Sprint iPhone 6s Deals: Buy One Get One Free iPhone Offer

It is always nice when you can get Sprint iPhone 6s deals and purchase the most recent handset model with a discount. This time the offer could be great for families that are planning to purchase two iPhones at once and wish to save money.

Sprint buy one get one free iPhone 6s deal makes it possible to save 50% on the popular Apple handset. This is limited time offer and there are some requirements you have to meet. If you wish to get the second iPhone 6s from Sprint at no cost – this won’t happen.

Sprint iPhone 6s BOGO Deals

The U.S. network simply splits up the cost of the handset in monthly bills. It’s not surprising to see offers for both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus because Apple is about to release the new iPhone 7 in the fall and some carriers wish to clear up their stocks of previous generation smartphone.

Some users might wish to wait for iPhone 7 release or order Sprint iPhone 6s unlock and enjoy switching carriers and connecting to any network from all over the world.

The discounts on iPhone 6s / 6s Plus are pretty nice. Sprint is eager to sell the 16GB version of iPhone 6s at $27.09 a month. You’ll have to pay this price for the next 24 months. The similar 2-year contract for Sprint iPhone 6s Plus will cost $31.25 a month.

Customers who are against 2-year contract options can lease the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus from Sprint.

Any New Mario Games to Be Released for iPhone in 2016?

Will there be any new Mario games 2016 for iPhone and iPad users [here are some low priced iPhone apps in India]? We are sure that many Mario fans keep asking this question and finally Nintendo has something to say about its Nintendo Mario games 2016 releases or other mobile games it is planning to offer this year.

There are millions of users who would love to play the good old Mario game on Apple iPhones. There were speculations and rumors about Nintendo having plans to release mobile game featuring Mario for iDevice owners. This hasn’t happened yet however.

iPhone Mario Mobile Game Nintendo 2016 Rumors

While the company doesn’t promise to present Nintendo Mario mobile game it states that it has plans to present a game with ‘familiar character’ that could be anything. There were reports about Animal Crossing mobile game release and Fire Emblem launch. These are popular games and also loved by many users just like Mario.

Tatsumi Kimishima who represents Nintendo states that the release of new games for iPhone SE and iPhone 6s you can SIM unlock right away could adopt the player base for titles loved by kids and women. For example, Animal Crossing games are loved by different people and hopefully the company could bring even more titles in the future.

Mario is loved by users no matter of gender and hopefully iPhone users will one day be able to play this game directly on their handset without the need of installing any additional tools.

In other words, there will be most likely no Nintendo Mario mobile game in 2016. Hopefully the company would launch it one day in the future. Maybe we’ll see Mario game for iPhone in 2017 or ever later on.

Great iPhone 6s Discount: Buy iPhone at $1 from Best Buy

There are millions of Apple users who are looking for iPhone 6s discount. Best Buy seems to get a good deal to all ‘fruit’ fans. You have a choice of getting a new phone on the contract or instead get $100 gift card [through installment plan].

The great iPhone 6s discount and iPhone deals could save you money. Apple never offers iPhone at one dollar directly through its Apple Stores. Retailers have better deals and you can grab one of the latest phone models right now.

iPhone 6s Discount Best Buy One Dollar Deal

If you wish to get iPhone 6s at $1 you will have to agree to sign up a contract. This is the only requirement you have to meet in order to pay only one dollar for 16GB iPhone 6s version. You’ll be locked to Sprint. If you are not a fan of contract iPhone model you can agree to the $100 Gift Card and choose installment plan instead.

Apple fans who sign up to 2 year contract with Sprint can pay $1 for their iPhone 6s [16GB capacity only]. It is curious that Sprint is the only major U.S. carrier that still offers contracts. All other big networks got away from contract plans by now [compare iPhone SE and iPhone 6s]. Sprint tried to do the same thing however it quickly changed its mind.

Sprint installment plan is designed for users who don’t like contract iPhones. The installment plan option also gives you Best Buy $100 gift card. Customers have to pay $26.39 a month through installment plan [the iPhone 6s’ full price is $699.99].

You should visit Best Buy store to get the deal.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s Popularity: How Popular Is iPhone SE

Apple introduced the smaller 4-inch iPhone SE [find out how iOS 9.3 battery performance changed]. There were many users who wished to get a cheaper version of the popular ‘fruit’ smartphone. Still how popular is iPhone SE? Can it win over iPhone 6s that was released in the fall 2015 or not? Could it be more popular than the future iPhone 7 that should be unveiled later this year?

It is now impossible to compare iPhone SE model and iPhone 7 because the next generation model is not officially presented yet. Still we can look at the shipments of the iPhone 6s and see how popular iPhone SE is compared to those figures.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s How Popular iPhone Is

According to experts, the new iPhone SE order are ‘relatively slow’ is compared with the same time in previous years. For example, in Quarter 2, 2015 Apple sold more smartphones than in Quarter 2, 2016. This is rather curious because this year Apple is selling three new iPhones: iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and smaller iPhone SE while a year ago it was only offering two new devices: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Experts are also sure that the demand for 4-inch iPhone SE is not that high compared to the fall demand for new company’s devices. The latest 4-inch gadget is believed to reach 4-5 million unit sales in Q2. There shouldn’t be any growth in orders till the launch of iPhone 7. This is what different sources say. Later, when Apple introduces new Mac iPad Pro and iPhone 7 – the situation could change.

