Use Unlock Code for Samsung Phone Locked in Canada

Many carriers in Canada offer locked Samsung phones. You can use this package to free your device from locked chains and open it for other carriers worldwide.

In case the contract with the service provider was ended or you need to sell your phone it’s highly recommended to factory unlock the device first. Why? Because after unlocking you will be able to use any GSM SIM card from other carriers and the value of Samsung phone will be much increased after unlocking.

Our service offers legal unlocking for any Samsung handset locked to any mobile service in Canada. We will provide unlock code and after entering that code your device becomes officially and permanently unlocked. All you need to do is to send us your IMEI number and wait for the email with a code.

How to Get the IMEI Number

The best and 100% working way is to type *#06# on your phone and you will see the digits on the screen. Please send us only the first 15 digits and triple check if the IMEI number you provide is correct. If it won’t be correct the code we send will fail to unlock your Samsung phone from Canada.

How to Place an Order

  1. Enter IMEI number
  2. Enter email address
  3. Select the model of your Samsung phone (if you don’t see it contact us)
  4. Carefully read and agree with Terms and Services.


If you have tried a free tool or modified the phone from original factory settings before the unlocking code may not work and wont be refunded.

This package unlocks Samsung phones locked only to Canadian networks.

If you will get Not Found for the newer models such as Note 3, S4, don’t worry and use our other package for Not Found Samsung Phone Database 2.

Unlocking phone with a code is a legal method. We don’t provide any illegal service here.

Make sure you are providing correct IMEI number. No refund if incorrect number was provided.

Check spam/junk folder if you don’t see email from us. Also you can add our email address to your safe contact list.

Read carefully Terms&Services before buying anything.

Usually you will receive 4 different codes:

  • NETWORK CODE also known as NCK =12345678
  • SERVICE PROVIDER also known as SPCK=12345678
  • SUBPROVIDER also known as SCK=12345678
  • DEFREEZE also known as MCK or FREEZE =12345678

In most cases you will need only the first Network Code (NCK). Only if your device is hard locked you will also need MCK (freeze/defreeze).

Note: If you will receive only one code that will be Network Code (NCK) and it is normal.

After we generate code you will receive email with a code and detailed instruction on how to use it.

How to Check if Samsung Phone Is Unlocked

Sure you can insert no-supported SIM card and make a call. But also there is other way to check if your Samsung handset is unlocked:

Step 1. Type on your phone the following:

  • *#7465625#

Step 2. You will see a menu with such info:

1. [ ] Network lock

2. [ ] Subset lock

3. [ ] SP lock

Step 3. If you see that everything is OFF you can be sure that your device is completely unlocked.

Benefits of Official Unlocking and Advantages of using Our Service

  • This is not software or hardware unlocking solution. You don’t need to install something or disassemble the phone.
  • The process is completely legal and won’t harm your device.
  • After unlocking the warranty remains valid.
  • This is a remote service. Order unlock online and receive email with the results.
  • After unlocking you can use any other (non-supported before) SIM card in any country. Do you like to travel? – This is your solution, switch SIM cards and enjoy communication.
  • We offer the cheapest price for Canadian Samsung phone unlocking.
  • After you enter unlock code your device will be unlocked permanently.
  • Forget about roaming or something like that. Just insert SIM card you need to use and enjoy outside the Canada.
  • If device is forever unlocked its selling value increases several times.
  • We have serious and really helpful customer service so you can always contact us if you will have any questions regarding unlock.

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