Help! I Get No SIM Card Installed iPhone 6s Message!

The soon iPhone 7 release doesn’t worry some iPhone 6s users who are not planning to upgrade this year in hopes to see major changes in 2017. Still there is one unpleasant iPhone 6s no SIM problem worth discussions. It happens to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and other carrier subscribers. If you ever see an error with your SIM you should understand why it happens and learn how to fix it.

While some of us might be used to seeing ‘No SIM card installed iPhone 6s’ messages, for others it could be quite a surprise. You can try to turn off / on your gadget for several times or reset / restore it hoping the problem would be gone but sometimes this is not a permanent solution. Let’s try to understand what happens, why it happens and how to deal with this bug.

iPhone 6s Says No SIM Card Installed

You are sure that your SIM is inside the card tray but there is no signal [and you haven’t used factory unlock service that caused activation fail?]. Right? The mobile network’s name is absent in the top left corner of your handset and you are curious to know what’s going on. With the SIM still being inside you are not able to call your friends, send messages and use your mobile data.

iPhone 6s Plus Sim Card Tray

Do you know how to explain SIM abbreviation? It is Subscriber Identity Module. It is unique and it helps your mobile operator to differentiate your smartphone from many others connected to the same network. The little card is capable of storing data including authorization keys that let your device use all mobile services. Since the release of 4G LTE technology your SIM card is now linked to your phone number and not your handset [as it used to be with CDMA networks before the launch of iPhone 5]. So your phone number is also stored in your SIM’s memory.

When you insert your SIM card into a different phone – your original phone number is also transferred to another device. This is so easy and awesome, isn’t it? It’s also easy to switch networks thanks to this but still getting iPhone no SIM card error is horrible.

iPhone 6 No SIM Problem Issue Bug

Reasons for SIM Failure on iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

When the error or ‘No SIM’ message appears on your screen it means that your handset cannot identify this card even though it is located inside the tray. This could be either software or hardware problem.
Try to recollect what happened before you noticed this error:

  • Have you dropped your iPhone?
  • Are you using hard plastic case?
  • Do you place your phone in a tight pocket?

The SIM card tray used in iPhones is extremely small compared to many other phone brands. It holds the card securely in place. Unlike with different other companies, Apple users have to use a paper clip or special adapter kit to eject the tray and you need to always be extremely carefully how you insert the clip into the miniature hole in the SIM tray in order not to break it.

How can invalid SIM iPhone 6s Plus and 6s message be related to all these situations? Drops, hardshell cases and tight pockets can make the SIM card lose its contact with the board’s pins.

How to Remove SIM Card iPhone 6s Instruction

Here comes first iPhone 6s no SIM solution:

Step 1. Carefully remove the SIM out of your device.

Step 2. Get thin packing tape in the dollar store.

Step 3. You need to cut a small square piece that would be similar in size to your SIM card.

Step 4. Apply the tape on the back of your SIM (not where it connects with the pins).

Step 5. Insert the card back and hopefully you will get the signal.

iPhone 6s Plus Fix No SIM Card Message Problem

If this doesn’t help you can try the more complicated iPhone 6s no SIM card bypass which is risky. Think twice before giving this a try since you might want to simply bring your handset to your carrier or Apple Service center instead:

Step 1. Turn off your iPhone.

Step 2. Put your handset on the flat surface with glass side up (for example, use a table).

Step 3. Find two Popsicle sticks and carefully place them underneath the device: one at the top, another at the bottom part.

Step 4. Now be very gentle and extremely careful. Right above your SIM card tray you need to watchfully push down on the phone. Don’t bend it too much.

Step 5. Turn on the device. Hopefully you’ll see your carrier’s name now.

iPhone 6s SIM Not Valid Issue How to Solve

How to Fix No SIM Card Error on Apple iPhone [More Guides]

Check 1. Apple always updates mobile firmware for its gadgets to make sure you are running the most recent iOS version. The older platform you could be using might be buggy. In such situation a simple upgrade will fix the bug.

Check 2. Take the SIM card out and make sure it has no dirt or dust on it. You can clean it and unblock connectors this way. After being inserted, the card should get the signal again.

Check 3. Networks can also present updates. It doesn’t matter if you are using AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or other carrier [learn how to unlock your phone from U.S. carriers], take your iPhone and launch Settings. Go to General menu and visit About section. If there is an update from your network you can download it from here.

Check 4. Figure out if the SIM card or your iPhone causes the problem. Just insert a different working SIM into your device and you’ll know where the issue comes from.

Check 5. Turn off and back on your Air Plane mode. Maybe this is what makes the handset believe you have no SIM inside.

If you are still getting ‘No SIM’ message you might want to take the device to Apple Store and have it fixed by professionals. The company also devotes a webpage to invalid iPhone SIM error and you can find some advice there.

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