motion file to regular speed. Sometimes you want to quickly slowmo a new video. Let’s learn how you can manage such tasks and easily create ordinary videos from slow motion movies.

Why would you need to covert video to slow motion online or record one directly on your phone? This is a cool experiment that helps you creating impressive moments. Why would anyone need to covert their slow motion videos to ordinary movies on iPhone or iPad? A lot of us eventually run out of space on the mobile device. Regular speed videos can save you some space since converted files usually get a reduced size compared to the original file.

In other words, there are situations when you have enough space and can slow down videos online with free editors or on the iPhone / iPad. Still once you notice almost no space left on the phone you search for a way how to replace your slow motion video with a regular one.

Turn Slow motion video to regular video file on iPhone iOS 10 guide

How to Convert Slow Motion to Regular Video on Your iPhone 7

Step 1. You need your iPhone with slowmo videos on it.

Step 2. Decide which file you wish to convert and launch Photos program from Home screen.

Step 3. Choose what you wish to make ‘normal’ again and click on it.

Step 4. Click on Edit option to return slow mo video to regular speed.

Step 5. There should be 2 sliders right under the file. You can drag anyone of them. This is how you are able to shrink one into the other one. It’s a simple way to get rid of slow motion part of the file.

Step 6. Once you are happy with the results you can click on Done option. It can be found at the lower right part of your mobile device.

Record slow motion videos on iPhone 7 iOS 10 How to guide

How to Slowmo a Video with Your Phone

Now let’s recollect how you can make slow motion video instead of regular one on iPhone with iOS 9 or newer iOS 10 version.

Step 1. Once you are sure that your mobile operating system version is iOS 9 or iOS 10 you can open Camera program on the iPhone.

Step 2. You should swipe to the right (do this twice) and this is how your Slo-Mo mode is enabled.

How to slow mo a video on iPhone

Step 3. Now you need to click on ‘Slo-Mo’ option at the lower left part.

Step 4. Click on the record button. Your slow motion video will begin recording.

Step 5. When you are done you should click on stop button.

You probably already know how to make a video slow motion on your PC or iPhone. There are special slow motion video editors that you can find and download for free. This interesting feature was introduced along with iOS 9 release back in 2015.

Users who have chosen to install iOS 10 firmware version also like to create and keep cute slow motion movies. If you don’t want to delete or convert such files into normal videos you can easily save them to your Mac, PC or external hard drive.

Simple AirPods Software Update Guide for iPhone 7 Users

While AirPods are a new accessory that was only introduced in the end of 2016, there are a lot of Apple fans who are already using these wireless earphones in addition to their latest iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. There are a lot of AirPods problems and most of them could be easily fixed once you learn how to update AriPods to the most recent software version.

You’ll love how simple everything is with upgrading your accessories. There is no need to purchase another pair of ‘fruit’ earphones since you can update AriPods firmware. The Cupertino-based company has presented the new software 3.5.1 that can improve the performance of iPhone accessories that currently use 3.31 release.

How to use AirPods? Can you truly fix all the problems by simply updating the platform version? Let’s learn how to update your device and answer other questions related to the tiny wireless accessory.

Guide on how to update Airpods firmware version to 3.5.1

How to Update AirPods Software

Just as we already noted, this is extremely simple and super fast. Actually you have almost nothing to do because your accessories are not as complicated as your iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPad or other iDevices. Apple made sure that users have no issues while installing newer software on their AirPods. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1. Connect your AirPods to your iPhone in case they are disconnected. Learn how to pair your headphones.

Step 2. Double check that your charging case is nearby. It’s better to place your headphones right into their original charging case.

Step 3. Now you should simply wait until your earbuds are updated to version 3.5.1. This happens automatically.

Sometimes you don’t get instant update. Luckily there are some curious and useful iOS 10 tips you can follow to solve this simple problem.

Instruction for easy AirPods firmware updating for iPhone users

iOS 10 Tips and Tricks for AirPods Update

Step 1. You should fully charge your case.

Step 2. Connect AirPods to iPhone by launching Settings app – Bluetooth.

Step 3. Reset the charging case if needed.

Hopefully these AriPods tips can fix the bug and let you install newer firmware version right away.