There are different ideas about iPhone 7 specs and features. Some people think this gadget could be water-resistant, arrive with OLED display and get wireless charging option. We’ll surely hear more about the next-gen handset soon.

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s: Top Smartphone in 2016?

iPhone 6s is the most recent iPhone model offered by Apple although the company is expected to present new 4-inch iPhone see this spring. Samsung has just unveiled its new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge model and many users start to look at Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s trying to figure out which gadget is the best smartphone in 2016. By the way, Verizon gives free data this year.

What is the handset millions of customers would prefer buying in early 2016? Surely, Apple is believed to present iPhone 7 later this year and millions of eyes will be following the company’s news. This would be one of the top handsets to buy for Christmas as it always happens with the ‘fruit’ updates. Right now the market can boast two famous devices so let’s compare iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 by taking a look at the displays, design and other specs.

iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S7

iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S7

While Apple’s iPhone is sold with 4.7-inch Retina HD screen and offers 1334×740 resolution [326 ppi] the newest Galaxy S7 has already won the Best Smartphone Display award. This smartphone got the 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen and boasts high 2560×1440 resolution [557 ppi].

The iPhone 6s reminds of iPhone 6 [Apple stopped selling older iPhone 5c and 4s] and Samsung improved its previous Galaxy S6 by updating the phone’s design. It offers metal frame, shiny bezel, glass back panel and other enhancements. Samsung really did a good job while working on its S7 version. Right now both iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 are the two best look handsets in the market.

The ‘fruit’ model got 2GB RAM and 1.85 GHz A9 processor from the Cupertino-based company. Samsung included the Exynos 8890 processor that comprises the 4 x 1.5GHz chips and 4 x 2.4 GHz ones. S7 tried to beat Apple and succeeded as this model outperforms the iPhone 6s based on benchmark scores.

Both phones arrive with great cameras and support low light shooting. The iPhone 6s styas with 1715 mAH battery and Galaxy S7 arrives with more powerful and bigger 3000 mAh battery.

You can buy iPhone 6s from Sprint, Verizon T-Mobile and get nice discounts right now. Samsung’s new model is currently priced at $670 – $790.

iPhone 6s Battery Percentage Incorrect Data Issue

A lot of users noticed that their iPhone 6s battery percentage doesn’t change on different carriers [there are no more Sprint 2 year contracts for iPhone customers]. This is a new issue that happens to the most recent generation ‘fruit’ smartphones created by Apple and officially launched in the fall 2015. It is reported that the company is already investigating this new 2016 problem.

Is your iPhone 6s battery percentage incorrect as well? It seems that the same bug occurs on iPhone 6s Plus. Did this happen after iOS 9.2 update? You can download the most recent iOS 9.2 ipsw file using direct links still if this upgrade is the issue you might also come across the unusual behavior of your handset battery.

iPhone 6s Battery Percentage Not Changing

The official report is published by Apple and the company also has recommendations for users who experience iPhone 6s battery percentage wrong problem [if you are planning to SIM unlock your iPhone you should use the IMEI checker]. You can also try to use this short instruction to fix the issues with your battery percentage still note that this could be only temporary solution.

Launch Settings app and go to General menu where you can select Date & Time option. Choose Set Automatically to be enabled. Once it is turned on you should have no problem but since too many users are already affected the issue can easily return to your smartphone running iOS 9.2.

The company is now testing iOS 9.3 and 9.3.1 firmware version. This would be another minor update in 2016 before the company presents its next big iOS 10 platform for mobile devices. The next upgrade could fix the issues with battery percentage.

iPhone 6s Discount Announced in the UK

Wanna jump into the last train with £100 savings on the new iPhone 6s in the UK? You still have time to make yourself a wonderful Christmas gift or a pleasant surprise for New Year 2016. The best deals are offered by one of the United Kingdom mobile sites. It promises an impressive iPhone 6s deal and you can’t pass by if this is the model you have been dreaming about ever since it was officially launched this fall.

iPhone 6s New Year Christmas Deals

The cool iPhone 6s New Year deal is expected for O2 iPhone 6s model and 2-year contract with this mobile network. Apple fans can purchase the 64GB version at the attractive cost and get 3GD of data per month with unlimited texts and calls from O2.

The data plan would cost you £31 a month. You will have to pay only £75 instead of £175 upfront and this is what makes this deal so wonderful. The purchase has to be make through mobiles.co.uk website where you can use the special discount coupon TRXMAS64.

Unfortunately you cannot get the Rose Gold color as this option is an exception and doesn’t participate in the discount deal. Still other colors are available as your 64GB iPhone 6s could still be cheaper than usual.

