Upgrade to iPhone 6s Program Announced by Apple

Are you planning to upgrade to iPhone 6s? All U.S. carrier will soon offer this opportunity to customers who wish to bring their older model and exchange it to the newest one. The final iPhone 6s upgrade price depends on the smartphone working condition and other parameters you’ll learn more about once you bring the device to the carrier.

Apple upgrade iPhone 6s program also comes to the company’s retail stores. Every year the ‘fruit’ giant is offering the new generation handset. This year, for example, Apple releases two new versions: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program

Networks offer different installment plans to make the upgrade fasterand simpler for customers. The Cupertino-based company is also helping out. The iPhone maker starts the special iPhone Upgrade Program in 2015. Through this particular program you get a chance to get the completely SIM unlock iPhone 6s or 6s Plus including AppleCare+ option. You’ll be able to pay monthly installment for the final cost of this handset.

Such a program was earlier available from carriers only and it finally comes to the Apple retail stores across the U.S. It is fun that you can the SIM free gadget. In other words, you don’t have to pay extra for unlocking it from a carrier.

Apple plan offers 24 months of installment payments. The monthly payment starts at $32. According to news, Apple will allow users upgrade to the latest gen gadget every year. This sounds interesting however it is not clear if you have to pay off your device after 12 months in order to get the next generation device or not.

We don’t know when exactly the program launches. The official iPhone 6s release date is September 25th. This could also be the date when you can come to Apple retail store and pick up your unlocked ‘s’ model.

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