iPhone 4S iOS 7.1 Problems with Wi-Fi Connectivity

iOS 7.1 update didn’t go as smooth as most of us hoped. Apple tried its best to release the major firmware upgrade and the first reports cam soon. People complained about battery issues. This is not the only bug, as iPhone 4S owners experience bad or not working Wi-Fi connectivity.

The operating system brought new features such as CarPlay for the iPhone 5S. Of course, this option doesn’t support the 4S smartphone but lacking one feature is one things and getting different iOS 7.1 problems is another thing.

Right now this bug isn’t common. It is faced by a small number of Apple customers, according to support forums devoted to Apple products. Wi-Fi issue on iPhone 4S after iOS 7.1 update shows the following error:

“Wi-Fi not available”

Wi-Fi no available ios 7.1

Such a problem comes because Wi-Fi somehow becomes disabled after you install iOS 7.1 on your iPhone 4S model. There is a fix to the issue shared by users. They say that you can reset your handset’s settings for network and use your WiFi connection. But this fix doesn’t help everyone. Some users note that their Wi-Fi chip has been burnt after the firmware update.

Having different iOS 7.1 bugs [previous reports mentioned fast battery drain on their smartphones and tablets] is not too nice. Apple is silent but it will most likely offer bug fixes in the next operating system update.

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