Ultrasn0w Fixer Unlock iOS 6.0.1

How to Unlock iOS 6.0.1 iPhones with Ultrasn0w Fixer

We have a couple of news for you. One is not too exciting because the iPhone Dev Team hasn’t launched its Ultrasn0w for iOS 6.0.1 yet. The other one is much better. There is unofficial Ultrasn0w fixer unlock iOS 6.0.1 program which can help you to unlock iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 in case you have planned to upgrade these models to the firmware version 6.0.1.

This fixer has been presented by two folks you so know well. They are msft.guy and zmaster, the developers of popular Cydia tweaks. Their new project known as Ultrasn0w fixer unlock iOS 6.0.1 can really unlock Apple smartphones.

Important Notice

This tweak is easy to use if you meet all the requirements, including the iPhone models and basebands supported. Keep in mind that Ultrasn0w fixer for firmware 6.0.1 will work on iPhone 4 baseband 01.59.00 and iPhone 3GS basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.13.01, 05.12.01 and 06.15.00. How do you know the iPhone baseband? Go to Settings – General – About and you will see it.

Now let’s speak about all the requirements you must meet. Firstly, it is important to downgrade iPhone baseband 06.15.00 before you try Ultrasn0w tweak. Secondly, if you do have one of the basebands mentioned above you must first jailbreak your iOS 6.0.1 iPhone via Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 utility [this is untethered jailbreak for owners of iPhone 3GS]. At last, you must keep your old baseband when you upgrade to iOS 6.0.1.

As you see too many requirements and restrictions. Factory unlock is much better and there is no need to be worry about those baseband, iOS, downgrade, jailbreak and other different actions. Just order unlock now and enjoy it in couple of hours.

Now we can move to the process of iOS 6.0.1 iPhone unlock via Ultrasn0w fixer.

Ultrasn0w Fixer Unlock iOS 6.0.1


Instruction for Ultrasn0w Fixer Unlock iOS 6.0.1

Note: This is instruction on how to get free unlock but can also get free factory unlock using our membership program.

In the first step we will ask you to get the latest version of Ultrasn0w and install it. You can find it at Cydia – Manage – Sources – Edit – Add and here you simply use the following repo:


In the second step you should type the word Ultrasn0w in the Cydia search field and find the latest version 1.2.7.

In the third step you must open Cydia once again and go to Manage – Search – Edit – Add to add:


In the fourth step you should search for Ultrasn0w fixer for iOS 6.0.1 [use the similar way as you did in step 2] and install it on the iOS smartphone.

In the fifth step you should take the SIM card you like the most and insert it in your iPhone. Users who have iPhone 3GS can simply restart their gadget just like they normally do. Users with iPhone 4 must boot their device tethered:

  • connect their iPhone 4 to a personal computer or Mac via USB and open Redsn0w 0.9.15b3;
  • choose Extras => Just Boot;
  • get ready to see the smartphone entering DFU mode;
  • allow Redn0w to do everything and simply wait till it finishes.

The last step is the easiest one. You should hear the signal of your mobile operator after the iPhone rebooted.

This was the step by step instruction for how to unlock iOS 6.0.1 iPhone 3GS and 4 via Ultrasn0w fixer for 6.0.1. Enjoy!

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