Make sure your AirPods are fully charged before update

Reasons to Update AirPods

Why would you need to upgrade? You can absolutely avoid the update although it will eventually take place on its own. Still users are advised to run the newest software because this way you can fix some common AirPods problems.

Besides, the later release brings some performance improvements. So you can solve the issues and make sure your earphones are faster and easier to use. For example, there was a problem with headphones randomly disconnecting during iPhone calls… This is what you can solve by getting newer version.

Are you not sure which firmware version you are running? It is possible to check your AirPods software on iPhone. This is really fast. You’ll love to know more details about iOS 10 accessories, won’t you?

Follow this simple guide and find out how to figure out what software is installed on AirPods:

Step 1. Connect your headphones if they are not connected to iPhone 7 yet.

Step 2. Open Settings tool on your smartphone.

Step 3. Proceed to General menu.

Step 4. You should go to About section.

Step 5. Click on AirPods option.

Step 6. You’ll see a new screen that makes it possible to check ou your Firmware Version.

Step 7. You can also find serial and model numbers along with headphone’s hardware version.

Will you install this update? Do you think that your AirPods will stop disconnecting while you are getting a new phone call? Hopefully everything is fixed as soon as possible and you’ll enjoy the enhancements brought by the famous company.

Users Troubled with AirPods Randomly Disconnecting Problems

Do your AirPod disconnect on calls? This could be so annoying! Users who purchased the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus along with the new Apple accessories known as AirPods wish to experience no problems. Still issues exist and you should learn how to fix AirPods problems to enjoy mobile communication.

Mostly the AirpPods disconnecting randomly bug is noticed by iOS 10.2 users who have the iPhone 6s Plus model. However your iPhone 7 might also suffer from this unpleasant issue and this is why it’s nice to explore the solutions you can try.

AirPods Disconnect during iPhone Calls

iOS 10 Problems with AirPods

Here is what affected users have to say. Suddenly after iOS 10.2 update they notice how often AirPods that were correctly paired with the ‘fruit’ smartphone disconnect. The connection simply gets lost.
Even if you try to connect your accessories manually they still keep disconnecting during long calls (mostly). Those who experience the bug assure that their AirPods were fully charged and still stopped working during iPhone calls.

At the same time, the problem isn’t present when you listen to music for hours and hours in a row. You can read more reports about the AirPods disconnect bug on Apple Support Forum.

AirPods Disconnecting Issues iOS 10

How to Fix AirPods Disconnecting During Calls

You can try to use only one AirPod as a microphone and this could fix AirPods randomly disconnect problem.

Step 1. Firstly make sure your AirPods are fully charged.

Step 2. Open Settings on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 7.

iPhone Settings Bluetooth

Step 3. Choose Bluetooth section.

Step 4. Click on ‘i’ option near AirPods.

Step 5. Click on Microphone option.

Step 6. Now choose Always Right AirPod. It will be used as your microphone.

Use Only Left Airpod on iPhone

Step 7. The next day you can select Always Left AirPod. Change only one AirPod to work as your earphone microphone and your AirPods issues will be gone.

Remember that both AirPods are microphones by default.

Auto Ear Detection iPhone 7

iOS 10 Tips and Tricks: Fix Automatic Ear Detection

Sometimes you can fix AirPods problems by disabling Automatic Ear Detection option. This option allows turning off your earpodes when they are taken out of the ear. Still if you turn off the technology you could avoid AirPods disconnect on calls bug.

Step 1. Launch Settings option on your iPhone.

Step 2. Select Bluetooth feature.

Step 3. Click on the ‘i’ option near AirPods and you’ll see Automatic Ear Detection.

Step 4. Disable the option called Automatic Ear Detection.

How to Unpair AirPods iOS 10 iPhone 7

Re-Pair AirPods Fix Guide

Step 1. You can try to forget your earphones. Open Settings on your mobile device and choose Bluetooth option.

Step 2. Click on the ‘i’ option – select Forget this Device.

Step 3. It’s time to reboot the phone and then pair your AirPods again.

This simple method can fix your problem. If it doesn’t work you can also try to reset your settings:

Step 1. Launch Settings app on iPhone.

Step 2. Choose General section.

Step 3. Click on Reset option.