You can easly unlock O2 iPhone 6s whenever you want to, even right after the purchase. Thanks to factory SIM unlock service you are able to become SIM free from O2 and any other mobile network. This is fast and simple. This is a permanent unlock and you can switch between carriers without issues.

This week offers the best discounts you can get before New Year. Are you planning to purchase the iPhone 6s this time?

Some Unique iPhone 6s Features Are Most Useless

What are the most useless iPhone features customer pay for but don’t get full advantage of? There are numerous things Apple adds to its smartphones and all these extras surely attract new consumers who are eager to pay for what they end up not even using.

Thus the unique iPhone 6s features are its 3D Touch options. It is very unique because it is bigger than just the fingertouch screen. Apple surely pointed to this unique iPhone 6s spec while advertsing it before the official release in September.

iPhone 6s 3D Touch Unique Useless Feature

The company described its unique 3D Touch as real ‘mutli-touch’ and this innovation did bring many customers to try it out. Millions of users purchased the new generation handset and they hoped that 3D Touch would be something incredible and outstanding.

Well, any iPhone has multi-touch and you’ll be able to use your iPhone 6s without this option. Wouldn’t you? For example, previous model owners who have the iPhone 6 without 3D Touch or iPhone 5s that also lacks this unique iPhone 6s feature might be unfamiliar with how Force Touch works. Though Apple Watch users know this feature that gives access to iPhone menus and shortcuts depending on the strength of your push.

Users do like shortcuts however the 3D Touch can only save you a couple of taps. It does everything your iPhone can do without it so it brings no innovation if looking at it this way. Besides, not all applications support the 3D Touch so it becomes useless in many programs. Besides, you can come across iPhone 6s Touch screen not responding bug.

The iOS giant promises that this is just the beginning of its new 3D Touch life. We all remember how Apple Maps failed when they first replaced Google Maps on iPhone. Now this program has been updated and improved and offers some interesting features that help users in their everyday life. Who knows, maybe the 3D Touch could also becomes handy in the future.

Free LTE Data for iPhone Offered as T-Mobile Holiday Gift

Are you ready for Christmas gifts? Would you like to get free LTE data for iPhone? It has become possible for some users. If you are subscribed to T-Mobile Simple Choice plan you will get the free gift. The U.S. network is willing to offer unlimited LTE data at no additional cost and this will last for the next three months. Isn’t it cool?

T Mobile free unlimited data for iPhone Simple Choice users was officially announced as Cyber Monday deal. Besides, the company is planning to offer new holiday gifts for the each week of December.

T Mobile iPhone 6s Free LTE Unlimited Data How to Get

You might want to unlock T-Mobile iPhone now as this network is planning to give gifts to subscribers who switch from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon [here are some top iPhone 6s Black Friday 2015 deals]. Similar options are already offered by some other networks.

Unfortunately not all users can enjoy the three month free LTE data. Only users who subscribed to Simple Choice plan before November 23rd are eligible for this gift. It will become available on December 1st. Getting high speed data for free is nice but you will not get this plan if you decide to subscribe now.

The company didn’t announce the gifts planned for subscribers of rival networks. As for the free data plan offered to Simple Choice users – it will be added automatically to all the active accounts. The deal will end on March 1, 2016.

Cyber Monday is traditionally the best shopping day for gadget fans. This is the time to buy tablets, smartphones, computers and TVs with even bigger discounts on the Black Friday 2015.

iPhone 6s O2 Deals Include Unlimited Plan Options

Before you decide to get iPhone 6s O2 unlock [distant service that guarantees freedom from your network] you should learn about the new deals announced by this carrier for European subscribers.

Right now it is possible to get iPhone 6s O2 unlimited plan from Modeo. This is a promotion and it has an interesting price for europeans. For example, if you decide to subscribe to the O2 Blue All In XL data plan you will get unlimited SMS message and unlimited call package plus 5GB of data per month plus the company is offering the 16GB new iPhone 6s device for just EUR 1. This is a great deal since you’ll have to pay EUR 49.99 per month for this package.

iPhone 6s O2 Unlimited Data Plan 1 Dollar iPhone

Of course, such offer is available for limited time only. Modeo doesn’t specify when the deal is over so you don’t know if you can get O2 LTE data plan along with the latest generation Apple iPhone 6s for EUR 50 per month in December, for example.

Isn’t it cool to own the iPhone 6s for just EUR 1? We believe that millions of U.S. customers would be happy if Apple, AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile offered iPhone 6s for 1 dollar on Black Friday or as Christmas sale. This could be an incredible deal but it won’t happen.

European O2 iPhone 6s users who get the deal will be able to purchase additional 750 MB of monthly data for additional EUR 5 [big iPhone 6s discount is now offered in India as well]. This actually happens automatically so if you are not planning to pay extra for more allowance you will have to cancel the option through O2 hotline. The mobile operator also promises to throttle speeds for users who use up their data allowance.

The new plan allows placing and receiving phone calls from Germany and other EU countries.
It is also cool that the new plan supports two SIM cards.