Steps to Unlock 3.0.04 Baseband for iOS 6 iPhone 4S

Users who have either iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 CDMA smartphones are able to unlock their handsets after the upgrade to iOS 6. If you are reading this article and wish to perform unlock for 3.0.04 baseband, the steps described below are just what you need in order to have it successfully done.

Last time I wrote about how to unlock 04.12.02 baseband on iPhone 4 running iOS 6 or 6.0.1. And today is the same situation but with iPhone 4S.

Why are we talking about unlock for iPhone 4 CDMA and 4S models only? The answer is simple. Only these two smartphone models by Apple have 3.0.04 baseband. You know that the iOS upgrade also changes the baseband of the handset, don’t you? Actually, users can always find out what baseband they will get after upgrade beforehand. This information isn’t secret and you can find iOS 6 baseband list online.

unlock 3.0.04 baseband
Factory IMEI Unlock

The last idea you might come up with is factory iPhone IMEI unlock service. This method is not free, but it can unlock 3.0.04 baseband gadget that is running iOS 6.1. This solution is probably the best one, because it provides you with permanent unlock. This means that you will be able to upgrade to any iOS and preserve your unlocking status.

IMEI unlock tool uses the unique iPhone IMEI number. It is designed to support all iPhone models, iOS firmwares and basebands, including iPhone 4 CDMA and iPhone 4S units and baseband 3.0.04, and iOS 6.1. read more about factory iPhone unlock benefits here and make right decision.

R-Sim or Gevey Sim Unlock

There are a couple of ways how you can try to unlock 3.0.04 baseband for iOS 6 iPhone models 4G and 4 CDMA. One of them is R-Sim or Gevey Sim unlock. Have you thought about it? Well, if you have stop thinking about it because this method doesn’t support this firmware version.

Just remember that Gevey Sim or R-Sim is not good for 3.0.04 baseband handsets because these services do not work in our situation.
Also if you think that you can downgrade iOS 6 to 5.1.1. baseband you are wrong too.

SAM Unlock for Baseband 3.0.04

There is one more solution you could have thought of. It is SAM tool. It can actually work for unlocking iOS 6.1 iPhone with 3.0.04 baseband but only if iOS smartphone user has used SAM before on his device. But if you don’t have activation tickets saved, don’t even try using SAM.

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