Step 4. Press on Reset Network Settings.

Step 5. Once you confirm the decision your settings will be reset.

Step 6. Sometimes you might need to Reset All Settings to solve the problem.

Is there anything else you can try performing before contacting Apple?

Mac users can play with their inputs and outputs:

Step 1. On your computer you should choose System Preferences.

Step 2. Choose Sound option.

Step 3. Choose Output option. Select AirPods.

Step 4. Now press on Input option and choose AirPods.

By the way, since users report problems with their new earphones Apple is investigating the issue. Maybe the fix will arrive in the upcoming iOS 10.3 release.

How to Block Text Messages and FaceTime Calls on iPhone 7

When you wish to stop receiving messages and calls from a particular person you should learn how to block caller ID on iPhone. There are several methods how to unblock a number on iPhone 7 and block it. We’ll share a couple of ways to help you avoid any unwanted phone calls. Don’t worry about any pestering iPhone calls as the instructions below will explain how to block FaceTime calls, regular phone calls and SMS.

You need to run iOS 10, 10.1 or 10.2 firmware version on your iDevice. Let’s learn what happens when you block a number on iPhone and how exactly you can block and unblock callers from annoying you. It’s great that you are able to easily change your settings, block wrong numbers, scammers and unblock them on-the-go.

Block Phone Number on iPhone 7 iOS 10

Block Messages iPhone Consequences: What to Expect

So what happens when a number is finally blocked? The person whose caller ID is blocked by you won’t be able to reach you. Your iOS 10 smartphone will get no phone calls and text messages from a blocked number. At the same time, the caller will not know he or she is blocked by you.

Once again, you should update to iOS 10 to block FaceTime calls easily. Once you are updated you won’t be able to downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 9 because Apple stopped signing previous version of its mobile operating system.

How to Block Contact iOS 10 iPhone 7 Instruction

How to Block Text Messages on iPhone 7 Along with Phone Calls

Step 1. Update to iOS 10 platform.

Step 2. Open Settings program on the handset.

Step 3. Click on Call Blocking & Identification option.

Step 4. Choose Block Contact feature.

Step 5. You’ll see All Contacts screen where you are able to choose a particular name (use the Search bar).

Step 6. This is how to how to block a text (calls) on iPhone since the name will be added to the list of your Blocked numbers.

Once you are running iOS 10 you can easily manage your files on iPhone 7.

Block a Caller iOS 10 iPhone 7 Guide

How to Block FaceTime and Messages Contact

Step 1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone 7 [learn how you can customize iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus].

Step 2. Choose Messages / FaceTime.

Step 3. Select Blocked option.

Step 4. Click on Add New.

Step 5. Choose a contact that should be blocked.

Step 6. This person won’t reach you through Message or FaceTime app on iOS 10.

How to Block Calls on iPhone While Phone Is Ringing

Step 1. Disconnect your device. If you don’t want to disconnect proceed with the next step.

Step 2. Allow the phone ring to get silenced. Now launch Recent Calls on your iOS 10 device and add the number to the blocked list.

Step 3. Just find the phone number you wish to block in Recent.

How to Block FaceTime Calls iOS 10 iPhone 7

Step 4. Click on the “i” option next to the number.

Step 5. Scroll down through various options you see (for example, FaceTime, Call) and get to Block the Caller iOS 10 block calls feature.

Step 6. Click on Block the Caller.

Step 7. Now click on Block Contact.

Step 8. That’s it. You have learned how to block caller ID on iPhone. This means that you will receive no text messages, no calls and no FaceTime calls from this number.

Remember that a blocked phone number is not what blacklisted iPhone means.

Unblock Contact FaceTime Calls iOS 10 iPhone 7

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone 7

Sometimes you change your mind and wish to unblock a blocked contact on your iPhone. There are several ways how to do this.

Method 1

Step 1. Launch the Recent list of your contacts.

Step 2. Click on the “i” option.

Step 3. Choose to Unblock this Caller.

Method 2

Step 1. Once you open Recent – “i” icon from the method 1 you can click on Edit option in the upper right part of the screen.

Step 2. Click on the red circle you’ll see before contact.

Step 3. You’ll see the option called Unblock contact on the right side.

