iPhone 5S and 5C Cheap Price in Walmart in June

If you still haven’t exchanged your older iPhone to the latest iPhone 5S and 5c in Apple retail stores, it is now time to get your iPhone 5c at cheap price or iPhone 5S with price drop offered by Walmart in the U.S. This popular store now offers the new deal and the discounts on the two most recent smartphone models released in September 2013 are pretty substantial.

iPhone 5c price drop should be interesting to users who wish to have a popular handset but are not eager to pay much for it. In such situations the low cost iPhone 5c priced as low as $29 in Walmart can be a good choice.

The iPhone 5S is more expensive as you can now purchase it for $99, but you will get a 2-year contract with one of the U.S. carriers [AT&T or Verizon] if you wish to pay this price for your iDevice. The deal works on 16GB models and is available for in-store purchases meaning you cannot grab it online with home delivery or pick-up option.

However if you don’t want to be tied to the carrier and like to use any SIM card you need you can use factory iPhone IMEI unlocking service choosing the country and carrier and unlock your device for any SIM card.

The stores are open from 9 am. You can simply drive to the closest store near you and buy a cheap iPhone 5S or 5c. It’s your choice to also wait until Apple releases the new iPhone 6 later this year though there are rumors that this new handset will cost $100 more than ordinary prices on current smartphones. These are only rumors and Apple might still offer better deals on its products, still the first iPhone 6 handsets will cost way more than $99 or $29.

What do you think about the deal? Is it worth going to Walmart today or this weekend and getting a cheap iPhone while supplies last?

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