How to Replace iSight Camera iPhone 6 Plus

Would you need to replace iSight camera iPhone 6 Plus? Apple provides such an opportunity to its customers who get issues with their rear-facing camera. If your photographs start to look blurry this might be a case to take part in the new replacement program that is launched for 6 Plus models only.

Only a small amount of iPhone 6 Plus models feature the problematic component that fails and cause your images to look blurry. If you happen to own the AT&T iPhone 6 Plus with the faulty part you can participate in iPhone 6 Plus iSight camera replacement program and get the component fix along with better looking pictures.

Replace iPhone 6S iSight Camera

How can you guess if you are eligible for replacement or not? According to Apple support page, only some serial numbers can have the problem. These models are believed to be sold in the time frame between September 2014 last year and January 2015. If you were looking for the new smartphone for last Christmas you might have purchased this very version that might cause issues with quality images taken with your iSight camera.

iPhone 6 Plus iSight Camera Replacement

Step 1. Make sure you experience problems with photos taken with iSight camera.

Step 2. If you get blurry photos and have iPhone 6S you should make sure that your serial number is falling into the eligible range.

Step 3. Contact Apple as the company is eager to replace your camera free of charge.

If you don’t have issues with iSight camera and blurred images you cannot replace your iSight camera for free. If your camera doesn’t focus very well and this results in blurry images you might still want to contact Apple and double check if you could get the no-cost replacement.

Once again, only a small percentage of users experience problems with their Optical Image Stabilization so this might not affect you at all.

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