Step 4. Click on ‘Unblock’ feature and the contact will be no longer locked.

You can unblock both phone numers and blocked gadgets. It is even possible to unlock a blocked iPhone officially.

What to Do When Touch Bar Gets Stuck on MacBook Pro?

Some users already come across common problems with MacBook Pro. If you notice that your MacBook Pro Touch Bar isn’t responding, gets stuck or not working for various reasons you should fix this issue right away. Follow the detailed guide below and you’ll solve the Touch Bar stuck problem.

It’s sad when the feature that simplifies your computer experience suddenly stops working. You wish to use your MacBook Pro Touch Bar just as always but it doesn’t respond. This should be so frustrating!

You probably expect the new device to work like a clock. No problems, no issues, no worries. Thus when you face the Touch Bar not working bug (for example, it displays a blank button or incorrect button) you wish to solve it as soon as possible.

Touch Bar not Working MacBook Pro Issues

Fix #1: Touch Bar Not Working MacBook Pro Quick Solution

This is the quickest method. The trick is simple and hopefully you’ll experience no more Touch Bar problems once you learn how to deal with possible problems on-the-go. You can try using the Force Quit option [fix iOS 10 problems if you are also using iPhone and iPad].

Step 1. On your computer you should get to Apple menu. It is located at the upper right part of the display.

Step 2. Press on Force Quit option.

Step 3. Now select the program.

Step 4. You should once again press on Force Quit option to confirm your decision.

Step 5. You are good to go and use your computer with the Touch Bar feature if this simple guide fixes your MacBook Pro issues.

Touch Bar Not Responding Fix

Fix #2: Common Problems with MacBook Pro Manual Fix

You can solve issues with MacBook Pro Touch Bar by relaunching this option. Force restart can be achieved via command line or through Activity Monitor program.

Solve Touch Bar Not Responding MacBook Pro via Activity Monitor

Step 1. Visi Applications – Utilities on your computer.

Step 2. Open Activity Monitor application.

Step 3. Find the Touch Bar agent process. You need to delete it.

Step 4. Now you can restart and try to use the feature again.

Touch Bar Issues Fix through Command Line

Step 1. Open Terminal on your computer. It is better to launch it via Utilities app or Spotlight search.

Step 2. Type in this command:

pkill “Touch Bar agent”

Step 3. Click on the return key and you will force restart Touch Bar that should work fine after this refresh.

All Apple fans hope to never experience Touch Bar stuck problems. Still if the issue is still present you should work on it.

Fix Touch Bar Not Working Problem

Fix #3: Touch Bar Not Working Refresh Option

Step 1. On your computer you should go to Applications – Utilities and open Terminal program.

Step 2. If you are not a fan of the first step you can open Terminal from Spotlight search. Any method is good.

Step 3. Type in this command now:

killall ControlStrip

Step 4. Click on return key. You’ll relaunch the Control Strip.

Step 5. Now Touch Bar should respond again.

Did you know that you could do various tricks [it is easy to unlink an iPhone number from iMessage] with its help? It’s interesting that Apple makes it possible to customize Touch Bar on your Mac computer. This option makes control over apps and other features so easy. Use your fingertips and you’ll enjoy dynamic control over different Mac programs.

Touch Bar is a little revolution that brings changes even though you can still use computers without this special controlling feature. It just makes your life more productive in some ways. Anyway, it is always sad when something doesn’t work right. If nothing helps to fix issues with your MacBook Pro Touch Bar you should contact Apple. Maybe the company can provide a simple solution.

I Lost My AirPods. Can I Find Misplaced AirPods with iPhone?

Have you heard that it is possible to find AirPods with iPhone? This is a great option for users who have quickly become fans of Airpods Apple accessories and can’t imagine their life without them. Follow the instruction below if you mistplaced your AirPods and don’t remember where they are [remember that you can customize your iPhone 7 without jailbreak].

Don’t mistake AirPods Apple with Earpods iPhone 7 accessory. The cool iOS tips presented in this post will work only with your smartphone or tablet and lost AirPods accessory. You should double check your mobile firmware version because older ‘fruit’ platforms might not support this option at all.

The company released iOS 10 firmware in the fall 2016. The next iOS 11 is expected to be officially introduced during WWDC 2017 event and tested throughout summer. Right now you can install iOS 10.2 however a lot of users note that this is not the best update. It can make things worth thus it could be better to stay on iOS 10.1 but not the original iOS 10 version (it is not supported).

iPhone AirPods Apple How to Find Lost Accessory

Before I Lost My AirPods

Anyone who is planning to spend $70 for the Airpod should prepare for such purchase. It’s not the cheapest accessory for iPhone and iPad thus you need to know how easily the small pieces can get lost in the house. Save another $70 on future AirPod replacement by simply using one mobile application that can find mistplace and lost AirPods with the iDevice. It works on both smartphones and tablets.

What is the app’s name? How to find AirPods with iPhone? You need to follow the simple iPhone 7 tips and you will hopefully avoid future problems with lost AirPods.

Apple AirPods 2017 Find Lost

How to Find Lost AirPods

Here is what you need to easily locate your misplaced AirPods Apple accessories for iPhone:

*Newest iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or older models with iOS 10.1 / 10.2 firmware


*Cool app that is called Finder for AirPods (if you were lucky to download it when it was available). Unfortunately soon after iOS 10.1 / 10.2 users noticed a useful App Store application the company removed it. The app was available at $3.99 but you can no longer download it. Users who had a chance to get it when it was released are lucky and can explore its possibilities.

iPhone 7 AirPods How to Find if Lost or Misplaced

Let’s find the lost wireless earphones right now.

Step 1. Launch iPhone AirPods finder app on your device.

Step 2. Choose your AirPod. The program has several options you can select from. Point to the right one and click on Next to proceed.

Step 3. Users who wish to find both AirPods need to now close the lid of their charging case. Those who need to locate only one missing accessory can skip steps 3 and 4.

Step 4. Put your one AirPod into your charging case. Now close the lid.

Step 5. You will now see the option called Get It, Start Finding. Click on it to let the application work.

Step 6. You should now try to locate the device. Move around the house and the program will tell if you are getting closer. Once you are really close to the lost product the tool will assure that it’s around here. Keep searching until you find your missing AirPod or both AirPods.

In case you own the new accessory but didn’t install the program when it was released, you can learn how to pair AirPods with your iPhone or iPad.

Unfortunately this app has been removed from the App Store a week after its launch. It is using your smartphone to track the Bluetooth wireless signal that AirPods emit and this is how you get help in locating your accessories. User who were lucky to download the program when it was available found it useful. It is easy to lose your wireless earphones since they are not connected to your iPhone. It’s hard to find them. If you cannot locate a missing piece you’ll be forced to purchase a new one and spend more money than you eventually planned.

How to Fix iOS 10 Message Crashing Problem on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Do you experience any iOS 10 problems with iMessage? It could happen on newer firmware version than iOS 10 because Apple presented iOS 10.1 and 10.2 versions as well. Some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners as well as ‘fruit’ fans with earlier handset models come across an unpleasant iOS 10 messages crash issue.

There is an interesting hack you need to learn about when it comes to solving your problems. In most situations the iOS 10 messages freezing issue comes unexpectedly. You are using your Messages application as always but it suddenly stops responding and your iOS 10 messages not sending. This is not nice since you probably wish to send a text message at anytime to anyone, right?

iPhone Messages Crash problem Fix

iOS 10 Problems with iMessage

There could be a malicious SMS you have on your device that crashes it. Even users who have installed iOS 10 ipsw file might face such iOS 10 problems. Have you heard about possible attackers who are able to send you’re a special file that makes iOS 10 messages crash? Well, it is indeed possible.

How does it work? Why iOS 10 messages not delivered are simply your iOS 10 messages not sending [you can always unlink your iPhone number from iMessage]? You can do nothing as soon as you click on the link you received. The bad link makes your app crash however there are tricks you can try to solve this situation.

How to Fix iOS 10 Glitch on iPhone 7

How to Fix iPhone Message Glitch on iOS 10

So if you see iOS 10 messages crashing bug you need to act. Since you cannot prevent third-party users to send a malicious file that caused new issues with iOS 10 opeating system you need to fix the problem once it appears. Follow the simple step-by-step guide below and you’ll deal with the iOS 10 freezing with your Messages.

Step 1. Take your iPhone and make sure it is updated to the latest version of mobile operating system.

Step 2. Launch Safari browser on your phone.

Step 3. You should visit the following website: as this is what can really help you with your iOS 10 messages not sending because of the crash.

Fixing iOS 10 Messages Crash Bug

Step 4. The site should open your stock Messages app on your iPhone 7 or other model. Don’t worry. This happens automatically.

How to Solve Messages Crashing Bug on iPhone 7

Step 5. The link should also redirect you to the new message screen. There will be a pre-written text that says ‘I have just saved your iPhone bro 😉’ and this means that your iOS 10 messages freezing problem is finally fixed.

Step 6. Launch Messages app and you should experience no freezing or crashing issues on it.

There is a different tool you can try. It is possible to crash messages on your friend’s handset. You can do this to test the hack you have learned above and fix their issues as soon as you cause it. Here is how you can crash iPhone using iMessage:

Step 1. Take your iPhone. You need to download one contact file. Do this.

Step 2. Once you visit the link you can upload the contact file. Save it to your Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

Step 3. Now you should text this file through iMessage to your friend. Just let him or her know that you are planning this action. Once your friend reads the text message with malicious file linked to it and click on the link the Messages application will crash at once.

Step 4. Now you can follow the above guide to fix the iOS 10 issue with freezing Messages tool.

Step 5. Fix the bug and save the guide for future use.

There are a lot of iOS 10 issues you’ll have to face this year. Apple is working on future updates and hopefully newer versions will fix the bugs by default letting you solve everything with a simple upgrade.

Keep in eye on what you receive and don’t click the links unless you are 100% sure they are safe. Otherwise you can crash your iPhone or iOS 10 apps and search for quick fixing solutions.

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Have your iPhone note disappeared? This can be a big problem for users who have the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus released in the fall 2016 or those who own an earlier Apple smartphone model if you don’t know how to recover deleted notes on iPhone. We’ll share the instruction below that works for different devices. You can use it for iPhone notes recovery, restoring your notes on iPad, Mac machine and even Windows PC.

Sometimes you delete your notes without intension. Luckily, you are still able to get them back. Just learn how to recover notes from iPhone and you’ll return everything you have accidentally removed. You’ll need some additional things, for example, you should use iCloud to make it happen or use third-party programs that can help you with iPhone notes recovery. Learn more about possible iPhone 8 release.

Deleted iPhone Notes Restore

If Your iPhone Notes Disappeared

Is it possible to recover deleted notes on iPhone? The simplest way to work with your notes is through such programs as OneNote, Evernote for iOS 10 iPhone and Simplenote. Still a lot of users prefer working with the stock Notes application offered by Apple.

How can you find your iPhone notes deleted? There can be different situations. Sometimes you simply click on the wrong option and automatically confirm your decision and this results in your files being accidentally removed by you. Sometimes you are trying to clean up your old files and by change you also remove important or new notes you have.

Remember this guide if you are one of those people who likes to take notes and write everything down to remember. Notes help performing your daily tasks and keep everything ‘in mind’ just in case.

Don’t be disappointed ever again. Recover files you have deleted without purpose and enjoy using your iOS device or PC. Let’s get closer to ‘how to recover deleted notes on iPhone’ and save you some time and nerves [do you know if you own the GSM or CDMA iPhone model?].

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone 7

Step 1. To recover iPhone deleted Notes you should open this application on your smartphone or tablet (or computer).

iPhone Notes App Recover Deleted Files

Step 2. You will see a back arrow (it should appear at the left part). Click it if you wish to continue with ‘how to restore deleted Notes’and move on.

Step 3. You should click on Recently Deleted folder to proceed.

Recover Recently Deleted Notes iPhone

Step 4. Press on ‘Edit’ option that is located at the upper right part of the screen.

Step 5. Select the Note you wish to restore. Click on it.

Step 6. Press on Move To at the lower left part of the screen.

Step 7. You should click on Notes folder.

Step 8. The Notes you delivered should be restored now. You can find your recover Notes iPhone files in your Notes folder.

We hope that this simple ‘How to recover Notes from iPhone’ (no matter if you own the latest iPhone 7 / 7 Plus or previous handset).

How to Recover Notes Deleted on Mac or Windows PC, iPhone, iPad

How to Restore Deleted Notes on Windows PC or Mac

Step 1. You need to use iCloud to return your computer Notes. Visit site from your desktop browser.

Step 2. Sing into your iCloud account.

Step 3. Press on the Notes icon to proceed.

Step 4. Press on ‘Recently Deleted’ you’ll find at the left part of the menu.

Step 5. There will be a list of all the notes you removed accidentally or deleted on purpose.

Restore Notes Deleted on Mac

Step 6. Press on the note you plan to restore and click on Recover option (it is located that the upper center of the screen).

Step 7. The note you have pressed on will be restored successfully.

Hopefully you can easily restore all the files you have removed. Just remember that you should do this within the 30 days after you delete it. Otherwise the program will automatically and permanently clean of its folder and your notes won’t be restored.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors and Features: Beautiful Concept Ideas

The release of long-awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus makes users wonder about next iPhone 8 features and future Apple iPhone 9. What customers expect to see in 2017? How do experts imagine the next year’s model? The famous Cupertino-based company is already working on its new generation handsets and millions of eyes are closely following all the rumors, news and photos that appear on the web.

It’s hard to speak about iPhone 9 yet because this model is yet to arrive. The official iPhone 9 release date is most likely to happen in 2018. The next 2017 should bring stunning iPhone 8 features as this model should be different from iPhone 6, 6s and 7. At least, this is what designers and users hope for.

Everyone wants to see changes in iPhone 8 images with improved design and fascinating options. What does your imagination tell you? How do you see the future device? Are your ideas differ from numerous iPhone 8 concept versions?

iPhone 8 Concept

iPhone 8 Rumors

Apple does’t show its future gadgets before the official presentation. Still there are many leaks and rumors that turn to be right about the device and reveal its features, real images and specs long before public is introduced to the new ‘fruit’ phone, tablet or computer.

The iPhone 8 price is still not know but many customers already can’t wait to purchase this phone as soon as it arrives. Some users are simply willing to upgrade their older phones and others just enjoy updating to the newest and impressive Apple iDevice.

Concepts don’t promise anything. This is just the curious way to suggest what could be coming in the future. Most concepts stay design ideas but it’s always great to take a glance at amazing and beautiful renders while waiting for the official release. By the way, there are many concepts that are based on rumors and suggestions on what the future model could look like.

iPhone 8 Concepts Images

Possible Apple iPhone 8 Images

The stunning pictures make us wonder what real iPhone 8 video could be like. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the iOS giant presented its own iPhone concepts before releasing the next phone? Well, for now we can only enjoy the design ideas created by third-party companies and individuals.

The model that will celebrate iPhone’s 10th anniversary in 2017 could get the impressive brand new design. It could even look radical to those who are used to the minimalist look of current iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 / 7 Plus.

Edge to Edge Display iPhone 8 Concept

List of Possible iPhone 8 Features

There rumors about edge-to-edge display that preceded iPhone 7 launch are now following the iPhone 8 release. Could it be possible that Apple chooses to use a bezel-free screen or not?

Another rumor promises OLED display and improved fingerprint recognition system. The iOS company could possibly present three iPhone 8 versions with OLED and LCD displays and different screen sizes.

We have already heard about not just fingerprint scanner being embedded into the screen but also a front-facing camera being embedded. Can you imagine this?

iPhone 8 Rumors

Users and designers also dream about wireless charging technology so this is one of the features shown in concepts. There are many smartphones in the market that support wireless charging however Apple still hasn’t introduced it for iPhone 7 so potential customers hope to see it in 2017.

The new gen chip could be A11 processor that will make new iPhone much faster compared to current models.

The concepts also show a version with facial scanning option. Such technology requires special iris-recognition chips so chances Apple would bring such authentication are pretty low since this would increase the price of the device. At the same time, the company likes to surprise the market with innovative technologies that is why designers and users expect something very special about iPhone 8.

There is also an idea about all-glass-body gadgets with stainless steel or aluminum frames. Of course, these are just the ideas and we’ll definitely hear more about the possible iPhone 8 specs, features and options in 2017.